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taking the limit of (anime) as (stupidity) approaches infinity

February 28th, 2010

back to one-word summaries for today.

or so I tried.

(sry about the really stupid title.)

Polyphonica Episode 11-12 — Great.

To be more specific — the ending was not epic in any way, but it gave the series a so-so conclusion without anything big. The plot of this anime never really went anywhere, so I am extremely disappointed in that respect (they could have done so much with the set-up, characters, and unique creative setting!). Also, Coatie is overpowered, but I don’t mind that.

I heard Polyphonica Crimson S was a prequel, but either way, I will be eagerly looking forward to watching the second season. The first season was some of the best character/setting build-up I’ve ever seen… but the build-up went nowhere. Nothing happened, but the animation studio somehow still made the ending somewhat satisfying, so I respect them for that.

BakaTest Episode 05-06 — Interesting.

Pretty funny. Ep 05 was the standard pool episode, funny but nothing really unique. I liked Ep 06: firstly, Yuuji+Shouko is cute. Also, the setting and how the characters were trying not to be recognized was interesting and hilarious. They also managed to make the end of the episode slightly touching, while still maintaining the tone of the series. This is what I call a well-planned, well-executed anime.

Durarara!! Episode 07 — I like how every character’s side story is being explored. Also, this seems to be building up to something epic.

Railgun Episode 20 — RSPK Syndrome.

The To Aru series has some of the best techy-thing names ever… “Imagine Breaker” coming to mind first. This looks like it might become a better arc than Level Upper. More characters = more awesomeness. Where have I heard Haruue-san’s voice before… mmmm…

[spoiler]I looked it up, she’s voiced by Kana Hanazawa, and she voiced Kagome (Asu no Yoichi), Sengoku Nadeko (Bakemonogatari), Anri (Durarara!!), Kobato (Kobato.), and Mikan (ToLOVEる).[/spoiler]

Omamori Himari Episode 07 — Child-whatsherface is actually cute.

Yea, this anime isn’t important enough for me to remember the main characters’ names. I watch this because turning off my brain for 30 minutes is relaxing in a way. I hope the brain damage isn’t permanent.

Fairy Tail Episode 19 — This made me laugh more than average. Especially the Erza-Happy switch.

Ookamikakushi Episode 07 — Peach-Pit collaborated on this? Huh, how surprising. You’d think it would be more like Shugo Chara or Rozen Maiden than all Higurashi everybody dying ten times… this isn’t Peach-Pit style at all.

Shugo Chara! Party! Episode 03Shugo Chara sucks really really bad, buuuut… UTAU SHOWS UP IN THIS EP!!! That cancels all else out.

Ikuto’s harem… *sigh*… and I see love blossoming between Hiiragi and our little Easter President. The song wasn’t as great as Meikyuu Butterfly or BLACK DIAMOND. Sigh.

Railgun Episode 21 — Recurring characters for the win.

Omamori Himari Episode 08 — I think I’m getting to hate this anime. Except the catchy OP, I can’t get myself to hate that. How many times have I headdeskked.

Next week: Yuuto’s harem +1?

Zippers add sex appeal?

February 17th, 2010

Truly a magnificent discovery.

Shugo Chara Party / Dokki Doki Episode 02 — Dumbest shit ever.

And to think I liked it so much the first… maybe… 20 or so episodes.

Ookamikakushi Episode 04 — People dying = great. I still dislike the art. The mystery thickens… what is this secret that the entire town seems to be keeping?

Ookamikakushi Episode 05 — Issei is murdered. Joy to the world. I notice Isuzu’s hair looks like a hassaku.

Ookamikakushi Episode 06 — So in the end they’re all selfish bastards? Great, I like that.

Tegami Bachi Episode 04 — Wow, this is good! I’m like 15 episodes behind…

Polyphonica Episode 01 — Decided to watch an old anime. Good music. The plot I can’t say yet, but the setting is interesting. Characters don’t seem too bad.

[spoiler]The lead girl is hot… is this adapted from a dating sim? I kind of get that dating-sim feeling. The lead male is really nice. He’s like… Alto, long hair and all, minus the angst/drama. Oh yeah, the costumes are great too.[/spoiler]

Polyphonica Episode 02 — “You can’t hit our clients.” “Everything just sucks.”

