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Two-sentence Anime Post

September 18th, 2010

Ok so I’ve been watching my Summer ’10 animes and I’ve dropped most of them by now, only following Fairy Tail, Seitokai Yakuindomo (you didn’t hear me say that), Reborn!, and NuraMago (I call it “mango” for short) and yeah today I just finished Kurokami, it was totally fantastic and Korean and all but the ending was just so sad omg why did they have to omg ughh (that was just one sentence I swear).

I haven’t really been watching much else (there’s Asura Cryin’ I’ve been watching erratically) and I do have a pile of unfinished anime but screw that oh yeah and there’s random crap (I’m embaressed to even admit that I watch these) like Kore ga Watashi no Goshujin-sama and Kanokon and all of these SUCK so bad I hate it ugh what has become of the Japanese animation industry (there, two sentences).

yet another anime post

July 29th, 2010


Seitokai Yakuindomo Episode 4

I like the intro song.

I don’t like the outro song.

Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z Episode 01

what is this i don’t eve– Blossom is cute.

*dropped* why did I even pick this up

Hitohira Episode 01

The main character is really original.

Hm, how would I describe this first episode. It’s like CLANNAD, without Tomoya and co.

Inukami! Episode 01

Somebody assassinate the lead male for not being in love with somebody voiced by Yui Horie.

Youko is cute though, so maybe I won’t drop this one. Hocchan~ >< damn this reminds me of how I failed to get her autograph at AX2010

Summary: Everything sucks about this anime but Yui Horie and her character. I think I’mma drop after all. I hate the main character’s guts.

Fairy Tail Episode 39

Yay, Mikuni Shimokawa’s ED single is out today! Back to the anime; last episode left us on quite a cliffhanger.

Etherion turned out lamer than I thought. The idea was cool.

“Breaking things happens to be Fairy Tail wizards’ specialty!”

Damn, cliffhanger.

11eyes Episode 13 [OVA]


Kanokon Episode 01

Wtf awesome, Kawasumi Ayako voices the lead female. WTFFF awesome, Mamiko Noto voices the lead… MALE. WAHAHAHA ok I’ll stop here

The awesomesauce voices and art are awesomesauce, but what is with the rapid plot development. And sudden outbreaks of histronics. And the shouta little 5-year-old boy who’s “in high school” voiced by Mamiko Noto only complicates things. I keep imagining “ecchi-na-koto-wa-ikenai” Mahoro from Mahoromatic due to Kawasumi Ayako’s voice as well. Anyways, concerning the plot…

That made sense.

… NOT.

Asura Cryin’ Episode 01

This anime looks extremely promising. Watching with high expectations.

Damn. Best first episode of an anime I’ve watched in AGES.

Asura Cryin’ Episode 02

As epic as above.

Kanokon Episode 02

“I may get pregnant if I get too close to him.”

#include <stdharem.c>

Asura Cryin’ Episode 03 to 06

This is getting boring… wahh, why can’t I find any exciting animes anymore?

Nurarihyon no Mago Episode 04

Best anime this season, by far.

On an unrelated note, why doesn’t CoreAVC’s postprocessing get rid of that horrible debanding? Is free software really better than commercial software? I’m pretty sure ffdshow’s postprocessing far surpasses this horrible crap software. And plus, CoreAVC crashes like every other time I try to play a video, dammit.

anime is depressing.

July 22nd, 2010

Been reading manga, something rare for me.

Nurarihyon no Mago Episode 01

It’s Negi!

After getting past that… this anime seems to be interesting. Also, my computer is actually having a bit of trouble decoding this video… that’s a testament to the AWESOME. ANIMATION. QUALITY. Or maybe it’s just that this is a really HQ rip. Really really HQ.

Oh my god… the high quality animation!! Aahhhhh! IT BURNS! SO DETAILED!!!! SO BRIGHT! SO BRILLIANT!

WHY IS EVEN THE EYECATCH SO SCINTILLATING? This animation is totally world-class.

The opening was awesome, but the ending animation annoys me. Nothing wrong with the song, but annoying animation.

