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An Interesting Title

April 18th, 2010
Information: I am about 10 episodes behind on all the Winter 2010 animes I was following, and I still haven’t finished the Fall 2009 animes I was following. My first impressions on the new Spring 2010 animes will come in a later post (even though it’s about already the 2nd week of Spring 2010).

Anime sucks.


Shakugan no Shana S Episode 02 — One of the best things about watching an anime… when you come back to it again, it feels so fresh, so nostalgic, and so pleasant.

Is what I would like to say… but this episode was 99.975% pointless. A waste of half an hour.

Shakugan no Shanatan Dos — ehh not funny

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Special – Nekogoroshi-hen — Lol.

Durarara!! Episode 12 — It turns out this anime was actually 24 episodes, so this isn’t the climax. Wahahaha.

Fairy Tail Episode 24 — eh this is getting too typical and cliche. Like, nothing’s happening happening.

BakaTest Episode 11 — OMG I finally have time to catch up on BakaTest, the awesomest anime this season.

The Sacred Blacksmith Episode 11 — playing the catch-up game. Hmmm… horrible animation, horrible voice actiong, horrible plot, horrible dialogue, horrible everything x____x

The Sacred Blacksmith Episode 12 FINAL — so like why am I still watching this.

Her sword is sexy.

Is what I would say, but it sounds quite weird out of context.

Seiken no Blacksmith / The Sacred Blacksmith FINAL REVIEW

I’m back to simple final reviews. The balance of points is probably highly inaccurate, but too bad. Also, my ratings seem to have gotten harsher or something… I didn’t expect a D.

Characters 0/2 | Plot 0/2 | Setting 1/2 | Music 1/2 | Art 1/2

3/10 D

Durarara!! Episode 13 — Oh my god epic new intro song.

Anri’s voice is so touching. If only she didn’t wear glasses, then I’d like her. Anyways… this episode: Introducing, the Traffic Police Force! And… Shinra’s dad is crazy. OMG Russian!

That ending… was… wow. And the ending song :3 DRRR is still running strong~

Ookamikakushi Episode 08 — I heard this anime really sucked.

Fairy Tail Episode 25 — New OP song? really?

Elfman is cool. Touching moment is not touching. In Soviet Russia, moment touching YOU!! No wait, that’s not right…

Flying kitty crying is cute. Aye! Juvia is stupid, and her whole scene-thing is stupid, and everything is stupid. Gray is awesome, though. I think I like the new ED. Next episode looks like fun things will happen.

Omamori Himari Episode 12 FINAL

Why did I watch this anime all the way through. I want the 6 hours I wasted on this back.

Omamori Himari FINAL REVIEW

The final episode was so horrible…

Characters 1.5/2 | Plot 0/2 | Setting 0.5/2 | Music 2/2 | Art 1.5/2

5.5/10 B+

Danger: Contains Toxic Anime Rants

December 11th, 2009

This product contains Anime, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

聖剣の刀鍛冶 / Seiken no Blacksmith Episode 10

Hm. This anime tries to be so deep and touching… and utterly fails at it. Eh, at least the animation is nice. I’d enjoy it if I had a little less intelligence.

I have so many complaints about this anime, it would be longer than all four of my Mists of Avalon essays.

The cheerful happy ending totally ruined the dramatic moment that they finally kind of achieved by the end of the episode. AA. [7/10]

とある科学の超電磁砲 / To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Episode 11

She seems to have a reason for designing Level Upper — for some reason, her request to run a certain simulation on Tree Diagram, Acadamy City’s super-mega-ultracomputer, was rejected, and somehow it was important enough to send 10,000 people into a coma for a few months, cause them to go insane and cause enough property damage to probably pay for a new supercomputer, and probably get her in jail or killed.

God, why must Railgun be so much better than all the other animes this season. Okay, best animation. Best characters. I won’t give it best music, but waaaaaaay far beyond best plot. It’s like, ten thousand times the plot of all other Fall 2009 animes combined.

1) What the ***, Touma didn’t show up after all. Meaning I’m going to have to learn Japanese and read the book. 2) Kiyama-sensei’s past… it’s so sweet, and the animation, timing, and phrasing of narration is all so perfect. 3) Surprisingly, Misaka beat Kiyama-sensei. 4) WHAT THE HELL WITH THE CLIFFHANGER… now I’ll be thinking about this every day for seven more days. Uuuuu. SS+. [10.5/10]

Touma better show up to save the day next week.


