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First Anime Post of Winter Break

December 20th, 2009


生徒会の一存 / Seitokai no Ichizon Episode 11 — Sugisaki is sick with a fever, and the Hekiyou Acadamy Student Council is abnormally normal. No hilarity ensues.

I was originally going to use only that one line as a summary, but the ending… oh my god, Mafuyu confessed… SS. [10/10]

Lots of screenshots, see bottom post. This is the second-to-last episode of Seitokai no Ichizon.

にゃんこい! / Nyan Koi! Episode 12 — Mizuno has gotten suspicious of Junpei’s curse, causing it to progress further. Eventually, he completely becomes a cat, and in a somewhat anti-climactic climax, he finally resolves his curse. That still doesn’t mean all’s well ends well for Junpei… teehee. S. [9/10]

Screenshots are at bottom, again. This was the final episode of Nyan Koi!.

うみねこのく頃に / Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 24 — lolwut. D. [3/10]

Also, what happened to the random Ange-1998 flashbacks? What happened to the stupendous surprises I expected this episode, being near the end of this season? Disappointed.

Fairy Tail Episode 10 — This was just weird. C. [4/10]

What the heck happened to the plot-driven suspense and humor that made me begin to respect this anime? Disappointed.

そらのおとしもの / Sora no Otoshimono Episode 11 — I’m still obsessed with ring my bell every time I hear it.

I am now of the opinion that Sora no Otoshimono would be better without the angels. Sora no Otoshimono would then become a normal school non-harem comedy with Sohara and Tomoki.

There is something between modern Japanese society and the idea of transgenderism. With that being said, this episode Tomoki becomes a girl. Now, I could write a whole essay-length analysis on boy-girl slash transexual characters in Japanese anime… Ranma 1/2‘s aquatransgender titular character Saotome Ranma being the prime example, with things like Kampfer, one of the ToLOVE-ru OVAs, and similar… but I happen to have an English essay to write so let’s save that prompt for another rainy day.

Putting all that aside, this episode contains typical Otoshimono semi-sexual fractured humor-parody-eyecandy. Uwahahaha. This episode’s theme, I approve. Actually… nevermind. I don’t approve, but it’s still funny. And Tomo-chan got what he deserved.

Sora no Otoshimono kind of fails (epicly) at being touching, though. Oh… well.

This is the… actually, I don’t know. Surprisingly, for writing such a long review, no screenshots were taken. It’s always hard rating Sora no Otoshimono because it’s both “oh god this is epic high quality masterpiece art” and “wtf is this messed-up deranged shit” at the same time. S+. [9.5/10]

とある科学の超電磁砲 / To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Episode 12 — End-of-arc episode; the fetus born from Kiyama-sensei is shown to be the collective conglomerate of the desperate thoughts of 3,000 depressed, defeated, and downright deficient students. Misaka fights this fetus, Antiskill actually does something (first time in the entire To Aru series! omg!), and the 3,000 students are saved… or are they? They may have risen from their comas, but they are still plagued by the troubles that guided them along said path in the first place, and as Misaka is wondering about this after she shows the audience how overpowered she is in a not-really-epic battle where Touma is decidedly missing, Kuroko jumps her, and all is normal again. Meanwhile, Saten and Uiharu have their reunion.

This is a 26-episode anime, so we’re almost halfway through. I can’t believe they took twelve episodes to do one not-so-amazing arc. (It might have been amazing if Touma had shown up, or if Kiyama-sensei was able to save those children in the end.) In Index, each arc was maybe three to six episodes at max, and although there were a mix of good and not-so-good arcs, they generally had perfect flow, no fillers or anything of the sort. Next episode of Railgun looks like a filler. Anyhow, hopefully the next story arc will feature Touma and Misaka in some heart-wrenching fantastically clever scenario, like we have come to expect from To Aru Majutsu no Index.

THERE! A PROFESSIONAL-LOOKING REVIEW! For once. Anyways, rating. S+. [9.5/10]


Episodes: 12 / Studio: Nomad / TBS
Light Novel Adaptation / Author: Toshihiko Tsukiji
Wiki / ANN

Humor <2/5> | Plot <0/5>
Characters <0/2> | Art <1.5/2>
Music <1/2> | Mood/Tone <-1/2>
Dialogue <-0.5/2> == Total «3/20»


Kämpfer Episode 12 FINAL — I find it amusing how much this anime sucked.

Episode rating: Worst episode ever, of the worst anime ever this season. F. [2/10]

Final rating – [Kämpfer]: There wasn’t even a goddamn CONCLUSION. To ANYTHING. This anime, as a whole, gets an F [2/10]. Actually, maybe it even deserves lower. I’ll write a whole long freakin’ review-essay on it later when I feel like it.

