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Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S

March 7th, 2010

Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S

Vintage: Spring 2008

Episode 1-4 – They changed a few things. Firstly I will talk about the general animation quality: I’m watching this in HD (720p), and some of the linework in places such as the intro sequence seem very sloppy, and many scenes look like simple cardboard cutouts. Other than those complaints, the animation is generally better than the first, original season.

Onto the storyline: We begin with the original opening scene, redone: Coarticarte and Phoron’s fateful meeting. Pelse and Prine are introduced along with our main characters Phoron, as well as Rembart and Eufinley. The principal of the school is introduced, along with new characters, new villains. Many new side characters exist in Crimson S than in the original Polyphonica. The plotline is also much, much, much more substantial.

Episode 5 – We begin to see the movement of the antagonists… manipulations, fights, betrayals. The marks of a good anime. In the midst of this, our normal school-life comedy still plays a part, and the magic/fantasy portion of this genre combined with the sci-fi make the setting extremely worthwhile understanding.

Episode 6 – Prine’s secret gets its own episode. I’m glad they removed Prinesica’s love interest and made a slightly better arc. They’re totally overplaying Pelse’s reaction, though.

One thing I liked from the original season of Polyphonica is the original telephone designs, and the interesting musical notation. They changed it to real-life telephones and real-life music notation, which doesn’t affect anything, but I thought that was cool. The One Man Orchestras back from the original were cooler too (I don’t like the new “transformation scenes”).

I like the moral speech about there being white lies and stuff. Phoron is good at giving these speeches (although I must say, Saten/Railgun is better).

Episode 7 — OMG EPIC.

Episode 8 — Lol she blew up.

Coathicarte’s voice actor is one of the best I’ve ever heard… the way she does her emotions is so real… and during that scene, I almost cried just from her voice.

Episode 9-10 — It’s funny how it’s the end of the world, but nobody is doing anything about it.

Yeaa they have airplanes but not cell phones?

Really, it’s sad how it’s the end of the world, and nobody believes in it.

Episode 11 — SO EPIC…

Raika’s death… that was so win.

Episode 12 — Define “unsatisfying conclusion”.

Tendency-to-badmouth-anime-endings aside, this episode actually made me cry… ALMOST. Ahaha, an anime hasn’t made me cry since… um…