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3 months of random anime comments

June 11th, 2010

This is… really old… yea, so this is like 3 months of random anime comments. In fact… I guess I’ll title it that.

Mayoi Neko Overrun Episode 05

Chise is so lonely and pitiful. But obviously she’s such a brat. AWESOME! Last episode’s character becomes a main character! =D Chikumaen is an interesting last name, now that I think of it.

Too much crying… sniff sniff. The conclusion was slightly… too fake. And I don’t like how Kaho was the “badguy”. But all in all, a nice episode.

Tears to Tiara Episode 25


Finally got to finishing this. That albino guy uses the Force… no wait, he’s secretly Accelerator in disguise! The albino-ness even matches up! I do like how the anime turns black-and-white as the world is about to end and Heaven is about to be joined with Earth. WTF Taliesin is alive? I really thought he died. Which means… yay for pairing.

Tears to Tiara Episode 26 FINAL

Arawn has his Kamina moment. BELIEVE IN ME WHO BELIEVES IN YOU! YOUR DRILL IS THE ONE THAT WILL PIERCE THE HEAVENS! He even says some of the exact same things Kamina says. “WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM!?!?!?”

This boss battle reminds me of Mabi. The whole Celtic mythology thing, plus that huge thing reminds me of Glas. Oh yeah, and everyone, pressure Riannon. Yeah, that’s going to help.

And the Riannon starts pwning anything with that Huge Beam of Light. ROW! ROW! FIGHT THE POWAH!

Then the Pendragon thing, Arthur is made king (omg who would have guessed. =_=). And… nothing really is told of the epilogue. We do have a final Taliesin squishy moment though. Anyways.

What I thought about this anime as a whole? I liked the plot, it was meaningful, especially compared to most anime nowadays. The humor, when it appeared, was average, but it was present when it was needed. One major thing about the high rating I am going to give Tears+Tiara is that there wasn’t a single character I disliked. Yes. This is amazing, but I liked every single character in this anime… including all the villains, and all the minor characters. As expected from a game-adapted anime, I suppose, where the main focus is almost entirely on characters. The character development of everybody but Arthur was highly neglected, I believe, but then again, I’m not really that interested. Also, if you’ve read something like Mists of Avalon and/or know some things about Celtic mythology, you’d know that 90% of the historical information cited in this anime is completely made-up. Yet compare this with Mists — which would you rather read?

Character: S+ / Plot+Setting: AAA+ / Music: A / Art: AA

Overall: (notice I curve this down considerably XD) AA+ [7.5/10]

The lame ending slightly lowered my rating. How does… Riannon suddenly remember some poem… and pwn everything with two sentences of Latin verse (or whatever language that is)? No sense is made. And then… it just ends. o_O

Hanamaru Kindergarten Episode 05

Yes I realize I’m about a season late. Awesome Evangelion references. Better confess, otherwise tomorrow Yuu-chan may move away… or he might be abducted by aliens tomorrow… or the Second Impact could happen tomorrow!

Hanamaru Kindergarten Episode 06

TSUCCHI’S IMOUTO IS AWESOME!!! Satsuki is now the best character in the series.

And, who would’ve guessed, she has a onii-chan complex. Wahaha.

Nagasarete Airantou Episode 15

From last episode… Mei Mei === Nodoka (wow it took me 20 seconds to recall her name) from Negima~~ I love how the introduction of new characters is well-paced. There isn’t anything I don’t like about this anime except the weird glasses-lady. Seriously, Mei Mei looks EXACTLY like Nodoka (facial expressions & reactions and all), except for recolored hair, a pair of braided bangs, and Chinese buns (what are those called), and the China dress (what are those called >> qipao?).

Oh, something interesting about the series (probably on purpose) — doesn’t “Airantou” sound like “Island” pronounced in Japanese? XD

Kaichou wa Maid-sama Episode 06

This episode is getting worse every episode. All the puns and jokes they’re using have already been done. There are NO new characters at all. The romansu SUCKS. Usui is too straightforward. Misaki’s plight is unrealistic, nothing really makes sense, and it’s not… interesting. Anymore. The first episode was funny, but… no. Not anymore.

Dance in the Vampire Bund Episode 11

Ugh, this SUCKS so bad! And it was so hyped too! The art is HORRIBLE! They keep trying to do the Ueki thing (or the Index thing or whatever other anime you want to ref) with “lone weak man VS impossible odds”… in fact, even Airantou involves these… “zettai muri” odds. Unfortunately, Bund sucks so I can’t be bothered to appreciate the effort they pretended they put into making the anime. This situation and the plotline must have been pretty good in the manga though, maybe I’ll check that out sometime.