Anyways, here are your screenshots.

Somehow a random Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo screenshot got in there. That school uniform is sexy.

Nearing End of Fall 2009

December 13th, 2009

Again, nothing entertaining to say here.

にゃんこい / Nyan Koi Episode 11 — I really hope this anime doesn’t end. Imouto is so cute too. Nagi gets drunk on juice… ahaha, reminds me of last last time in Sora no Otoshimono when Tomo-chan and Sohara got drunk on soda.

Remind we again why a random mailwoman is in love with Junpei? XD

Hey, hey, Sumiyoshi-san, don’t spill your drink on the camera.

I like how Junpei is getting a job and working hard for money. It teaches the anime-watching teenage population good life skills.

To Aru Majutsu no Index reference in the eyecatch. *faints* Junpei == Touma, and I am such a fan of Index by now…

From now on I will switch between calling him “Kousaka” and “Touma 2”. This episode was sweet. I don’t like Sumiyoshi, but it turned out sweet either way. BRILLIANT WAY TO END THE EPISODE. That final scene brought this from SS to SS+. [10.5/10]


Kampfer Episode 11 — Ugh. UGH. This has got to be the worst, most f**’d up anime this season. My eyes hurt.

I must say, the transformation animations are the only cool thing in the ENTIRE EPISODE. I already mentioned how stupid the mind-control thing was. The Sakura-san-is-secretly-evil thing too.

What the hell… as their “power level” increases, their clothing begin to peel off… o-o. Why the heck are the ugly stuffed animals singing a stupid Christmas song during the climax? What the heck is with this ending… I still have to give it a B for good animation, though. Bah. [5/10]

Long Long Anime Post to Make Up For Whatever

December 9th, 2009

I have nothing entertaining to say here.

[1555 words.]

そらのおとしもの / Sora no Otoshimono Episode 09 — No intro song? Interesting, what’s going on with Nymph and Synapse. As usual, Eishirou’s entertaining monologues are both insightful and idiotic.

Tomo-chan gets drunk off soda, Sohara is still my favorite character, and Nymph is back. Well, of course.

Nymph fails at being evil, and Tomoki hits on her because Ikaros fails at pretending to be human.

This anime still has the BEST CHARACTER ANIMATION EVER. Even without any story or joking, the art is HILARIOUS by itself.

WTFLOL (and even a Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ref~)

It’s still obscene and kind of random, but it’s good where it counts. And yeah, good job kidnapping Tomoki, you just ended up falling more in love with him.

And why does Ikaros randomly kiss Tomoki out of the blue. That sucked… I want it to be some epic climax where they kiss, not a totally random scene at the end of the anime. However, the ED makes up for it, so great. Great new song, as usual.

S. [9/10]

If there were less naked people, this would’ve been a 10/10. You can tell a -lot- of work goes into the making of each episode of this anime, which is why I really enjoy most episodes of Sora no Otoshimono.

Kampfer Episode 09 — This anime has gotta be one of the worst this season (although others seem to think it’s the best). To tell the truth, when Fall 2009 first began, Kampfer was at the top of my list. However, it’s a) not funny b) not touching c) not cute d) not a unique story e) not unique in ANY way actually. Also, a) every single girl AND BOY is in love with Natsuru, b) Natsuru is a total idiot, c) what the hell is going on with the plot anyways?

The voice actor jokes used to be funny, but now they’re just stupid. There are new characters every episode, all of them are so dumb it hurts to watch Kampfer now. I don’t get how Sakura is secretly evil suddenly. I don’t get how everybody is too dumb to realize anything. I don’t get the lame mind control. It’s so lamee it hurts.

Okay, this just went over the “T” rated-level. Why is this being shown on public television again?

Eh, this episode actually thickened the plot, so it wasn’t as horrible as usual. A+. [6.5/10]

真・恋姫無双 / Shin Koihime Musou Episode 09 — Enshou (or whatever her name was)’s attendant looks like a flight attendant. x3

A public service announcement from Shuri: Be careful of lightning on cloudy days!

Hm, I’m pretty sure that  in Ancient China people didn’t wear swimsuits around everyday so casually. Still, though, with the censoring. If you’re going to show naked girls doing obscene things (which I would rather not see in the first place), why are you then censoring it? o-o

This ep was pretty deep for a Koihime ep. Usually it’s just *naked girls bath scene*, and then *clothes get ripped of in random battle*, and then some corny line that was supposed to be touching in some irrelevant way. AAA+. [8.5/10]

Next ep is Shuri and her new side-character.