Polyphonica Episode 03 –The side characters really feel like Full Metal Panic.

Issho ni Sleeping — I swear… the Japanese are getting more deranged every year. Besides “this is just wrong”, I shall refrain from further comment.

Polyphonica Episode 04 — Some backstory never hurts.

Polyphonica Episode 05 — All the random clients look the same. I really want Coatie to beat them up. (And, doesn’t “Kouti” or something sound much better?) By the way, what happened to that spacey princess way back from Episode 01?

Polyphonica Episode 06 — Hey, the highway signs look like California. Also, that police duo is awesome.

Polyphonica Episode 07-10 — Again, about the zippers…

Dance in the Vampire Bund Episode 05 — It’s naked loli vampire time again. =x=

I fail to see how this is epic. Mina Tepe’s speech mannerisms are extremely annoying. The camera angles and angle changes are just plain annoying too. Maybe they’re trying to be creative (trying to copy GAINAX?), but this just sucks.

Combining bad narration with bad camera angles makes me cringe in pain. I like narration similar to Saten’s narration in To Aru Kagaku no Railgun during the Level Upper story arc… that kind of sad, melancholic, inspirational, mind-opening heartfelt storytelling.

The Student Council is really annoying in this one. I like student councils such as… well, Seitokai no Ichizon is what comes to mind first, but… student councils like SoraKake‘s, or Hayate2‘s (not that… they… ever do anything) or… ugh, what is it that I’m trying to think of? Was it… ToHeart2 or something?

GOD… HORRIBLE ART. That’s it, I fail this anime. F


I know I don’t usually write about PVs, but…

Dancing in the velvet moon (live) Nana Mizuki – She, unlike some singers (cough… Aya…), can sing live, but it’s not as awesome as her studio singing. The costume was so-so, staging and stuff is probably typical Japanese concert. The actual song I’ve never heard before; it’s slightly below the typical Nana Mizuki song, but it’s still rather good. Sooo many glow sticks! :o

I’m kind of finding this choreography stupid. Seriously, it’s like… *chest shake*, *butt twitch*… it’s totally ruining my angelic image of Nana Mizuki ><; the other dancers on the stage are extremely annoying to look at. Either way, I didn’t like this video (not that I ever like PVs in general).

When life sucks… watch anime.

November 19th, 2009

Stayed home from school today. Stomacheache, flu, fever, life sucks.

That’s why you refer to my slogan:

When life sucks… watch anime.

生徒会の一存 / Seitokai no Ichizon Episode 07 — it was pretty blah.

The Hekiyou Gakuen Student Council go on a summer vacation trip (“training camp” á la K-On!‘s?) to Tokyo, and typical Seitokai things happen. Less anime references (that I got, anyways) this episode, but still extremely random.

There were a lot of good shots in this ep, but I’m not feeling well so I didn’t bother doing any screenshots.

Oh, and this ep gets an AAA. [8/10]

フェアリーテイル / Fairy Tail Episode 06 — Cliché-filled, as usual, but humor is great. Gray+Natsu+Lucy+whatshername red haired girl make the best comedy quartet ever >______<

Surprisingly, this week’s Fairy Tail is better than this week’s Seitokai.

WOOOAAHH the red-haired girl is cool. (Still don’t remember her name.)

Oh, right. “Erza”.

Wow, what a cliffhanger. S+. [9.5/10]

こばと / Kobato Episode 06 — Field trip. What’s with those evil gangster-looking people?

Hmm, is Ioryogi going to do some investigating on the evil gang people? What a sweet thing to do.

Wait… what… happened? … magic… wtf… see… I really don’t get this… What did Ioryogi-san do in the past? Oooh, plot thickening!

I want my romantic Kobato+Fujimoto pairing already. They’d really make a nice pair, idk.

Hm, this ep wasn’t touching or interesting or funny. Fujimoto seems to we warming up to Kobato; that’s nice. I still don’t get the weird talking animals running around. A. [6/10]

うみねこのく頃に / Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 21 — I still don’t get the timejumping and Ange and 1998 and what the hell is happening. I still feel very very sad about how everybody is bullying Ange.