November 30th, 2009

Let’s lengthen my “one-word reviews” to “one-paragraph”. One word is still too little.

And yes, lol, it looks like I have quickly given up on systematic ratings. Heh.

Kampfer Episode 09

… umm.

I can’t understand the thought process that goes on in the minds of the producers who came up with this anime. It’s even harder for me to understand the minds of the people who can actually enjoy watching this without breaking their desks (from all the headdesk-ing).

Right, random screenshot.

C+. [4.5/10]

Seiken no Blacksmith Episode 09

It turns out Luke had a childhood friend who was identical to Cecily, and something tragic happened to her. That explains his coldness, but it doesn’t make this any less lame. It’s still sweet, though. I guess I’m a sucker for the “childhood friend” character.

So, like… Cecily and Luke go out on a date. Cecily is finally wearing something that doesn’t emphasize her bust (e.g. normal girl clothing). Tsundere+tsundere makes for a rather entertaining combination.

Well, it didn’t suck that bad. A. [6/10]

Another reason I dislike this anime is because it goes against some of my principles. Cecily “tries so hard”, yet she still sucks so bad, it’s almost funny.

Fairy Tail Episode 08

Loved it. Climax of this arc, and beautifully done. SS. [10/10]

Kobato Episode 07 –e

Kobato’s character is cliche and lame, but sure. Whatever. Fujimoto-san is totally a relate-able character, though.

“Chiho” and “Chise”? Great, more CLAMP crossovering >< Anyways, yay for Chitose showing up. I don’t even remember her at all from Chobits of any of her incarnations in Tsubasa.

Oh, and how come it -just happens- that every person Kobato meets is “troubled”? I like the inner themes of “kindness”; personalities, problems, the meaning of strength — true strength. It’s a CLAMP thing… but the characters of Kobato aren’t likable enough.

However, I still feel CLAMP could have done this even better. It was touching, yes, but… you could tell it was intentionally meant to be touching, and I just don’t like that feeling. A. [6/10]

Seiken no Blacksmith -08-

November 22nd, 2009

finally decided to watch something after a day of mathing. why, oh why did I choose to watch this

Seiken no Blacksmith “The Sacred BlacksmithEpisode 08 — this is stupid… um… erm…

And the character designs of the fake-princess and her bodyguards were so goood too… and Cecily is just… stupid.

Great animations and character designs but really sucky lines, really sucky dialogue, what the hell is up with the plot…

The only cool person here is Luke. Huh.

The stupidness is only multiplying.



yes… that was an actual line from the dialogue…

…. this whole anime is f***ing stupid.

I’m sorry. It’s the truth. Every goddamn character is so GODDAMN F***ING STUPID.

Late-night Anime Watchin’

November 15th, 2009

I really shouldn’t stay up this late, but life, file transfer, my Lite-On external DVD-RW burner drive, macs, and Vista all hate me.

Seiken no Blacksmith Episode 07

This ep is really sweet. And… sad. Good ep; Charlotte and her bodyguards are getting along quite well with Cecily and all. The CecilyxLuke is overdone as usual… I mean, shouldn’t Luke realize he likes her after he saves her life like ten times? Anyways, AAA+. [8.5/10]

It’s sad that the Emperor (who I’m assuming is the bad guy now?) is… yeah… to Charlotte…

Nyan Koi Episode 07

Normally, suitcases don't meow.

Normally, suitcases don't meow.

This ep is also great. The gang (minus the twins… if they count as part of “the gang”) is out on a school trip to Kyoto. I wish we had school trips in AHS…

Anywho, more romantic tension between Kousaka-kun’s would-be lovers. More troubled cats are un-troubled, a phone call to the twins, and a coincidental meeting with Ichinose at the Ichinose Clan’s head house… which just happens to be located in Kyoto, and the Ichinose Clan just happens to be hosting their annual clan meeting.

Which, by the way, is a meeting held solely to choose Nagi-chan’s husband.

Oh, the mailwoman appeared too.

Kousaka Imouto. Her cat-like facial expressions are kawaii.

