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Long Long Anime Post to Make Up For Whatever

December 9th, 2009

I have nothing entertaining to say here.

[1555 words.]

そらのおとしもの / Sora no Otoshimono Episode 09 — No intro song? Interesting, what’s going on with Nymph and Synapse. As usual, Eishirou’s entertaining monologues are both insightful and idiotic.

Tomo-chan gets drunk off soda, Sohara is still my favorite character, and Nymph is back. Well, of course.

Nymph fails at being evil, and Tomoki hits on her because Ikaros fails at pretending to be human.

This anime still has the BEST CHARACTER ANIMATION EVER. Even without any story or joking, the art is HILARIOUS by itself.

WTFLOL (and even a Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ref~)

It’s still obscene and kind of random, but it’s good where it counts. And yeah, good job kidnapping Tomoki, you just ended up falling more in love with him.

And why does Ikaros randomly kiss Tomoki out of the blue. That sucked… I want it to be some epic climax where they kiss, not a totally random scene at the end of the anime. However, the ED makes up for it, so great. Great new song, as usual.

S. [9/10]

If there were less naked people, this would’ve been a 10/10. You can tell a -lot- of work goes into the making of each episode of this anime, which is why I really enjoy most episodes of Sora no Otoshimono.

Kampfer Episode 09 — This anime has gotta be one of the worst this season (although others seem to think it’s the best). To tell the truth, when Fall 2009 first began, Kampfer was at the top of my list. However, it’s a) not funny b) not touching c) not cute d) not a unique story e) not unique in ANY way actually. Also, a) every single girl AND BOY is in love with Natsuru, b) Natsuru is a total idiot, c) what the hell is going on with the plot anyways?

The voice actor jokes used to be funny, but now they’re just stupid. There are new characters every episode, all of them are so dumb it hurts to watch Kampfer now. I don’t get how Sakura is secretly evil suddenly. I don’t get how everybody is too dumb to realize anything. I don’t get the lame mind control. It’s so lamee it hurts.

Okay, this just went over the “T” rated-level. Why is this being shown on public television again?

Eh, this episode actually thickened the plot, so it wasn’t as horrible as usual. A+. [6.5/10]

真・恋姫無双 / Shin Koihime Musou Episode 09 — Enshou (or whatever her name was)’s attendant looks like a flight attendant. x3

A public service announcement from Shuri: Be careful of lightning on cloudy days!

Hm, I’m pretty sure that  in Ancient China people didn’t wear swimsuits around everyday so casually. Still, though, with the censoring. If you’re going to show naked girls doing obscene things (which I would rather not see in the first place), why are you then censoring it? o-o

This ep was pretty deep for a Koihime ep. Usually it’s just *naked girls bath scene*, and then *clothes get ripped of in random battle*, and then some corny line that was supposed to be touching in some irrelevant way. AAA+. [8.5/10]

Next ep is Shuri and her new side-character.

にゃんこい! / Nyan Koi! Episode 09 — Wow, I’m two episodes behind on this.

I love this anime, because I like every character — Junpei, Kaede (lol, love interest in Kampfer is also named Kaede), Nagi, Imouto, twins, and even the cats. The humor is of a different nature than Seitokai, so that’s why it’s also in my top 3 Most-Looked-Forward-To list (see below).

And the twins (“tsu-ins”, more like — yay, I made a Japanese pun!). And then Nagi makes a stunning dramatic appearance XD. And then the random mailwoman makes her random appearance. And Junpei is in a swimming pool with 6 fantastic girls that are all in love with him. What would you do in this situation? ^-^

The 2nd half of the episode is focused on Sumiyoshi-san. Who is not my favorite character, by the way.

