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Assorted Conversations (12pc.)

February 7th, 2011

Assorted Conversations from Our Lovely Sophomore Year

K says (12:10 AM):
my post about how our school sucks
Me says (12:11 AM):
he’d probably actually find that totally intersting
and like link to it on his classlink
K says (12:11 AM):
except he thinks our school is good
or is contractually obligated to act like it

Hanning says (12:21 AM):
im gnna fin d some food
K says (12:22 AM):
“i don’t care that my enlighs teacher now thinks that i am a crazy high school nerd who has wierd ideas about love, i need food”

Hanning says (12:23 AM):
where does she go
Me says (12:23 AM):
baldwin stocker? idk
Hanning says (12:24 AM):
….how does she go there i mean
Me says (12:24 AM):
she carpools with another teacher?
Hanning says (12:24 AM):
i mean why does he take her to ahs..
Me says (12:24 AM):
because he can’t leave her at home?
Hanning says (12:24 AM):
Kevin says (12:24 AM):
to show her what she shouldn’t be when she grows up
Hanning says (12:24 AM):
nah that would be period 6
Kevin says (12:25 AM):
Hanning says (12:25 AM):

Kevin says (1:52 PM):
she’s so stupid in that scene
“hmm, arthur has a son with some unkown woman”
“morgaine has a son with some unknown man”
“morgaine knows arthur has a son, but why is she hiding it?”

Kevin says (1:53 PM):
“gasp! did arthur sleep with a priestess?”
“OMG! the slept with each other!”

Me says (3:09 PM):
finally finished High Queen
wtf at the scene at the end
Kevin says (3:09 PM):
Me says (3:09 PM):
… menage a trois with High King+High Queen+Captain of Horse…
yeah, reeaall professional, guys
Kevin says (3:10 PM):
moral of story: don’t get drunk and have your bisexual best friend and wife that is in love with said friend with you
Me says (3:10 PM):
Kevin says (3:10 PM):
because the last time you had sex without knowing what you were doing, it was with your sister. and your son/nephew will grow up to kill you

Me says (8:07 PM):
Microsoft says the Blue Screen of Death is a feature.
Me says (8:08 PM):
“Windows includes a feature that you can use to cause the system to stop responding”
>____________> that just made my day

Kevin says (11:08 PM):
3 more days of hell
and then junior year
which is worse
Me says (11:08 PM):
think of it this way
3 more days of paradise
Me says (11:09 PM):
and then junior year
which is hell
You says (11:09 PM):
You says (11:09 PM):
well its always darkest before it goes pitch black
Me says (11:09 PM):
XDDDDD I’m saving that quote

(10:01 PM) Kevin:
well, you probably should move to japan
(10:01 PM) Me:
but i hate japanese people
(10:01 PM) Kevin:
because there are more random idiots here
i’m presuming
(10:02 PM) Kevin:

you do?
(10:02 PM) Me:
(10:02 PM) Kevin:
then why do you watch anime?
wait, why do you hate japanese people/
(10:03 PM) Me:
1) Japanese women are UGLY. They smudge expensive creams on their faces to try and hide this, but it only makes them uglier.
(10:03 PM) Kevin:
(10:04 PM) Me:
2) Japanese companies are all about buddying up with your boss, even moreso than in America. Japanese are more prejudiced than Americans, and the same is probably true in Japanese schools.
(10:04 PM) Me:
you know what
(10:04 PM) Kevin:
(10:04 PM) Me:
i’ll write a blog post on this


8/26/2010  10:43:15 PM  Andy  The Life Sucks Group lets dress up for halloween senior year =D
8/26/2010  10:43:19 PM  Andy  The Life Sucks Group we can be like
8/26/2010  10:43:24 PM  Andy  The Life Sucks Group integrals or something


