August Advent Calendar – Week 2: Nobody Really Cares About Your Impressive Powerpoint Anyways So Just Make the Name Sound Cool

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Haaaaaiiii, we’re back this week with seven more short and sweet miniposts! Moral of the week: don’t be a perfectionist! Work is like watching anime: ya gotta know when enough is enough. Somehow that analogy strikes me as extremely amusing.

Week 12– Monday August 8 to Sunday August 14

Monday, August 8

(Shamelessly backdated.) Hurriedly fixing up my presentation. I hate OpenOffice — why must it be so compatible with Word? That’s not the right way to win over users. Anyways, Impress (the OpenOffice version of PowerPoint) refuses to deal with math and equations. This makes no sense, as Writer (or whatever Office’s Word is called in OpenOffice) does support equations. Badly, admittingly. My equations in Word are always corrupted in Writer, and even when I create them in Writer they look butt-ugly.

tl;dr – Busy day; billion zillion presentations.

Tuesday, August 9

Uhh, I really don’t remember. I had lunch somewhere, went for a good drive or something.

Wednesday, August 10

Don’t expect me to remember all these things that happened half a month ago!

Oh, that’s right, I was supposed to get beat up and have my confidence in my mathematical abilities decimated by a professor who insists on being considered a colleague despite our age difference being wider than the Atlantic. Well, my math confidence has always been in pieces anyways. I mean, after seeing all those mathematical monsters at contests like ARML and such, and of course USPT, and not even doing so well in my very own local Arcadia Math Team.

Thursday, August 11

Worked on patent. I think. Funny how my hopeful mailing-out date keeps drifting farther and farther down the river.

Friday, August 12

Planning on adding a backup server after the horrible outage on Tuesday. The Leafwood Network shall grow!

Happy birthday k!

Saturday, August 13

I finally post last week’s August Advent Calendar post.

Sunday, August 14

I seriously don’t know. Probably a family day, maybe a few outings. Precious times.

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