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yet another anime post

July 29th, 2010


Seitokai Yakuindomo Episode 4

I like the intro song.

I don’t like the outro song.

Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z Episode 01

what is this i don’t eve– Blossom is cute.

*dropped* why did I even pick this up

Hitohira Episode 01

The main character is really original.

Hm, how would I describe this first episode. It’s like CLANNAD, without Tomoya and co.

Inukami! Episode 01

Somebody assassinate the lead male for not being in love with somebody voiced by Yui Horie.

Youko is cute though, so maybe I won’t drop this one. Hocchan~ >< damn this reminds me of how I failed to get her autograph at AX2010

Summary: Everything sucks about this anime but Yui Horie and her character. I think I’mma drop after all. I hate the main character’s guts.

Fairy Tail Episode 39

Yay, Mikuni Shimokawa’s ED single is out today! Back to the anime; last episode left us on quite a cliffhanger.

Etherion turned out lamer than I thought. The idea was cool.

“Breaking things happens to be Fairy Tail wizards’ specialty!”

Damn, cliffhanger.

11eyes Episode 13 [OVA]


Kanokon Episode 01

Wtf awesome, Kawasumi Ayako voices the lead female. WTFFF awesome, Mamiko Noto voices the lead… MALE. WAHAHAHA ok I’ll stop here

The awesomesauce voices and art are awesomesauce, but what is with the rapid plot development. And sudden outbreaks of histronics. And the shouta little 5-year-old boy who’s “in high school” voiced by Mamiko Noto only complicates things. I keep imagining “ecchi-na-koto-wa-ikenai” Mahoro from Mahoromatic due to Kawasumi Ayako’s voice as well. Anyways, concerning the plot…

That made sense.

… NOT.

Asura Cryin’ Episode 01

This anime looks extremely promising. Watching with high expectations.

Damn. Best first episode of an anime I’ve watched in AGES.

Asura Cryin’ Episode 02

As epic as above.

Kanokon Episode 02

“I may get pregnant if I get too close to him.”

#include <stdharem.c>

Asura Cryin’ Episode 03 to 06

This is getting boring… wahh, why can’t I find any exciting animes anymore?

Nurarihyon no Mago Episode 04

Best anime this season, by far.

On an unrelated note, why doesn’t CoreAVC’s postprocessing get rid of that horrible debanding? Is free software really better than commercial software? I’m pretty sure ffdshow’s postprocessing far surpasses this horrible crap software. And plus, CoreAVC crashes like every other time I try to play a video, dammit.


January 24th, 2010

So I finished 11eyes today.

11eyes Episode 10 — hmm. They make every statement Shiori utters seem so utterly important. Suddenly this turns into the problem of 6 high school kids into “omg, the whole world is going to be destroyed!!!”

And Yuuka… is so entertaining. Also, if you think about it now… Kakeru is now the only male character. Meaning… 1 male… 6 girls… hmmmm.

The plot behind the Witch of Babylon and the Eye of Aeon is quite cool, however. Kudos to the scriptwriters for this.

And the love… septagon? Hehe. Yuuka needs to go off into some obscure corner and asphyxiate herself. Kusakabe-senpai with Kakeru is better. Heck, any other girl (minus Yukiko) would be better than Yuuka.

So angsty… and the gore… thank you for censoring it. The epicness and dead character count… it’s painful ><; SS.

11eyes Episode 11 — YUUKA GOT WHAT SHE DESERVED! Woohoo!! She will go down in history as the “stupidest anime character that has ever existed”.

Wait, what? She didn’t die? NOOOO!

You know, for that epic battle with Witch VS Shiori+Onmyou swordswoman+big dragon… enter Nanoha or something, and one Starlight Breaker will take care of everything ^^

“What Kakeru and I can do right now…” I can just hear that voice in her head finishing that sentence. Ahem.

Wait… am I reading this right? “The only way we can save the world is if we… make babies together.”

God save the queen >____>

… THE HELL Yuuka is still alive… and now Misuzu-senpai is going to like suicide or something. Wahh. Oh, nevermind. I totally saw that coming.