And it’s hilarious how Imouto and Mom try to track down all detective-like how many/which girls visited Junpei ><

Woah, next episode is on the twins. SS, for the first half, but since I don’t like Sumiyoshi-san, S. [9/10]

にゃんこい! / Nyan Koi! Episode 10 — The pre-opening scene… was that a parody of something, or was it “real”? I can totally see the twins as magical girls >.<

See, another thing I like about Nyan Koi! are the little jokes — the things you don’t always notice, but when you do, are so hilarious. It’s one of those things, where somebody puts a heck of a lot of effort into something, but only a few people ever notice, and even fewer convey their appreciation to that somebody. To refrain from quoting Holden, I’ll just say, “That’s so depressing.”

… magical girl transformation scenes, check. Spirits, check. Magical powers, check. Nyan Koi! has now become magical-girl Bakemonogatari or something. XD

This is so… um… it’s so hilarious and odd, it’s not even comment-able. AND THEN THE MAILMAN APPEARS ahahahaha!

Kyaah, this anime is really just too cute and hilarious for me to give it anything less than an S. By the way, S. [9/10]

こばと。 / Kobato Episode 08 — Kitten… Fall 2009 has too much about cats. And I agree, “Milk” is totally a cute name for a cat~

Fujimoto is so depressing. Everything else is so cheerful, but Fujimoto makes this so depressing, he counteracts the entire rest of the cast.

“I think… the kitten reminded him of himself.” Great, now let’s go into a Catcher in the Rye-esque analysis of all the symbols in this episode. =_=

*kitten clutches at chest… oh wait, Kobato doesn’t have breasts*

Wow, last episode’s Character of the Day actually reappeared. :O And are Chiho+Chise going to become main characters? Looks like this is gonna be like Chobits 2. XD

And yeah… give her your phone number. =_= Kobato is too dumb for anything. Also, in Chobits wasn’t Chitose some super-genius? Wonder if she also has her secret lab like in Chobits ><

Wow, the nice lady waaay back from Episode 1 reappears to take in the kitten… and wow, Fujimoto-san is so secretly nice. Sigh, what a nice conclusion.

And so, the episode ends happily ever after in typical CLAMP style. S. [9/10]

Aand… Kobato sings~~ It’s an epic song, and the accompaniment animation makes it even more dramatic. I’m surprised this is only the 2nd time she’s sung in 8 episodes.

Anyways, this was as sweet as any CLAMP episode ever was. Great ep.

フェアリーテイル/ Fairy Tail Episode 09When the most intelligent character in an anime is a winged cat, you know said anime will be entertaining.

This next episode was great as well; I see Fairy Tail is getting better every ep. S. [9/10]

Whoa, next episode is Natsu VS Erza.

そらのおとしもの / Sora no Otoshimono Episode 10 — Yeah, ep 10 came out by the time I got here.

Complaint #1: Everybody’s breasts are too big. I have a problem with that.

Episode title: “天使の旋律(ことば)の向かう先”, “Tenshi no Senritsu (Kotoba) no Mukau Saki”, with “kotoba” being the furigana/ruby for “senritsu”. Basically, it would be translated as “Where the Melodies (Words) of Angels Go”. “Senritsu”, read in Chinese as “xuan2 lü4”, means melody, and the act of placing “kotoba” — words — above the kanji for melodies is another example of this extremely interesting technique of Japanese writers. See, episode titles are always so entertaining and educational.

“Forming a band”? Cough… K-On!… and yeah, I see how the title relates now ^_^; and raise your hand if you want a childhood friend like Sohara-san for a waifu.

Wow… poor Nymph… this is just sad >.<; isn’t that child abuse?

Wow, Sorami Acadamy’s orchestra is TINY. And they play music that we could play in 6th grade. At least the Sora no Otoshimono animators can draw violins correctly… cough at Shugo Chara!.

Ikaro’s singing is great. No complaints. That was completely totally sweet. It was like, Kobato-type sweet. Wow, the ending animation this episode is bloopers of scenes that were already funny. Not that interesting, they run out of ideas pretty soon for funny things to do to random scenes. And great, now everybody is getting drunk on orange juice this episode. =D; S. [9/10]

こばと。 / Kobato Episode 09 — Aaand a new Kobato ep is out. Silly Kobato-chan. The “healing peoples’ feelings” thing has like 99% similarity to ×××HoLiC. Kobato has a random habit of announcing her intentions to the camera.