8/26/2010  10:29:18 PM  Hanning  The Life Sucks Group xD
8/26/2010  10:30:15 PM  Andy  The Life Sucks Group i kno i like how in EoE  
8/26/2010  10:30:17 PM  Andy  The Life Sucks Group its like  
8/26/2010  10:30:20 PM  Andy  The Life Sucks Group Aron and Abra
8/26/2010  10:30:23 PM  Andy  The Life Sucks Group like pokemon
8/26/2010  10:36:25 PM  Andy  The Life Sucks Group like as soon as i heard abra i was like
8/26/2010  10:36:27 PM  Andy  The Life Sucks Group teleport
8/26/2010  10:36:32 PM  k  The Life Sucks Group lol
8/26/2010  10:36:33 PM  k  The Life Sucks Group yeah
8/26/2010  10:36:41 PM  Hanning  The Life Sucks Group lol yea
8/26/2010  10:38:13 PM  k  The Life Sucks Group they aren’t in teh same egg group
8/26/2010  10:38:14 PM  k  The Life Sucks Group in pokemon
8/26/2010  10:38:21 PM  k  The Life Sucks Group so they were incompatible
8/26/2010  10:38:25 PM  You  The Life Sucks Group LOL
8/26/2010  10:38:26 PM  k  The Life Sucks Group which is why their relationship failed


(1:31 AM) Hanning: and sinc ewhen is justin good at music/rhythm
(1:31 AM) Kevin: just use some electronic ones
(1:31 AM) Hanning: lol ok
(1:31 AM) Kevin: and have justin operating the computer
(1:32 AM) Kevin: or we can use trash can lids
(1:32 AM) Hanning: Lol
(1:32 AM) Me: hahaha
(1:32 AM) Kevin: and tell him not to screw up
(1:32 AM) Me: hm I can’t find any mellow songs with sax in my itunes
(1:32 AM) Kevin: “pretend you’re playing starcraft 2, and you need to press these buttons at the right time to beat teh boss”
(1:32 AM) Me: LOOL
(1:32 AM) Hanning: hahahaha
(1:33 AM) Kevin: “except instead of pressing buttons, you’re hitting this trash lid and this vase with this stick”
(1:33 AM) Me: oh we could buy a pad for cheap
(1:33 AM) Hanning: or ur sniping and u need to shoot exactly at this moment to get a headshot when the person walks by >.>
(1:33 AM) Kevin: lol


8/20/2010  12:43:21 AM  k  The Life Sucks Group aren’t there pessimists in china?
8/20/2010  12:43:47 AM  Me  The Life Sucks Group the government probably kills them all
8/20/2010  12:43:48 AM  Me  The Life Sucks Group or, well
8/20/2010  12:43:52 AM  Me  The Life Sucks Group not in shanghai anyways
8/20/2010  12:43:53 AM  k  The Life Sucks Group lol
8/20/2010  12:43:59 AM  Me  The Life Sucks Group china needs to look good for the world expo

Final note: these go in chronological order (I believe), and I had these all collected and organized in like September (only bothered posting them now) so sorry if some of these are stupid or not really funny. Also, formatting these took forever. My bold button must have broke by now. Feel free to write your own “best quotes” post (or start collecting quotes now) x3

AT&T (still) sucks

September 4th, 2010

June 10, 2010

Los Angeles, California — I have confirmed this fact thoroughly and definitively. Allow me to start you off, reader, with a detailed explanation of the circumstances surrounding my internet connection. AT&T, partnering with Yahoo!, offers an ADSL service in my area of residence for thirty-or-forty-some dollars a month. The speed is abysmal. The advertised speed is 3 Mbps, which is already bad enough, but I only ever got 1.5 Mbps. The upload speed was less than 300 Kbps. Also, the modem liked to randomly disconnect and die on us every few days, and when the modem wasn’t dead, the phone-line DSL signal was to corrupted to connect. As a result, I often had no internet for days in a row, and even when I did, it wasn’t even up to half the advertised speed.

Then my dad switched to Time Warner Cable’s offering of 10Mbps RoadRunner cable internet service. Interestingly, at the same price as AT&T’s crappy ADSL, we got speedtest results of up to 30Mbps! Other RoadRunner customers reported speeds of up to 40Mbps… which is pretty astounding. This is 20 times the speed of our AT&T service… for the same price. It’s amazing, isn’t it.

On like the third day we got RoadRunner cable, the modem like completely crashed and we had no internet for like the entire day. It turns out that it was just some really infrequent service outage, and that many of my friends also went without internet on that day.

July 29, 2010

It turns out that the “infrequent” service outages are actually pretty frequent. We seem to get one every month, often lasting for a whole day. It’s pretty annoying, although if/when I get an Android phone I won’t care as much.