……… okay. GREAT. Now everybody’s dead except for Misuzu. That’s awesome.

The ending of this episode made me speechless. SS+. [10.5/10]

11eyes Episode 12 FINAL — THAT. WAS. EPIC. All of the events of the last episode were part of Kakeru’s precognition, granted him by the Eye of Aeon. GOD that’s epic. So the world didn’t end. Well, of course it didn’t, but… ^_^

He kills himself… despite how obvious that was, it was still very surprising.

Kakeru’s past… is sad. Sorry for being Captain Obvious for a moment there, but… yeah.

God this is epic… and… wahhh, the Witch sounds like Yukari Tamura in Bernkastel-mode, ahahaha.

Okay, now suddenly we’re in Cheesy Protagonist Speech mode… and… within 10 seconds of “what the hell”, the Witch is somehow sealed and the anime ends.

… … …

What the hell is with the happy ending? Everybody is alive, and… … blah.

Great approach-to-climax, but very unsatisfying climax. S. [9/10]

The entire anime gets… an S+.

Winter 2010, Start!

January 8th, 2010

Seriously, this season is so horrible and facepalm-trigger-happy, I want to swear off on anime until Spring 2010.

New Anime

Chu-Bra Episode 01 — An anime about female underwear.

I think that just killed about 300k braincells. In exchange, I now know more than I ever needed to know about panties. D; sorry for having such high standards. [3/10]

I liked some user’s joke about “chu-bra ca-bra” though. Sigh, lots of (unsatisfied) Negima fans out there, it seems.

Baka to Test to Shokanjuu Episode 01 — The next Seitokai for Winter 2010… maybe.

I really enjoyed the first episode of this anime. From the Winter 2010 previews, I didn’t pay much attention to this, but the humor is plentiful in… um… what should I call this for short? BakaTest?

The RPG-system was interesting; the plot makes me want to know what happens next. Will be looking forward to next week’s episode. AAA. [8/10]


I have a whole pile of Winter 2010 animes queued up; but haven’t had time lately. So sorry, but the Winter 2010 start post is only going to have 2 winter 2010 animes, tehe.


Fairy Tail Episode 12 — Erza’s on her way; Gray is out of his league. To a cat, fish can solve anything. A. [6/10]

Old Stuff

11eyes Episode 08 — Boy, I’m behind on 11eyes. This OP has got to be one of the epicest intro sequences I have ever seen. I heard 11eyes turns out to be really epic in the latter half, so I have high expectations.

I enjoyed the first quarter of the anime — everything was epic and new, and the animation was mind-blowing. However, the second quarter was just boring plots and uninteresting effects that had already been used. Totally lame, cliche plot devices, check. Annoying romances? Check. Stupid, idiotic villains? Goddamn, check.

Anyways, here’s my opinion on episode 08: We’re getting back into the good meat. And I love how Yuka always catches them… >_< awawawawa

The classroom humor is well done; I wouldn’t mind if we had more of that and some less plot. Yuka is cute, but I wish she was less dumb. Or at least, if they had to make her dumb, at least make her realistically dumb.

I think they’re overplaying Saiko’s “tragic past”. Lovey-dovey Takehisa+Saiko is well-done too. Of course, when everything is going well, somebody is going to die. =D (See Fate/stay night or something; idk.)

However… Yuuka and Kakeru moments kill brain cells.

DAMN… I was RIGHT! SHE DID DIE. Wow, that either means I’ve watched way too much anime for my own good, or this anime is too predictable. Probably both. AA. [7/10]

11eyes Episode 09 — Again, the death of Takehisa’s mother is very well-played. Takehisa, normally the who-cares fuck-society guy, suddenly crying and wailing really strikes a critical point in the minds of viewers.

On top of that, three major confrontations at once. What exactly is Shiori-chan? How have the Knights entered the real world? Why the heck is everybody being targeted in the first place?

Misuzu-senpai is the new Tama-nee. I want a T-shirt of her.