Also, normally, would you tell a random girl you just met on the street everything about your personal life and all your secret feelings and thought? No? I thought not. See, that’s the main logical issue with Kobato.

Technically… Kobato is… stalking these people… you know? I know she’s trying to heal their hearts and blah, buut… borderline obsession xD

Also, how come every time somebody is troubled in this anime, they sit on the same goddamn swing set?

Uwahh… this turned out soooo sweet~~! It’s almost sickeningly sweet, except CLAMP knows what variables to manipulate to make it just “sweet”. AAA. [8/10]

“Anime I Look Forward to the Most Each Week”:

Rank Name
(1) To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
Nyan Koi!
Seitokai no Ichizon
(2) Fairy Tail
Sora no Otoshimono
(3) Shin Koihime Musou
Umineko no Naku Koro ni

These are kinda-maybe-not-really in order.

Shots from this post follow.


November 30th, 2009

Let’s lengthen my “one-word reviews” to “one-paragraph”. One word is still too little.

And yes, lol, it looks like I have quickly given up on systematic ratings. Heh.

Kampfer Episode 09

… umm.

I can’t understand the thought process that goes on in the minds of the producers who came up with this anime. It’s even harder for me to understand the minds of the people who can actually enjoy watching this without breaking their desks (from all the headdesk-ing).

Right, random screenshot.

C+. [4.5/10]

Seiken no Blacksmith Episode 09

It turns out Luke had a childhood friend who was identical to Cecily, and something tragic happened to her. That explains his coldness, but it doesn’t make this any less lame. It’s still sweet, though. I guess I’m a sucker for the “childhood friend” character.

So, like… Cecily and Luke go out on a date. Cecily is finally wearing something that doesn’t emphasize her bust (e.g. normal girl clothing). Tsundere+tsundere makes for a rather entertaining combination.

Well, it didn’t suck that bad. A. [6/10]

Another reason I dislike this anime is because it goes against some of my principles. Cecily “tries so hard”, yet she still sucks so bad, it’s almost funny.

Fairy Tail Episode 08

Loved it. Climax of this arc, and beautifully done. SS. [10/10]

Kobato Episode 07 –e

Kobato’s character is cliche and lame, but sure. Whatever. Fujimoto-san is totally a relate-able character, though.

“Chiho” and “Chise”? Great, more CLAMP crossovering >< Anyways, yay for Chitose showing up. I don’t even remember her at all from Chobits of any of her incarnations in Tsubasa.

Oh, and how come it -just happens- that every person Kobato meets is “troubled”? I like the inner themes of “kindness”; personalities, problems, the meaning of strength — true strength. It’s a CLAMP thing… but the characters of Kobato aren’t likable enough.

However, I still feel CLAMP could have done this even better. It was touching, yes, but… you could tell it was intentionally meant to be touching, and I just don’t like that feeling. A. [6/10]

When life sucks… watch anime.

November 19th, 2009

Stayed home from school today. Stomacheache, flu, fever, life sucks.

That’s why you refer to my slogan:

When life sucks… watch anime.

生徒会の一存 / Seitokai no Ichizon Episode 07 — it was pretty blah.

The Hekiyou Gakuen Student Council go on a summer vacation trip (“training camp” á la K-On!‘s?) to Tokyo, and typical Seitokai things happen. Less anime references (that I got, anyways) this episode, but still extremely random.

There were a lot of good shots in this ep, but I’m not feeling well so I didn’t bother doing any screenshots.

Oh, and this ep gets an AAA. [8/10]

フェアリーテイル / Fairy Tail Episode 06 — Cliché-filled, as usual, but humor is great. Gray+Natsu+Lucy+whatshername red haired girl make the best comedy quartet ever >______<

Surprisingly, this week’s Fairy Tail is better than this week’s Seitokai.

WOOOAAHH the red-haired girl is cool. (Still don’t remember her name.)

Oh, right. “Erza”.