Lol, it’s the police officer’s voice! Um… what was his name.. Oo– Oo…  gah.

Hm, and now Maria wants to kill her mom. And Ange just denied the existence of her furniture and… what, did she die?

A rich person is one who is satisfied with oneself.

Touching quote of the day.

Aand it’s back to Rokkenjima in 1998… what are those weird people who are trying to kill Ange? What the hell is going on >___<

Hm, this episode falls into the “I don’t get it so it’s un-rateable” category. It’s worse than 11eyes ><

しゅごキャラ!ドッキドキ / Shugo Chara! Dokki Doki Episode 01 — Yeah, I finished the 102-episode first series today… so… onwards…

They shortened the episodes from 1/2 hour to 13 minutes (yeah, why the ** did they do that? I don’t know.) to add some… live action segment with people dressed up (“cosplaying”? No, that would be an insult to the art of cosplay) as characters… from Shugo Chara… and… ugh. I was too painstruck to watch the liveaction half.

Anyways, as for the actual episode, it was a normal Shugo Chara! ep. Why am I watching this. It’s like volunteering for brain damage.

しゅごチャラ!ドッキ第100話 – Shugo Chara! Doki Episode 100

November 19th, 2009

しゅごチャラ!ドッキ / Shugo Chara! Doki 100話 (Episode 100)

After ninety-nine episodes of goddamn build-up, this had better be a freakin’ epic climax.

» Read more: しゅごチャラ!ドッキ第100話 – Shugo Chara! Doki Episode 100

Random Anime Screenshot Time

November 15th, 2009

Don’t ask why. Shots are mostly from Shugo Chara! and Mahoromatic (the 2 non-Fall09 animes I’m watching atm).

(Stoke is the correct word; they didn't misspell "stroked" or anything.)

(Stoke is the correct word; they didn't misspell "stroked" or anything.)

A lot of these screenshots were taken because of my inner Grammar Nazi’s persuasive tactics.

(Awkward phrasing. Grammar police no like. And these are professional subtitles, too!)

(Awkward phrasing. Grammar police no like. And these are professional subtitles, too!)

Really… do you think everybody looks kind of “busy”? >_<

You can't say no to this face.

You can't say no to this face.

まほろちゃん 可愛いぃぃぃ~

Yeah, screw it.

Yeah, screw it.

A good example of what not to be when you grow up.

Sucks to be you.

Sucks to be you.

I don’t even know why I screenshotted some of these.

Su soing a perfect parody of Eru. "Aha! We've got four bars of love reception here!"

Su soing a perfect parody of Eru. "Aha! We've got four bars of love reception here!"

Speaking of Eru, Amulet Angel was the cutest out of all of Amu’s transformations (maybe tying with Amulet Heart… maybe). We need to see her more… not that she ever does anything besides wave a white flag, but.

*shift eyebrows*

*shift eyebrows*

I agree with Nikaidou-sensei.

This was Ben Li, reporting from Los Angeles, California. Signing out.

End-of-Weekend-Anime-Post / [にゃんこい!] Nyan Koi! 06

November 8th, 2009

This episode was one of the best so far, and Nyan Koi is definitely going to go down as one of this season’s best. I didn’t like the first episode, but it’s turned out to be quite すばらしい。

にゃんこい! / Nyan Koi! Episode 06


Love letter!

Continuing from last episode: Junpei meets a really cute twin-tailed underclassman who knows about his curse. Junpei, in typical Junpei style, stares blankly for a moment and quickly flees the scene. Meanwhile, Mizuno was watching.

"I was dumped right after being confessed to!?"

"I was dumped right after being confessed to!?"

The next day, Kousaka-kun searches the school for that twin-tailed blonde cutie underclassman, because he didn’t want her to be affected by the curse (see? anime protagonists never think about their own well-being ^^) when he then receives a love-letter from a girl who looks just like the girl he met yesterday. After reading the letter, she disappears. Five seconds later a girl looking like the girl that just appeared that looked like the girl that… never mind… anyways, five seconds later another girl pops out of nowhere and tells Junpei she hates him. Thus the quote+screenshot to your right.


"Why are they all glaring at me?"

Meanwhile rumors spread about Junpei getting it on with every cute girl that meets his eyes.



