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Anime Post “of the year”!

October 17th, 2009

Alrighty, 始まるぞ!!

Nobody gets the ref in the title, I guess. For self-reference, it’s Rokugou-san’s catchphrase, from Pani Poni Dash!.

Kampfer Episode 03 – I’m too lazy to type out the german “a” correctly, haha.

Well, this ep was interesting. Don’t feel like giving a rating.

Railgun Episode 03 – See, now I’m not only too lazy to type out the Japanese name, I’m even too lazy to type out the full English name!

This episode was great. Something actually happened. Compared to last episode, this was a fiftyfold improvement. S. [9/10]

Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 16 – Why did I actually bother typing out “no Naku Koro ni”?

I find it weird how Beatrice suddenly turns soft. Is she in love with our dear Protagonist? *gasp*

Everything is weird, but I guess that’s kinda the point. The “Siestas” are cute, and lots of little plot twists and dead mutilated bodies. Joy. A. [6/10]

Kobato Episode 02 – I hate that guy. I HATE THAT GUY.

I thought he was cool in the first episode, the the lead male pisses me off. Seriously. He’s so suspicious of everything… he’s so negative about everything…

I guess it totally fits and contrasts with how Kobato thinks about everything positively. Teehee, good anime anyways. You don’t even need to watch it to know that; it’s by CLAMP after all. AA+. [7.5/10]

Nyan Koi! Episode 03 – This episode was great!

Hilarious episode! New character is awesome, and quite unique. Everyone (except the weird freaky girl) is very very cute~

Protagonist really really needs to confess soon! He has like four other girls after him already, so yeah…

This feels like CLANNAD, or Kanon, except plus cats.

The second half wasn’t as interesting as the mailman dragging Protagonist around, but Mizuno is cute, so it’s fine. AA. [7/10]

Shin Koihime Musou Episode 02 – watch pending, looking forward to. Ryuubi’s supposed to debut in this ep.

Okay, watching. The intro is epic, of course. This season may not have that many really good animes compared to last season, but it really seems to have a heck of a lot of good songs.

Oh my gosh, this episode is hilarious >< I love how this episode isn’t taking itself seriously.

Wow, that badguy is EVIL. EEVVIILL. And Ryuubi is so dumb, haha.

Everyone is so hilarious~ OMG… not that again, Sei! :O Lol, I love how nobody ever remembers who Kousonsan is. (All these Chinese-derived names are awesome.)

One of the most unique things about Koihime Musou is the huge cast. Not just huge. HUUUUUGEE.

By Shin Koihime Musou, there have got to be over a hundred characters, maybe even like 150!

Anyways, Ryuubi is awesome. S. [9/10]


"arrival of tears" / 11eyes game cover

Music update:

arrival of tears” – Ayane (11eyes)


Short anime update

October 9th, 2009

Again, I’ll make these as short as possible. (Some of them really deserve long/er, though.) As usual, click for high-resolution versions.

こばと – Kobato



CLAMP work (read: From the makers of Tsubasa, Cardcaptor Sakura, Code Geass, X, Chobits, etc etc etc.)

This is what Japanese humans do at parks in the spring. *nodnod*

This is what Japanese humans do at parks in the spring. *nodnod*

I’ve never looked into the manga for this, and I watched the first ep without really knowing what to expect. Well, I must say. I was totally amazed. Another dazzling CLAMP success.

Above all else, the excellent animation quality, voice acting, etc… the best part of this episode might have been Kobato’s singing. The intro and outro songs were also both spectacular (and I found the ED animation interesting, lol).

This anime is mostly humor, so there’s nothing to interpret or discuss here (that’s why the next post is so much longer than this one, lol). Highly recommended anime, although we’ll see how the next episode turns out.

This is what hell looks like.

This is what hell looks like.

Her singing is beautiful.

Her singing is beautiful.

空の落し物 – Sora no Otoshimono / Heaven’s Lost Property

Okay… all the characters are cute and well-rounded. The characters are probably the best part of this anime.