Dance in the Vampire Bund Episode 12 FINAL

This anime. Sucked. It was off the charts.

Character: D- / Plot+Setting: D- / Art: F / Music: C

Overall: D [3/10]

Fairy Tail Episode 32

Ending to Loke arc. Nothing unexpected happened. This arc was lame.

Fairy Tail Episode 33

You can just feel the epicness of what’s about to happen in this arc flow up your veins.

Durarara! Episode 20+21

If nothing else, I love the narration of this anime.

Angel Beats Episode 09

It’s the last day of school today. And I’m pissed at life. So what do I do. I watch a good anime.

Initial comment: Wow, great quality animation. I seem to remember sucky animation at the beginning of the series; huh. Wait, there was an epic train incident and there’s no huge crowd of emergency personnel? Nobody knows that an epic train accident just happened? They’re not using their futuristic lasers to melt open the ground and save everybody with their mechas and island-sized submarine-airships? Is this really Japan? ><

Wow, Otonashi’s past…

Death is always such a good theme to explore in literature and art.

Angel Beats Episode 10

Why. Is this anime. So. Awesome. Nooo Yui! Don’t get rid of her ;_;

Oh. my. That ending was so beautiful.

Mahou Sensei Negima! Mou Hitotsu no Sekai OVA 03

I can’t believe how much the quality of this sucks. Since they’re making OVAs instead of a new anime, you’d think the quality would be drastically higher.

However. I DESPERATELYwant to see the EPIC Rakan VS Negi battle animated. Rewatching OVA 02 (fine… “OAD 02” if you want to call it that… I don’t even know what it stands for o_O), the short Negi and Kotarou fight was pretty well-done. I won’t say it was really good animation, because it wasn’t. The animation in this OVA was also not awesome enough to match the epicness of Negima. I hope they ban Negima! and Negima!? and remake the OVAs into a 100-episode anime. Then I can die happy.


January 25th, 2010

This anime rant was written a while ago; I thought I would get it out of my “To Be Published” queue. Here goes:

A few weeks ago, I was looking for anime to watch. It’s currently the hiatus period between Fall 2009 and Winter 2010, so there’s not much new anime to watch. So I randomly picked up two series (just completely randomly).

The first one was Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo, or SoraKake for short; I instantly fell in love with the randomest first episode ever, and watched the entire anime in one day. That’s 26 episodes, 13 hours of non-stop anime. One of the best days ever in my life.

The other one was the first Negima anime. It was kind of interesting, but not much; the animation was very poor, and the plot was sketchy at best. Wait, what plot? Taking a look at the final episode, you wouldn’t believe this anime was made by a division of Production I.G. The last episode was horrible; it was a disgrace to all of Japanese animation.

However, about halfway through winter break (after I got back from San Francisco, about), I randomly decided to start reading the Negima manga. Boy, was that a monumental decision.

The Negima manga is absolutely epic. The plot is on the level of Full Metal Panic, and the humor is Ranma-level. We do have maybe 50 or so characters, but each character is developed in unique detal. That’s not what got me hooked though… I think it’s the magic system and the clever battles. Gah, I can’t really describe these things well; if you have time, the manga for this is one of the best. It’s by Ken Akamatsu (god; I need to get these random japanese people’s names out of my head), the creator of Love Hina which, surprisingly, I haven’t watched/read.

Anyways, I then started watching the OVAs, Shiroki Tsubasa/Ala Alba (White Wing), and blahh. Actually, I watched one of the OVAs first, which prompted me to read the manga, I think. Either way, I finished those, and there was no more Negima canon material for me to watch/read.

Not that the first anime was canon by any means.

So I started watching Negima!?, which I shall refer to affectionately (not) as Negima2. It’s completely different from the manga and the first anime; it pretty much only reuses the characters and the setting. The plot… sucks. It’s like they took the Negima characters and pasted them straight into an episode of Pani Poni Dash. Of course, it’s SHAFT, so… well.

I actually enjoyed SHAFT’s antics in the Summer and Spring OVAs, but Pani Poni-ified Negima is not all that funny. Pani Poni was awesome because they concentrated entirely on humor, randomness, and gag plots. However, Negima2 tries to have a real plot on top of that, and the plot usually takes over the humor. This plot ruins the entire anime.

I must say, SHAFT’s animation is as epic as usual. The opening… with all the quotes by 3-A, I loved that. Unfortunately, the awesomeness only comprised about 5% of the anime; the other 95% sucked.

Gah, writing long paragraphs is very blah. Time to do something fun.

