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Arcadia Predictions

May 13th, 2013

We were having a Skype conversation about the direction Arcadia seems to be going in. The cheating scandal or something in Woodin, the death threat to Bishop, this removal of AP and honors classes controversy. I was saying that with all the conflicting forces – the students, the parents, the teachers, the administration – in such a competitive pressure cooker environment, it’s getting crazy. I made a few random predictions that I feel have a remote chance of coming true in Arcadia at some point in the future:


A more organized, larger cheating ring/scandal

More death threats against teachers

Actual violence against a teacher

Violence by a student against another student relating to academics/activities

A student suicide

A drug business primarily involving Adderall

The forced resignation of a high level administrator due to parental pressure


And other happenings in a similar vein. I just don’t see how the ridiculous environment is sustainable, especially as competition is constantly growing more fierce.