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Japan Day 1 – Osaka Tenjin Festival

July 24th, 2012

I had images here, but this isn’t a photoblog (and I don’t have the disk space for that), so they’re gone. I should write instead.

Well — I expected Japanese festivals to be, well, what can I say, more like what you (constantly — it’s one of the staple episode plotlines) see in anime. The takoyaki was very good (and hot!), and there were some cool foods, but the cup of karaage (fried chicken) wasn’t particularly tasty. We didn’t see fireworks (at least, I think they put on fireworks at some point — not necessarily the day we went).

The train rides were more like what I imagined — people in festival dress chatting gaily on the train platform, returning home.

I guess we weren’t really at the right age for enjoying a festival — not interested in goldfish scooping (can’t bring fish home — won’t fit in my TSA-approved plastic baggy for liquid containers 3oz. or smaller) or shooting galleries (come on, I’m basically backpacking through Japan — everything I have in my backback¬†when I came fit, and I want it to stay that way when I head back).


Japan Day 1 – Arrival & Osaka

July 24th, 2012


(there was a picture here)

Going to the airport.

(there was a picture here)

On the plane, coming into Honolulu.

I ran a speedtest. It came out as A-…

I am disappoint. Will write more later. Promise.

(edit June 21, 2013: haha… always happens)

(edit August 11, 2013: removed the broken photos)