Wow, what a cliffhanger. S+. [9.5/10]

こばと / Kobato Episode 06 — Field trip. What’s with those evil gangster-looking people?

Hmm, is Ioryogi going to do some investigating on the evil gang people? What a sweet thing to do.

Wait… what… happened? … magic… wtf… see… I really don’t get this… What did Ioryogi-san do in the past? Oooh, plot thickening!

I want my romantic Kobato+Fujimoto pairing already. They’d really make a nice pair, idk.

Hm, this ep wasn’t touching or interesting or funny. Fujimoto seems to we warming up to Kobato; that’s nice. I still don’t get the weird talking animals running around. A. [6/10]

うみねこのく頃に / Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 21 — I still don’t get the timejumping and Ange and 1998 and what the hell is happening. I still feel very very sad about how everybody is bullying Ange.

Lol, it’s the police officer’s voice! Um… what was his name.. Oo– Oo…  gah.

Hm, and now Maria wants to kill her mom. And Ange just denied the existence of her furniture and… what, did she die?

A rich person is one who is satisfied with oneself.

Touching quote of the day.

Aand it’s back to Rokkenjima in 1998… what are those weird people who are trying to kill Ange? What the hell is going on >___<

Hm, this episode falls into the “I don’t get it so it’s un-rateable” category. It’s worse than 11eyes ><

しゅごキャラ!ドッキドキ / Shugo Chara! Dokki Doki Episode 01 — Yeah, I finished the 102-episode first series today… so… onwards…

They shortened the episodes from 1/2 hour to 13 minutes (yeah, why the ** did they do that? I don’t know.) to add some… live action segment with people dressed up (“cosplaying”? No, that would be an insult to the art of cosplay) as characters… from Shugo Chara… and… ugh. I was too painstruck to watch the liveaction half.

Anyways, as for the actual episode, it was a normal Shugo Chara! ep. Why am I watching this. It’s like volunteering for brain damage.

kizuna, atsui kizuna!

November 12th, 2009

Today’s haul.

Shin Koihime Musou Episode 06

Lewd yuri fantasies every other minute.

Lewd yuri fantasies every other minute.

This episode is about… a cooking contest! IT’S IRON CHEF set in ancient china, with cute anime girl cooks!

These subs suck, it’s not “mabodofu”… they keep getting chinese words wrong! Once they subbed “yi er san” (meaning one, two, three in Chinese) as “E R 3″…….

Anyways… mapo tofu plus bamboo shoots in a meat bun? Hmm…

Sousou-dono is cool, she admits defeat. I don’t get the “emotionalness” of a cooking contest. What’s with all these emotional soliloquys? Well, I guess I”m happy I get to hear Ryuubi’s voice.

What the f–… she suddenly exhibits an incredible feat of strength… and then… okay, this is a random ending.

Oh, and the thing with the Chou sisters is getting 面白い.

S. [9/10]

This is worth more than a facepalm.

This is worth more than a facepalm.

Actually maybe I should stop biasing the ratings upward. Ehh, whatever.



Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 20

Epic. We’re back to 1998, witches and sorcery. Ushiromiya Ange, I feel sorrier and sorrier for her every episode. Also, I’m slightly surprised that Maria was somehow a witch… or… what?

Also, what's with the come-to-life stuffed animal?

Also, what's with the come-to-life stuffed animal?

Well, the point is that you don’t get it until the end when it all clicks together and you go OMG that was SO CLEVER.

Anyways, April 1987. New evidence: two letters-in-a-bottle were later discovered after the Rokkenjima incident describing a series of serial murders that took place on the island. The chance of those bottles having been fabricated is close to zero.

And etc etc…

“The Rokkenjima Witch Hunt”. Ugh, this anime started out so lame, but now it’s unbearably epic.

Of course I still don’t get it… what, is Ange randomly spontaneously mentally timejumping back and forth between 1998 and 1987? Huh. AAA+. [8.5/10]

Kobato Episode 05

Hm, it was kinda interesting. This anime is touching, over-fluffy-cute, and so-so humor. It’s an episodic kind of plot, every episode isn’t really connected to the other.

