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[そらのおとしもの] Sora no Otoshimono -07-

November 16th, 2009

Awesome ep, as usual. First some random stuff.

The “male” (lol) character songs from Haruhi2 will be out Wednesday. Of course, not that you’d really care much for Kyon’s singing, but.

Anyways… ささっと 始まれ!

♫ currently listening to: only my railgun – fripSide

Oh, yes, and the last Fall2009 OP I really really want is the Shin Koihime Musou intro. It’s better than flower of bravery, the 1st season OP, which was very high by my standards already. I like that kind of song, wonder if there’s a lot more of that kind of music that I just haven’t discovered yet.

そらのおとしもの / Sora no Otoshimono 第七話

This episode, in one sentence: Ikaros and Nymph go to school, and we discover that Nymph has some cool deep dark evil secret.

Sohara's imagination theatre.

Sohara's imagination theatre.

Sohara gets extremely flustered because Ikaros and Nymph are super-cute, super-smart, and super-popular.  Our Protagonist says outright that he doesn’t love either of the angels. That’s rare; usually in harem animes the protagonist is too scared/flustered/embarrassed/stupid to tell all or part of his harem that he doesn’t like them, or even more usually the protagonist just simply likes all of his girls.

今回、一文に: イカロスとニムフは学校に行く、それにニムフは なんだか秘密がある。

いいえ、僕は日本語バションを書く理由って 空間を注ぐそそぐためじゃないってば!

If this keeps up, Tomoki-kun is going to need mental rehabilitation.

If this keeps up, Tomoki-kun is going to need mental rehabilitation.

Aaand typical SoraOto things happen (yes very clever shortname).

One of the great things here is how every ep, and I mean every single one, has its own unique outro song. Most of them aren’t spectacular, though, so that’s a downer — I’d rather have one really awesome song (like an IKU song ^_^ *nudgenudge*).



So like… satirical emotional-scene-parodies later, after Tomoki’s class pressures him into jumping out of the second-story windowof the school building (or rather… it was more his own idiocy… and where’s Sohara here?), Tomoki is injured, in bed, and everything is as usual. Feels like Touma (chibi-ified).

"Do it, Tomoki! WE BELIEVE IN YOU!!!"

"Do it, Tomoki! WE BELIEVE IN YOU!!!"

Fast forward, and serious plot mode on. Why have the Angels been sent to Tomoki? Exactly what the hell is Synapse and the “world in the sky”? Since it looks like a landmass I can assume it’s not “heaven” heaven?

"I'm secretly evil, if you can't tell by this facial expression."

"I'm secretly evil, if you can't tell by this facial expression."

Uwahhh about Nymph.

今回の エンヂンッグテーム

今回の エンヂンッグテーム

By the way, Synapse is cool. Way better than “Easter” >____>; oh, Saint and Vesper from Mahoro are also good names for big, possibly-evil secret organizations.

Oh yeah, remember “Mithril”? FMP feels so long ago x_x or was it Mythril…

What other evil organization names? Oh, Hypnos from Digimon Tamers… that was a really great name. What was Shana‘s called? Those badguys were… um… umum… *wikis*

… half an hour later (read through the entire wiki Shana page again… it’s just so interesting ><) anyways, it was “Bal Masqué”. Specifically, Hecate+Sydonnay+Bel Peol are called the Trinity. Shana terminology is just so intriguing.

For general organization names… what was the Nanoha organization called? I can only remember the acronym, TSB… what was it, Transportation Safety Bureau? XD

Anywho, excellent ep. S… I hesitate to give S+. Let’s go with S+0.25. Ahaha. [9.25/10]

2nd to last episodes (“semifinales”?)

September 16th, 2009

The 2nd to last-ish episodes have mostly aired; eagerly anticipating summer 2009 finales. I mostly can’t believe that Hayate2 is going to end… already…

Bakemonogatari (化物語)

Episode 10/15 :: So far: SS (10/10)

The effing epicest slideshow the world has ever seen.

Saki (咲 -saki-)

Episode 23/25 :: So far: S+ (9.5/10)

The individuals have ended (finally…), and the winners are that weird Kazekoshi heterochromatic girl (I don’t understand why she is so popular), Nodoka, and Saki. Except for Mihoko, these were totally expected, although I was really hoping that the other 3 schools would get people in (because they’re interesting, and a big cast is nice and important for this kind of anime). I mean, they wouldn’t introduce all these characters, only to toss them away when we move on to season 2 whatever…

Next episodes look like OVA-type material, haha. I expect a lot of humor, because I guess this episode was the actual “finale” to the plot of Saki. Hope next season comes soon.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni (うみねこのく頃に)

Episode 10/a lot :: So far: AA (7/10)

I’ve heard this was better/was going to be better than Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (which I really loved, by the way, once you get past the ewwww). So far, it doesn’t interest me, besides the curious fact that Rika appears (whether it’s a cameo or she plays a major role I do not know yet).

Battler is cool, I guess, and his catchphrase is cool. He can compare to Keiichi. The female characters all suck, however. None of them (Shannon, Maria, and Jessica — basically only 3!!) can even COMPARE with Mion, Shion, Rika, Satoko, and company.

