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May 5th, 2010

I’m not reviewing every episode I watch anymore. I’m just going to randomly write about episodes if I feel like it.

Highlight of this post: ANGEL BEATS 02-05. EPIC WIN.

Durarara!! Episode 14

I like the new OP. I love Anri’s voice, but her art/character design SUCKS~ Shinra is so secretly evil ><; did Anri just die?

Tears to Tiara Episode 03

Arawn’s Wife Count: 2.

Epic arrows, cutting through solid iron armor. I love how Riannon was like “^____^” before killing that soldier. So cute ><

Isn’t fighting on a boat… kind of… dangerous? :D

Tears to Tiara Episode 05

So, what’s the first thing once you finally sneak into the enemy country’s capital city? SIGHTSEEING!!

Fairy Tail Episode 26

Hmm. Not awesome enough =D needs moar awesome!

Mayoi Neko Overrun Episode 03

I want Takumi’s harem :<

Angel Beats Episode 02&03

It got better and better. The first episode sucked.

Angel Beats Episode 04

This episode was AWESOME! If this becomes the standard for this anime, Angel Beats will meet or surpass the likes of Kanon and CLANNAD! I’m even willing to ignore the Yurippe-Haruhi issue.

But yeah, Angel Beats really has that awesome Key anime feel, with the unique style of humor, uniquely uncreative character stereotypes (it’s… unique… in how much Key reuses the same character personalities). That was a back-handed compliment, I swear.

Mayoi Neko Overrun! Episode 04

Wow, this episode is so the replacement for Sora no Otoshimono. The assortment of rich ladies also resembles Hayate no Gotoku. But still… that must have been five or ten straight minutes, that ping-pong scene. And the… um… scene… where……

Angel Beats Episode 05

That episode was as awesome, or awesomer than episode 04. It has the perfect combination of awesome music, hilarious humor, and sad, contemplative storyline and character depth. This here is a true Key masterpiece, assuming they don’t end this lamely. I seriously can’t wait for the next episode, and I haven’t felt like that for an anime in a long time…

Fairy Tail Episode 28

That was a satisfying arc conclusion.

Durarara!! Episode 16

Epic unexpected turn of events! Why are Japanese light novels always so awesome?

Shin Koihime Musou Episode 12 FINAL


Ryuubi suddenly bursting into song was so totally predictable. The whole thing is totally lame, but oh well, it’s typical from this anime.

Lol at the Higurashi I’m-about-to-murder-you-epicly face that whatshername makes. I also love how they pretend they’re following Chinese history. Wahaha~ that’s the best part of that anime.

Hey, it’s Bachou-imouto. She should be a major character. LOOL. Epic epilogue. Wonder if I should start the 3rd season yet.

Wow, this is getting long, I’d better click the post button. *makes up random post title*

Fall 2009 Anime Finale Week

December 30th, 2009

I’m putting a cut on my anime posts now. I am going to split about half the episodes above the cut, half below. Oh, and this week is FINAL CONCLUDING EPISODES for most Fall 2009 animes… yes, Christmas, my B-day, and end of Fall 09, all in one week. Much too much drama.

Fairy Tail Episode 11 – It’s gettin’ interesting again. This anime is continuing into Winter 2010, so too bad; one-liner review. AAA. [8/10]

生徒会の一存 / Seitokai no Ichizon Episode 12 FINAL — Last time: Mafuyu confesses her love; insert astonishment. Typical student council affairs, the topic shifts to everybody’s dreams for the future — what they want to become when they grow up (think Shugo Chara). Random comments ensue on how this is the last episode of Seitokai and nobody is doing anything meaningful. Suddenly a random character from Mafuyu’s BL (translation: Japanese gay male+male love manga/novel/story) shows up. Seitokai-ness ensues. After that, Sugisaki randomly goes into a meaningful dialogue about life, the meaning of strength, and makes tear-jerking references to his past and other interesting plot details that haven’t been revealed to us yet, even in the final episode. And then he finds the gang eavesdropping on him, and the delicate plot dissolves into more Seitokai no Ichizon wackiness. SS. [10/10]

とある科学の超電磁砲 / To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Episode 13 — This was a meaningless episode. B. [5/10]

Negima (original; winter 2005) — Yeah, I finished Negima, and since I included a random screenshot from Negima, I thought I might as well say something about it. Hm, it started off like Pani Poni Dash! with a male teacher who was secretly a magician, in place of Becky. Oh, and the 31 female students in his class are all in love with him. By the way, have I mentioned: Negi-sensei, aforementioned teacher, is only 10 years old? (9, if you don’t round up…)