Sugita Eishirou

Sugita Eishirou

At least it won’t be the plot. The first half of episode 01 took place at school, and I found it an extremely hilarious school life comedy. I especially liked the (male) character of Sugita Eishirou (at right). He’s so weird and quirky, and he gives off that Mikhail (Macross F) feel, especially with the hair, speech mannerisms, and glasses.

The protagonist’s view towards life is fascinating. I believe it will be either a main part of the story’s theme, or it will be something that the protagonist will forget during the course of the story, and the in the end, he will remember his original perspectives and reflect on them.

(the translation makes this sound lame.)

(the translation makes this sound lame.)

His view towards life is compounded by the fact that he acts extremely childish. I suppose that’s a fun type of main character to have, but it does become annoying at times. His personality is so totally immature, it seems this anime will be a meaningful watch, if we get to follow the development of this guy’s life.



Also, I love Student Council President characters (and yes, it’s Hina’s fault), and this anime has an interesting President as well (at right). The opening wasn’t aired for the first episode, so I don’t know whether or not there will be any more characters, but this cast isn’t half bad. I’ve seen worse.

Tomoki (protagonist) as immature brat who suddenly found a girl and now can do anything he wants.

Tomoki (protagonist) as immature brat.

Also, some romance would be nice. Girl at left is really cute (childhood friend characters ftw). The weird girl who fell from the sky (she’s the “Lost Property” I’m guessing?) is cute too, I guess, but her chest is too big and she’s too blank and empty to be very fun. Normally, in these sorts of stories, I guess the robot/fairy/otherwise personality-less (I’m thinking Rei/Evangelion or Yuki/Haruhi, those kinds of characters) falls in love with the protagonist and eventually develops a personality. Or not necessarily. Seeing her grow a personality out of thin air might be interesting.

Ooops... what was that about not being able to cancel orders?

Ooops... what was that about not being able to cancel orders?


This may be last, but don’t let that mislead you. This is totally going to be the next Shakugan no Shana. I swear, the first episode looked that appealing.

The main character’s coolness is pleasant. The eyepatch looks really weird, but I don’t mind it. Hopefully he gets rid of it soon, though. His childhood friend is extremely cute and sweet. She’s almost a copy of whatshername from Shana… um…

Anyways, I don’t quite get it (and I like it when I don’t quite get it, because that foreshadows an wide, epic plot). Did his sister… suicide… or… what happened… and she killed him? or something? or what? And who is this girl? And who’s that guy? So many characters that we see in the first episode, and it’s going to be an enjoyable journey learning the pasts of these many characters, as I’m sure we will.

I don’t feel like adding screenshots. Go watch this yourself.


This week’s Kampfer: boring compared to first episode. I hope they don’t keep this up.

This week’s To Aru Kagaku no Railgun: guys, I don’t care about Kuroko. She can go to the corner of her room and die a horrible bloody death for all I care. Why dedicate the second episode of the series to her? C’mon, start off the plot already! Isn’t that what the To Aru series is all about?

Side note though, I found Touma’s cameo interesting, but did this scene occur in Index? Wasn’t Misaka and Touma’s first meeting originally on a bridge? Actually, in fact, I don’t quite get the timespan and timeperiod of Railgun compared to Index. Is this during, before, or after most of the events in the Index anime?

Fall 2009

October 6th, 2009

Normally, after watching a really good episode, I would log onto MSN, double-click on the icon of Lelouch that happens to say “Hanchan” next to it, and rant to the computer for a half hour, annoying the heck out of Hanchan as a minor side effect.

However, that not only wastes Hanchan’s important time, but is also rather pointless, because it’s not like I’ll ever see my own rants again. I am the one who, in the future, will probably want to read my own thoughts and emotions during October of 2009, so instead I’ll rant more to this blog/diary.

