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This post is directed at my Skype IM group.

Everyone, look through our Skype archive (link removed for privacy and confidentiality :D) and find those conversational gems!

I’ve been doing a bad job of keeping track of our funniest moments this year. Seriously a bad job.

I need your help. This post is embarrassing.

Here’s a look back to previous Assorted Conversations. And more.


Me says (9:48 PM):
*lol yea
*justin lend me some stupidity
*no i won’t come to your house
He says (9:49 PM):
*come to my house and i will teach u the ways of the..


K says (9:50 PM):
*ben, right an epic blog post on this
Me says (9:50 PM):
*i will
K says (9:50 PM):
*and send it to reader’s digest
K says (9:51 PM):
*and time
Me says (9:51 PM):
*it’s a promise
K says (9:51 PM):
*and businessweek, who thinks arcadia is a great place to raise kids
Me says (9:51 PM):


[4:03:21 PM] Hanning: and i thought we were gonna start our own elite thing
[4:03:22 PM] Hanning: lol
[4:03:36 PM] k: how will that look on college resumes
[4:03:39 PM] k: lol
[4:03:51 PM] parachicken: lol it’ll look good cuz they’ll think we’ll be rich
[4:04:04 PM] k: i got paid to help manipulate your system


[2:19:56 AM] Hanning: “can i get an extension for my packet because I was trying to code fate
[2:20:00 AM] Hanning: lololol
[2:20:43 AM] k: lol
[2:20:48 AM] k: that’s the best exuse ever
[2:20:50 AM] k: she has to accept it
[2:20:50 AM] Hanning: haha


[1:54:29 AM] Justin : wait
[1:54:33 AM] Justin : how doi do this?
[1:54:38 AM] Justin : just type in name
[1:54:38 AM] Me: talk with keyword
[1:54:40 AM] Hanning: …
[1:54:41 AM] Me: type in (name)
[1:54:44 AM] Justin : it didnt work
[1:54:45 AM] Justin : lol
[1:54:49 AM] Me: what’d it say
[1:54:53 AM] Me: try it again
[1:54:56 AM] Me: I had to take off some clothes
[1:55:07 AM] Justin Yong: lol
[1:55:13 AM] Me: my clothing was worth too much
[1:55:14 AM] Me: *rolleyes*
[1:55:18 AM] Justin : [1:55 AM] Me:

<<< I had to take off some clothes
[1:55:20 AM] Justin : for the blog
[1:55:24 AM] Me: =________________=


(lunch table miraculously appears)

Justin: Where’d you get that table, Ben?

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