Negima is one whacked-up anime. The ending was the most bizzare chain of events I have ever witnessed in an anime. (If you didn’t think the body of the anime wasn’t bizzare enough.) So like, randomly, in an admittingly well-done sequence beautifully displaying her inner feelings (I liked the usage of the sound of a bell), um… the lead female dies. Now of course, you expect this to be like Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and Negi-sensei grows up and saves the universe and blah, right? But no… all of a sudden Negi’s students have a time travel machine… and then they travel into the past… oh, and he just happens to run into his dad, who… dies… and, um… they fight with demons… in plain sight of human civilization… and then all 31 or whatever of Negi’s students kiss him and are suddenly transformed into mahou shoujos and pwn some weird demon lord. And somehow all the conflicts are resolved… and… ugh. It was so bizzare, the bizzarity counts as entertainment, I suppose.

真・恋姫無双 / Shin Koihime Musou Episode 10 — I’ve run out of things to say. Last 3 episodes of 2nd season of Koihime Musou; I hear a 3rd season has already been announced for, what, Spring 2010?

[spoiler]Introducing… Houtou-chan, a character who is even more loli than Shuri! She is another orphan who becomes Shuri’s “little sister” in this episode. Oh, meanwhile, Ryuubi feeds Kan’u, Chouhi is jealous, etc, etc.[/spoiler]

This is a really sweet episode. I like the hat. S. [9/10]

真・恋姫無双 / Shin Koihime Musou Episode 11 — They put so much money into the artwork for this anime… if only they put as much work into the storywriting.

[spoiler]Bachou’s cousin appears. Is it just me, or is every anime this season referencing that scene from SoraOto‘s first episode? The jokes aren’t really that funny. Anymore. Somehow they make the Yellow Turban Rebellion into some weird J-pop idol group’s fanclub. This is kind of… a twist.[/spoiler]

Next episode: “The Generals Attempt to Suppress the Yellow Turban Rebellion”. I wish this was as serious as the titles make it sound.

そらのおとしもの / Sora no Otoshimono Episode 12 — I like how the writers for SoraOto always fail to explain how anything they write is relevant.

[spoiler]Is Tomoki trying to imitate Battler? Sohara is still the best female. Hm, the format of this is starting to resemble Seitokai. Oh, and we randomly go back into Serious Mode. Nymph and Tomoki actually make a pretty perfect pair. (Sohara is still better, but.) Lol, Ikaros gets jealous of Tomoki+Nymph. As for Nymph’s monologue to Ikaros… what, is she writing an analytical essay on the symbolism prevalent inside a zoo?[/spoiler]

Once again, it’s World vs. Tomoki; very well-done zoo scene. The humor is, as usual, way past excellent. I do think the moments that are supposed to be “touching” still come out as lame. Wahh, Nymph, don’t die! AAA. [8/10]

God… this episode’s outro is really good. Rating up. I’m too lazy to change it, so pretend I wrote AAA+ up there.

空の女王 / Sora no Otoshimono Episode 13 FINAL — Being the final episode, they finally decided to add kanji to the title.

Anything I say at this point won’t really mean anything, so I’ll save the overanalysis for whenever I feel like writing an overanalysis post about SoraOto.

Summary: Nymph is tricked into plotting against Ikaros. Meanwhile, everybody is preparing for the big Christmas party. Ikaros makes her love confession. The rest is so teary I’ll leave it with “WATCH THIS”.

The whole Ikaros battle is kind of like… why don’t you just use Aegis and blow up everybody within a 10km radius? Geez >_<; god, though, the animation is so amazing. The “oh we’re friends” thing with Nymph is just too cheesy, though.

Still though, the… ship… weapon… cannon… thing. Ugh, I can’t get enough of that awesome 3-D animation. (Much better than what Disney/Pixar churns out every month.) SSS. [11/10]

Wow this turned out long. ゴメン~

Cuuuuut. *snip*

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Long Long Anime Post to Make Up For Whatever

December 9th, 2009

I have nothing entertaining to say here.

[1555 words.]

そらのおとしもの / Sora no Otoshimono Episode 09 — No intro song? Interesting, what’s going on with Nymph and Synapse. As usual, Eishirou’s entertaining monologues are both insightful and idiotic.