After everything has aired, I’ll probably write a big pretty pictureful post about everything. For now, though:

生徒会の一存Seitokai no Ichizon — see Screenshot Festival — this anime is more Lucky Star than Lucky Star. Seriously, it’s like Lucky Star times 50, plus a lead male character. But seriously… this is a GOOD anime. It’s hilarious in its stupidity, and SO MANY anime references. I’m ashamed at myself for recognizing more than half, but there must have been >20 references in a single minute…

Also, the opening animation is amazing. All four of the main characters are also amazing (and they also remind me of the Lucky Star characters) and dare I say, better designed than Konata and company. Of course, only time can tell us whether this series will really be better than Lucky Star, but the funny thing is, in one single episode of Seitokai no Ichizon, they made like 20 references to Lucky Star itself.

This semi-review does not do justice to the hilarity of this anime. There is a reason this was my most-wanted anime for Fall 2009. WATCH IT. Now.

I wonder what her hair smells like when she fertilizes those flowers.

I wonder what her hair smells like when she fertilizes those flowers.

とある科学の超電磁砲 / To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – Dedicated post to this anime here. YES, it’s THAT unexpectedly awesome; it deserves its own post.

Watching the first episode of Railgun even made me go back and spend five hours rewatching part of とある魔術の禁書目録 / To Aru Majutsu no Index. Yeah, seriously. >__<

Official poster.

Official poster.

Okay, about the first episode itself… it was exactly what would be expected, I guess. The two new characters were really really cute and awesome, and Misaka was cute as usual. I really don’t like Kuroko still (she is cute, but her voice and personality are extremely annoying), but the other three main characters make up for her. As for the railgun scene… I feel they could have made it even MORE cool and awesome. I mean, all it did was make maybe a 1m-deep groove in the street and flip a car into the air, right? Aren’t railguns supposed to way more powerful than that?

Nyan Koi! — um… I’m not sure what to say. It seems this series is from a semi-well-known manga, but it’s just… weird. Don’t get me wrong here, I love cats, but… um… this is just not my kind of anime. All the non-cat characters are pretty good (and Protagonist’s love interest is pretty cute too), but… wtf is with the cats…

Kämpfer — This was cute.

The lead male looks kind of lame-ish in his male form, but I admit, female version of lead male is pretty. At first, I liked the crazy red-haired girl, but the weird terminology and semi-stupid plot dictated that later in the episode, she was actually an ewwie weird shy glasses-girl who, through some weird plot device, randomly transforms. Same for lead male, he randomly transforms into a girl.

Other than “This is cute”, I guess I’ll refrain from any further comment. I doubt this will have any meaningful plot, and due to the presence of glasses-girl, I might not watch this just for the female characters anymore. This also doesn’t look like it will have a romantic resolution (typical for animes where one guy is surrounded by ten girls), so I might drop this too.

真 恋姫無双 / Shin Koihime Musou — Hmm… the first episode started off with an awesome rendition of the original season’s opening song, flower of bravery, by the voice actors of the two lead females from that season. That song was a really good song, and I enjoyed the seiyuu-sung version. The new OP was also up-to-par.

As for the episode itself… it felt too yuri. I don’t see why they focused on Bachou and Chouhi’s relationship for the first episode. Why didn’t they start off with introducing us to Ryuubi? Geez, Liu Bei is like the most important character in the original Three Kingdoms, so why must they keep us waiting for her? Tsk.

Well, standard Koihime humor. Standard Koihime episodic plot. Standard Koihime development. Standard resolution. It was so standard, it became boring, but I guess this episode was more to introduce the characters for those viewers who haven’t played the games or watched the original season.

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu 2 — No good subs are out yet anyways, so I’ll finish up the first season before starting.

Sora no Otoshimono — watching this soon.

Okay, watched it. Here are my thoughts.

At first, the premise felt like ToLOVE-ru, and it does share similarities with that series. The characters are vibrant and colorful for the most part, although I do find the lead male to be somewhat too childish.

I’m not sure what to say about what happens in the second half of the first episode… the first half of the episode was superb, however. The characters were introduced in a pleasant manner, and our setting is also pleasantly described.

I now know what this series partially reminds me of. It reminds me of those Key animes, namely Air I think. The idea of the lead male searching “for a girl in the sky” is pretty much taken word-for-word from Air. The peaceful town and character designs are also in a typical Key style.