Kousaka Imouto. Her cat-like facial expressions are kawaii.

Every major and minor character appeared in this ep, so yay.

Nagi being herself.

Nagi being herself.

Great ep, AAA+. [8.5/10]

Haha, I gave the same rating to both eps I watched tonight. Well… ‘night.

Weekend Anime Post / [聖剣の刀鍛冶] Seiken no Blacksmith 06

November 7th, 2009

聖剣の刀鍛冶 / Seiken no Blacksmith Episode 06

Beginning of episode: LAME RADAR IS GOING OFF LIKE CRAZY!!!

Cecily. FAILS. At everything. Ugh, I hate girls who are super-cute but can’t do anything right except maybe talk smooth. Well, actually, they can be cute too, but when they’re the MAIN CHARACTER you kind of expect them to NOT BE LAME.

Dammit, the OP is cool, Luke is cool, Aria is cool, dammit, LUCY is cooler than CECILY, and she’s like 5 years old or what.

They could maybe name a sword something other than “Claymore”?? Please… not only is it the name of a sword in the first place, it totally builds that connection to Mabi back up again.

Did I just hear “umu”?? IS THAT KUGUMIYA RIE? *matches Nagi’s hairstyle too*

ehh, it’s not that similar actually. Oooh, a princess. Yay, new characters. Wow, two new “demon swords”. Lame name actually. Eww, ugly.

Okay. Yay, now that Princess Charlotte has arrived on the scene, there is somebody less name than Cecily! *rejoices*

Wow, Aria pwns. Wow, dammit, ALL of their swords are “demon swords”. The random side character bodyguards are pretty.

Seriously, though, 3-on-1 isn’t quite fair. They’re totally bullying Cecily. I totally feel sorry for her.


Wow… Luke is so heroic… and what is this, the tenth time Luke has saved her?

And… guess what, at the end of the episode they all turn out to be good guys, and everybody makes friends.

Okay, so Cecily sucked, but this episode ended up really funny (I especially liked Luke’s evil smirk >.<), so it still gets an S. [9/10]

First Anime Post of the New Month

November 2nd, 2009

This Monday rocks.

Seiken no Blacksmith Episode 05 – getting boring… nothing new or epic has happened. The romantic tension between Cecily and Luke isn’t even funny or cute or interesting anymore. Also, about Cecily’s bust… it’s emphasized so much, it’s totally annoying.

Yeah, Luke must be a pedophile. Totally. Aria is cute still, but she still has that “new character” factor helping her out. Aria and Cecily are pushy ><

Luke is totally antisocial. He must be the best character in this anime. Also, is this episode going to be centered around Lisa trying out ten thousand different outfits? I mean, she’s cute but, hmm, I wonder about the LisaxLuke factor too.

And yeah, I forgot how to spell “Seiken no Blacksmith” in Japanese, so too bad. ^^

生徒会の一存 / Seitokai no Ichizon Episode 05 — This anime is so goddamn hilarious, it hurts.

Random Screencap

Random screencap.

Ugh, seriously, I can’t get enough of Seitokai ><

Random screencap 2.

Random screencap 2.

SS. [10/10]

そらのおとしもの / Sora no Otoshimono Episode 05 — Another freakin [11/10] SSS-rank episode from the guys at Sora no Otoshimono! This anime is, dare I say, funnier than Hayate. It might not be suitible for all ages, however — we see semi-nudity and a lot of panties.

I didn't feel like taking relevant screenshots today.

I didn't feel like taking relevant screenshots today.

This was so hilarious… just… watch it.

Like I said. SSS. [11/10] desu.

There’s still Fairy Tail and last week’s Nyan Koi! to watch and write about, but meh.

The Sunday Anime Post

October 27th, 2009

Usually, when Sunday comes along, a truckload of new episodes come out.

However, nothing really came out today except Blacksmith. That’s really odd… Seitokai is going to be out late as usual, but yesterday was also really anime-empty. The only thing that came out yesterday was Nyan Koi!, and I don’t really care much about that one. Friday was also boring.

Well, I’ll start with a review of this week’s Blacksmith, and update this as Sunday goes along.

Seiken no Blacksmith Episode 04 – It was interesting… yet it was uninteresting.

Random screenshot.

Random screenshot.