Also, the previous claim I made about speeds at up to 40 Mbps is partially invalid. Although burst speeds can reach up to 40 Mbps, after a second or two of letting you think you’re downloading at 40 Mbps, Roadrunner caps your speed and cuts it down to what you pay for, 10 Mbps. So basically, they trick speed-test websites into thinking your speed is fast, while in reality only providing a quarter of the speed. I’m pretty disappointed; it would be awesome downloading all the crap I download at 40 Mbps. And speaking of that, I download way too much crap.

Anyways, speaking of AT&T’s internet service… AT&T’s wireless service does horrendous things with its Android phones. As the iPhone is its biggest cash cow, AT&T completely locks down most of Android’s functions. They don’t let AT&T Android owners install third-party applications on their phones, and heavily censors the Android Marketplace. Basically, you can’t install any program on your phone that AT&T doesn’t want you to install.

AT&T bloats its phones with random useless crap like AT&T Navigator, among others. The service costs like $5 a month for GPS navigation service… but I wonder if AT&T has ever heard of Google Maps, which does the same thing, better and for free? Additionally, there is no way to remove the app from your phone (without rooting it).

September 4, 2010

Why did I waste my precious summer writing this post. Ugh rage.

Hey, loser, I fixed your code.

June 6th, 2010

New tagline for my website. Just kidding.

Here’s my first blog post in two months. Naturally, since I have to summarize two months of my life in one blog post, I will be referring to my trusty agenda while recalling important events. So here we go.

The most recent thing since my last post was, of course, the 2010 AAPT Physics Bowl national competition. I find that I cannot seem to do well on important contests. I can fare reasonably well on tests and practice contests, but when it comes to the real thing, my brain cells just bluescreen from all the anxiety and end up failing in unique, interesting ways. Well, interesting to my readers, perhaps, but quite troublesome for myself. Take the AMC for example. I got enough questions right to get myself into the AIME exam, but I bubbled one of my answers in the wrong row. It’s interesting mistakes like these that make me headdesk in shame. I got 30/40 on the Physics Bowl contest.

That was Tuesday. Two days later, on Thursday, April 15, I set off towards San Francisco on the Orchestra Spring Tour. I can’t say I had fun… firstly, I forgot to bring black socks and black shoes. I had an interesting adventure with Hanchan near Fisherman’s Wharf searching for a pair of black shoes. I ended up buying a pair of black cloth made-in-China slippers. And I neglected black socks. Needless to say, I totally had a blast at the concert. Great America was one of the worst days I’ve had. I really hate amusement parks. It’s so pointless, and the amount of money they make is just staggering. I can’t believe people pay to… ugh. Well, the party at the end was great, though. Unlimited ice cream bars ftw!

Nothing interesting happened the next week. The following week was CSTs, and then the week after that was AP testing. I only had a test on the second Monday of AP tests, AP Physics B. It was easy, but I think I failed the free response pretty bad. Since, after all, I’ve never done an AP Physics free response practice ever. Hahahaha. Anyways, after that, Hanchan and I signed up to play a random quartet for a random rich person. Naturally, we failed brilliantly, but it was really fun anyways. I failed the APUSH test and only got into HUSH, and then we had the Pops Concert, along with the accompanying assemblies. The next week was so exceedingly busy, I have practically nothing written in my agenda for it. Oh, Friday says “Disneyland”. Right, we went to Disneyland. My “good” violin only had an orange Orchestra 1 tag on it, so it apparently got loaded into the Orchestra 2 section of the truck (how that makes sense, beats me.). So I had to use some loser’s crappy $20 violin in the seminar I paid like $80 for. Luckily I was able to prevent my own violin from being used by some loser during Orchestra 2’s performance. And the funniest thing is, after that, you have to PAY DISNEY… FULL ADMISSION PRICE to go play a day in the park. I mentioned above, when I was talking about the Spring Tour and Great America, how much I hate amusement parks. Ugh. I really hate them.