Best Male Characters

  1. Kotarou (‘cuz he’s so kawaii)
  2. Negi (now also a human atomic bomb)
  3. (oh… wait… there are only two male characters. cough. lawl.)

Best Female Character (god, this is going to be hard)

  1. Nodoka
  2. Tie… between Yue, Chisame, and Anya
  3. Um… tie… Evangeline, Chao, Sakura Mei (the randomest and most irrelevant character ever, yes)

I can’t choose >.<

Even more recently, I read the Negima!? Neo manga (the manga adaptation of the anime that was adapted from an anime that was adapted from a manga in the first place). It’s muuuch better than the Negima!? anime; is manga really generally that much better than anime?

Winter 2010, Start!

January 8th, 2010

Seriously, this season is so horrible and facepalm-trigger-happy, I want to swear off on anime until Spring 2010.

New Anime

Chu-Bra Episode 01 — An anime about female underwear.

I think that just killed about 300k braincells. In exchange, I now know more than I ever needed to know about panties. D; sorry for having such high standards. [3/10]

I liked some user’s joke about “chu-bra ca-bra” though. Sigh, lots of (unsatisfied) Negima fans out there, it seems.

Baka to Test to Shokanjuu Episode 01 — The next Seitokai for Winter 2010… maybe.

I really enjoyed the first episode of this anime. From the Winter 2010 previews, I didn’t pay much attention to this, but the humor is plentiful in… um… what should I call this for short? BakaTest?

The RPG-system was interesting; the plot makes me want to know what happens next. Will be looking forward to next week’s episode. AAA. [8/10]


I have a whole pile of Winter 2010 animes queued up; but haven’t had time lately. So sorry, but the Winter 2010 start post is only going to have 2 winter 2010 animes, tehe.


Fairy Tail Episode 12 — Erza’s on her way; Gray is out of his league. To a cat, fish can solve anything. A. [6/10]

Old Stuff

11eyes Episode 08 — Boy, I’m behind on 11eyes. This OP has got to be one of the epicest intro sequences I have ever seen. I heard 11eyes turns out to be really epic in the latter half, so I have high expectations.

I enjoyed the first quarter of the anime — everything was epic and new, and the animation was mind-blowing. However, the second quarter was just boring plots and uninteresting effects that had already been used. Totally lame, cliche plot devices, check. Annoying romances? Check. Stupid, idiotic villains? Goddamn, check.

Anyways, here’s my opinion on episode 08: We’re getting back into the good meat. And I love how Yuka always catches them… >_< awawawawa

The classroom humor is well done; I wouldn’t mind if we had more of that and some less plot. Yuka is cute, but I wish she was less dumb. Or at least, if they had to make her dumb, at least make her realistically dumb.

I think they’re overplaying Saiko’s “tragic past”. Lovey-dovey Takehisa+Saiko is well-done too. Of course, when everything is going well, somebody is going to die. =D (See Fate/stay night or something; idk.)

However… Yuuka and Kakeru moments kill brain cells.

DAMN… I was RIGHT! SHE DID DIE. Wow, that either means I’ve watched way too much anime for my own good, or this anime is too predictable. Probably both. AA. [7/10]

11eyes Episode 09 — Again, the death of Takehisa’s mother is very well-played. Takehisa, normally the who-cares fuck-society guy, suddenly crying and wailing really strikes a critical point in the minds of viewers.

On top of that, three major confrontations at once. What exactly is Shiori-chan? How have the Knights entered the real world? Why the heck is everybody being targeted in the first place?

Misuzu-senpai is the new Tama-nee. I want a T-shirt of her.

Isn’t it funny how everybody is fighting these climactic battles… and it’s just Yuuka who’s sitting there having tea? Ahahaha.

Ouch… Yuuka… you don’t care if everybody else dies? Wow… that really says something about her. There has got to be a limit to how dumb she can be. Hurry up and kill her, please, somebody.

Lol, when you think of Index, you think of To Aru Majutsu no Index… in this anime it’s a magic institution (and that’s cool too ^^).

Aand at the end of the episode, it’s revealed that Takehisa died. And not only that: Yukiko, who loved him, killed him at his request. I saw that coming too. AAA. [8/10]

Negima!? Various Episodes — Kill me. It 95% sucks (see post), the only good parts are the intro songs and animation sequences. 1000% SPARKLING’s animation is epic, and the other OP is an awesome song.


Look, ma! No screenshots!