Picture books seem to be a recurring theme in CLAMP lore. Actually, the last occurrence is probably Chobits, so never mind.

Wow… that old man’s story is so sad…

For the emotional touchy-feely-ness of it, I’ll give it an AAA. [8/10]

Yes, Kobato’s ratings are slowly going down… show us something interesting! Or give us something really really funny! Mou~

Midweek Anime Post

October 30th, 2009

lol, actually, I started this midweek, and by the type I got to publishing it, it’s Friday.

Of course, look forward to the special weekend reviews with stuff like Blacksmith, Seitokai, Nyan Koi, and whatever.

こばと / Kobato Episode 04 – It was somewhere between interesting and uninteresting. Wasn’t particuarly funny this episode. Kobato is cute as always. Weird things start happening. What’s with the goddamn bunny.

She’s always so optimistic — it’s really refreshing after a long day of Arcadia-style torture. AA. [7/10]

うみねこのなくころに / Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 18

First half, this is what I typed:


I can’t even bear to give it a rating.

OMGWTFFFF after the first half, it totally changes

all that lame stuff… it’s actually ;xxx *spoiler*


Ushiromiya Ange finally appears too! XDDD Epicest episode ever!!

Okay just due to this ONE episode, Umineko just jumped ahead of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.


This episode was [11/10]. SSS.

Only Hayate no Gotoku gets those XD

11eyes ~罪と罰と購いの少女~ Episode 04— Last time we left off, Kakeru-kun was on the verge of death, and his older sister (who was supposed to have died seven years ago) saved him. Kakeru-kun was only able to catch a blurry glimpse of her, and is considering whether or not it was all a hallucination.

Yukiko is weird. What’s with the school nurse? That silver-haired guy is cool. He should be the main character. Ah, Takehisa is his name. Nice name. And of course they’re pissed off at each other. There are totally going to be yaoi doujinshis about him and Kakeru-kun for Winter Comiket ><.

Ok, Kakeru-kun fails at life, fighting, and everything else. And protecting girls. Of course, he has like three girls that like him already, and it’s only the fourth episode. And that’s not counting his onee-san ^^

The “coming of the Red Night” animation is extremely extremely cool.

Takahisa is a mental-ignition psychic – Pyrokineticist.

I love how they’re giving “English-ish scientific” sounding terms for this XD

Kusakabe-senpai’s seven legendary swords or whatever are really cool. In fact, the animation in this is epic. However, I STILL don’t understand the story (and this is ep 4…)

Yukiko totally changes when she takes her glasses off. Also, her attack reminds me of Final Hit. Totally. Complete with teleportation and all.


“Where did you acquire that superhuman combat capability and immense murderous intent?”

Kusakabe-senpai wants to know where she can buy some.

I don’t have any idea what to rate this anime because I have no idea what’s going on with the plot. For the animation it would get an S, I guess. It would be nice if we saw Kakeru’s onee-chan more. She’s really cute ^^

cheated by gravity

October 22nd, 2009
even though all people want to try to fly
they’re tricked by gravity
the truth is, everyone can fly

(Lyric creditsThe Jellyfish’s Confession, by Nakajima Megumi; TV anime Kobato outro song.)

Currently on repeat: only my railgun – fripside

こばと / Kobato Episode 03 – Lol, I’m back to reviewing anime in English. Let’s keep these short and sweet.

Anyways, great episode. Nothing surprising happened. Character of the day was cute. Plot is still empty as an eggshell, however. A. [6/10]

that child looks so sad
maybe it’s because she has forgotten her shadow somewhere

11eyes~罪と罰と購いの少女~ / 11eyes ~tsumi to batsu to aganai no shoujo~ Episode 03 – Hm, Protagonist (Kakeru-kun) is so stupid now. I’m starting to hate him. His girlfriend… no, wait, “childhood friend” is also annoying. And plus, all they can ever do is RUN AWAY. Ugh, this is stupid. The only person who has cool moves is Kusakabe-senpai. And all the enemies are so ugly. And half of the cast is also ugly. Of course, the un-ugly half of the cast only have like 2 seconds of screen time combined in the entire episode.