にゃんこい! / Nyan Koi! Episode 09 — Wow, I’m two episodes behind on this.

I love this anime, because I like every character — Junpei, Kaede (lol, love interest in Kampfer is also named Kaede), Nagi, Imouto, twins, and even the cats. The humor is of a different nature than Seitokai, so that’s why it’s also in my top 3 Most-Looked-Forward-To list (see below).

And the twins (“tsu-ins”, more like — yay, I made a Japanese pun!). And then Nagi makes a stunning dramatic appearance XD. And then the random mailwoman makes her random appearance. And Junpei is in a swimming pool with 6 fantastic girls that are all in love with him. What would you do in this situation? ^-^

The 2nd half of the episode is focused on Sumiyoshi-san. Who is not my favorite character, by the way.

And it’s hilarious how Imouto and Mom try to track down all detective-like how many/which girls visited Junpei ><

Woah, next episode is on the twins. SS, for the first half, but since I don’t like Sumiyoshi-san, S. [9/10]

にゃんこい! / Nyan Koi! Episode 10 — The pre-opening scene… was that a parody of something, or was it “real”? I can totally see the twins as magical girls >.<

See, another thing I like about Nyan Koi! are the little jokes — the things you don’t always notice, but when you do, are so hilarious. It’s one of those things, where somebody puts a heck of a lot of effort into something, but only a few people ever notice, and even fewer convey their appreciation to that somebody. To refrain from quoting Holden, I’ll just say, “That’s so depressing.”

… magical girl transformation scenes, check. Spirits, check. Magical powers, check. Nyan Koi! has now become magical-girl Bakemonogatari or something. XD

This is so… um… it’s so hilarious and odd, it’s not even comment-able. AND THEN THE MAILMAN APPEARS ahahahaha!

Kyaah, this anime is really just too cute and hilarious for me to give it anything less than an S. By the way, S. [9/10]

こばと。 / Kobato Episode 08 — Kitten… Fall 2009 has too much about cats. And I agree, “Milk” is totally a cute name for a cat~

Fujimoto is so depressing. Everything else is so cheerful, but Fujimoto makes this so depressing, he counteracts the entire rest of the cast.

“I think… the kitten reminded him of himself.” Great, now let’s go into a Catcher in the Rye-esque analysis of all the symbols in this episode. =_=

*kitten clutches at chest… oh wait, Kobato doesn’t have breasts*

Wow, last episode’s Character of the Day actually reappeared. :O And are Chiho+Chise going to become main characters? Looks like this is gonna be like Chobits 2. XD

And yeah… give her your phone number. =_= Kobato is too dumb for anything. Also, in Chobits wasn’t Chitose some super-genius? Wonder if she also has her secret lab like in Chobits ><

Wow, the nice lady waaay back from Episode 1 reappears to take in the kitten… and wow, Fujimoto-san is so secretly nice. Sigh, what a nice conclusion.

And so, the episode ends happily ever after in typical CLAMP style. S. [9/10]

Aand… Kobato sings~~ It’s an epic song, and the accompaniment animation makes it even more dramatic. I’m surprised this is only the 2nd time she’s sung in 8 episodes.

Anyways, this was as sweet as any CLAMP episode ever was. Great ep.

フェアリーテイル/ Fairy Tail Episode 09When the most intelligent character in an anime is a winged cat, you know said anime will be entertaining.

This next episode was great as well; I see Fairy Tail is getting better every ep. S. [9/10]

Whoa, next episode is Natsu VS Erza.

そらのおとしもの / Sora no Otoshimono Episode 10 — Yeah, ep 10 came out by the time I got here.

Complaint #1: Everybody’s breasts are too big. I have a problem with that.

Episode title: “天使の旋律(ことば)の向かう先”, “Tenshi no Senritsu (Kotoba) no Mukau Saki”, with “kotoba” being the furigana/ruby for “senritsu”. Basically, it would be translated as “Where the Melodies (Words) of Angels Go”. “Senritsu”, read in Chinese as “xuan2 lü4”, means melody, and the act of placing “kotoba” — words — above the kanji for melodies is another example of this extremely interesting technique of Japanese writers. See, episode titles are always so entertaining and educational.

“Forming a band”? Cough… K-On!… and yeah, I see how the title relates now ^_^; and raise your hand if you want a childhood friend like Sohara-san for a waifu.

Wow… poor Nymph… this is just sad >.<; isn’t that child abuse?

Wow, Sorami Acadamy’s orchestra is TINY. And they play music that we could play in 6th grade. At least the Sora no Otoshimono animators can draw violins correctly… cough at Shugo Chara!.

