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CP Chart / Probability Analysis

January 3rd, 2010

How possible is my dream of taking over the world? Let’s make a chart comparing the combat power (CP) of various people, using “Han-chan” as a reference point.

Some ideas for how to interpret this chart:

  • “If I were to fight (name), my chances of winning would be 1:(number).”
  • “If I saw (name) coming after me, I would run away at (number) miles per hour.”
  • “If (name) was after my life, I would consent to dying (number) times in (number) different ways if I could escape (name).”
CP Name / Desc
0 George W. Bush
0.01 United States Congress
0.1 Hank (*)
0.25 Stormtrooper
0.5 Cat
0.75 Tim
1 Han-chan
2 Man with stick
3 Man with big stick
4 Man with stun gun
5 Shaq
10 Pikachu
15 Artemis Fowl
20 Man with AK-47
42 Dolphin
100 Mage
150 Sonic the Hedgehog
200 Tank
300 Odysseus
400 Link
500 SM-65 Atlas ICBM (Intercontinential Ballistic Missile)
650 Dragon (non-magical)
750 fleet of Boeing B-29 launched from USS Enterprise during WWII
1000 railgun
1250 High-level demon
1500 Aegis battleship (Ticonderoga-class Aegis Combat System guided missile cruiser)
2000 Protoss carrier
2500 ARX-7 Arbalest +Lambda Driver
3000 Zeus
4000 Alfred laboratory accident
5000 The Catcher in the Rye (J.D. Salinger)
7500 Evangelion UNIT 01
8000 high daylight walker (full-blooded shinso vampire)
10000 Nagasaki / Hiroshima (atomic bomb)
12000 Negi Springfield, Magia Erebia + Raiten Taisou II
12500 The Mists of Avalon (Marion Zimmer Bradley)
15000 Starlight Breaker (full power)
17500 TDD-1 Tuatha de Danaan (Mithril)
20000 unsealed Index Librorum Prohibitorum
37500 Ameterasu Omikami (Japanese/Shinto Sun goddess)
49999 army of vampiric bunny rabbits
50000 Arcadia English Honors teacher
75000 United States Army (effective)
100000 Lunar collision
120000 NATO (gross military power)
150000 Second Impact
200000 Lelouch
250000 Mithril
350000 Death Star
400000 United States of America if Al Gore had been elected
500000 God
500001 Chuck Norris
500002 Arceus… j/k.
500003 Bruce Lee
750000 Alfred’s little sister
900000 Premature solar supernova
1000000 2012 apocalypse
2000000 Love
——— Big Bang (cannot be calculated; division by zero)
5000000 Timothy’s little sister
Procrastination (I’ll think of the number later.)


(*) everything > Hank, but Hank > Procrastination

For comparison:

  • chance of being struck by lightening: 3 million to 1
  • chance of winning the lottery: 120 million to 1

Random facts:

  • You are 500k to 3000k times more likely to die in an asteroid collision in the year 2029 than to win the lottery.
  • If you drive 10 miles to purchase a lottery ticket, it’s 20 times more likely for you to be killed in a car accident on your way than to win the jackpot.


Let’s talk about the weather.

December 8th, 2009

As usual, I don’t feel like posting but I feel obliged to, especially since I haven’t issued a post in a while. (For your information, the recent lack of anime posts is a direct result of my recent lack of anime watching, and once I’m all caught up with everything I’ll post a big 2000-word mega anime post or something.)

Yesterday, I spent my entire free time after school writing solutions for our Math Team packet (11th grade; Logarithms and Exponents), and compiling everything. That’s a bummer, I guess, especially since, truth be told, I did most of the work — everybody submitted problems, but nobody bothered writing solutions for anything. The other group members just gave me a problem or two on paper. Aritro and James did the most; Aritro is a ninth grader who, according to Hank, has been practicing for the AMC/AIME/USAMO since he was in 6th grade or something. Aritro submitted three very challenging and intruiging problems and handwrote three very good solutions. James did the handout, but I ended up retyping most of it. Hank actually did work; he gave me three pretty nice problems that would be standard BML questions. Unfortunately, I had to write the solutions to his problems, and everybody else’s problems.