Of course, they still haven’t made ANY progress in explaining the plot to us. In fact, as usual, they just added more complexicated concepts. What the hell is going on in this anime? At least they should tell us something in 3 episodes! This is going to severely affect this anime’s rating. Rating dropped to B. [5/10]

it’s strange that tears fall even though I’m happy

Anime Post “of the year”!

October 17th, 2009

Alrighty, 始まるぞ!!

Nobody gets the ref in the title, I guess. For self-reference, it’s Rokugou-san’s catchphrase, from Pani Poni Dash!.

Kampfer Episode 03 – I’m too lazy to type out the german “a” correctly, haha.

Well, this ep was interesting. Don’t feel like giving a rating.

Railgun Episode 03 – See, now I’m not only too lazy to type out the Japanese name, I’m even too lazy to type out the full English name!

This episode was great. Something actually happened. Compared to last episode, this was a fiftyfold improvement. S. [9/10]

Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 16 – Why did I actually bother typing out “no Naku Koro ni”?

I find it weird how Beatrice suddenly turns soft. Is she in love with our dear Protagonist? *gasp*

Everything is weird, but I guess that’s kinda the point. The “Siestas” are cute, and lots of little plot twists and dead mutilated bodies. Joy. A. [6/10]

Kobato Episode 02 – I hate that guy. I HATE THAT GUY.

I thought he was cool in the first episode, the the lead male pisses me off. Seriously. He’s so suspicious of everything… he’s so negative about everything…

I guess it totally fits and contrasts with how Kobato thinks about everything positively. Teehee, good anime anyways. You don’t even need to watch it to know that; it’s by CLAMP after all. AA+. [7.5/10]

Nyan Koi! Episode 03 – This episode was great!

Hilarious episode! New character is awesome, and quite unique. Everyone (except the weird freaky girl) is very very cute~

Protagonist really really needs to confess soon! He has like four other girls after him already, so yeah…

This feels like CLANNAD, or Kanon, except plus cats.

The second half wasn’t as interesting as the mailman dragging Protagonist around, but Mizuno is cute, so it’s fine. AA. [7/10]

Shin Koihime Musou Episode 02 – watch pending, looking forward to. Ryuubi’s supposed to debut in this ep.

Okay, watching. The intro is epic, of course. This season may not have that many really good animes compared to last season, but it really seems to have a heck of a lot of good songs.

Oh my gosh, this episode is hilarious >< I love how this episode isn’t taking itself seriously.

Wow, that badguy is EVIL. EEVVIILL. And Ryuubi is so dumb, haha.

Everyone is so hilarious~ OMG… not that again, Sei! :O Lol, I love how nobody ever remembers who Kousonsan is. (All these Chinese-derived names are awesome.)

One of the most unique things about Koihime Musou is the huge cast. Not just huge. HUUUUUGEE.

By Shin Koihime Musou, there have got to be over a hundred characters, maybe even like 150!

Anyways, Ryuubi is awesome. S. [9/10]


"arrival of tears" / 11eyes game cover

Music update:

arrival of tears” – Ayane (11eyes)


The Anime Post

October 14th, 2009

11eyes Episode 02 – More characters! More confusing plot! More ugly enemies to slice up, more cool-looking animation~! Awesome anime. I don’t understand ANYTHING that’s happening, but the visuals make it appealing enough. I don’t know whether or not I should go into a more in-depth summary. Ah fine, I will. Slightly.

Okay, so… um… his sister is not dead? Or… she… came back to life? Or were they hallucinating? And… what’s with everybody else? The romance between Yuka and um… Kakeru-kun is cute, it feels like Shakugan no Shana as I’ve mentioned before. Who is the weird white-haired girl? Who is the girl trapped in the crystal? Who are the good guys, who are the bad guys!? Who the hell is everyone, and what the hell is going on!?!?