However, this isn’t a Key anime, and it possesses many characteristics that heavily set it apart from Key animes. For example, the humor is overdone, and it’s overdone rather nicely, I’d say.

The scifi-esque “angel” that can do anything… that’s just a lame plot device. This romance may turn out to be interesting, but personally, I’m don’t see the purpose of falling in love with what’s pretty much a robot. Maybe we’ll see some meaningful character development that will make me change my mind.

Inuyasha Final Act — might watch if I’m bored.

Instead of updating this post, I’ll just write another post 3 or 4 days later finishing up the rest of the animes I will watch, and then maybe a week later, write up a prettyful pictureful post.

A Sudden Rush of Anime

October 2nd, 2009

Kampfer came out yesterday, it was better than I expected in some ways, and worse than my expectations in other ways.

Anyways, about today. Shin Koihime Musou came out in low-quality (it’s not supposed to be out yet though =p), so I watched it subbed in Chinese. Awesome songs, as usual, and typical Koihime stuff. Bachou x Chouhi is weird. I want my Ryuubi NOW though.

Next — To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, currently downloading. Misaka is the best thing since they invented the wheel, so this better be good, AND have an OP sung by Kawada-san (or, well, KOTOKO will do) AND have an ED sung by IKU (only IKU will do; all of her songs so far have been beyond awesome).

Aand… “Nyan Koi!” (I forgot what this anime was supposed to be about.) I’ll give it a watch (lol).

Seitokai no Ichizon came out raw a while ago, hurry up and get it subbed XD.

Ugh, life is good.


October 1st, 2009

Kampfer is out (yay first Fall09 anime!), but pfft slow subbing groups >>

Lol, why did I start out a “my life” post with something about anime. Anywho.

Today was SO TIRING…

and I got enough sleep yesterday too!

Why was it so tiring today? I’m not sure. I finished all of today’s math homework yesterday already, and I actually remembered to do my Chinese homework. I kind of forgot about my hospital volunteering, but luckily my mom volunteered to pick me up to change, and then drive me there.

Maybe I started the day off weird. English was kind of a total bore… although we’re doing something great for our project :x

P.E. today was the usual. Badminton, it’s always fun. Plus I got to have a series of semi-meaningful conversations with Justin involving a portable stowable battery-powered super microwave lunchbox.

Orchestra was… why am I even here >_< By this time I've started randomly questioning my purpose in life. Math was pleasant, I always love that class. Got maybe half of tomorrow's homework done. Everybody's just so hilarious in that class, I love Hank and Dun and Alfred and everybody else~~ For lunch, I was planning on going to the library and "studying" for my AP Physics test (by reading the book and doing one or two problems) for about 15 minutes before getting lunch... guess what? There was a swarm of maybe like THIRTY people in the library, FRANTICALLY studying for Mr. Zhang's AP physics test!! UGH! PEOPLE! STAY AWAY FROM ME! so as a result I had a horrible lunch... and then it was Mandarin. It's a nice, relaxing class. We had a funny moment when Mrs. Hung couldn't figure out how to turn on the air conditioning (since Mrs. Brown always did it for her, hahaha~) On a side note, I am constantly ashamed at myself for knowing so few characters. I don't even think I can read a newspaper yet... Last class of the day was AP Physics. Of course, I didn't study AT ALL, and I didn't do ANY of the homework he assigns (well... I never do AP Physics homework, not that he ever checks it). That is a formula for failure. ... do I sound like Hanning? Lol, if I come back and like I got another 120% on that test, you guys have my permission to laugh at me >< ~~~ oh... and STUPID PALLAVI AND SAM... STILL haven't finished with the math team tryouts! Haha, whatever, I guess. There are more important things than Math Team. Also SOMEBODY PLEASE REMIND ME!!! SOCCER TEAM MEETING AT LUNCH TOMORROW~ also, guys, post comments when you read posts, so I can know how little MY life sucks compared to YOURS, or w/e. ^^