Isn’t it funny how everybody is fighting these climactic battles… and it’s just Yuuka who’s sitting there having tea? Ahahaha.

Ouch… Yuuka… you don’t care if everybody else dies? Wow… that really says something about her. There has got to be a limit to how dumb she can be. Hurry up and kill her, please, somebody.

Lol, when you think of Index, you think of To Aru Majutsu no Index… in this anime it’s a magic institution (and that’s cool too ^^).

Aand at the end of the episode, it’s revealed that Takehisa died. And not only that: Yukiko, who loved him, killed him at his request. I saw that coming too. AAA. [8/10]

Negima!? Various Episodes — Kill me. It 95% sucks (see post), the only good parts are the intro songs and animation sequences. 1000% SPARKLING’s animation is epic, and the other OP is an awesome song.


Look, ma! No screenshots!

why am I watching anime

November 23rd, 2009

Kampfer Episode 08

… no. C. [4/10]

Fairy Tail Episode 07 — woah, this anime just keeps getting better.

S+. [9.5/10]


Standardized score calculation: focus of anime is [humor], [plot]; categories will be weighted heavier.

Humor <4/5> Plot <4/5> Characters <2/2> Art <2/2> Music <1/2> Mood/Tone <1/2> Dialogue <1/2> = Total «15/20»

This heuristic approach to scoring brings my scores way down, I find, so I’ll give both from now on (when I have the time).

Actually, this might be better:

Humor <x/5> Plot <x/5> Characters+Art+Music <x/5> Mood+Tone+Dialogue <x/5> = Total «x/20»



Nyan Koi! Episode 08

Why are gg’s subs showing up messed up in MPC? I don’t mind VLC, but still.

Hilarity as we have come to expect from Nyan Koi!.

AWESOME! Nagi randomly shows up, as usual.

Mailwoman too >.<

This season had a lot of animes that started out great, but the pool has thinned out. This is one of the animes that is still awesome. (And I didn’t like it that well at the start of the season, right?)

“Why did you steal Mizuno’s bra!?!? But more importantly, WHY DIDN’T YOU STEAL MINE??”

Humor <5/5> | Plot <4/5>

Characters <2/2> | Art <2/2>

Music <1.5/2> | Mood/Tone <1.5/2>

Dialogue <2/2> == Total «18/20»

Damn, that’s a high heuristic score.

Next week: our pool/beach episode! Oh, and normal score is S. Yes, score is lower than this week’s Fairy Tail even though the systematic score is higher by three points. [9/10]

11eyes Episode 07

I’m not really even expecting anything from this anime anymore.

The song lyrics are deep, and the anime dialogue tries to be just as deep (and fails). If only the anime was as good as the opening song, haha.

… Yuka is so lame, it’s almost funny. “Oh my god, Kakeru now knows there are other pretty girls in the world! I’m now going to go suicide myself or something.”

The girl in the crystal is cute, it just happens that she never does anything except… um… open her eyes… and then… close them…

Kakeru is so stupid; even stupider than Cecily (Blacksmith).

Yuka randomly asked like “OMG Kakeru-kun KISS ME!”… and when Kakeru-kun goes “HELL NO” she cries, runs away, and hopefully died.

… and have I mentioned how overpowered Takehisa is? o-o

Hurry up and kill Yuka off already. She’s pissing me off so much.

… too much crying in this episode for no reason. Usually you don’t have your characters cry until like the climax, when something really epic happens..

On second thought, green-haired girl (forgot her name already…) is more overpowered than Takehisa-senpai. Right, Kukuri-san. Somehow, I find her muteness sexy.

What the heck just happened there. That didn’t make any goddamn sense.

… is this a random flashback? Great, just what we needed. =_=

Either way, epic music. Epic animation. Unparalleled CG quality and blah blah blah, but the anime sucks, and that’s the bottom line. D. [3/10]

Humor <0/5> | Plot <1/5>

Characters <1/2> | Art <2.5/2>

Music <2/2> | Mood/Tone <1/2>

Dialogue <0.5/2> == Total «8/20»


yes, wow.