Ikaro’s singing is great. No complaints. That was completely totally sweet. It was like, Kobato-type sweet. Wow, the ending animation this episode is bloopers of scenes that were already funny. Not that interesting, they run out of ideas pretty soon for funny things to do to random scenes. And great, now everybody is getting drunk on orange juice this episode. =D; S. [9/10]

こばと。 / Kobato Episode 09 — Aaand a new Kobato ep is out. Silly Kobato-chan. The “healing peoples’ feelings” thing has like 99% similarity to ×××HoLiC. Kobato has a random habit of announcing her intentions to the camera.

Also, normally, would you tell a random girl you just met on the street everything about your personal life and all your secret feelings and thought? No? I thought not. See, that’s the main logical issue with Kobato.

Technically… Kobato is… stalking these people… you know? I know she’s trying to heal their hearts and blah, buut… borderline obsession xD

Also, how come every time somebody is troubled in this anime, they sit on the same goddamn swing set?

Uwahh… this turned out soooo sweet~~! It’s almost sickeningly sweet, except CLAMP knows what variables to manipulate to make it just “sweet”. AAA. [8/10]

“Anime I Look Forward to the Most Each Week”:

Rank Name
(1) To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
Nyan Koi!
Seitokai no Ichizon
(2) Fairy Tail
Sora no Otoshimono
(3) Shin Koihime Musou
Umineko no Naku Koro ni

These are kinda-maybe-not-really in order.

Shots from this post follow.

why am I watching anime

November 23rd, 2009

Kampfer Episode 08

… no. C. [4/10]

Fairy Tail Episode 07 — woah, this anime just keeps getting better.

S+. [9.5/10]


Standardized score calculation: focus of anime is [humor], [plot]; categories will be weighted heavier.

Humor <4/5> Plot <4/5> Characters <2/2> Art <2/2> Music <1/2> Mood/Tone <1/2> Dialogue <1/2> = Total «15/20»

This heuristic approach to scoring brings my scores way down, I find, so I’ll give both from now on (when I have the time).

Actually, this might be better:

Humor <x/5> Plot <x/5> Characters+Art+Music <x/5> Mood+Tone+Dialogue <x/5> = Total «x/20»



Nyan Koi! Episode 08

Why are gg’s subs showing up messed up in MPC? I don’t mind VLC, but still.

Hilarity as we have come to expect from Nyan Koi!.

AWESOME! Nagi randomly shows up, as usual.

Mailwoman too >.<

This season had a lot of animes that started out great, but the pool has thinned out. This is one of the animes that is still awesome. (And I didn’t like it that well at the start of the season, right?)

“Why did you steal Mizuno’s bra!?!? But more importantly, WHY DIDN’T YOU STEAL MINE??”

Humor <5/5> | Plot <4/5>

Characters <2/2> | Art <2/2>

Music <1.5/2> | Mood/Tone <1.5/2>

Dialogue <2/2> == Total «18/20»

Damn, that’s a high heuristic score.

Next week: our pool/beach episode! Oh, and normal score is S. Yes, score is lower than this week’s Fairy Tail even though the systematic score is higher by three points. [9/10]

11eyes Episode 07

I’m not really even expecting anything from this anime anymore.

The song lyrics are deep, and the anime dialogue tries to be just as deep (and fails). If only the anime was as good as the opening song, haha.

… Yuka is so lame, it’s almost funny. “Oh my god, Kakeru now knows there are other pretty girls in the world! I’m now going to go suicide myself or something.”

The girl in the crystal is cute, it just happens that she never does anything except… um… open her eyes… and then… close them…

Kakeru is so stupid; even stupider than Cecily (Blacksmith).

Yuka randomly asked like “OMG Kakeru-kun KISS ME!”… and when Kakeru-kun goes “HELL NO” she cries, runs away, and hopefully died.

… and have I mentioned how overpowered Takehisa is? o-o

Hurry up and kill Yuka off already. She’s pissing me off so much.

… too much crying in this episode for no reason. Usually you don’t have your characters cry until like the climax, when something really epic happens..

On second thought, green-haired girl (forgot her name already…) is more overpowered than Takehisa-senpai. Right, Kukuri-san. Somehow, I find her muteness sexy.

What the heck just happened there. That didn’t make any goddamn sense.

… is this a random flashback? Great, just what we needed. =_=

Either way, epic music. Epic animation. Unparalleled CG quality and blah blah blah, but the anime sucks, and that’s the bottom line. D. [3/10]

Humor <0/5> | Plot <1/5>

Characters <1/2> | Art <2.5/2>

Music <2/2> | Mood/Tone <1/2>

Dialogue <0.5/2> == Total «8/20»


yes, wow.