It turns out they were twins (raise your hand if you saw that coming like you would have seen a volcano eruption on a sunny day). One of them is tsundara tsundere, and the other… is actually not the Tsukasa/Mafuyu type. She’s… weird. Creepy. AND madly in love with Junpei, as it turns out…

Of course, onee-chan has this unstoppable urge to beat up any guy her twin sister is interested in, hence Junpei’s misfortune. Also, the “younger” twin seems to have odd hobbies…


The mailman expresses her opinion.

Postal workers have it nice, ne?

"I'll stop writing my delusions diary, but will you let me continue stalking you?"

"I'll stop writing my delusions diary, but will you let me continue stalking you?"

Hanchan would be overjoyed if he found out he was being stalked.

She gets the last laugh.

She gets the last laugh.

Of course. The mailman… mailwoman (political correctness, my apologies) always gets the last laugh.


Let’s finish with some random Shugo Chara! screenshots, だぎゃ!

"Taking over the world is so cliche."

"Taking over the world is so cliche."

"It is?"

"It is?"

I dunno. Randomness.

Life’s Gay Good.

Ohh! I forgot to rate the episode, haha! Here’s the SS it deserves. [10/10]

Shugo Chara!! Doki

November 4th, 2009
Warning: High-powered Class IV laser device anime rant.

Watching the first episode of Shugo Chara!! Doki (2nd season; starts on episode 52) brought back so many memories. I miss the original Guardian cast sooooo baad x__x

This has nothing to do with the text.

This has nothing to do with the text.

But thinking about the original Guardians makes me re-remember the changes each character has gone through, all the hard times they have experienced. Perhaps the changes that the characters go through in Shugo Chara (which isn’t found in something like Hayate no Gotoku!) is what’s really touching about this anime.

Each character learns and develops in their own way. Even though they are mere elementary school kids, 5th and 6th graders, they have their own troubles to face, and their own dreams to chase. What is your dream? What kind of person do you want to become?

With these touching lines, Shugo Chara! was a wonderful, cute, and hilarious anime. It was funny in all the right places, yet it was able to stir up my inner emotions and worries, relating to the difficult situations that the characters face.

As this post indicates, I have just finished the first season of Shugo Chara!. Maybe, first, I should explain exactly what Shugo Chara! is about. Many of you might not care to hear, but that’s probably perhaps due to my meager summary not being able to convey the same feelings a 51-episode anime is able to. Now, where should I start?

Everybody at Seiyo Elementary thinks that stylish and super-cool Hinamori Amu has it all. But nobody knows the real Amu: a shy girl who wishes she had the courage to truly be herself. Changing Amu’s life is going to take more than wishes and dreams — it’s going to take a little magic! One morning, Amu finds a surprise in her bed: three strange little eggs. Each egg contains a Shugo Chara (roughly Guardian Character), an angel-like being who can give her the power to be someone new. With the help of her Shugo Chara, Amu is about to discover that her true self is even more amazing than she ever dreamed.

(I tried writing my own summary, but it didn’t turn out as good as Hatsuyuki’s so I just copied theirs. Tehe.)



Isn’t it nice? With a simple shout of “Chara change!”, Hinamori Amu instantly becomes a perfect version of her naritai jibun (なりたい自分), or would-be self.

I shall be cynical like I normally am, and call the Shugo Chara “plot devices”. Because, truly, that’s what they are. Okay, fine, they also double as characters and gag humor, but for the purposes of this section, I shall consider them “plot devices”.

Doesn’t everyone wish they could grow up to become somebody who does something they love? I know, I’m sure that most of my circle of friends wish they had a different personality, that they could achieve something different, better, more worthwhile? Don’t you wish you could become somebody more athletic? More artistic? Better at math? More handsome, more beautiful?

Writing about something so abstract and emotional is harder than actually working on my Mists of Avalon essay, but I enjoyed Shugo Chara! enough to give it this kind of treatment. Interestingly, the thesis of this section is contradicting with my “The grass on the other side of the hill is always greener.” emotional rant/post.