Saturday Anime Post

November 14th, 2009

I tried, but I didn’t do anything productive today.

11eyes Episode 06

The latest plot device is cool but it’s still lame. Also, Yuka fails at being jealous, or dealing with any romantic competition at all. Well I understand that she thinks Kakeru-kun slept with Kusakabe-senpai, but she’s just so dense. Forget her, you do have like six other girls who like you…

And then randomly… “Kiss me.” Please…

Also, the “Coming of the Red Night” animation is super fantastic cool, but it gets boring after a while.

You know, since time is stopped, the Red Night would be a good time to catch up on sleep and do homework.

The magical circles are lame.

“Your existence itself is a sin.”

“It’s as if you’re calling yourself an emissary of justice.”

“You all must disappear.

For the sake of the future.”


Wow, Kusakabe-senpai’s attacks are cool. WOW, Kukuri-san’s powerers are super-mega-amazing. Or, well, more “cheap” and… lol.

The names of the badguys… are lame. Everything is either lame or un-understandable.

Enjoyable OP and ED though, as usual. The Hungarian is cool; it must have cost them a bunch to hire a person who could speak Hungarian. B. [5/10]

Lol at how Yuka might have died. I hope she died. =_=

Kampfer Episode 07

UGH what is this… my eyes… it burns………..

the only good part in this episode: Mikoto randomly popping up.

UGH SAKURA IS SO ANNOYING! ALL THE CHARACTERS SUCK. except for Mikoto.What the hell does he find attractive in her? HER PERSONALITY IS SO DAMN STUPID.

This ep is an effing F.

Wait yay there is some action in this ep!

… yeah, a random 5 seconds of action before diving back into the stupidity.

For Mikoto and those 5 seconds of action… D-. I hate the president, I hate the stupid glasses-girl, I hate Sakura now, and Natsuru is being annoying and stupid too.

D-. [2.5/10]

And lol at the stupid Harry Potter joke at the end that I didn’t get anyways because I don’t rea it.

Nyan Koi Episode 07

Is it just me or is gg’s encoding deteriorating? Be back with more on this later or tomorrow.

Wednesday Anime Post

November 5th, 2009

it’s not a big anime day, but.

11eyes Episode 05 — SAME OLD THING! It’s always the same thing every episode! Protagonist asks Kusakabe-senpai to teach him how to fight, Kusakabe-senpai pwns him and tells him why he sukz, then the Red Night strikes (shatters, would be a better word) and they get attacked, and then all the other characters come and save everybody.

Also, Protagonist and Yuuka NEVER do anything. They SUCK at fighting, they SUCK at everything else too.

This episode, the Protagonist actually did something, actually. It was kind of lame. The eye thing isn’t nearly as cool as Geass. His “power” is so lame compared to the minor characters’. Also, I’m glad we finally “met” Kukuri-san. Just for her, this ep gets an AAA. [8/10]

I LOVE, I absolutely LOVE complex, ingenious plots. However… this one isn’t going anywhere.

テガミバチ / Tegami Bachi Episode 02 — You’d be surprised at how deep the themes are, but the actual anime is really boring. Basically, last episode they spent the whole episode doing stupid things, and it was lame, and all. The “world” of Tegami Bachi is so grey, so dark, and so empty. It pisses me off and bores me at the same time.

I swear...

I swear...

That little kid is an idiot. Actually, Gauche is an idiot too. Even the dog is an idiot, I think. The monsters are stupid and idiotic. What the hell is with the lame gun? Who the hell would watch this crap?

Don’t you think “Lag” is an awfully weird thing to name a kid? What’s gonna happen when he grows up and starts playing MMOs? Everybody’s gonna blame him when they die! >.<

What’s with the konpei floating around when it becomes a flashback scene? Also, how the hell is Lag connected to Gauche’s imouto, Sylvette?

Okay, I admit that scene kind of touched me. Still lame though.

“To… mo… dachi… ?”


He needs to work on his character appeal.

He needs to work on his character appeal.