Tomo-chan gets drunk off soda, Sohara is still my favorite character, and Nymph is back. Well, of course.

Nymph fails at being evil, and Tomoki hits on her because Ikaros fails at pretending to be human.

This anime still has the BEST CHARACTER ANIMATION EVER. Even without any story or joking, the art is HILARIOUS by itself.

WTFLOL (and even a Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ref~)

It’s still obscene and kind of random, but it’s good where it counts. And yeah, good job kidnapping Tomoki, you just ended up falling more in love with him.

And why does Ikaros randomly kiss Tomoki out of the blue. That sucked… I want it to be some epic climax where they kiss, not a totally random scene at the end of the anime. However, the ED makes up for it, so great. Great new song, as usual.

S. [9/10]

If there were less naked people, this would’ve been a 10/10. You can tell a -lot- of work goes into the making of each episode of this anime, which is why I really enjoy most episodes of Sora no Otoshimono.

Kampfer Episode 09 — This anime has gotta be one of the worst this season (although others seem to think it’s the best). To tell the truth, when Fall 2009 first began, Kampfer was at the top of my list. However, it’s a) not funny b) not touching c) not cute d) not a unique story e) not unique in ANY way actually. Also, a) every single girl AND BOY is in love with Natsuru, b) Natsuru is a total idiot, c) what the hell is going on with the plot anyways?

The voice actor jokes used to be funny, but now they’re just stupid. There are new characters every episode, all of them are so dumb it hurts to watch Kampfer now. I don’t get how Sakura is secretly evil suddenly. I don’t get how everybody is too dumb to realize anything. I don’t get the lame mind control. It’s so lamee it hurts.

Okay, this just went over the “T” rated-level. Why is this being shown on public television again?

Eh, this episode actually thickened the plot, so it wasn’t as horrible as usual. A+. [6.5/10]

真・恋姫無双 / Shin Koihime Musou Episode 09 — Enshou (or whatever her name was)’s attendant looks like a flight attendant. x3

A public service announcement from Shuri: Be careful of lightning on cloudy days!

Hm, I’m pretty sure that  in Ancient China people didn’t wear swimsuits around everyday so casually. Still, though, with the censoring. If you’re going to show naked girls doing obscene things (which I would rather not see in the first place), why are you then censoring it? o-o

This ep was pretty deep for a Koihime ep. Usually it’s just *naked girls bath scene*, and then *clothes get ripped of in random battle*, and then some corny line that was supposed to be touching in some irrelevant way. AAA+. [8.5/10]

Next ep is Shuri and her new side-character.

にゃんこい! / Nyan Koi! Episode 09 — Wow, I’m two episodes behind on this.

I love this anime, because I like every character — Junpei, Kaede (lol, love interest in Kampfer is also named Kaede), Nagi, Imouto, twins, and even the cats. The humor is of a different nature than Seitokai, so that’s why it’s also in my top 3 Most-Looked-Forward-To list (see below).

And the twins (“tsu-ins”, more like — yay, I made a Japanese pun!). And then Nagi makes a stunning dramatic appearance XD. And then the random mailwoman makes her random appearance. And Junpei is in a swimming pool with 6 fantastic girls that are all in love with him. What would you do in this situation? ^-^

The 2nd half of the episode is focused on Sumiyoshi-san. Who is not my favorite character, by the way.

And it’s hilarious how Imouto and Mom try to track down all detective-like how many/which girls visited Junpei ><

Woah, next episode is on the twins. SS, for the first half, but since I don’t like Sumiyoshi-san, S. [9/10]

にゃんこい! / Nyan Koi! Episode 10 — The pre-opening scene… was that a parody of something, or was it “real”? I can totally see the twins as magical girls >.<

See, another thing I like about Nyan Koi! are the little jokes — the things you don’t always notice, but when you do, are so hilarious. It’s one of those things, where somebody puts a heck of a lot of effort into something, but only a few people ever notice, and even fewer convey their appreciation to that somebody. To refrain from quoting Holden, I’ll just say, “That’s so depressing.”

… magical girl transformation scenes, check. Spirits, check. Magical powers, check. Nyan Koi! has now become magical-girl Bakemonogatari or something. XD

This is so… um… it’s so hilarious and odd, it’s not even comment-able. AND THEN THE MAILMAN APPEARS ahahahaha!

