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Asu no Yoichi (Winter 2009)

January 17th, 2010

Asu no Yoichi Episode 01 — Since Winter 2010 sucks so much, I decided to check out Winter 2009. God… so much treasure in last year’s winter season! Besides things like Minami-ke and Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo… there was KyoAni’s TV production of Munto which I haven’t bothered watching (it had such a long name… Sora wo Miageru Shoujo no something no something ga something… etc… *sigh*)

Anyways, I decided to randomly choose a Winter 2009 anime that looked good and watch it alongside the Winter 2010 animes. I picked Asu no Yoichi (was also considering Kurokami but that sounded like Shana except with seriousness levels off the charts).

First impression:

  • An exciting start to what seems to be a vigorous, high-energy comedic martial-arts plus school-life anime.
  • The male protagonist speaks in samurai, de gozaru.
  • The relationship between Yoichi and the main female protagonist is rather similar to Zero no Tsukaima‘s Louise and Saito. He also looks extremely similar to Saito, and even also is a sword-user.
  • The second sister is nearly identical to Nami from Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo. Both were Winter 2009 animes, too.
    • She has no self-confidence, a flat chest, is shy and tsundere, etc.
    • Physically, she also looks just like Nami — blonde hair, similar types of clothing, etc.
    • However, unlike SoraKake, she doesn’t go insane and start plotting the demise of mankind. Puhi~
  • The third sister is a rather unique character.
    • She has glasses and green hair, but I still find her okay. Maybe the green hair’s appeal offsets the glasses.
    • Her speech patterns are really cool, ssu. Puhi~
  • The youngest sister, Kagome, is like a 10-year-old version of Haruna from ToLOVE-ru.

Asu no Yoichi Episode 02-10

So here is what I think so far:

  • I absolutely love the wacky love polygons.
  • Wa-ssan (Washizu-san) is Ryouga and Kunou from Ranma 1/2 combined. That makes him awesome. Both parts.
  • Oh, now that I think about it, I haven’t compared Asu no Yoichi and Ranma yet.
    • Both Asu no Yoichi and Ranma involve a male martial artist who suddenly settles down and freeloads off of a house of three/four sisters.
    • Both Yoichi and Ranma end up going to school, and both have various villains, rivals, and such coming after them.
    • Both also have numerous, numerous people who like them, but again, both are extremely ignorant about love.
      • Yoichi seems to be more perverted than Ranma, though, and more clueless about the world.
    • The characters in Yoichi and Ranma both have crisscrossing one-sided loves.
      • Kunou / Ryouga = Washizu
      • Nabiki = 2nd sister (forgot her name, puhi~)
      • Akane / Kasumi = Ibuki (1st sister)
      • Akari = umm… pink-haired girl
      • Ranma = Yoichi, of course.
      • Shampoo / Ukyo = 3rd sister? hmm. *writes compare-and-contrast essay*
    • If you look at Asu no Yoichi from the perspective of having watched Ranma, you find that the two are nearly identical (except Yoichi has 12 episodes and Ranma has like 200)
  • Also, pink-haired girl is awesome. Every scene she’s in. Her love for Wa-ssan too… puwaah~


  • Sagonomiya Ukyo… the stupidest, least serious main villain ever. XD
    • Especially since he stole the name of the best character in Ranma.
  • Sakon is cute, however.
  • WHAT the heck… forced memory loss is so cliche.
  • I don’t like Ibuki+Yoichi anymore.
  • Ayame and Yoichi 4ever.
  • God, the conclusion of ep 10 was so stupid.

Asu no Yoichi Episode 11-12

The premise was lame, but it all built up to a great “infiltration: Saginomiya mansion” climax episode.

Don’t you just love these dumb bastard villain characters?

Ahh, that was a totally satisfying ending. Wahahaha. S. [9/10]