Late-night Anime Watchin’

November 15th, 2009

I really shouldn’t stay up this late, but life, file transfer, my Lite-On external DVD-RW burner drive, macs, and Vista all hate me.

Seiken no Blacksmith Episode 07

This ep is really sweet. And… sad. Good ep; Charlotte and her bodyguards are getting along quite well with Cecily and all. The CecilyxLuke is overdone as usual… I mean, shouldn’t Luke realize he likes her after he saves her life like ten times? Anyways, AAA+. [8.5/10]

It’s sad that the Emperor (who I’m assuming is the bad guy now?) is… yeah… to Charlotte…

Nyan Koi Episode 07

Normally, suitcases don't meow.

Normally, suitcases don't meow.

This ep is also great. The gang (minus the twins… if they count as part of “the gang”) is out on a school trip to Kyoto. I wish we had school trips in AHS…

Anywho, more romantic tension between Kousaka-kun’s would-be lovers. More troubled cats are un-troubled, a phone call to the twins, and a coincidental meeting with Ichinose at the Ichinose Clan’s head house… which just happens to be located in Kyoto, and the Ichinose Clan just happens to be hosting their annual clan meeting.

Which, by the way, is a meeting held solely to choose Nagi-chan’s husband.

Oh, the mailwoman appeared too.

Kousaka Imouto. Her cat-like facial expressions are kawaii.

Kousaka Imouto. Her cat-like facial expressions are kawaii.

Every major and minor character appeared in this ep, so yay.

Nagi being herself.

Nagi being herself.

Great ep, AAA+. [8.5/10]

Haha, I gave the same rating to both eps I watched tonight. Well… ‘night.

Saturday Anime Post

November 14th, 2009

I tried, but I didn’t do anything productive today.

11eyes Episode 06

The latest plot device is cool but it’s still lame. Also, Yuka fails at being jealous, or dealing with any romantic competition at all. Well I understand that she thinks Kakeru-kun slept with Kusakabe-senpai, but she’s just so dense. Forget her, you do have like six other girls who like you…

And then randomly… “Kiss me.” Please…

Also, the “Coming of the Red Night” animation is super fantastic cool, but it gets boring after a while.

You know, since time is stopped, the Red Night would be a good time to catch up on sleep and do homework.

The magical circles are lame.

“Your existence itself is a sin.”

“It’s as if you’re calling yourself an emissary of justice.”

“You all must disappear.

For the sake of the future.”


Wow, Kusakabe-senpai’s attacks are cool. WOW, Kukuri-san’s powerers are super-mega-amazing. Or, well, more “cheap” and… lol.

The names of the badguys… are lame. Everything is either lame or un-understandable.

Enjoyable OP and ED though, as usual. The Hungarian is cool; it must have cost them a bunch to hire a person who could speak Hungarian. B. [5/10]

Lol at how Yuka might have died. I hope she died. =_=

Kampfer Episode 07

UGH what is this… my eyes… it burns………..

the only good part in this episode: Mikoto randomly popping up.

UGH SAKURA IS SO ANNOYING! ALL THE CHARACTERS SUCK. except for Mikoto.What the hell does he find attractive in her? HER PERSONALITY IS SO DAMN STUPID.

This ep is an effing F.

Wait yay there is some action in this ep!

… yeah, a random 5 seconds of action before diving back into the stupidity.

For Mikoto and those 5 seconds of action… D-. I hate the president, I hate the stupid glasses-girl, I hate Sakura now, and Natsuru is being annoying and stupid too.

D-. [2.5/10]

And lol at the stupid Harry Potter joke at the end that I didn’t get anyways because I don’t rea it.

Nyan Koi Episode 07

Is it just me or is gg’s encoding deteriorating? Be back with more on this later or tomorrow.

End-of-Weekend-Anime-Post / [にゃんこい!] Nyan Koi! 06

November 8th, 2009

This episode was one of the best so far, and Nyan Koi is definitely going to go down as one of this season’s best. I didn’t like the first episode, but it’s turned out to be quite すばらしい。

にゃんこい! / Nyan Koi! Episode 06


Love letter!

Continuing from last episode: Junpei meets a really cute twin-tailed underclassman who knows about his curse. Junpei, in typical Junpei style, stares blankly for a moment and quickly flees the scene. Meanwhile, Mizuno was watching.

"I was dumped right after being confessed to!?"

"I was dumped right after being confessed to!?"