Kyaah, this anime is really just too cute and hilarious for me to give it anything less than an S. By the way, S. [9/10]

こばと。 / Kobato Episode 08 — Kitten… Fall 2009 has too much about cats. And I agree, “Milk” is totally a cute name for a cat~

Fujimoto is so depressing. Everything else is so cheerful, but Fujimoto makes this so depressing, he counteracts the entire rest of the cast.

“I think… the kitten reminded him of himself.” Great, now let’s go into a Catcher in the Rye-esque analysis of all the symbols in this episode. =_=

*kitten clutches at chest… oh wait, Kobato doesn’t have breasts*

Wow, last episode’s Character of the Day actually reappeared. :O And are Chiho+Chise going to become main characters? Looks like this is gonna be like Chobits 2. XD

And yeah… give her your phone number. =_= Kobato is too dumb for anything. Also, in Chobits wasn’t Chitose some super-genius? Wonder if she also has her secret lab like in Chobits ><

Wow, the nice lady waaay back from Episode 1 reappears to take in the kitten… and wow, Fujimoto-san is so secretly nice. Sigh, what a nice conclusion.

And so, the episode ends happily ever after in typical CLAMP style. S. [9/10]

Aand… Kobato sings~~ It’s an epic song, and the accompaniment animation makes it even more dramatic. I’m surprised this is only the 2nd time she’s sung in 8 episodes.

Anyways, this was as sweet as any CLAMP episode ever was. Great ep.

フェアリーテイル/ Fairy Tail Episode 09When the most intelligent character in an anime is a winged cat, you know said anime will be entertaining.

This next episode was great as well; I see Fairy Tail is getting better every ep. S. [9/10]

Whoa, next episode is Natsu VS Erza.

そらのおとしもの / Sora no Otoshimono Episode 10 — Yeah, ep 10 came out by the time I got here.

Complaint #1: Everybody’s breasts are too big. I have a problem with that.

Episode title: “天使の旋律(ことば)の向かう先”, “Tenshi no Senritsu (Kotoba) no Mukau Saki”, with “kotoba” being the furigana/ruby for “senritsu”. Basically, it would be translated as “Where the Melodies (Words) of Angels Go”. “Senritsu”, read in Chinese as “xuan2 lü4”, means melody, and the act of placing “kotoba” — words — above the kanji for melodies is another example of this extremely interesting technique of Japanese writers. See, episode titles are always so entertaining and educational.

“Forming a band”? Cough… K-On!… and yeah, I see how the title relates now ^_^; and raise your hand if you want a childhood friend like Sohara-san for a waifu.

Wow… poor Nymph… this is just sad >.<; isn’t that child abuse?

Wow, Sorami Acadamy’s orchestra is TINY. And they play music that we could play in 6th grade. At least the Sora no Otoshimono animators can draw violins correctly… cough at Shugo Chara!.

Ikaro’s singing is great. No complaints. That was completely totally sweet. It was like, Kobato-type sweet. Wow, the ending animation this episode is bloopers of scenes that were already funny. Not that interesting, they run out of ideas pretty soon for funny things to do to random scenes. And great, now everybody is getting drunk on orange juice this episode. =D; S. [9/10]

こばと。 / Kobato Episode 09 — Aaand a new Kobato ep is out. Silly Kobato-chan. The “healing peoples’ feelings” thing has like 99% similarity to ×××HoLiC. Kobato has a random habit of announcing her intentions to the camera.

Also, normally, would you tell a random girl you just met on the street everything about your personal life and all your secret feelings and thought? No? I thought not. See, that’s the main logical issue with Kobato.

Technically… Kobato is… stalking these people… you know? I know she’s trying to heal their hearts and blah, buut… borderline obsession xD

Also, how come every time somebody is troubled in this anime, they sit on the same goddamn swing set?

Uwahh… this turned out soooo sweet~~! It’s almost sickeningly sweet, except CLAMP knows what variables to manipulate to make it just “sweet”. AAA. [8/10]

“Anime I Look Forward to the Most Each Week”:

Rank Name
(1) To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
Nyan Koi!
Seitokai no Ichizon
(2) Fairy Tail
Sora no Otoshimono
(3) Shin Koihime Musou
Umineko no Naku Koro ni

These are kinda-maybe-not-really in order.

Shots from this post follow.

They’re getting shorter and shorter…

November 28th, 2009

Category-by-category ratings are too tiring. In fact, typing more than two words per episode is too tiring in the first place. One-word reviews ftw.