The weekend after Disneyland was really unique… it’s going to be memorable for years to come. You see, we have an English final project for Villalobos. My group — or rather, I myself, am rather ambitious. Our presentation was going to rock the socks off all our classmates… in theory. We met all of Saturday evening, I think, and met Sunday at Hank’s house (Hank, clean up your yard…). And they we met… ALL OF MEMORIAL DAY… from 10 in the morning, through lunch, through dinner, through midnight… and they left at 6am in the morning on Tuesday. Naturally, I skipped school on Tuesday to finish editing our horrible, crappy video, which wasn’t even my job. The thing is, nobody in my group except me can edit video, so…

Our presentation was on Wednesday. We first showed the video, which I typed up subtitles for the day before. Sound effects were added, but unfortunately Windows Movie Maker seems to be incapable of outputting playable video without considerable geekery, so we ended up throwing away many hours of work that we spent finding, adding, and timing sound effects. My subtitles were also quite substandard as well. (I did them using Aegisub, which, by the way, is probably the best subbing program on the internet. Almost all major subbing groups for anime use Aegisub, and it sped up my job immensely.)

After that, we did our main presentation, which was quite acceptable. I think the main premise of our presentation was quite good, although we were missing quite a few components (for example, the actual passage to be explicated during the passage explication…). As for the part of our presentation that made everything else seem trivial… our game. Let me explain. I was to write a flash game, from scratch, that allowed six players to control six cursors with six Wiimotes, connected via Bluetooth to the presentation computer. Each player had a racecar, and the goal was, of course, to be the first to complete three laps. However, players did not directly control the racecar in any way. They weren’t even in control of turning. All they had to do was answer multiple-choice questions on our book, Candide. Two questions appeared on the screen at a time, and any player could pick an answer from either question. If the player answered wrong, their car decelerated (or, accelerated backwards). It was possible for cars to end up driving backwards if too many wrong answers were chosen, which heavily discourages randomly picking answers. If a player chose the correct answer, a new question appeared, and the player’s car accelerated forwards. Also, there was a basic physics engine inside my game (written completely from scratch) that applied basic friction and forces to the cars, adding an interesting element of realism. All in all, it was quite a good idea, and it turned out to be quite a good game (except nobody in our group could do art and graphics competently), minus the graphics. Also, this is where I got the title of the post. It was Monday, and I was desperately looking for something cool to put on the “You Win!” screen, so I searched around the web for premade confetti scripts in Flash. Most of them were really crappy, and the ones that were okay costed money. I found some loser’s website with an OK script… however, the code was really really buggy. As in, it didn’t work at all. And when it did work, it was so slow, it crashed peoples’ computers. So I fixed it. I was tempted to reply to that loser’s blog with my fixed code. Hey, loser. I fixed your code.

Oh, but I didn’t. It would’ve been sweet, but I didn’t.

Anyways, guess what happened when I tried setting up my game during the presentation. All was well, until the game started… and then, it just didn’t work. Don’t ask me, the Wiimotes just suddenly all disconnected, and nothing happened when you pressed their buttons. Of course, this is all Microsoft’s fault, and when I’m retired, someday I’ll fix Microsoft’s bluetooth stack (which they still won’t have fixed in 60 years) and send it to Bill Gates. Hey, loser. I fixed your goddamn code.

Well, if you want an epilogue, we are going to re-present (read: steal five or ten minutes of another group’s presentation time) on Monday, tomorrow, and this time, hopefully nothing will go wrong.

So that was the major thing that happened recently. Also, Hank won Bay Math League. His score of 106 trumped my score of 100. I may have gotten a perfect paper on Round 4, but my previous failures dragged me down, I guess. I didn’t even rank, not surprisingly. Hank also founded Mu Alpha Theta on our campus. Speaking of math, I just got back yesterday from the national American Regions Math League, or ARML, national competition. Southern California A1 won 2nd place in the nation! Now, you’d expect me to be exhuberantly happy, but I must confess, I was on the SoCal B1 team. I get no medal, no certificate, no free calculator or $1000 prize or anything. I’d be depressed, but I don’t even have time to watch anime, so it’s not like I have time to be depressed. As I feel like giving a detailed summary of ARML, here goes:

On Friday, instead of going to school, I woke at 7am to board the SoCal ARML bus to Las Vegas. Most of my classmates probably will be listening to Justin’s explanation of why I am absent for the day: “He went to Las Vegas with his motorcycle gang to smuggle drugs and gamble. They’ll be chain-smoking and picking up girls, and Ben will be married to some prostitute when he gets back on Monday.” After five hours of bus ride torture, we disembarked into the 110-degree desert weather. We were staying in crappy dorms in UNLV — University of Nevada, Las Vegas. This is the site for the entire Western US ARML region. The other three ARML sites are at University of Georgia, Pennsylvania State University, and University of something-else. Friday afternoon-to-evening was spent on the Team Round and Power Round. My fellow teammates were rather incompetent, but my incompetence in the Individual and Relay Rounds the next day trumped their incompetence by miles. You can tell I did bad. Not that doing my best would have won me anything, anyways, but it generally doesn’t feel very nice getting two or three questions right out of ten… on anything, really. The Tiebreaker was just insane, and the Super Relay was just messed-up. I left the competition feeling quite dejected and completely lacking in confidence.

SoCal A1 won 2nd place nationally. First place went to some random loser team on the east coast or something. Yes, they did win, but I can still call them losers if I want. SFBA (San Francisco+Bay Area) won 3rd nationally — ha! losers. You may have noticed that I am using the word “loser” very liberally in this post. The obvious conclusion is that I, myself, am a loser, so, to ease the pain and sorrow, I call other people losers. Moving on.

The team composition of the ARML contest is quite fascinating. There were probably at least 15 teams from California — SoCal itself sent four teams, San Diego sent like two, SFBA sent like six, NoCal sent maybe one or two, etc. And then… Nevada had like one team. Utah had like one team. Oregon had a team, and I think Washington did too. The whole “region” of North+South Dakota plus Montana plus Wisconsin plus like 5 other states in that area… that’s like eight states… they sent just ONE team. Interesting, isn’t it? Also, this year the Mariana Islands sent a team, which was really cool. Guam also sent a team. I like how their definition of what’s included in the “American” Regions Math League is so liberal… for instance, Canada.

Vietnam also sent a full team, but apparently “international” teams were only there to participate, and they could not win prizes. It would be funny if Vietnam was considered a part of the “Western United States”. I would crack a joke about the Vietnam war, but my historical knowledge of said war has mysteriously disappeared. I think I replaced that portion of my memory with random anime songs. A team from China also came. They had some trouble getting visas to come here, so only 8 out of the 15-person team made it. The other 7 people counted as having scores of 0. Eight people. Only a half-team. Guess what? If China could win prizes, they’d have won the competition. That just cracks me up. Americans must really be losers.

Here’s to the cut.

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Anime I am Currently Watching

April 18th, 2010

This comprehensive list includes all animes I have started and intend to finish… eventually.

  • Moetan
  • Air
  • D.C. ~Da Capo~
  • Kodomo no Jikan
  • Kyou no 5 no 2
  • Kami-chama Karin
  • Suzumiya Haruhi-chan no Yuutsu + Nyoro~n Churuya-san
  • Negima! ~Mou Hitotsu no Sekai~
  • Kanamemo
  • Bakemonogatari
  • Sora no Manimani
  • Kobato
  • Tegami Bachi
  • Sora no Woto
  • Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu S2
  • Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu 2 – Purezza
  • Shin Koihime Musou
  • Ookamikakushi
  • Hanamaru Kindergarten
  • Angel Beats (current)
  • Baka to Test to Shokanjuu (2 eps left)
  • Kaichou wa Maid-sama (current)
  • B-gata H-kei (current)
  • Durarara!! (current)
  • Omamori Himari (1 ep left)
  • ToLOVEる OVAs (1 ep left)
  • Fairy Tail (current)
  • Dance in the Vampire Bund
  • Hidamari Sketch
  • Magical Pokan
  • Tears to Tiara
  • Arakawa Under the Bridge (current)
  • xxxHoLiC (someday… maybe…)
  • xxxHoLiC Shunmuki
  • Mayoi Neko Overrun (current)
  • Code Geass R2
  • Mahoromatic S2
  • Pani Poni Dash (my “rainy day” anime)
  • Shugo Chara! Party! (kill me)
  • Inuyasha (AHAHAHAHAHAHA)
  • Minami-ke (Okawari? Or Okaeri. I forget where I am in Minami-ke.)