As for the actual overall plot, there’s an dark, supposedly evil organization, suitably named “Easter”. This is one of the best names for an evil organization ever. I mean, Hypnos (Digimon Tamers) was a great name, but “Easter” totally fits with the theme of eggs, the eggs representing the dreams and aspirations residing in childrens’ hearts.

~Hinamori Amu~

This has nothing to do with the text, either.

Easter Corporation is collecting these “eggs” for their own purposes, of discovering Blatant Plot Device #1, also known in the series as “the Embryo”, which I find an idiotic name. To do this, they are destroying the dreams of the children, one by one extracting and placing a big “X” on the eggs that don’t turn out to be the Plot Device.

Ta-da~! Enter Hinamori Amu! The popular student at Seiyo Gakuen who posesses three Plot Dev— I’m sorry, Shugo Charas, and is able to heal the hearts (eggs) of the children who have lost hope in their dreams (and thus, had “X”s placed on their eggs).

“There’s no point in healing those childrens’ eggs. Either way, they’ll all end up breaking their eggs themselves later on.” — Tsukiyomi Ikuto

Surprisingly true, most young elementary students have wild, exciting dreams about what they want to be, what they want to do when they grow up. Yet, fast forward to Arcadia High School. What dreams? What aspirations? Do we see any happiness being brought to us? Where are the dreams? Where is the happiness that we seek?

Have we all, then, already long since broken our own eggs?


The main antagonist in the first half (up to episode 26ish) is Nikaidou-sensei, who transferred into Seiyo as a teacher. Laughed at, ridiculed, Nikaidou had lost hope in his dreams long ago, choosing instead to follow more realistic ideals.

Is this the right thing to do?

Failure. Ridicule. Hate. Sorrow. Loss.

Such discouraging words, such discouraging things that these words represent. They exist in this world.

I think that we need to cross the boundaries of disapproval and reach for the heavens, our own clouds, our own stars in the sky, representing the hopes of billions of children across the globe. I think this is what society needs to become.


I’m sorry, I get sleepy this late at night. Where was I again? Oh yes. Amu does her heroine thing, and Nikaidou revives his dreams and quits Easter Corporation. He returns to Seiyo and resumes his teaching, but now, he teaches wholeheartedly and with love and happiness.

Cheesy ending. More than a few of us Arcadians are going to be like him when we grow up, except there won’t be anyone to save us. Nope. There won’t be a pink-haired 5th grader in a frilly dress with magical powers there to save us from our failures. I’m sorry; it’s how reality works.

(Mikuru Beam!!)

(Mikuru Beam!!)


Buono! does most (or all, I think, actually?) of the intro and outro songs for the first 51 episodes of Shugo Chara!. I do love their songs, they’re so upbeat and Shugo Chara!-y.

I didn’t like the intro (or the outro, really) at first, but it’s so shoujo and girly and upbeat and… shall we say, cool and spicy, it’s totally grown on me, and I love it.

As for instrumental background music, it’s okay; average.

The real reason why I love the music in this anime — Nana Mizuki of course. She plays Hoshino Utau, who’s a singer in the anime itself, and the songs Nana sings for Utau to sing… they’re just EPIC. Of course, there are no Nana songs that aren’t epic, but… these were Nana’s epicness + Utau’s um… tsundere/dark character, so it was especially awesome.


I was planning on writing a HUGE, EPIC LONG rant here. The character development in Shugo Chara! is a definite point of interest, because the situations presented in each episode pertain to the troubles and worries of modern children and teenagers. The main theme, heck, is about how your shouldn’t lose sight of your dreams — something I think all of us have already lost sight of long ago. Of course, I already went over this in the Plot section…

Anyways, this section is supposed to be about the characters in the first season of Shugo Chara!, so that’s what I shall provide.

Hinamori Amu – 5th grader, later 6th grader, who goes to Seiyo Gakuen. On the outside, her personality is described by her classmates as “cool and spicy”. When she first transferred to Seiyo, she was super-shy — but her classmates mistook this as being cold and cool. She didn’t know the rules and dress code of the school, so she wore her clothing differently — of course, her classmates mistook this as her being rebellious; and so on. This is how she earned her reputation, and since everyone things this is what her character is really like now, she has a hard time when she wants to express her true feelings and reactions.

Amu - wahh!