生徒会の一存 / Seitokai no Ichizon Episode 08



(An episode of Seitokai where I actually almost felt sorry for Sugisaki-kun… hell must have frozen over.)

AAA+. [8.5/10]

うみねこのく頃に / Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 22


B. [5/10]

真・恋姫無双 / Shin Koihime Musou Episode 08

Lol. (Random screenshot.)

AA. [7/10]

とある科学の超電磁砲 / To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Episode 09

My internet broke down in the middle of obtaining this episode… so that’s why the entire post was delayed.

“Today’s Kuroko is dangerous.” It’s rather like a weather forecast.

Saten turns to the dark side, and Touma doesn’t show up. :(

S. [9/10]

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idk, anime

November 21st, 2009

yesterday and today:

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Episode whatever… 08

read the subtitles.

read the subtitles.

S. [9/10] best anime this season

Koihime Musou Episode 07

I thought I had a clever screenshot for this; maybe not.

B. dunno. [5/10]

didn’t make me laugh real hard or anything. too many sick jokes.

Tegami Bachi Episode 03



AA. [7/10] improvement over prologue; sheds some light on the OVA happenings. great outro, just noticed (“hatenaki michi” was it?)

Full Metal Panic: THE SECOND RAID OVA: “A Relatively Leisurely Day in the Life of a Fleet Captain”

Tessa (drunk+sleepwalking).

Tessa (drunk+sleepwalking).

this deserves a totally long-as-hell review about how EPIC AWESOME CRAZY GOOD it was


and I only took one not-really-good screenshot too

… still tho: funnier than fumoffu. go read, um, some other person’s detailed review of it to fill the gap.

SS+. [10.5/10]


November 17th, 2009

「闘艶結義〜トウエンノチカイ〜」 - 片霧烈火

“Touen Ketsugi ~touen no chikai~” – Rekka Katakiri

Yes, this one whole post to rant about one song: because it’s that good. Katakiri Rekka’s songs have always been powerful and fiery, but I think she’s really outdone herself with this blazing, epic song.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Touen Ketsugi ~touen no chikai~ – Rekka Katakiri” /]

It happens to be the intro song to Shin Koihime Musou, but the song doesn’t reflect the anime at all, interestingly. Nothing is really manly, epic, or anything in Koihime, it’s mostly humor and the other gender wearing skimpy clothing.

kizuna, atsui kizuna!

November 12th, 2009

Today’s haul.

Shin Koihime Musou Episode 06

Lewd yuri fantasies every other minute.

Lewd yuri fantasies every other minute.

This episode is about… a cooking contest! IT’S IRON CHEF set in ancient china, with cute anime girl cooks!

These subs suck, it’s not “mabodofu”… they keep getting chinese words wrong! Once they subbed “yi er san” (meaning one, two, three in Chinese) as “E R 3″…….

Anyways… mapo tofu plus bamboo shoots in a meat bun? Hmm…

Sousou-dono is cool, she admits defeat. I don’t get the “emotionalness” of a cooking contest. What’s with all these emotional soliloquys? Well, I guess I”m happy I get to hear Ryuubi’s voice.

What the f–… she suddenly exhibits an incredible feat of strength… and then… okay, this is a random ending.

Oh, and the thing with the Chou sisters is getting 面白い.

S. [9/10]

This is worth more than a facepalm.

This is worth more than a facepalm.

Actually maybe I should stop biasing the ratings upward. Ehh, whatever.



Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 20

Epic. We’re back to 1998, witches and sorcery. Ushiromiya Ange, I feel sorrier and sorrier for her every episode. Also, I’m slightly surprised that Maria was somehow a witch… or… what?

Also, what's with the come-to-life stuffed animal?

Also, what's with the come-to-life stuffed animal?

Well, the point is that you don’t get it until the end when it all clicks together and you go OMG that was SO CLEVER.

Anyways, April 1987. New evidence: two letters-in-a-bottle were later discovered after the Rokkenjima incident describing a series of serial murders that took place on the island. The chance of those bottles having been fabricated is close to zero.

And etc etc…

“The Rokkenjima Witch Hunt”. Ugh, this anime started out so lame, but now it’s unbearably epic.

Of course I still don’t get it… what, is Ange randomly spontaneously mentally timejumping back and forth between 1998 and 1987? Huh. AAA+. [8.5/10]

Kobato Episode 05

Hm, it was kinda interesting. This anime is touching, over-fluffy-cute, and so-so humor. It’s an episodic kind of plot, every episode isn’t really connected to the other.