You are no longer a letter… YOU ARE A MAN NOW!!

I still don’t like, though.

*** final minute of episode ***

wtf “five years later”?? Wow… so basically the first 2 episodes were just a huge long prologue? Wow… hopefully the “real” anime is non-sucky.

The ED isn’t bad. Intro is not interesting, though. Also, this anime needs more FEMALE CHARACTERS. Basically (and I said this in last review too) there are only TWO characters in Tegami Bachi so far. ONLY TWO CHARACTERS…

Well, for now, this is a B. [5/10]. I am anticipating it becoming epic in the next few “real” episodes. Oh, and it seems there’s an OVA that came out before the anime, I’ll need to watch that too.

テガミバチ~光と青の幻想夜話~ / Letter Bee OVA ~light and blue night fantasy~— asdf

“This is the land of Amberground, where night never ends.”

That explains why it’s so depressing, ne?

Too many weird animals in this anime.

Too many weird animals in this anime.

This is pretty cute. The bouncy-girl is a welcome addition. And lol, I guess I messed up the episode order by watching this… but whatever. Niche is rather posessive of Lag. They’d make a great pairing. Why does she keep talking about steak?

If only real-life mailmen were this cool.

Lol, they’re using “flashbacks” to scenes that haven’t occurred yet (in real life time), but were in the past (in the anime’s timeline).

The flashbacks are boorriinnggg mee…

The “Goodbye, Gauche…” scene was a failed attempt to be emotionally touching.

Niche’s special powers are totally copied from Yami (ToLOVE-ru) >< the blondeness, and the hair-as-weapon deal… It’s still pretty cool though.

The final part of the episode… that was a really sad flashback…

Did she really die? And wow, he (it?) was always waiting for her… that’s just… so sad…

And… oh… so that’s why… he did that… he loved Elena 10 years ago or whatever… this is just a sad anime.

What’s with the happy ending music? It sounds… like something that would be from a Zelda game or something. Anyways, this ended up really touching. If every episode is this good, this anime’s all set for an S ranking from me. This OVA gets an AAA from me. [8/10]

Midweek Anime Post

October 30th, 2009

lol, actually, I started this midweek, and by the type I got to publishing it, it’s Friday.

Of course, look forward to the special weekend reviews with stuff like Blacksmith, Seitokai, Nyan Koi, and whatever.

こばと / Kobato Episode 04 – It was somewhere between interesting and uninteresting. Wasn’t particuarly funny this episode. Kobato is cute as always. Weird things start happening. What’s with the goddamn bunny.

She’s always so optimistic — it’s really refreshing after a long day of Arcadia-style torture. AA. [7/10]

うみねこのなくころに / Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 18

First half, this is what I typed:


I can’t even bear to give it a rating.

OMGWTFFFF after the first half, it totally changes

all that lame stuff… it’s actually ;xxx *spoiler*


Ushiromiya Ange finally appears too! XDDD Epicest episode ever!!

Okay just due to this ONE episode, Umineko just jumped ahead of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.


This episode was [11/10]. SSS.

Only Hayate no Gotoku gets those XD

11eyes ~罪と罰と購いの少女~ Episode 04— Last time we left off, Kakeru-kun was on the verge of death, and his older sister (who was supposed to have died seven years ago) saved him. Kakeru-kun was only able to catch a blurry glimpse of her, and is considering whether or not it was all a hallucination.

Yukiko is weird. What’s with the school nurse? That silver-haired guy is cool. He should be the main character. Ah, Takehisa is his name. Nice name. And of course they’re pissed off at each other. There are totally going to be yaoi doujinshis about him and Kakeru-kun for Winter Comiket ><.

Ok, Kakeru-kun fails at life, fighting, and everything else. And protecting girls. Of course, he has like three girls that like him already, and it’s only the fourth episode. And that’s not counting his onee-san ^^

The “coming of the Red Night” animation is extremely extremely cool.

Takahisa is a mental-ignition psychic – Pyrokineticist.