One day, she wishes upon… what, the stars, or something… that she could become closer to her true self (or something like that). This is how her Shugo Chara (Guardian Characters, a.k.a. cliche/archetypal chibi+loli+uberkawaii mascot characters to help rake in the yen) are born. The Seiyo Guardians (basically, the five-member “Student Council” of the elementary school — each seat is named after a playing card: King’s Chair, Queen’s Chair, Jack’s Chair, Ace’s Chair, and Joker) invite her to join their ranks, and blah blah, stuff happens, and several lame magical girl transformations and purified badguys later…

It may be one of those fobby sun visors, but it's not fobby at all. (Maybe because it's transparent and therefore serves no purpose at all?)

It may be one of those fobby sun visors, but it's not fobby at all. (Maybe because it's transparent and therefore serves no purpose at all?)

Amu is still faced with her old worries; she’s still unsure on what person she would like to become. Would she like to become more like Amulet Heart, an upbeat, outgoing, cheerful personality? We’ve also got to factor in the romance in the story — mostly the love triangle between Tsukiyomi Ikuto and whats-his-last-name Tadase. Of course, Amu’s harem of guys is like, bigger than Tomoya’s; >_<

Anyways, after Nikaidou(-sensei) is defeated realizes his wrongs and becomes a good guy character, the fifth-grade school year ends. Our cast of Amu, Kukai, Hotori, Nadeshiko, and Yaya disband. This was the symbolic “end” and the coming of a “new beginning” — spring. For Amu, it was a tough transition: she lost her best friend and her “older brother” character, the two people she knew she could always rely on.

Can I bring her home?

Can I bring her home?

The new Guardians consisted of Tadase, Yaya, Amu, along with two new characters: Mashiro and um… I forgot his name. Let’s just call him iin’chou for now. ^^

At first, I didn’t like Mashiro and Iin’chou-san either, in fact I grew to hate them because they were so mean towards Amu. However, it turns out that both of them had certain mountains to cross themselves. Once their characters became more developed, I warmed up to them just like Amu did.

Either way, since this was supposed to be emotional, the emotional impact of a new environment, and the loss of friends is something that happens to everyone. A life without change is a life doomed, because change is inevitable. This is an absolute truth. If you want to argue this, post a comment.

At the start of the new semester and new school year, she immediately felt depressed. Mashiro-san just transferred in, and she became the most popular girl in the school, taking Amu’s place. The new Guardians take their places, and they immediately (whether purposely or not) start to alienate Amu.

Also, don’t forget Utau, the new enemy. With so much on her mind, how does Amu manage to find time to fight badguys and save the world?

I know this is Tadase's section, I still feel like sticking Amu images in.

I know this is Tadase's section, I still feel like sticking Amu images in.

Hotori Tadase – He seems to know Ikuto somehow. I don’t know. Anyways, we’re not here to talk about how handsome he is.

Tadase-kun is Amu’s initial love interest. His “dream” is to, um… take over the world.

However… he is a shy, all A+ kind of guy. He doesn’t have the courage to confess to Amu until… like much much later. He is a master of words and you could say, master of manipulation. Yet, he Peach-Pit still casts him as a “shy” character. In my opinion, this kind of character doesn’t fit together at all.

You can’t have “shy” and “King’s Chair” (basically Student Council President) both in the same sentence. It just doesn’t work. I mean, I admit Hinagiku is actually shy inside, but Hotori-kun is the complete opposite. He is shy on the outside, and his inner character is “AHAHAHA LOYAL MINIONS! BOW TO YOUR KING!”

… yeah.

Maybe this whole post is actually one effing long excuse to post a bunch of Amu pictures. >.<

Maybe this whole post is actually one effing long excuse to post a bunch of Amu pictures. >.<

Yaya + Kukai – They’re our proud supporting characters. I don’t get… how your “dream in life” can be “I want to be a baby all my life.” It just… doesn’t make sense. Yaya is cute, though, so… I’ll let her get away with it.

Kukai is effing cool. I wanna be like him ;_;

Nadeshiko / NagihikoHayate-kun, anyone? I kind of understand… wait, nevermind, I can’t understand his situation at all. I mean… you’re a guy… but your family forces you to dress up and act like a girl… and the girl you like is your best friend… and she doesn’t know you’re a guy… and… yeah. Fun, though. Can’t wait to see where Peach-pit goes with this character.

