iTunes Media Key Fix, Updated

March 25th, 2012 by ben Leave a reply »

My previous media key fix for iTunes 10.4 has been updated for iTunes 10.6.

What does this do? If you have a keyboard or laptop with a Play/Pause button, you can now use it to control iTunes while working in a different application, even when iTunes is minimized. The Next/Previous keys also work.

How do I install this? It’s simple. Drop it into your Startup folder (in the Start Menu) and restart or relogin. Drop and forget — easy!

Download (Windows EXE file)

Size: 295KB




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  1. danny says:

    hi there, nice work by the way! it’s great you’ve taken the time to get this out to everyone. flicking back and forth whilst writing stuff up is a pain.

    although for some reason your fix isn’t working for me.  i am downloading the 10.6.exe, opening start menu, right clicking the all programs box, clicking open – then programs – then startup, and then dropping the .exe there.  i have checked it to run as administrator,  tried it as user, and all users, and still it has no effect.

    am i missing something do you think?
    itunes 1.6, win 7 64bit, razer black widow ultimate.

  2. Ben says:

    Hi danny, sorry for the late reply. My laptop no longer has media keys (and I’m really busy with classes), so I can’t test and update this (at least until I’m home from college). I checked and the latest version of iTunes is 10.6.3 and it’s possible that it broke my media key fix, but it shouldn’t have. Check that your media keys work when iTunes is active and focused?

  3. danny says:

    Yeah they do Ben, (when active and focused.) Don’t worry about it though dude.  I’m using Zune for the time being, which is surprisingly nice actually, but even with that program the media keys are temperamental for some reason.

    Thanks for getting back to me though =)  All the best with college!

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