So, um, I do expect Ryukushi07 to live up to his reputation. Maybe the good part just isn’t here yet.

Sora no Manimani (宙のまにまに)

Episode dunno/dunno :: So far: AAA+ (8.5/10)

I liked Aone’s subtitles, but they’ve been dead for over a month… but I will be faithful and wait for them :D

Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season (ハヤテのごとく!!)

Episode 24/25 :: So far: SSS (11/10)

I am seriously considering giving Hayate no Gotoku!! the first SSS (11/10) I’ve ever given (as an overall, including the first season).



There’s no anime so far that has matched it in terms of laughs-per-episode (LPM, computed as \tfrac{\mathrm{Total Laughs}}{\mathrm{Number of Episodes}} laugh-seconds per minute).

There is also no anime that has characters (and actual character depth to go along with them) that can match Hayate’s. Each character has a unique personality and intriguing backstory, and there are no “filler episodes” or characters I dislike.

The love pentagon… hexagon… I’m not even going to count how big the polygon is now >_< but anyways…

I feel like picture-reviewing this week’s episode (because it’s the second-to-last episode we’ll see in a loong while).


"Admitting that I like him is like I lost, and that sucks."

The most important plot point in this episode is probably that Hina-chan confesses to Ayumu that she also fell in love with Hayate. I was somewhere between *headdesk* and *squee*.

Ayumu: "..."

Ayumu: "..."

Hina being so awkward and embarrassed would be considered “out-of-character” if she was using her school personality. She is the student council president of what is probably like the most prestigious school in the world (considering how insanely rich and powerful everybody who goes there is), and the most respected person in the school. Normally she has a cool, calm, and collected personality and is full of leadership. However, she really has a deep feminine side that she didn’t like to expose often. I think she feels safe showing Ayumu this side of her.

The development of the friendship between Ayumu and Hinagiku is also interesting and meaningful. Usually Ayumu is the one freaking out and worrying about everything and being embarrassed and all, but it looks like they switched roles this episode.

Ayumu being the calm and cool character while Hina is freaking out.

Ayumu being the calm and cool character while Hina is freaking out.

Oh, by the way. Because of extensive torture by my high school Freshman English Honors teacher, I am compelled to write an analytical review about this episode instead of “OMFGGG !!! THIS epZode wuz AWEZOMMEE!! EPIKKK“.

I love her outfit in this arc! It's so cute.

I love her outfit in this arc! It's so cute.

Yeahh, although that was probably the focus of the episode, it wasn’t really my favorite part. There was more drama than usual this episode. Sakuya is cute~~ although her outfit wasn’t as cute as Nagi’s.

See Nagi’s outfit at left. ^-^

Oh, the finger-pulling-off joke that was repeated again this episode was just stupid and lame. It was awesome and hilarious how stupid and lame that was. Script writers, Hayate-kun isn’t that dumb!

Okay, fine, I guess I liked last week’s episode a bit better than this week, but this week is the second-to-last episode so I want to do something special.

Yes, even though I suck at finding the best moments to screenshot XD

Anyways, here’s to the sudden end of Hayate no Gotoku!!, second season, and to the rapid production of the third season! I propose the name “Hayate no Gotoku!!!” as the third season’s name!

"... no comment."

"... no comment."

Princess Lover

Episode 10/idk :: So far: AAA+ (8.5/10)

The last couple of episodes about the Arima Hills incident were totally epic. However, the next episode (where we find out Charle got kidnapped and omg evil organization is going to do evil things!)…

The scale of events certainly has gone up. It’s not just one building that might be torn apart now, the whole world might now be thrown into another world war or something. However, somehow I feel that the anime has actually gotten less interesting. It’s just not exciting anymore. That’s why I dropped this from S (9/10) to AAA+ (8.5/10). I hope that the ending will be beautiful (like all the animation has been in this anime <3) and exciting, so this one still has a chance of getting an S ranking.

Oh, and I’ve totally gotten addicted to the intro and outro songs~~

******will finish later:

Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou


Dropped this season:

Umi Monogatari

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu 2

Otaku mode triggered while on vacation

September 1st, 2009

I finally felt like posting some stuff I wrote in Hawaii. Don’t ask me why I ranted about anime music while on vacation in Hawaii. At the end of this post will be today’s regular blog post/update on life.


August 25, 2009

Cat: Anime

In Hawaii. I’ll post a loong, awesome photo-filled blog post/rant later. Anyways, this post is me ranting about anime.

Not that I’ve really watched while in Hawaii, but today (Aug 25) a buuunncchh of awesome CDs came out.

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Almost back! Summer ’09 Animes!

August 8th, 2009

I’m an incoming tenth grader (2nd year of high school) this year, and over the summer I’m attending a summer camp at a local university. Just to explain, I’m staying there from Sunday through Friday, and I come home for the weekends on Friday.

Anyways, I finally have time to write another post, and frankly I’m even more puzzled on what to write than my last (first!) post. I suppose I’ll share my thoughts on the recent Summer 2009 animes that are currently airing in Japan.

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