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Once Upon an AP Test

May 4th, 2011

Depressing thing of the day: I got #6 in the free response (AP Calc BC) completely wrong, I think. Sucks, and I feel stupid.

You know, when I get a question wrong, for some reason it’s always Alfred that asks me about that question and makes me figure out I got it wrong. Like, for the F=ma physics competition this year, there was a question about springs that I got wrong, and Alfred asked me about that question, and he got it right. Again, for the PhysicsBowl competition this year, he asked me about a question about how much of the moon was lit during a new moon. Although the moon is completely dark during a new moon, 50% of it is lit at all times (we’re just seeing the unlit side), and I got tricked by that question. It’s always Alfred asking me about the questions I get wrong. If Alfred asks me about a question, so far I’ve always gotten it wrong…

Gotta stop him from asking me questions.

Anyways, today’s “continental breakfast” was pleasant. I swear, the apple juice tasted expired, but my stomach is still holding up so far. The AP test was great (except for that last FRQ), not as great as APCS or APchem, when I had like over 30 minutes of extra time after I was done. If I get a 4 on AP Calc, I swear I’m gonna… murder something. Probably some insect. In cold blood.

Today’s HUSH was awfully boring. Alfred kept flirting with Rose instead of working on our Powerpoint. I don’t mind him flirting with Rose, but he needs to help me work on the project too. Why is this post all about Alfred. Geez. And he won’t even sing for me.

Speaking of which, I’ve added quite a few lines, and fixed a lot of awkward places. Hold on, I’ll record myself singing it.

I’m planning on composing the actual backing instrumentals to this in Sibelius, although I really do not know if I will have time to (presenting next Friday). It’s going to be a lot of work.

Finally, at 6:45 I went to help organize the new Junior Volunteer Orientation at the hospital. We did a skit on “what not to do,” and I played this dying patient while Ricky played the bad volunteer who texted in my hospital room and ignored my cries for water, got annoyed as I started dying, and started kicking me and stepping on me (not for real, haha). Yeah, that was… interesting. Then we introduced our departments. I fail at public speaking (god… how was I -ever- ASB prez of First Ave?), but I think this was a good opportunity to practice.

Central Services basically sets up and delivers equipment all around the hospital, and sorts and delivers supplies like scalpels and gloves to places that order them. We get to go everywhere in the hospital, so we see a little of everything that goes on in the hospital. Although we don’t get to interact with patients as a part of our job, we still see them while we are on deliveries, and are happy to fill their requests, listen to their stories, and give guests directions to places in the maze-like hospital. When we’re not running around the hospital, we sit in our warehouse and sort things into bins, so if you’re interested in that…

^ is what I should have said in my speech roughly, but I failed, evidently.

Okay, I just finished recording it. Damn, it’s so bad I’m not going to post it. I’ll just put it on Skype. Don’t want random people from Estonia opening it and destroying their eardrums.

Mongolian Noodles Worth Dying For

May 3rd, 2011

Wow, I’m getting into the good habit of putting out daily posts.

Besides posting, I was pretty unproductive yesterday. Well, I have high productivity, as in I get things done really fast, but I just don’t do things. Which… I guess means I have very low productivity. Well, high or low, I watched anime yesterday afterschool. Went from extremely backlogged to nothing in less than 5 hours: some pretty amazing speedwatching. Of note this season (besides the standard widely-acclaimed anime of the season, Ano Hana for short) are Ao no Exorcist and, strangely, Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa nai (adapted from a VN by the likes of none other than Navel, the bastards behind SHUFFLE! and the resulting brain wreckage). The latter takes not taking itself seriously very seriously. That’s what a series that doesn’t take itself seriously has to do. The anime staff behind a series that tries to do that must take great pains to ensure that the non-serious-taking-ness is done perfectly. Which is why I like OreTsuba despite its genre and lack of other features so far.

Come to think of it, I didn’t talk about the big news with Osama Bin Laden yesterday. I was in-flight when it happened, so of course I was pretty happy (goddamn @#$%^ AIRPORT SECURITY). Now that I think of it, it could have been dangerous if Al Qaeda had gotten pissed and happened to decide to hijack a plane that happened to be heading toward Los Angeles as revenge for the death of Bin Laden.

Today was AP Comp Sci, which was rather boring. I had at least thirty minutes left over on the free response section — I swear, there’s absolutely no reason why they give us 1 hour and 45 minutes for four freaking questions. I was so bored, I drew manga on my green insert. Badly.

During APCS, I was thinking about heading to El Pollo Loco to get some tacos and BRCs and cheese quesadillas (mmmmmMM!). After all, it’s not very often we can go off campus to get lunch. Later though, I realized it would be a bit too far to walk, so I decided to head to the mall to get some Mongolian BBQ. I was in the middle of the parking lot, and trying to figure out which way would get me to the Food Court faster: going through the main gate of Santa Anita Racetrack and all the way back through the parking lot of the mall, or going back through Gate 8 and through the parking structure. The freaking mall was totally like one minute’s walk away, yet the gate blocking me from my noodles stretched on forever. In the middle of walking to the main gate of the Racetrack, I changed my mind and headed towards Gate 8. I almost got run over by parents of AP takers picking up their kids. The walk took forever — I basically had to walk all the way back to Baldwin before there was finally an opening to the mall side, which already like negated the point of my walking through Gate 8 (and risking my life… never trust Asian drivers).

In the parking lot I nearly got run over two more times, and finally made it into JCPenney (or some store, I can never differentiate between those stupid mall department stores) after giving up on reaching the parking structure with my limbs intact. I then waded through the mall for ten more minutes, completely lost (I never go to the 2nd floor of the mall, and it’s just so huge and hard to navigate). Finally, I made it to the Food Court and started piling mushrooms into my bowl.

By the way, protip for all of you. Mongolian BBQ noodles actually don’t taste good with a lot of meat. I know that they give you a bowl and you can take as much as you can fit, but if you put too much meat, there will not be enough noodles, and it will taste bad because you’ll just be chewing on dry meat. Also, they give you less noodles if you take too much meat.

By the time I began my sprint back towards Arcadia High, it was already 12:21pm. Lunch period ends at 12:43, and those traffic lights on Huntington are a headache. All tired from getting to the mall intact, and carrying my boulder of a backpack, with twenty-two minutes remaining on the clock. Thus began my noon Super High Intensity Interval Training (SHIIT).

Oh yeah… congrats Tim on making Gov Team! You can be our company lawyer and deal with the class-actions after we begin doing business.

Final note: sixth period, me and Alfred are singing for our presentation on the presidency of George W. Bush. It shall be spectacular. I’m W., and he’s Al Gore. Your collective minds will be blown away. Guaranteed.