This anime is fun, because nothing makes sense. A+ or AA. [7/10]

こばと / Kobato Episode 02 – waiting for gg’s subtitles.

聖剣の刀鍛冶 / Seiken no Blacksmith (The Sacred Blacksmith) Episodes 01 ~ 02 – Me and Hanchan were laughing at and making fun of this anime back in the beginning of Summer 2009. Are they going to show us 30 minutes of video involving an old man hammering an anvil? Hahaha, what else could an anime about a “sacred” blacksmith be about? Ahahaha!

Well, we were wrong (lol). This is actually quite an interesting anime. The lead female is really cute. She sucks at fighting, but her personality and looks make up for it. The lead male is very cool, and his assistant is loli enough to make this a complete anime. The plot I cannot judge yet, however. I pray to Haruhi for a good plot. A or A+. Actually, maybe I’ll give it an AA for the cool OP/ED. [6.5/10]

Also, I watched today:

宙のまにまに / Sora no Manimani Episode 09 – This episode was so boring. Normally Sora no Manimani is a lot more hilarious than this, but this episode suddenly, randomly, quadrupled the cast, and it wasn’t really funny. It won’t make me discontinue Sora no Manimani, but I’ll want to finish it less.

とある魔術の禁書目録 / To Aru Majutsu no Index (A Certain Magical Index) Episode 07 (rewatch) – Wow. This anime is somehow better than I remembered it. Why is the rewatch twice as enjoyable than the original time around?

I remember the first time I watched Index, and I didn’t think it was that good. Well, maybe that’s because it was right after I watched a bunch of SS/SS+ ranked animes like Nanoha or Haruhi or Lucky Star or something, I don’t know. But wow, now that I’m rewatching in HD, I totally appreciate the visual effects. Index is so much more appealing too (originally I started hating her after maybe episode 04), although Misaka and Touma still go better together. I think I’ll watch an episode a week alongside Railgun. I found I forgot most of what happened in Index (well, it has been a couple years), so rewatching this is fun.

I need to rewatch some more animes that I really loved. For example, my very first anime, Cardcaptor Sakura must deserve a rewatch. Tsubasa isn’t quite over yet, but maybe I’ll rewatch some other CLAMP works. I’d also rewatch Nanoha, and KyoAni things like Haruhi, although for Haruhi I’m planning on watching everything together, on Blu-ray, once everything is done and over with and the Blu-rays come out.

Short anime update

October 9th, 2009

Again, I’ll make these as short as possible. (Some of them really deserve long/er, though.) As usual, click for high-resolution versions.

こばと – Kobato



CLAMP work (read: From the makers of Tsubasa, Cardcaptor Sakura, Code Geass, X, Chobits, etc etc etc.)

This is what Japanese humans do at parks in the spring. *nodnod*

This is what Japanese humans do at parks in the spring. *nodnod*

I’ve never looked into the manga for this, and I watched the first ep without really knowing what to expect. Well, I must say. I was totally amazed. Another dazzling CLAMP success.

Above all else, the excellent animation quality, voice acting, etc… the best part of this episode might have been Kobato’s singing. The intro and outro songs were also both spectacular (and I found the ED animation interesting, lol).

This anime is mostly humor, so there’s nothing to interpret or discuss here (that’s why the next post is so much longer than this one, lol). Highly recommended anime, although we’ll see how the next episode turns out.

This is what hell looks like.

This is what hell looks like.

Her singing is beautiful.

Her singing is beautiful.

空の落し物 – Sora no Otoshimono / Heaven’s Lost Property

Okay… all the characters are cute and well-rounded. The characters are probably the best part of this anime.

Sugita Eishirou

Sugita Eishirou

At least it won’t be the plot. The first half of episode 01 took place at school, and I found it an extremely hilarious school life comedy. I especially liked the (male) character of Sugita Eishirou (at right). He’s so weird and quirky, and he gives off that Mikhail (Macross F) feel, especially with the hair, speech mannerisms, and glasses.