Stuff that I just dropped today:

  • Shion no Ou (was on ep 01)
  • They Are My Noble Masters (was on ep 01)

Stuff that I’ve been planning on starting forever:

  • Ookami to Koushinryou -Spice and Wolf-
  • Rosario to Vampire CAPU2
  • Rozen Maiden -traumend-
  • ef -a tale of melodies-

Spring Break

April 10th, 2010

After months of ignoring my precious blog, I randomly felt it was about time I posted. About what? Everything.

The last few weeks before spring break were quite challenging — although judging by some of the juniors, I was still pretty well-off. Our PSA project on self-esteem turned out pretty well. My Mandarin grades are somehow still staying afloat even though I never spend any time on it. Math homework is so teeth-grinding. It’s completely pointless, and it’s such a waste of our precious time.

Funny thing is, on Monday I have like a test in every class. Every teacher’s thought process went something like this: “Oh, no other teacher is going to give a test on Monday, the day right after everybody gets back from spring break, so I’ll give a test on Monday. They’ll only have this one test, no big deal.” So that’s why I have like five tests on Monday.

As for my spring break, my family flew to Seattle, drove up to Vancouver, and had a generally marvelous time up in Canada. I was able to have a lot of fun while still keeping up with my physics. I saw snow falling from the sky for the first time in my life up in Grouse Mountain, overlooking Vancouver. Unfortunately, the snow and fog prevented me from actually seeing Vancouver from tens of thousands of feet above, but I don’t mind. I loved how wonderfully cold, Canadian, and awesome Vancouver was. The awesome British-ish (Canadian?) accents, the Canadian dollars and coins and the French… which reminds me, Vancouver was not as fantastic as Montreal. Montreal was French. Really French. And it was cold. Really coold. Oh, and Toronto was cool too. CN Tower isn’t the highest building in the world anymore, though (sadly).

After returning to my smoggy hometown, I went with Hank and Jason to the movies at the mall on Friday. We watched How to Train Your Dragon and Clash of the Titans. As expected from Dreamworks, Dragon was brilliant and fully enjoyable. Clash was… uninteresting. The overusage of unintelligible action scenes makes no sense to me. Greek mythology isn’t interesting to me anymore, also, for some reason. I would’ve rather watched some horrible anime than Titans.

Oh, right, and Thursday… Orchestra Spring Tour. Busy busy. I bought a mute in Vancouver, one of those shiny metal ones because… um, it was shiny. I can’t figure out how to open it… I can’t even fit it onto a sheet of paper, so how will it slide onto my bridge? Sneaky Canadians…

As for math contests, I seem to have gotten a silver in the USAMTS, which… was expected, I suppose. I’m not going to have enough time to try for gold next year, with junior year and all. Oh, and today is… was… ARML Local, which I’m staying home from because the math tutoring industry suddenly is disgusting me. Don’t ask, because I don’t know myself.

Most importantly, the 2010 Physics Bowl competition is going to be held on Tuesday. Today I have an extra-credit Physics Bowl session with my physics teacher. Monday I have a Physics Bowl review/cumulative test. Monday afterschool the Physics Team is probably planning some sinister examination to torture us all into getting high scores. And… Tuesday is the competition. That leaves me with only… gasp, two days!! Oh no, I don’t have time to prepare! Back to watching anime.

Haha, seriously that’s what my life is like. “Oh no, I forgot to do my homework! Oh well, it can wait until I finish this episode.” Which brings me to speak about Spring 2010 animes, and my pile of unfinished Winter 2010 animes, and all the stuff I’ve been watching lately, and how awesome Ueki no Housoku / The Law of Ueki is, and how EPICx3 the To Aru Majutsu no Index novels are (especially compared to the not-really-epic-enough anime)…….

Yeah, so that’s why I’m unwilling to go off and on about anime.

Yesterday I stayed up the whole night playing a stupid MMO video game. Sometimes my lack of sanity astounds me.

After all, wouldn’t that all-nighter have been much better spent watching anime?