You know, after all of this, I never caught the main character’s name. o_O

I approve of this anime's lead female.

Shakugan no Shana S Episode 03

Why is this so sad? My life is already sad enough without depressing anime.

That was very depressing. Oh, and sucky music.

Nurarihyon no Mago Episode 02

I can’t believe I just noticed that Yui Horie voices Yuki-onna/whatsherhumanname. I fail as a Yui Horie fan.

Anyways, more surprisingly: the (other) lead female is voiced by none other than Aya Hirano, of Haruhi fame! That was pretty interesting.

As usual, the lead male is voiced by Jun Fukuyama, whom I’m sure everybody is most familiar with as Lelouch/Zero from Code Geass. He also voices every other male protagonist ever. Seriously.

Oh yeah, I remembered her name. It was Tsurara, which is totally a portmanteau of Tsuruya (Haruhi) and Durarara!!.

Shakugan no Shanatan Tri

what is this i don’t even

Seitokai Yakuindomo Episode 01

Here’s my generic harem anime of the season.

This season’s is pretty good. I can’t say anything for originality (the prez reminds me of Kaichou wa Maid-sama), but… excellent animation, great character design and, damn good humor.

Actually, there are too many perverted jokes. You know, this is exactly like Seitokai no Ichizon! Except the jokes are ecchi(er), the animation is better, and the lead male isn’t a loser.

Seitokai Yakuindomo Episode 02

The chibikko looks and feels like Nagi with stupid bangs. The ending theme is pretty bad.

Asobi ni Iku yo! Episode 02

Nice action! The sci-fi counts me in, but again, the female contact scenes make me want to drop this.

CIA + US Army VERSUS cat-girl with big hammer. Winner: cat-girl with big hammer.

Awesome plot. Now if only they’d ditch the fanservice. Oh, and they should make the alien weapons look less stupid.

The Japanese impression of Americans speaking Japanese always cracks me up. ><

Summer 2010 (Anime) is here!!

July 17th, 2010

As you can see, EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Has sucked. This makes me want to suicide myself in a puddle.

Ookami-san Episode 01

The hell?

… what the hell.

First thing I notice about the characters: the narrator is Kuroko (srsly), the wolf-girl is Mikoto, her roommate is Uiharu, and… hmm, we need a Saten. The lead male is a pitiful bum (the narrator said so herself, so it must be fact).

The hell is wrong with this anime. But screw it, this is funny, so it’s okay.

Final comment: my favorite character is the narrator.

Ok, now final comment. This lead male is the most loser-like protagonist I’ve ever seen.

Actually, actually. Now final comment. I really like the fairytale-inspired storyline of this anime. It’s so original, yet completely unoriginal. It’s original in how unoriginal it is. This episode’s Cinderella pun was laugh-inducing, for example.

Digimon Xros Wars Episode 01

What the hell, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann? MY DRILL WILL PIERCE THE HEAVENS?? Oh wait, that was just a dream.

This year’s goggle-boy looks OK. The secondary boy and girl look really lame though. They remind me of Misty and Brock, actually. That’s rather unfortunate.

I appreciate the attempt at making pleasing 3d graphics, but mecha? really? really. By the way, lame music.

Whaa Taichi clone? I’m not sure what to say… “AWESOME!!!” or “kehh. lame.” He has a girlfriend in, what, he looks like a first grader or something. Less than thirteen. Haha. God. These characters are lame. laaaaammmmmeeeeeeee

I guess the even seasons of Digimon are destined to be lame. =_=

the hell. serious? gattai mecha…

bleeehhhhhhh. laaaaaaammmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee

Asobi ni Iku Yo Episode 01

It’s like ToLOVE-ru all over again, except with Full Metal Panic! elements mixed in. I miss ToLOVE-ru. I highly doubt this anime will be able to surpass TLr. The animation/art quality are all pretty good… not particularly amazing though. Too many people with glasses in this anime.

I don’t like any of the characters. Not a single one. Not one. That just killed this anime for me. Ending song is pretty good.