The protagonist’s view towards life is fascinating. I believe it will be either a main part of the story’s theme, or it will be something that the protagonist will forget during the course of the story, and the in the end, he will remember his original perspectives and reflect on them.

(the translation makes this sound lame.)

(the translation makes this sound lame.)

His view towards life is compounded by the fact that he acts extremely childish. I suppose that’s a fun type of main character to have, but it does become annoying at times. His personality is so totally immature, it seems this anime will be a meaningful watch, if we get to follow the development of this guy’s life.



Also, I love Student Council President characters (and yes, it’s Hina’s fault), and this anime has an interesting President as well (at right). The opening wasn’t aired for the first episode, so I don’t know whether or not there will be any more characters, but this cast isn’t half bad. I’ve seen worse.

Tomoki (protagonist) as immature brat who suddenly found a girl and now can do anything he wants.

Tomoki (protagonist) as immature brat.

Also, some romance would be nice. Girl at left is really cute (childhood friend characters ftw). The weird girl who fell from the sky (she’s the “Lost Property” I’m guessing?) is cute too, I guess, but her chest is too big and she’s too blank and empty to be very fun. Normally, in these sorts of stories, I guess the robot/fairy/otherwise personality-less (I’m thinking Rei/Evangelion or Yuki/Haruhi, those kinds of characters) falls in love with the protagonist and eventually develops a personality. Or not necessarily. Seeing her grow a personality out of thin air might be interesting.

Ooops... what was that about not being able to cancel orders?

Ooops... what was that about not being able to cancel orders?


This may be last, but don’t let that mislead you. This is totally going to be the next Shakugan no Shana. I swear, the first episode looked that appealing.

The main character’s coolness is pleasant. The eyepatch looks really weird, but I don’t mind it. Hopefully he gets rid of it soon, though. His childhood friend is extremely cute and sweet. She’s almost a copy of whatshername from Shana… um…

Anyways, I don’t quite get it (and I like it when I don’t quite get it, because that foreshadows an wide, epic plot). Did his sister… suicide… or… what happened… and she killed him? or something? or what? And who is this girl? And who’s that guy? So many characters that we see in the first episode, and it’s going to be an enjoyable journey learning the pasts of these many characters, as I’m sure we will.

I don’t feel like adding screenshots. Go watch this yourself.


This week’s Kampfer: boring compared to first episode. I hope they don’t keep this up.

This week’s To Aru Kagaku no Railgun: guys, I don’t care about Kuroko. She can go to the corner of her room and die a horrible bloody death for all I care. Why dedicate the second episode of the series to her? C’mon, start off the plot already! Isn’t that what the To Aru series is all about?

Side note though, I found Touma’s cameo interesting, but did this scene occur in Index? Wasn’t Misaka and Touma’s first meeting originally on a bridge? Actually, in fact, I don’t quite get the timespan and timeperiod of Railgun compared to Index. Is this during, before, or after most of the events in the Index anime?

I don’t feel like writing a post…

October 8th, 2009

… but I’ll write one anyways.

Soo, um, I kind of spent like my whole day today and most of my day yesterday (apart from school and sleep) doing a math problem. Yeah, that sums up my life, everything else just feels really bad (like a cold should).

Umm, anime. Kobato. It was surprisingly excellent. I am constantly surprised at CLAMP’s excellence. It’ll be the third anime I majorly recommend this season (obviously, the other two are Railgun and Seitokai no Ichizon).

Umum, I also finished Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, Princess Lover, and Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou. From last season, I still have to finish Kanamemo, Sora no Manimani, and Bakemonogatari. I guess they deserve short farewell speeches. I’ll make them as short as can be.

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu – too cheesy. Mika needs more screentime. Lameish end.

Princess Lover – WTF. Morals and themes that don’t make any sense. Moral behind story has nothing to do with story at all. Still cute though.

Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou – ewwww. why did I even watch this. oh right, because Koyomi is kind of cute.

There. Now, I’m sure half of you don’t care about anime, so…

idk, you guys should tell me what to blog about. That’s a good idea. Talk, people.