The next day, Kousaka-kun searches the school for that twin-tailed blonde cutie underclassman, because he didn’t want her to be affected by the curse (see? anime protagonists never think about their own well-being ^^) when he then receives a love-letter from a girl who looks just like the girl he met yesterday. After reading the letter, she disappears. Five seconds later a girl looking like the girl that just appeared that looked like the girl that… never mind… anyways, five seconds later another girl pops out of nowhere and tells Junpei she hates him. Thus the quote+screenshot to your right.


"Why are they all glaring at me?"

Meanwhile rumors spread about Junpei getting it on with every cute girl that meets his eyes.



It turns out they were twins (raise your hand if you saw that coming like you would have seen a volcano eruption on a sunny day). One of them is tsundara tsundere, and the other… is actually not the Tsukasa/Mafuyu type. She’s… weird. Creepy. AND madly in love with Junpei, as it turns out…

Of course, onee-chan has this unstoppable urge to beat up any guy her twin sister is interested in, hence Junpei’s misfortune. Also, the “younger” twin seems to have odd hobbies…


The mailman expresses her opinion.

Postal workers have it nice, ne?

"I'll stop writing my delusions diary, but will you let me continue stalking you?"

"I'll stop writing my delusions diary, but will you let me continue stalking you?"

Hanchan would be overjoyed if he found out he was being stalked.

She gets the last laugh.

She gets the last laugh.

Of course. The mailman… mailwoman (political correctness, my apologies) always gets the last laugh.


Let’s finish with some random Shugo Chara! screenshots, だぎゃ!

"Taking over the world is so cliche."

"Taking over the world is so cliche."

"It is?"

"It is?"

I dunno. Randomness.

Life’s Gay Good.

Ohh! I forgot to rate the episode, haha! Here’s the SS it deserves. [10/10]

Monday Anime Madness

November 2nd, 2009


Fairy Tail Episode 04 — Why the hell does Lucy have a whip? It’s stupid but not completely stupid. I’d say, perhaps… B for this episode.

Nevermind, all the characters are ugly except for Lucy being semi-demi-cute. Ranking lowered to C. [4/10]

And geez, sorry for giving such a sucky rating, but if it’s a being a bad anime, it’s going to get bad ratings.

にゃんこい! / Nyan Koi! Episode 05 — Kaede Mizuno is so cute! It totally makes the entire anime worth watching.

Assertive, isn't she?

Assertive, isn't she?

Junpei is the average male lead character, and Kaede is the average female lead character. This makes for what normally would be a surprisingly average anime.

Nyan Koi adds a love… what is it now, hexagon? Junpei’s harem is filled with a menagerie of totally random characters… a mailwoman? wtf does she have to do with him, or anything about this anime for that matter? >_<

I find all the characters (minus Kanako, she’s fat, ugly, and unpleasant in every other way) cute, amusing, and entertaining. The cats annoyed me at first, but we don’t see them that much anymore, and usually when we do, it’s a comical relief moment anyways.

Junpei is kind of incompetent at talking with the girl he likes (although he is completely competent with dealing with every other girl in his life…), and now that I think of it, somehow it reminds me of Hanchan.

Notice the ahoge.

Notice the ahoge.

The main thing is, in real life, you don’t find many of these happy couples where both partners possess this character stereotype. Even if one of them is super-shy, usually the other ends up being the perky, talkative type. I like the pairing of Nyan Koi!, and that’s the main reason I’m enjoying this anime.

I have no idea why I actually wrote a decent-length review of this episode, when I barely gave Sora no Otoshimono and Seitokai no Ichizon two sentences each… and those two both received scores of over 10/10 this week, too!

In fact, I even feel like writing more analysis. Comparing the two to Nagisa and Tomoya from CLANNAD: Kaede and Nagisa fit the same archetype. They even both have ahoges! (See screenshot at left ^^)

Tomoya is a completely different person, however. He has that “who cares, f*** life” type of Holden attitude, at least in the beginning of CLANNAD, and I suppose that’s basically where Key derived much of their internal conflicts.

"... what am I supposed to do now..."

"... what am I supposed to do now..."

Since Nyan Koi!‘s Junpei doesn’t have internal conflicts to deal with, no “demons to slay” in his heart, I am looking forward to some other aspect that will make Nyan Koi! unique. Realistically speaking though, I don’t think any new themes or morals will appear. Nyan Koi! is too focused on the “neko/cat curse” plot device (which, to be honest, I find completely stupid) to care about anything other than romansu and comedy.

It’s satisfying, I suppose, but this would make a good Key anime if we added some angst, some tragedy, some snow, and a dream that hasn’t ended.

If it’s not going to be a Key anime, maybe it should take on a Haruhi-type outlook. How about make Junpei start narrating every random thing that happens, and make some character be the Haruhi archetype and yeah ><

Keitai denwa ftw.

Keitai denwa ftw.