I love how they’re giving “English-ish scientific” sounding terms for this XD

Kusakabe-senpai’s seven legendary swords or whatever are really cool. In fact, the animation in this is epic. However, I STILL don’t understand the story (and this is ep 4…)

Yukiko totally changes when she takes her glasses off. Also, her attack reminds me of Final Hit. Totally. Complete with teleportation and all.


“Where did you acquire that superhuman combat capability and immense murderous intent?”

Kusakabe-senpai wants to know where she can buy some.

I don’t have any idea what to rate this anime because I have no idea what’s going on with the plot. For the animation it would get an S, I guess. It would be nice if we saw Kakeru’s onee-chan more. She’s really cute ^^

cheated by gravity

October 22nd, 2009
even though all people want to try to fly
they’re tricked by gravity
the truth is, everyone can fly

(Lyric creditsThe Jellyfish’s Confession, by Nakajima Megumi; TV anime Kobato outro song.)

Currently on repeat: only my railgun – fripside

こばと / Kobato Episode 03 – Lol, I’m back to reviewing anime in English. Let’s keep these short and sweet.

Anyways, great episode. Nothing surprising happened. Character of the day was cute. Plot is still empty as an eggshell, however. A. [6/10]

that child looks so sad
maybe it’s because she has forgotten her shadow somewhere

11eyes~罪と罰と購いの少女~ / 11eyes ~tsumi to batsu to aganai no shoujo~ Episode 03 – Hm, Protagonist (Kakeru-kun) is so stupid now. I’m starting to hate him. His girlfriend… no, wait, “childhood friend” is also annoying. And plus, all they can ever do is RUN AWAY. Ugh, this is stupid. The only person who has cool moves is Kusakabe-senpai. And all the enemies are so ugly. And half of the cast is also ugly. Of course, the un-ugly half of the cast only have like 2 seconds of screen time combined in the entire episode.

Of course, they still haven’t made ANY progress in explaining the plot to us. In fact, as usual, they just added more complexicated concepts. What the hell is going on in this anime? At least they should tell us something in 3 episodes! This is going to severely affect this anime’s rating. Rating dropped to B. [5/10]

it’s strange that tears fall even though I’m happy

Anime Post “of the year”!

October 17th, 2009

Alrighty, 始まるぞ!!

Nobody gets the ref in the title, I guess. For self-reference, it’s Rokugou-san’s catchphrase, from Pani Poni Dash!.

Kampfer Episode 03 – I’m too lazy to type out the german “a” correctly, haha.

Well, this ep was interesting. Don’t feel like giving a rating.

Railgun Episode 03 – See, now I’m not only too lazy to type out the Japanese name, I’m even too lazy to type out the full English name!

This episode was great. Something actually happened. Compared to last episode, this was a fiftyfold improvement. S. [9/10]

Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 16 – Why did I actually bother typing out “no Naku Koro ni”?

I find it weird how Beatrice suddenly turns soft. Is she in love with our dear Protagonist? *gasp*

Everything is weird, but I guess that’s kinda the point. The “Siestas” are cute, and lots of little plot twists and dead mutilated bodies. Joy. A. [6/10]

Kobato Episode 02 – I hate that guy. I HATE THAT GUY.

I thought he was cool in the first episode, the the lead male pisses me off. Seriously. He’s so suspicious of everything… he’s so negative about everything…

I guess it totally fits and contrasts with how Kobato thinks about everything positively. Teehee, good anime anyways. You don’t even need to watch it to know that; it’s by CLAMP after all. AA+. [7.5/10]

Nyan Koi! Episode 03 – This episode was great!

Hilarious episode! New character is awesome, and quite unique. Everyone (except the weird freaky girl) is very very cute~

Protagonist really really needs to confess soon! He has like four other girls after him already, so yeah…

This feels like CLANNAD, or Kanon, except plus cats.

The second half wasn’t as interesting as the mailman dragging Protagonist around, but Mizuno is cute, so it’s fine. AA. [7/10]

Shin Koihime Musou Episode 02 – watch pending, looking forward to. Ryuubi’s supposed to debut in this ep.

