WD Caviar Greens are amazing

September 6th, 2011 by ben Leave a reply »

Just wanted to pop in to say… WD Caviar Green hard disks have amazing R/W speed and mind-blowing storage capacity. I got my hands on one, brand new, for only around $60-70 with shipping.128MB/s read and write speeds are to die for across 2 terabytes of capacity. (I realize I only tested the first 256MB of the partition, which is the outer edge of the disk that moves the fastest (because velocity equals radius times omega), lol.)

For comparison, my Seagate Barracuda that shipped with this Dell PC gets ~80MB/s (but then again Windows is running off this partition and it’s 90% full because of my anime), and an old WD Caviar Blue (really old — 80GB drive) that used to be in the server that hosted leafwood (Dell rack-mountable server server — that hard drive’s gotta be the real deal) only got ~60MB/s (but then again I’m swapping off this partition, not that Windows likes me managing its swap file, and swap is gonna take up a lot of I/O because Windows likes playing with its swap when it’s bored).

I’m installing Win7 on this new HDD when I get some free time (hopefully… sometime soon… not expecting anything). Vista’s working fine though, I guess, so no hurry. Gah, so indecisive.

Oh yeah, that last comment was the 600th comment.

Re-reading this post, those parentheticals are a pain to read.

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