Well… we see Cecily and Luke being tsundere to each other, like usual. That’s like, the highlight of this anime. CecilyxLuke forever, right?

Anyways, as for the action… the um fire-golem-person-monster-thing-that-melts-iron was kind of… idk, it wasn’t that cool, but it didn’t suck. The sword, what was she called? Ah, right, Aria. Weird name for a “Demon Sword” but ahh.

So… this anime would be more fun if we saw the main cast (of Cecily, Luke, Lucy, and Aria) go off on some Inuyasha-like journey and have great adventures. The current status quo is simply too frustrating, boring, annoying, uninteresting, and did I mention, really boring?

Either way though, the intro is another one of those “OMG this one is the best song this season!” after I listen to it. Too many good songs this season. The anime is just cute, it doesn’t have any real impact (yet). I want to see Cecily and Luke do cool things and pwn badguys left and right! Agh. AAA. [8/10]

Fairy Tail Episode 03 – Natsu tricks Lucy into teaming up with him. Their work this time is to steal a book and burn it. Book-burning. Fun.

Along the way, they accidentally blow up this huge mansion, Kentucky-fry a couple buff muscular dudes, and wreck general havoc. Better than last episode, I guess… ? AA [7/10]

Nyan Koi! Episode 04 – A three-word summary of this episode: “Mizuno is hot.”

Random screenshot.

Random screenshot.

Really though, this episode was really good for Nyan Koi!. No, but, it’s like weird. This episode was totally drawn and animated like it was a manga.

Actually, this ep was almost like a Seitokai ep; lots of random references. I only recognized a few, I guess.

Why do they start speaking Kansai-ish near the end of the ep? >_<

Why did they randomly fall in love? XD It was cheesy but awesome~~

This is like a stupid-ified version of CLANNAD. If like, they toned down Tomoya’s coolness, removed Sunohara, made it harem instead of Nagisa-only, added a pile of cats, and a couple of other minor changes… yeah. Well, I guess the characters are completely different, but still, the framework of the anime is basically a stupid version of CLANNAD for 3-year-olds or something.

Either way, nice episode. AA [7/10]

Sailor Fuku to Kikanjuu (Sailor Uniform and Machine Gun) reference; the only ref I got (lol, not a dorama/j-movie person).

Sailor Fuku to Kikanjuu (Sailor Uniform and Machine Gun) reference; the only ref I got (lol, not a dorama/j-movie person).

Shakugan no Shanatan G – Lol.

(yes, one-word review. I pwn.)


Of course, it's always Sugisaki's fault.

Of course, it's always Sugisaki's fault.

Seitokai no Ichizon Episode 04 – It’s TUESDAY, and this episode is FINALLY out! It’s been almost a week since the episode came out!

Of course, it’s as parody-ful and hilarious as any other ep. Don’t have time to take a bunch of screenshots (this week I did Sora no Otoshimono instead, lol).

… lol, and of course, Seitokai is doing more self-referencing like the first ep.

… okay, THAT was a railgun reference. That was definitely a railgun reference. And, lol, it was the only reference I got in Minatsu’s rant.

Uuu! Looks like this ep will be Minatsu-focused! <333 suki~

I still don't get how gaming and Boys' Love go together.

I still don't get how gaming and Boys' Love go together.

OMG at Mafuyu…

… ugh, I think I’m starting to dislike Chizuru. Her scene was just… eww. XD

Sugisaki is such a talented writer. Too bad he's surrounded by idiots (minus Chizuru).

Sugisaki is such a talented writer. Too bad he's surrounded by idiots (minus Chizuru).

Okay, time to write a serious paragraph on this… not that I really have anything constructive to say. Other than “omg this episode was epic, seitokai is epic, watch it!!!11oneoneeleven”.

Hahaha, I ended up taking piles and piles of screenshots anyways… agh.

There should be a name for this… like “Obsessive-Compulsive Screenshot Taking Disorder (OCSTD)”. ^_^

"Bands are in fashion lately in anime."

"Bands are in fashion lately in anime."

OMG TOTAL BLATANT OBVIOUS AWESOME K-ON! REFERENCE XDD especially their lines later on (tehe, won’t spoiler). That was awesome.

The weekly random kawaii Mafuyu shot.