Ikuto – Boring character? Totally stereotypical character. Probably added just to please the fangirls. And it worked. *insert fangirl raving here*


That’s all I really need to say.

If you noticed, the character summaries were getting shorter and shorter... >.<

If you noticed, the character summaries were getting shorter and shorter... >.<

Ahaha, I didn’t quite finish writing this up right after I finished Shugo Chara!, so I’m finishing it in the middle of Doki, haha. Back to the emotional heart-wrenching speech mode.

I am deeply touched by Shugo Chara!‘s thematic focus on chasing your dreams, and becoming the person you really want to become.

meikyuu butterfly

October 23rd, 2009
Warning: High-powered Class A laser device anime rant.
This post may contain chemicals known by the State of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm (Proposition 65).
<em>Meikyuu Butterfly</em> - Nana Mizuki

Meikyuu Butterfly - Nana Mizuki

See, I’m capable of coming up with creative names for my anime posts.

Firstly, Shakugan no Shana S, the four-part OVA leadup to the long-awaited third season of mega-popular anime Shakugan no Shana, is now out in Blu-ray and DVD. J.C. Staff just released the first episode, Reshuffle.

Other than the normal Thursday/Friday-ish lineup of things like Kampfer, Shin Koihime Musou, Umineko no Naku Koro ni, etc, I’m still watching Shugo Chara!. If the anime is longer than, say, 30 episodes, usually I lose interest after the first half.

However, like Ranma 1/2, Shugo Chara! and Shugo Chara!! Doki have captured my inner fanboy and, like Hayate no Gotoku, combine interesting episodic storylines with a larger major plotline. Of course, there’s no missing the Hayate-like humor that’s scattered throughout Shugo Chara! either.

Now, on to the episodic reviews.

Shakugan no Shana S Episode 01 “Reshuffle” – This felt like a standard Shana episode; however, I haven’t watched Shana for months or years. It felt good to experience a new Shana episode.

As for the content of the episode, it wasn’t particularly breathtaking, epic, or even fantastic. I think just the feeling of new Shana satisfied me. However, I won’t give it something in the S to SS range like the animes, because it wasn’t that good, particuarly. Actually, since it’s called Shakugan no Shana “S”, maybe I should give it an S anyways. S-. [8.5/10]

Shakugan no Shanatan Revenge – YESS! As usual, Shanatan is better than Shakugan no Shana itself. Index and Nagi (from To Aru Majutsu no Index and Hayate no Gotoku! respectively) make hilarious cameos… and… just, everything is hilarious. Of course. SS-. [9.5/10]

On second thought, I downgrade the actual Shana S episode to an AA. [7/10] Yeah, too bad. Compared to Shanatan (which doesn’t really deserve a 10/10, so it gets 9.5), Shakugan no Shana has to be like at least ranks below Shanatan.

WHERE ISH MY Hayate-tan no Gotoku!! series? >_____>

Also, awaiting Railgun-tan. They’re gonna do it, right? Haha.


Kampfer Episode 04 – “Make me feel good!” Wtf? Why do they need to remind us that this is from a dating sim?

However, the Student Council President has an interesting side. The stupid stuffed animals, I still hate their guts (no pun intended).

So many good voice actors in this anime, but such a sucky anime. I like the genderbender aspect, but… um… yeeahhh. What’s with the sexual connotations that everybody thinks are behind everything Natsuru-san says?

So. An interesting anime… where we watch… boys… shop for… female underwear… and lingerie………

In this episode… we learned:

  • How to put on a bra.
  • How to choose female underwear in Japan.
  • Factoid: When guys attain sex appeal, the emotional trauma will take decades to heal.
  • Factoid: Student council presidents generally suck at singing. Hinagiku-san (Hayate/2) is an exception, because Itou Shizuka is beyond awesome.
  • Factoid: Every anime, as a rule, MUST include a Macross reference. “Atashi no uta wo kike!!!!
  • How to confess your love for a person of the same sex.

… just… because… it was kind of… um… let’s go with an A. [6/10]

The outro (and intro) I really like. I wonder when the final main character will be introduced; she’s cute.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 17 – “All magic exists to bring happiness to the human world.”