Fall 2009 Anime Finale Week

December 30th, 2009

I’m putting a cut on my anime posts now. I am going to split about half the episodes above the cut, half below. Oh, and this week is FINAL CONCLUDING EPISODES for most Fall 2009 animes… yes, Christmas, my B-day, and end of Fall 09, all in one week. Much too much drama.

Fairy Tail Episode 11 – It’s gettin’ interesting again. This anime is continuing into Winter 2010, so too bad; one-liner review. AAA. [8/10]

生徒会の一存 / Seitokai no Ichizon Episode 12 FINAL — Last time: Mafuyu confesses her love; insert astonishment. Typical student council affairs, the topic shifts to everybody’s dreams for the future — what they want to become when they grow up (think Shugo Chara). Random comments ensue on how this is the last episode of Seitokai and nobody is doing anything meaningful. Suddenly a random character from Mafuyu’s BL (translation: Japanese gay male+male love manga/novel/story) shows up. Seitokai-ness ensues. After that, Sugisaki randomly goes into a meaningful dialogue about life, the meaning of strength, and makes tear-jerking references to his past and other interesting plot details that haven’t been revealed to us yet, even in the final episode. And then he finds the gang eavesdropping on him, and the delicate plot dissolves into more Seitokai no Ichizon wackiness. SS. [10/10]

とある科学の超電磁砲 / To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Episode 13 — This was a meaningless episode. B. [5/10]

Negima (original; winter 2005) — Yeah, I finished Negima, and since I included a random screenshot from Negima, I thought I might as well say something about it. Hm, it started off like Pani Poni Dash! with a male teacher who was secretly a magician, in place of Becky. Oh, and the 31 female students in his class are all in love with him. By the way, have I mentioned: Negi-sensei, aforementioned teacher, is only 10 years old? (9, if you don’t round up…)

Negima is one whacked-up anime. The ending was the most bizzare chain of events I have ever witnessed in an anime. (If you didn’t think the body of the anime wasn’t bizzare enough.) So like, randomly, in an admittingly well-done sequence beautifully displaying her inner feelings (I liked the usage of the sound of a bell), um… the lead female dies. Now of course, you expect this to be like Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and Negi-sensei grows up and saves the universe and blah, right? But no… all of a sudden Negi’s students have a time travel machine… and then they travel into the past… oh, and he just happens to run into his dad, who… dies… and, um… they fight with demons… in plain sight of human civilization… and then all 31 or whatever of Negi’s students kiss him and are suddenly transformed into mahou shoujos and pwn some weird demon lord. And somehow all the conflicts are resolved… and… ugh. It was so bizzare, the bizzarity counts as entertainment, I suppose.

真・恋姫無双 / Shin Koihime Musou Episode 10 — I’ve run out of things to say. Last 3 episodes of 2nd season of Koihime Musou; I hear a 3rd season has already been announced for, what, Spring 2010?

[spoiler]Introducing… Houtou-chan, a character who is even more loli than Shuri! She is another orphan who becomes Shuri’s “little sister” in this episode. Oh, meanwhile, Ryuubi feeds Kan’u, Chouhi is jealous, etc, etc.[/spoiler]

This is a really sweet episode. I like the hat. S. [9/10]

真・恋姫無双 / Shin Koihime Musou Episode 11 — They put so much money into the artwork for this anime… if only they put as much work into the storywriting.

[spoiler]Bachou’s cousin appears. Is it just me, or is every anime this season referencing that scene from SoraOto‘s first episode? The jokes aren’t really that funny. Anymore. Somehow they make the Yellow Turban Rebellion into some weird J-pop idol group’s fanclub. This is kind of… a twist.[/spoiler]

Next episode: “The Generals Attempt to Suppress the Yellow Turban Rebellion”. I wish this was as serious as the titles make it sound.

そらのおとしもの / Sora no Otoshimono Episode 12 — I like how the writers for SoraOto always fail to explain how anything they write is relevant.

[spoiler]Is Tomoki trying to imitate Battler? Sohara is still the best female. Hm, the format of this is starting to resemble Seitokai. Oh, and we randomly go back into Serious Mode. Nymph and Tomoki actually make a pretty perfect pair. (Sohara is still better, but.) Lol, Ikaros gets jealous of Tomoki+Nymph. As for Nymph’s monologue to Ikaros… what, is she writing an analytical essay on the symbolism prevalent inside a zoo?[/spoiler]

Once again, it’s World vs. Tomoki; very well-done zoo scene. The humor is, as usual, way past excellent. I do think the moments that are supposed to be “touching” still come out as lame. Wahh, Nymph, don’t die! AAA. [8/10]

God… this episode’s outro is really good. Rating up. I’m too lazy to change it, so pretend I wrote AAA+ up there.