The weekly random kawaii Mafuyu shot.

Okay, that’s already way too many screenshots. Watch the rest of the ep yourself.

Aren't males supposed to be the dominant gender in society? What happened to all that English Honors feminist crap?

Aren't males supposed to be the dominant gender in society? What happened to all that English Honors feminist crap?

Maybe Chizuru is secretly a guy (like Nadeshiko from Shugo Chara!… yeah, she’s the reason I considered that possibility XD)

Especially since she’s infatuated with the president…

(no comment)

(no comment)

Sunday Anime Rush

October 18th, 2009

I love Sundays. All the good animes come out on Sunday.

Seiken no Blacksmith Episode 03 – Great strategy, guys! Give a 7-year-old little girl some beer, get her drunk, and stuff her with food to make her talk. Mwahaha! ><

This is seriously epic. S+ [9.5/10]

Seitokai no Ichizon Episode 03 – The new character was awesome. Her design looks like Fate (Nanoha) or Yami (ToLOVE-ru), and her personality totally draws you in. I hope we get more characters, as 7 is still too few. Rating up, by the way, from this episode. SS. [10/10]

The Anime Post

October 14th, 2009

11eyes Episode 02 – More characters! More confusing plot! More ugly enemies to slice up, more cool-looking animation~! Awesome anime. I don’t understand ANYTHING that’s happening, but the visuals make it appealing enough. I don’t know whether or not I should go into a more in-depth summary. Ah fine, I will. Slightly.

Okay, so… um… his sister is not dead? Or… she… came back to life? Or were they hallucinating? And… what’s with everybody else? The romance between Yuka and um… Kakeru-kun is cute, it feels like Shakugan no Shana as I’ve mentioned before. Who is the weird white-haired girl? Who is the girl trapped in the crystal? Who are the good guys, who are the bad guys!? Who the hell is everyone, and what the hell is going on!?!?

This anime is fun, because nothing makes sense. A+ or AA. [7/10]

こばと / Kobato Episode 02 – waiting for gg’s subtitles.

聖剣の刀鍛冶 / Seiken no Blacksmith (The Sacred Blacksmith) Episodes 01 ~ 02 – Me and Hanchan were laughing at and making fun of this anime back in the beginning of Summer 2009. Are they going to show us 30 minutes of video involving an old man hammering an anvil? Hahaha, what else could an anime about a “sacred” blacksmith be about? Ahahaha!

Well, we were wrong (lol). This is actually quite an interesting anime. The lead female is really cute. She sucks at fighting, but her personality and looks make up for it. The lead male is very cool, and his assistant is loli enough to make this a complete anime. The plot I cannot judge yet, however. I pray to Haruhi for a good plot. A or A+. Actually, maybe I’ll give it an AA for the cool OP/ED. [6.5/10]

Also, I watched today:

宙のまにまに / Sora no Manimani Episode 09 – This episode was so boring. Normally Sora no Manimani is a lot more hilarious than this, but this episode suddenly, randomly, quadrupled the cast, and it wasn’t really funny. It won’t make me discontinue Sora no Manimani, but I’ll want to finish it less.

とある魔術の禁書目録 / To Aru Majutsu no Index (A Certain Magical Index) Episode 07 (rewatch) – Wow. This anime is somehow better than I remembered it. Why is the rewatch twice as enjoyable than the original time around?

I remember the first time I watched Index, and I didn’t think it was that good. Well, maybe that’s because it was right after I watched a bunch of SS/SS+ ranked animes like Nanoha or Haruhi or Lucky Star or something, I don’t know. But wow, now that I’m rewatching in HD, I totally appreciate the visual effects. Index is so much more appealing too (originally I started hating her after maybe episode 04), although Misaka and Touma still go better together. I think I’ll watch an episode a week alongside Railgun. I found I forgot most of what happened in Index (well, it has been a couple years), so rewatching this is fun.

I need to rewatch some more animes that I really loved. For example, my very first anime, Cardcaptor Sakura must deserve a rewatch. Tsubasa isn’t quite over yet, but maybe I’ll rewatch some other CLAMP works. I’d also rewatch Nanoha, and KyoAni things like Haruhi, although for Haruhi I’m planning on watching everything together, on Blu-ray, once everything is done and over with and the Blu-rays come out.