Picture books seem to be a recurring theme in CLAMP lore. Actually, the last occurrence is probably Chobits, so never mind.

Wow… that old man’s story is so sad…

For the emotional touchy-feely-ness of it, I’ll give it an AAA. [8/10]

Yes, Kobato’s ratings are slowly going down… show us something interesting! Or give us something really really funny! Mou~

Thursday Anime Post

November 5th, 2009


うみねこのく頃に / Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 19 — The curtain rises on the third game. Joining us is Ushiromiya Ange, except she doesn’t tell Battler that (wonder why). Her pissed-at-everything-just-like-oniichan attitude is totally awesome >___<

Ah? This is a flashback ep? I hate flashback eps…

Ah, I see why she’s so emo… what a tortured childhood… also, lol, she has Maria’s diary.



Ehh? Why… Okonogi? Same as the Higurashi one? Wth?

ok yay flashback over… I completely didn’t get it but w/e…

Wow, that was smart… she only said there were no more than 18 people on the island… but since we only have proof of 17 people alive, Kinzo could have died a long time ago, leaving an additional character who could have been the murderer!

“It’s just a stupid waste of time.”

— Ushiromiya Ange

Wisest line in the entire series so far. She’s probably talking about the anime itself XDDD

Whaa the episode ended already? that felt so short… AAA+ [8.5/10]

He'd make an awesome lead male protagonist, you know.

He'd make an awesome lead male protagonist, you know.

真恋姫・無双 / Shin Koihime Musou Episode 05 — So, uh, this episode is about… a master martial-arts acupuncturist, or what? XD; this is getting to sound like Ranma — “Martial Arts Money Spending”, “Martial Arts Cooking” etc ><

A key point that I find unfortunate in Koihime: they drag on stupid jokes for too long.

… the Plot Device of the Day for today is lame. Actually, it sounds like it may be a recurring plot device. Yay for relating the Chou sisters and creating a semi-plot!

Sei isn't meeting her own expectations for sarcastic remarks this episode.

Sei isn't meeting her own expectations for sarcastic remarks this episode.

The guy is really cool. Really. Red hair too, ftw.

As for the two Characters of the Day… the nosebleed glasses freak is a worthless character.

The loli with a doll on her head that she performs ventriloquism with is pretty cute, although she totally reminds me of, what was her name… Toutaku? Sorry if that was the wrong name, Koihime has like 100+ characters so you can’t expect me to remember everything and still get straight As and take APs and Honors classes, right?


Sei also missed her characteristic tsukkomi here.

Sei also missed her characteristic tsukkomi here.

Anyways, we get to see Sousou for the first time this season. I wasn’t really ever a fan of her, and I don’t like… women who are interested in women, really, though..

She even states it herself.

She even states it herself.

Ryuubi doesn’t get enough focus here, in my opinion. She’s 300% cuter than all the other characters added together (well… maybe not counting Shuuri/Koumei and Bachou). Also, Shuri and Koumei are both super-excellent names >~<

But yeah… her voice is super-cute, her hair is pink and fluffy, she has a perfect figure, and she’s a unique character within the group of main characters because she can’t fight, and she’s not a combat/strategy genius.

Basically, during battles, she can’t do anything.

However, I’m willing to bet that, like, in the end/climax, she’ll reveal her SUPER SECRET ULTRA POWERFUL SECRET WEAPON/POWER/MAGIC/SORCERY and save like everybody from certain death and… yeah.

Currently, her plot is boring. Oh no, I was SO TOTALLY UBER EPICLY STUPID AND SOMEHOW I GOT MY HUGE, VALUABLE JEWEL-STUDDED SWORD that was basically the only valuable thing my family owned STOLEN BY THIS TOTALLY SUSPICIOUS LOOKING BASTARD who was obviously suspicious but I still trusted because I like trust everybody AND THEN I FREAK OUT and get tortured by my grandmother/mother/whoever and go on this like thousand mile journey to retrieve the stupid sword that got stolen from me because my intelligence/brainpower is lower than the original Intel 8086 chip.

They're totally enthralled.

They're totally enthralled.

The characters-of-the-day usually aren’t very funny, but they’re only there for the main characters to make jabs at in the first place, right? ^^

It's not quite so startling, coming from Sousou-dono.

It's not quite so startling, coming from Sousou-dono.

I can’t help but add “-dono” onto her name, haha.