空の女王 / Sora no Otoshimono Episode 13 FINAL — Being the final episode, they finally decided to add kanji to the title.

Anything I say at this point won’t really mean anything, so I’ll save the overanalysis for whenever I feel like writing an overanalysis post about SoraOto.

Summary: Nymph is tricked into plotting against Ikaros. Meanwhile, everybody is preparing for the big Christmas party. Ikaros makes her love confession. The rest is so teary I’ll leave it with “WATCH THIS”.

The whole Ikaros battle is kind of like… why don’t you just use Aegis and blow up everybody within a 10km radius? Geez >_<; god, though, the animation is so amazing. The “oh we’re friends” thing with Nymph is just too cheesy, though.

Still though, the… ship… weapon… cannon… thing. Ugh, I can’t get enough of that awesome 3-D animation. (Much better than what Disney/Pixar churns out every month.) SSS. [11/10]

Wow this turned out long. ゴメン~

Cuuuuut. *snip*

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Short Summary of Weekend

December 13th, 2009

It’s late, I have a cold, etc, but I still feel the need to recount my weekend. I’m sorry for all the low-quality posts I’ve been writing lately; the “good writing” portion of my brain has gone into power-saving mode.

On Saturday, I randomly woke at 6am for some odd reason. I spent the morning playing Neoquest II (don’t ask…), and had a dentist appointment at 9:30am. After that, we went to the mall, because I needed to buy The Merchant of Venice for a project in my English class. We had Mongolian noodles (I just love that place), and at 1pm I went to ARML. Surprisingly, Hank was at this month’s meeting too. That makes four representatives from Arcadia (although we are underrepresented so more people = good).

When I got home… I forgot what I did, haha. Oh, right, my dad wanted to install Ethernet cabling in my little brother’s room, so we were out drilling holes outside our house in the cold, freezing rain. Surprisingly, I got a cold after that. (Sarcasm intended.) Well, I guess my nose was already kind of running by the time I got back from ARML. I think I got it from the girl Hank likes, so by the transitive property, it’s Hank’s fault.

On Sunday, I woke up with a horrible cold — nose completely plugged, and once I got up (at like noon) the mucus immediately started flowing… ugh. I hate disease. Anyways, since my idea last time of keeping my nose warmed at all times didn’t quite work (or the virus infected me otherwise), I tried a new idea — SPICY FOOD. Viruses hate heat right? Well, if I eat a meal consisting of capsaicin in various forms, maybe it will be too spicy for the cold/flu virus to bear. So yeah, I had SUPER-spicy food for lunch and dinner, and let’s see if I’m still sick tomorrow. =D

Anime Corner:

As you would probably expect, I spent my entire Sunday resting (or trying to). I looked up the coming Winter 2010 animes, and not one of them especially appealed to me. That’s why I got curious for new old animes to watch (lol). I decided to check out Negima and Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo.

Negima is a very popular franchise by the creator of Love Hina, and the remake’s director/producer was in charge of Pani Poni Dash!, which explains the similarity. Basically, from what I’ve read on Wikipedia, Negima is Pani Poni with a male chibikko teacher replacing Becky, magical powers, a PLOT (gasp), and romance (gaspp!). It’s kind of really long and a major franchise, but from watching the first 10 minutes of the first episode, it looks okay. The intro song isn’t really good, and the animation is… unique (in a negative way). Also, apparently there are 31 girls with one guy (megaharem, anyone?), so this might turn out interesting.

As for Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo, it’s a really recent anime (Winter 2009, exactly a year ago). I still have magazines with articles and pinups on this. I didn’t expect much of it — from Wikipedia, etc, it sounded like another lame wannabe sci-fi flick. However, I decided to watch the first episode, because it seemed popular and high-budget. I was really amazed by the animation quality. The 3D in every scene is so detailed and well-done. The space vehicles, transportation, and general society of the space colony setting is wonderful in very aspect. It’s completely reminiscent of Macross, and I daresay they did steal some ideas from Macross. Well, it can’t be helped, as Macross was, like, the founder of the space-colony-scifi genre. I only hope they put in some good music (but don’t make it music-centric; if-i-sing-all-the-badguys-are-pacified like Macross). I can’t say anything about the plot yet, but the characters aren’t that great so far. The pink-haired-girl… forgot her name already… Akiha? Or something? Her art… no, all the character art in general in SoraKake seem deformed to me for some reason. Beautiful 3D art, but lacking in character art, along with music, character design/personalities, and plot. That’s what I see Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo as from episode 01.

So, that’s a wrap. *sniff* ugh my nose