Let’s talk about the weather. I like it when it rains — I like it all except a) the mud puddles b) the possibility of catching a cold. Umbrellas are extraordinarily fun, and running around without one in the rain is more fun. It’s cold, and I dislike cold mornings, often putting on 4 or 5 layers of clothing in the morning, but at midnight I can usually be found running around the house in my underwear.

Last week, I thought I had caught a cold. One day, I woke up with a sore throat, and the next day I woke up with my nose feeling slightly stuffy. I had that “illness” taste in my mouth — I don’t know how to describe it, and I don’t even know if others experience it, but I just had a funny taste in my mouth that I couldn’t get rid of, no matter how many times I used mouthwash and brushed my teeth. It’s something that happens every time I get a cold or flu. Anyways, I was sure I was going to get sick again, stay in bed for a week, and fail a test or two when I got back. However, I decided to test out an idea I had for preventing cold/flu viruses from infecting you, or, well, decreasing the chance of infection.

So, you know how Asian moms and dads commonly tell you how if you wear too little, you might catch a cold? I think they’re right. But you don’t need to keep your whole body warm. Flu/cold viruses enter your body through either your nose or your mouth, right? If it infects your throat, big deal, sore throat for a day or two. The problem is not letting it infect your nose and sinuses. If the virus gets into your sinuses, you’re doomed to experience a week of illness, most likely. The thing is, these respiratory viruses can’t survive in temperatures that are too high. In fact, they are unable to survive at normal human body temperature (98.6 degrees F), which is why they can’t just go into your lungs, enter your bloodstream, and eat you alive. They can only replicate in places where the temperature is slightly cooler than the body core — the throat, for instance, is cooled by air passing through it, as is the nose. Also, they both happen to have direct contact with air, and the pathogens air contains.

So, my “experiment” last week was to continuously keep my nose warm by breathing through my mouth only, and occasionally warming my outer nose with my hands and my breath. The sore throat healed in two days, and my nose didn’t get infected. I didn’t get a cold at all, only a sore throat. This may have been pure luck, or my method may have actually epically decreased the chances of nose infection. Maybe this would make a good LA Science Fair project.

Also, yesterday, my dad fixed my computer’s SD card drive. He’s a genius at fixing things, both electronic and physical. The card wouldn’t go into the drive, and I was prepared to give up and just use another computer’s SD drive, but my dad heroically came by. I raised the topic of “Wow Dell stuff is crappy, do we still have warranty? Let’s return it!”, but he just went in, unplugged the drive, unscrewed open the case, and discovered that the spring applying pressure to the card (enabling better contact with the pins) was bent and blocking the entire slot. With a pair of pliers, he skillfully unbent the metal and repaired the drive just like that. And I was ready to toss the drive — it really makes me feel bad somehow.

Oh, and as for how today went; since I like doing things systematically:

  1. Soph Eng HVillalobos – Tribe presentations. Everybody has such stupid names, such stupid slogans, such stupid logos. What is wrong with the world — the people who are stupid and come up with stupid names and don’t take things seriously are getting a better grade than me.
  2. P.E.O’Brian – YES! We’ve finally finished basketball. Now we’re doing Ultimate Frisbee+Football. I dislike football as much as basketball, but I love Frisbee. It was superbly cold out there at 9am, though, so it wasn’t altogether that much fun running around the track and throwing Frisbees at each other (YES, O’Brian makes us RUN THE MILE while playing Frisbee at the same time! GENIUS!)
  3. Orchestra 3Forbes/England – Forbes wasn’t here, meaning Orchestra was fun today.
  4. Pre-CalculusDaniels – no comment (coughhanchan101%)
  5. Mandarin 4Hung – I spent this entire period studying for my AP Physics test.
  6. AP PhysicsZheng – Lol, chapter 13 test. I forgot what the test was on already.

So, that’s how today turned out. And this puts this post’s word count at exactly 1007.

Long day, long week.

December 4th, 2009

I originally started this post with “Today, I walked home with a girl…”, but I seem to have changed my mind.

(random post, give title later)

November 27th, 2009

This will be a post of random things.