Best line in the entire anime so far, considering what has happened in this anime so far >_< So terribly ironic.

Beato’s character change is just TOO huge to bear. Just three or four episodes ago she was like “HAHAHAHA KILL MURDER SLAUGHTER” and now she’s all being a crybaby and weak and nice and… this just feels awkward.

What the hell is with the “Siestas”? They’re so goddam moe, they don’t belong in this anime. Their animations are stupid too. It feels more like Digimon than the Nanoha-like feel they were probably aiming for.

Of course, seeing them die is never fun, but we see like 10-20 people die per episode so you get used to it.

OMG we finally see Ange! For… like… a half-second flashback.

Jessica looked like Shion or Rena from Higurashi in that one moment. ^^

I still like Higurashi better. Boring episode. The morals they were trying to convey didn’t really reach me. Maybe it’s because… I can’t use magic… B. [5/10]

Shin Koihime Musou Episode 03 – They finally added Ryuubi to the opening! Which, by the way, is EPIC. If not for Seitokai no Ichizon, it might be my favorite OP this season. KIZUNA, ATSUI KIZUNA~

So they go to visit Kousonsan… wait, who’s Kousonsan? [/runninggag] but lol, Enshou VS Kousonsan… hahaha.

Ryuubi is so cute+awesome.

The “competition” gets a bit… uhh… yeah…. in the 2nd round.

This falls in the "WTF!?" category, too.

This falls in the "WTF!?" category, too.

Of course, we can’t have Koihime without some perverted stupid scenes.

How Ancient Chinese lords and viceroys settled their disputes with each other in the Three Kingdoms era.

This is how Ancient Chinese lords and viceroys settled their disputes with each other in the Three Kingdoms era.

You know, I miss Bachou already.

SS (it’s that good). [10/10]

Yes, the only reason I love it this much more than Koihime Musou itself is ‘cuz of Ryuubi. <3


I miss -Saki-. It was my weekly dose of mahjong and random yuri, but it was still really great. Hopefully another season comes along soon. As for Bakemonogatari, I realize I haven’t even finished watching it. I don’t really miss Kanamemo or Sora no Manimani, either. Of course, obviously I miss Hayate2, but that’s so popular there won’t be a problem getting another season. I guess I miss Tayutama, waay back from Spring 2009. Well, I don’t really miss the anime; I miss the intro song <3333

Hoshina Utau (Nana Mizuki)

October 23rd, 2009

Nana Mizuki is one of the most amazing Japanese singers (and voice actors) ever. Her Nanoha songs are better than these, but I currently have these two songs on repeat. They’re songs sung by a character named Hoshina Utau from Shugo Chara!, who is voiced by Nana Mizuki.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Nana Mizuki – Meikyuu Butterfly”]

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Nana Mizuki – BLACK DIAMOND (Indies Version)”]

Also, I updated the post with two Nakagawa Shouko songs; reuploaded the songs to another host. HOWEVER I tried the original files again, and THEY WORKED =______x

Well, anyways, I guess I’ll just post these here, because you’re too lazy to click.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Nakagawa Shouko – Sora iro Days”]

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Nakagawa Shouko – happily ever after”]

the bright every day

October 22nd, 2009
  • I finished all my homework for today, before 5pm. And I had a lot, too. That’s rather odd, but nice for a change.
  • In the anime department: Like, two new episodes came out today, plus a bunch of music and other good stuff.
  • Like I posted this morning, I slept at like 7 yesterday, and I woke up super-charged at 4am today (and watched anime for 3.5 hours). This kind of morning is as awesome as it gets.
  • I just found out that NANA MIZUKI voices Utau in Shugo Chara!, and she sings a couple songs for the anime! Since I’m like ultra-mega Nana fan, that’s awesome to hear.
  • (actually, I say that, but I don’t even have her complete discography, haha)
  • Why am I posting in bullet points? It was Justin’s suggestion. Go beat him up if you don’t like it.
  • Personally, I liked separating my posts into sections (Anime, Music, Life, Tea, etc) like that that haystack post.
  • Remind me to do the math team tryout circle problems, like, soon.