You know, now that I think of it, if you say it that way then Sora no Manimani is totally based on the Haruhi archetypes. Hm, maybe that’s why I liked it.

Back to the episode… dammit, Junpei, hurry up and goddamn confess! (Sorry for the impolite wording, I just wrote an English assignment where we had to write using words like that…)

Kana pisses me off, how she keeps getting in the way of Mizuno and Junpei’s ren’ai ~_~

Nagi-senpai is cool. His… no sorry her XDD; Her speech mannerisms are really cool, and his personality+backstory+family I found all very interesting and entertaining.

Imouto: *pops out of nowhere*

Imouto: *pops out of nowhere*

This anime also gets props for the imouto being cute.

New characters!

New characters!

Again, they’re Tsukasa/Kagami-type opposite twins. Or you could refer to Kyou/Ryou… or refer to Yuuna/Yuuma from Pani Poni. Or… (and the list goes on…)

Anyways, the older one seems to have more of a Fate-chan (Nanoha) slash Utau (Shugo Chara!) type character. It also fits the “tsundere” stereotype, so all is well.

I wrote such a long review, but I’m not willing to give it an S still. AA… AAA, fine. [8/10]

The Sunday Anime Post

October 27th, 2009

Usually, when Sunday comes along, a truckload of new episodes come out.

However, nothing really came out today except Blacksmith. That’s really odd… Seitokai is going to be out late as usual, but yesterday was also really anime-empty. The only thing that came out yesterday was Nyan Koi!, and I don’t really care much about that one. Friday was also boring.

Well, I’ll start with a review of this week’s Blacksmith, and update this as Sunday goes along.

Seiken no Blacksmith Episode 04 – It was interesting… yet it was uninteresting.

Random screenshot.

Random screenshot.

Well… we see Cecily and Luke being tsundere to each other, like usual. That’s like, the highlight of this anime. CecilyxLuke forever, right?

Anyways, as for the action… the um fire-golem-person-monster-thing-that-melts-iron was kind of… idk, it wasn’t that cool, but it didn’t suck. The sword, what was she called? Ah, right, Aria. Weird name for a “Demon Sword” but ahh.

So… this anime would be more fun if we saw the main cast (of Cecily, Luke, Lucy, and Aria) go off on some Inuyasha-like journey and have great adventures. The current status quo is simply too frustrating, boring, annoying, uninteresting, and did I mention, really boring?

Either way though, the intro is another one of those “OMG this one is the best song this season!” after I listen to it. Too many good songs this season. The anime is just cute, it doesn’t have any real impact (yet). I want to see Cecily and Luke do cool things and pwn badguys left and right! Agh. AAA. [8/10]

Fairy Tail Episode 03 – Natsu tricks Lucy into teaming up with him. Their work this time is to steal a book and burn it. Book-burning. Fun.

Along the way, they accidentally blow up this huge mansion, Kentucky-fry a couple buff muscular dudes, and wreck general havoc. Better than last episode, I guess… ? AA [7/10]

Nyan Koi! Episode 04 – A three-word summary of this episode: “Mizuno is hot.”

Random screenshot.

Random screenshot.

Really though, this episode was really good for Nyan Koi!. No, but, it’s like weird. This episode was totally drawn and animated like it was a manga.

Actually, this ep was almost like a Seitokai ep; lots of random references. I only recognized a few, I guess.

Why do they start speaking Kansai-ish near the end of the ep? >_<

Why did they randomly fall in love? XD It was cheesy but awesome~~

This is like a stupid-ified version of CLANNAD. If like, they toned down Tomoya’s coolness, removed Sunohara, made it harem instead of Nagisa-only, added a pile of cats, and a couple of other minor changes… yeah. Well, I guess the characters are completely different, but still, the framework of the anime is basically a stupid version of CLANNAD for 3-year-olds or something.

Either way, nice episode. AA [7/10]

Sailor Fuku to Kikanjuu (Sailor Uniform and Machine Gun) reference; the only ref I got (lol, not a dorama/j-movie person).

Sailor Fuku to Kikanjuu (Sailor Uniform and Machine Gun) reference; the only ref I got (lol, not a dorama/j-movie person).

Shakugan no Shanatan G – Lol.

(yes, one-word review. I pwn.)


Of course, it's always Sugisaki's fault.

Of course, it's always Sugisaki's fault.

Seitokai no Ichizon Episode 04 – It’s TUESDAY, and this episode is FINALLY out! It’s been almost a week since the episode came out!

Of course, it’s as parody-ful and hilarious as any other ep. Don’t have time to take a bunch of screenshots (this week I did Sora no Otoshimono instead, lol).