I was browsing through this online Japanese bookstore when I came upon an interesting picture book for sale:

Breasts (Children’s Picture Book) By Genichiro Yagyu

The cover makes it even more “dot dot dot”… and yes, it’s a children’s picture book…


A cut here for no reason. And lol, I never bothered changing the title.

» Read more: (random post, give title later)

Protected: I heard “San Marino High School” in there somewhere.

November 23rd, 2009

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Protected: The FCC frowns on killing listeners.

November 22nd, 2009

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Something Random to Listen To

November 11th, 2009

Because my other hoster is dead, I had no choice but to upload to T35, which limits me to 1MB per file. Thus 1/3 of the song is cut off, gomen.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Fuwa Fuwa Time – Toyosaki Aki & Hikasa Youko & Satou Satomi & Kotobuki Minako”]


November 3rd, 2009

Hey, I just coined the word for the next internet fad! =D

Me says (10:23 PM):
and I wonder if Mr. V cares that I spent hours on messing with Synergy+ so I can do this stupid cool techy geek thing during my presentation ><
You says (10:23 PM):
now i want to c ur presentation
K says (10:24 PM):
lol, my ppt is super plain
Me says (10:24 PM):
well mine doesn’t even have any clip art ^_^
K says (10:24 PM):
mine doesn’t either it has images
Me says (10:24 PM):
or images ftm
K says (10:24 PM):
but random geeky stuff > images
Me says (10:25 PM):
well, idk if Mr. V is that kind of tech-appriciative person
K says (10:25 PM):
he is lite tech
Me says (10:25 PM):
lol, lite
well what if he gets mad at me for running a program on his computer
K says (10:26 PM):
Me says (10:26 PM):
K says (10:26 PM):
and then
yiu’ll be like
“no, this is perfectly safe”
and then his computer crashes
and he goes crazy
then 5 minutes later
Me says (10:26 PM):
K says (10:26 PM):
hank: “oops, i tihnk i kicked the cord”
Me says (10:27 PM):
AHAHAHAHAHAHA best punchline ever

State of Affairs

November 2nd, 2009

“Oh, they should have an iPod for deaf people!”

— Eric Cheng

Well, it’s finally time for another post about my blah life. As some people have… noticed… Eric slept over at my house yesterday. His parents flew to San Francisco for business trip + visit Bryan, so that’s why he had to sleep over.

Hank did his Mists essay at 7 in the morning, and finished it by 7:29 am, turning it in online a minute before it was due. And then he was going “shit I didn’t print out a hard copy”. But of course, we all know how goddamn lucky Hank is: we had a sub today, and yeaah. Also, Ms. Daniel ranting to Hank about the proper way to do homework is always entertaining background noise while I do my homework.

Anywho, tomorrow I have two speeches+presentations to do. I have my Antigone speech/presentation which I still need to WRITE UP, and come up with a visual aid for (ugh and rehearse…). Also, I need to lecture about something for Mandarin, in Mandarin.

I also need to make up like four months of not doing AP Physics homework, do Mandarin homework, and… maybe PRACTICE VIOLIN to please my teacher ><

… I always think of a lot of clever things to blog about during school, but when I come home and actually sit in front of my computer, I don’t remember what they are anymore. Bleh.

Anyways, excuse me while I watch Seitokai no Ichizon, Sora no Otoshimono, and all the other animes I didn’t get to watch yesterday because I had three essays and a project to do.

Three of which we didn’t really need to do anyways… because there was a sub…

Daily Conversations

October 30th, 2009

WordPress’ing some of today’s conversations. Posted the day after.

Tyuiop says (9:00 PM):
i have hole phobia

Me says (10:05 PM):
they’re polite
Tyuiop says (10:05 PM):
Me says (10:05 PM):
“The politeness of a positive number is defined as the number of ways it can be expressed as the sum of consecutive integers.”
>_> don’t you just love mathematicians?
Tyuiop says (10:05 PM):
Tyuiop says (10:07 PM):
i thot 2 is a very polite number
Me says (10:07 PM):
but it turned out to be quite rude
Tyuiop says (10:07 PM):
it divides things very nicely
Me says (10:07 PM):
Tyuiop says (10:07 PM):
and fair
Me says (10:07 PM):

[[k]] says (10:17 PM):
i always think of beef when i think of prime numbers