Chinese warlords <em>can</em> be quite cute at times.

Chinese warlords can be quite cute at times.


Must be a pleasant job to have in ancient China.

Must be a pleasant job to have in ancient China.

… I hope they realize that there weren’t really onsens in ancient China…

This ep was typical Koihime, I guess. We pretty much only saw Kan’u out of the main cast… for not having anybody else show up, this gets only an A. I can’t wait for Bachou’s imouto, and all the other characters ^^ [6/10]

Friday Anime Post

November 1st, 2009

I love Fridays. Have I mentioned that?

I’ve been continuously watching anime ever since I got home from school today, pretty much.


とある科学の超電磁砲 / To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Episode 05 — Watching elementary-school Kuroko pwning a buff adult robber is awesome, but I don’t like Kuroko or eps focused on her.

However, it was one of those really really touching episodes. Of course, the To Aru series is more action mixed with touching morals… well I guess we had a bit of action. Hmm.

If only real life elementary girls were this intelligent… no, if only real life HIGH SCHOOL students were this intelligent, this world would be more than anyone could ever wish for.

I wish the outro was better. S. [9/10]

真・恋姫無双 / Shin Koihime Musou Episode 04 — Lol, the three Chou sisters are cute. I think too much of the ep was focused on them though. Well, they are the focus of this ep, so w/e. This ep wasn’t particularly interesting or funny. AA. [7/10]

Kampfer Episode 05 — This is getting stupider each episode. What the hell is with the lesbian-ness? Only no-life hairy single hikikomori male Japanese failures at life would watch this anime, is the feeling I’m getting now XD

Did you even have any in the first place?

Did you even have any in the first place?

"... who overshadows Haruhi even when she isn't melancholic."

The girl-likes-girl-ness of it all is killing this anime.

That was kind of funny. It feels like the kind of line that would be in Seitokai. What the hell are “Entrails Animals”… who would want a stuffed animal with its intestines, stomach, and internal organs sticking out and visible and… touchable…

I’m glad at least this series has enough sense to laugh at itself for being so stupid. That’s always great, when a stupid anime laughs at how stupid it is.

My thoughts exactly.

My thoughts exactly.



Um, what the hell.

Ugh, I hate how there are so many girls. Usually, I like these kinds of harems (see CLANNAD), but… ugh… everybody is being so FORCEFUL and honest about their love… it’s basically five girls chasing Natsuru-san (who is also a girl) around asking her to marry them…

This is the only good part about this episode:



Of course, she only appears for 5 seconds at the very end of the episode…

And I don’t even remember her name…

とにかく, this ep deserves no more than an B. [5/10]


It’s Sunday now, and although Blacksmith is out, and I haven’t watched this week’s Nyan Koi, etc etc, I promised myself I wouldn’t watch any anime today. I have three essays due and another assignment, JUST for English!

Monday will be fun though, I’ll have two or three of my top Fall09 animes to watch in one day.

meikyuu butterfly

October 23rd, 2009
Warning: High-powered Class A laser device anime rant.
This post may contain chemicals known by the State of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm (Proposition 65).
<em>Meikyuu Butterfly</em> - Nana Mizuki

Meikyuu Butterfly - Nana Mizuki

See, I’m capable of coming up with creative names for my anime posts.

Firstly, Shakugan no Shana S, the four-part OVA leadup to the long-awaited third season of mega-popular anime Shakugan no Shana, is now out in Blu-ray and DVD. J.C. Staff just released the first episode, Reshuffle.

Other than the normal Thursday/Friday-ish lineup of things like Kampfer, Shin Koihime Musou, Umineko no Naku Koro ni, etc, I’m still watching Shugo Chara!. If the anime is longer than, say, 30 episodes, usually I lose interest after the first half.

However, like Ranma 1/2, Shugo Chara! and Shugo Chara!! Doki have captured my inner fanboy and, like Hayate no Gotoku, combine interesting episodic storylines with a larger major plotline. Of course, there’s no missing the Hayate-like humor that’s scattered throughout Shugo Chara! either.

Now, on to the episodic reviews.

Shakugan no Shana S Episode 01 “Reshuffle” – This felt like a standard Shana episode; however, I haven’t watched Shana for months or years. It felt good to experience a new Shana episode.