Okay, watching. The intro is epic, of course. This season may not have that many really good animes compared to last season, but it really seems to have a heck of a lot of good songs.

Oh my gosh, this episode is hilarious >< I love how this episode isn’t taking itself seriously.

Wow, that badguy is EVIL. EEVVIILL. And Ryuubi is so dumb, haha.

Everyone is so hilarious~ OMG… not that again, Sei! :O Lol, I love how nobody ever remembers who Kousonsan is. (All these Chinese-derived names are awesome.)

One of the most unique things about Koihime Musou is the huge cast. Not just huge. HUUUUUGEE.

By Shin Koihime Musou, there have got to be over a hundred characters, maybe even like 150!

Anyways, Ryuubi is awesome. S. [9/10]


"arrival of tears" / 11eyes game cover

Music update:

arrival of tears” – Ayane (11eyes)


The Anime Post

October 14th, 2009

11eyes Episode 02 – More characters! More confusing plot! More ugly enemies to slice up, more cool-looking animation~! Awesome anime. I don’t understand ANYTHING that’s happening, but the visuals make it appealing enough. I don’t know whether or not I should go into a more in-depth summary. Ah fine, I will. Slightly.

Okay, so… um… his sister is not dead? Or… she… came back to life? Or were they hallucinating? And… what’s with everybody else? The romance between Yuka and um… Kakeru-kun is cute, it feels like Shakugan no Shana as I’ve mentioned before. Who is the weird white-haired girl? Who is the girl trapped in the crystal? Who are the good guys, who are the bad guys!? Who the hell is everyone, and what the hell is going on!?!?

This anime is fun, because nothing makes sense. A+ or AA. [7/10]

こばと / Kobato Episode 02 – waiting for gg’s subtitles.

聖剣の刀鍛冶 / Seiken no Blacksmith (The Sacred Blacksmith) Episodes 01 ~ 02 – Me and Hanchan were laughing at and making fun of this anime back in the beginning of Summer 2009. Are they going to show us 30 minutes of video involving an old man hammering an anvil? Hahaha, what else could an anime about a “sacred” blacksmith be about? Ahahaha!

Well, we were wrong (lol). This is actually quite an interesting anime. The lead female is really cute. She sucks at fighting, but her personality and looks make up for it. The lead male is very cool, and his assistant is loli enough to make this a complete anime. The plot I cannot judge yet, however. I pray to Haruhi for a good plot. A or A+. Actually, maybe I’ll give it an AA for the cool OP/ED. [6.5/10]

Also, I watched today:

宙のまにまに / Sora no Manimani Episode 09 – This episode was so boring. Normally Sora no Manimani is a lot more hilarious than this, but this episode suddenly, randomly, quadrupled the cast, and it wasn’t really funny. It won’t make me discontinue Sora no Manimani, but I’ll want to finish it less.

とある魔術の禁書目録 / To Aru Majutsu no Index (A Certain Magical Index) Episode 07 (rewatch) – Wow. This anime is somehow better than I remembered it. Why is the rewatch twice as enjoyable than the original time around?

I remember the first time I watched Index, and I didn’t think it was that good. Well, maybe that’s because it was right after I watched a bunch of SS/SS+ ranked animes like Nanoha or Haruhi or Lucky Star or something, I don’t know. But wow, now that I’m rewatching in HD, I totally appreciate the visual effects. Index is so much more appealing too (originally I started hating her after maybe episode 04), although Misaka and Touma still go better together. I think I’ll watch an episode a week alongside Railgun. I found I forgot most of what happened in Index (well, it has been a couple years), so rewatching this is fun.

I need to rewatch some more animes that I really loved. For example, my very first anime, Cardcaptor Sakura must deserve a rewatch. Tsubasa isn’t quite over yet, but maybe I’ll rewatch some other CLAMP works. I’d also rewatch Nanoha, and KyoAni things like Haruhi, although for Haruhi I’m planning on watching everything together, on Blu-ray, once everything is done and over with and the Blu-rays come out.