… lol, and of course, Seitokai is doing more self-referencing like the first ep.

… okay, THAT was a railgun reference. That was definitely a railgun reference. And, lol, it was the only reference I got in Minatsu’s rant.

Uuu! Looks like this ep will be Minatsu-focused! <333 suki~

I still don't get how gaming and Boys' Love go together.

I still don't get how gaming and Boys' Love go together.

OMG at Mafuyu…

… ugh, I think I’m starting to dislike Chizuru. Her scene was just… eww. XD

Sugisaki is such a talented writer. Too bad he's surrounded by idiots (minus Chizuru).

Sugisaki is such a talented writer. Too bad he's surrounded by idiots (minus Chizuru).

Okay, time to write a serious paragraph on this… not that I really have anything constructive to say. Other than “omg this episode was epic, seitokai is epic, watch it!!!11oneoneeleven”.

Hahaha, I ended up taking piles and piles of screenshots anyways… agh.

There should be a name for this… like “Obsessive-Compulsive Screenshot Taking Disorder (OCSTD)”. ^_^

"Bands are in fashion lately in anime."

"Bands are in fashion lately in anime."

OMG TOTAL BLATANT OBVIOUS AWESOME K-ON! REFERENCE XDD especially their lines later on (tehe, won’t spoiler). That was awesome.

The weekly random kawaii Mafuyu shot.

The weekly random kawaii Mafuyu shot.

Okay, that’s already way too many screenshots. Watch the rest of the ep yourself.

Aren't males supposed to be the dominant gender in society? What happened to all that English Honors feminist crap?

Aren't males supposed to be the dominant gender in society? What happened to all that English Honors feminist crap?

Maybe Chizuru is secretly a guy (like Nadeshiko from Shugo Chara!… yeah, she’s the reason I considered that possibility XD)

Especially since she’s infatuated with the president…

(no comment)

(no comment)

Anime Post “of the year”!

October 17th, 2009

Alrighty, 始まるぞ!!

Nobody gets the ref in the title, I guess. For self-reference, it’s Rokugou-san’s catchphrase, from Pani Poni Dash!.

Kampfer Episode 03 – I’m too lazy to type out the german “a” correctly, haha.

Well, this ep was interesting. Don’t feel like giving a rating.

Railgun Episode 03 – See, now I’m not only too lazy to type out the Japanese name, I’m even too lazy to type out the full English name!

This episode was great. Something actually happened. Compared to last episode, this was a fiftyfold improvement. S. [9/10]

Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 16 – Why did I actually bother typing out “no Naku Koro ni”?

I find it weird how Beatrice suddenly turns soft. Is she in love with our dear Protagonist? *gasp*

Everything is weird, but I guess that’s kinda the point. The “Siestas” are cute, and lots of little plot twists and dead mutilated bodies. Joy. A. [6/10]

Kobato Episode 02 – I hate that guy. I HATE THAT GUY.

I thought he was cool in the first episode, the the lead male pisses me off. Seriously. He’s so suspicious of everything… he’s so negative about everything…

I guess it totally fits and contrasts with how Kobato thinks about everything positively. Teehee, good anime anyways. You don’t even need to watch it to know that; it’s by CLAMP after all. AA+. [7.5/10]

Nyan Koi! Episode 03 – This episode was great!

Hilarious episode! New character is awesome, and quite unique. Everyone (except the weird freaky girl) is very very cute~

Protagonist really really needs to confess soon! He has like four other girls after him already, so yeah…

This feels like CLANNAD, or Kanon, except plus cats.

The second half wasn’t as interesting as the mailman dragging Protagonist around, but Mizuno is cute, so it’s fine. AA. [7/10]

Shin Koihime Musou Episode 02 – watch pending, looking forward to. Ryuubi’s supposed to debut in this ep.

Okay, watching. The intro is epic, of course. This season may not have that many really good animes compared to last season, but it really seems to have a heck of a lot of good songs.

Oh my gosh, this episode is hilarious >< I love how this episode isn’t taking itself seriously.

Wow, that badguy is EVIL. EEVVIILL. And Ryuubi is so dumb, haha.

Everyone is so hilarious~ OMG… not that again, Sei! :O Lol, I love how nobody ever remembers who Kousonsan is. (All these Chinese-derived names are awesome.)

One of the most unique things about Koihime Musou is the huge cast. Not just huge. HUUUUUGEE.

By Shin Koihime Musou, there have got to be over a hundred characters, maybe even like 150!

Anyways, Ryuubi is awesome. S. [9/10]


"arrival of tears" / 11eyes game cover

Music update:

arrival of tears” – Ayane (11eyes)