As for the content of the episode, it wasn’t particularly breathtaking, epic, or even fantastic. I think just the feeling of new Shana satisfied me. However, I won’t give it something in the S to SS range like the animes, because it wasn’t that good, particuarly. Actually, since it’s called Shakugan no Shana “S”, maybe I should give it an S anyways. S-. [8.5/10]

Shakugan no Shanatan Revenge – YESS! As usual, Shanatan is better than Shakugan no Shana itself. Index and Nagi (from To Aru Majutsu no Index and Hayate no Gotoku! respectively) make hilarious cameos… and… just, everything is hilarious. Of course. SS-. [9.5/10]

On second thought, I downgrade the actual Shana S episode to an AA. [7/10] Yeah, too bad. Compared to Shanatan (which doesn’t really deserve a 10/10, so it gets 9.5), Shakugan no Shana has to be like at least ranks below Shanatan.

WHERE ISH MY Hayate-tan no Gotoku!! series? >_____>

Also, awaiting Railgun-tan. They’re gonna do it, right? Haha.


Kampfer Episode 04 – “Make me feel good!” Wtf? Why do they need to remind us that this is from a dating sim?

However, the Student Council President has an interesting side. The stupid stuffed animals, I still hate their guts (no pun intended).

So many good voice actors in this anime, but such a sucky anime. I like the genderbender aspect, but… um… yeeahhh. What’s with the sexual connotations that everybody thinks are behind everything Natsuru-san says?

So. An interesting anime… where we watch… boys… shop for… female underwear… and lingerie………

In this episode… we learned:

  • How to put on a bra.
  • How to choose female underwear in Japan.
  • Factoid: When guys attain sex appeal, the emotional trauma will take decades to heal.
  • Factoid: Student council presidents generally suck at singing. Hinagiku-san (Hayate/2) is an exception, because Itou Shizuka is beyond awesome.
  • Factoid: Every anime, as a rule, MUST include a Macross reference. “Atashi no uta wo kike!!!!
  • How to confess your love for a person of the same sex.

… just… because… it was kind of… um… let’s go with an A. [6/10]

The outro (and intro) I really like. I wonder when the final main character will be introduced; she’s cute.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 17 – “All magic exists to bring happiness to the human world.”

Best line in the entire anime so far, considering what has happened in this anime so far >_< So terribly ironic.

Beato’s character change is just TOO huge to bear. Just three or four episodes ago she was like “HAHAHAHA KILL MURDER SLAUGHTER” and now she’s all being a crybaby and weak and nice and… this just feels awkward.

What the hell is with the “Siestas”? They’re so goddam moe, they don’t belong in this anime. Their animations are stupid too. It feels more like Digimon than the Nanoha-like feel they were probably aiming for.

Of course, seeing them die is never fun, but we see like 10-20 people die per episode so you get used to it.

OMG we finally see Ange! For… like… a half-second flashback.

Jessica looked like Shion or Rena from Higurashi in that one moment. ^^

I still like Higurashi better. Boring episode. The morals they were trying to convey didn’t really reach me. Maybe it’s because… I can’t use magic… B. [5/10]

Shin Koihime Musou Episode 03 – They finally added Ryuubi to the opening! Which, by the way, is EPIC. If not for Seitokai no Ichizon, it might be my favorite OP this season. KIZUNA, ATSUI KIZUNA~

So they go to visit Kousonsan… wait, who’s Kousonsan? [/runninggag] but lol, Enshou VS Kousonsan… hahaha.

Ryuubi is so cute+awesome.

The “competition” gets a bit… uhh… yeah…. in the 2nd round.

This falls in the "WTF!?" category, too.

This falls in the "WTF!?" category, too.

Of course, we can’t have Koihime without some perverted stupid scenes.

How Ancient Chinese lords and viceroys settled their disputes with each other in the Three Kingdoms era.

This is how Ancient Chinese lords and viceroys settled their disputes with each other in the Three Kingdoms era.

You know, I miss Bachou already.

SS (it’s that good). [10/10]

Yes, the only reason I love it this much more than Koihime Musou itself is ‘cuz of Ryuubi. <3


I miss -Saki-. It was my weekly dose of mahjong and random yuri, but it was still really great. Hopefully another season comes along soon. As for Bakemonogatari, I realize I haven’t even finished watching it. I don’t really miss Kanamemo or Sora no Manimani, either. Of course, obviously I miss Hayate2, but that’s so popular there won’t be a problem getting another season. I guess I miss Tayutama, waay back from Spring 2009. Well, I don’t really miss the anime; I miss the intro song <3333