Campaign Statement

March 17th, 2010

Ben Li
ASB Academic Commissioner

I am running for the position of ASB Academic Commissioner because I strongly believe Arcadia needs to promote more activities for academically high-achieving students. As we all know, a large number of talented students attend AHS, and I think many of them would benefit from having more opportunities to interact with others that share their interests. If I am elected, I will introduce fun new events and activities for Apaches to challenge themselves. I will spread recognition of Arcadia’s brilliant academic teams, ensuring their competitions receive as much support and school spirit as our athletic contests. And, of course, I will do my best to ensure -all- students receive a well-rounded education here at one of the greatest high schools in California.

I am a proficient student who participates in a wide variety of extracurricular activities ranging from Orchestra to Japanese Pop Revolution. Along with being an active member of our Math Team, I am also competing in the national Physics Bowl competition next month. As the former President of First Avenue, I have ample leadership experience to serve on our high school’s Executive Council. With my years of Student Council experience backing me up, you can rest easy knowing I will accomplish great things if I am elected as your ASB Academic Commissioner.

The Search for True Strength

March 12th, 2010

True wisdom is the power to dream big.

True strength is the courage to build those dreams.

~ Ben Li

A lot has been going on in my life lately… it’s one of the most tumultuous periods I’ve ever been through. This is why I haven’t been posting, and this is also why this post, at a most important time in my life, has such an unimportant length. My social capabilities are being put to the test, and found completely unworthy, as I run for ASB Academic Commisioner. I see the other candidates: so talented, so popular, so cheerful. Perhaps there is much they would do for my intelligence, but there is much I would give up to know as many people, to be able to converse so naturally with everyone, to always come and go with a smile, be helpful, always pleasant…

I am the biggest dreamer I have ever known. You may not know this, but I am. Despite this, I am also the weakest coward I know. My dreams, my ideals, yes — but what good are goals, when you never strive to reach them? Their meanings become empty, simple excuses to let you say you tried, to convince yourself that you are making progress. My cowardice may cost me this election. It may cost me a life of joy and happiness.

But, then again, I would never know. After all, we live life but only once.

Ignorance is bliss.

I feel misplaced.

February 11th, 2010

I just wanted to post today. So this post is just out of wanting to post.

So like, I got like 85.5 on the AMC12A, and like, that’s not going to get me into AIME. So like… like yeah.

I feel misplaced.

In the non-math-competition and non-anime-manga related parts of my life, I am also failing gracefully. I haven’t done math homework in 3 days due to studying for the AMC (let’s not go back there), and I haven’t done any AP Physics homework in like a month, and I have a major test tomorrow in physics. So as you can see, I am very stressed. One week ago, at this time, I thought I would score a 120 on the AMC, laugh away not doing work for the previous half of the week, and live happily ever after. Well.

As for anime, I haven’t watched any in about 3 weeks. I’ve read manga (Negima! and various) a little, but my entertainment life has mostly been dead. I admit I have played a lot of Mabinogi, but I haven’t accomplished much in-game. Today’s the Generation 9 patch (and yes, Nexon has extended the maintenance 4 times already), so I guess I might be staying up all night playing a laggy game and wasting the best years of my life away. Just another day in the life of a a teenager without a light to follow.

2010 AMC12 A – Difficulties and Philosophy

February 9th, 2010

Philosophy is the usual side dish to any real post I make. (A “real” post will be defined as… one that does not pertain to anime. These make up only about 5% of my total post count.) Thus, I shall entertain my traditional post style with a quote from a fortune cookie I had yesterday.

“Striving for the best will bring you closer to the best.”

— Panda Express fortune cookie, 2/8/2010

One singular comment: Panda Express lies.

Some people out there are the giants among ants. Yet, us ants never take notice of these giants. We notice their footsteps in the sand, but are usually too dumb to form the connection between big footprint and big foot. It’s really amazing. Really goddamn amazing, how brilliant some people are.

It’s almost laughable– no, it is laughable — how none of these brilliant mathematical monsters are among any of the famous people in our modern society. In their stead, we have talentless, brainless, spineless bastard celebities being paid millions for… being paid millions. They’re paid millions because they’re celebrities, and they’re celebrities because they’re being paid millions.

The world just gets more and more logical as the days fly by.

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Summary of Today

January 26th, 2010

I never knew I was so poetic.

standing in the rain

with violin, binder, bag

writing a haiku

Writing poetry in the rain is so romantic, don’t you think?