May Showers

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There’s a curious word in Japanese. It’s written “May rain” but pronounced completely differently: “samidare.”

I was thinking of this word when walking home with Eric after the Math Team meeting today, where we elected captains. It was sunny, yet vaguely drizzly. I liked the lazy, sporadic raindrops. The sunny rain made me happy.

I was actually thinking of titling this post “insincerity,” or perhaps “contingency plans” — gotta have ’em.

As I’ve been ranting about for the last few posts, the damned public school system isn’t cutting me any break at all with homework and schoolwork. This is causing my slow and painful death before I even get on the plane to go to camp. It’s like the school doesn’t want me to do well in camp and win medals in an international competition. I am seriously considering homeschool next year. I would recommend it to anyone who asks me what the best school is.

“Your mom.”

And that’s serious.

I wore my black Adidas shoes to our assemblies, and Mr. Forbes noticed (what the hell was I doing!? standing in the middle of the room with few people, with a direct line of sight to the office? sigh…) and said some really harsh things (notice he never says harsh things to female orchestra members). Get your shoes, or you’ll be performing in your (black) socks. He totally expected me to not have black socks on, so he could criticize me more, but I did have black socks on. It’s a hassle. Like I (and Andy, seemingly) like to say… 面倒くさい (mendou kusai). It’s so troublesome. Not only for me, but it caused my dad a lot of trouble as well.

I should have thought of this. I should have at least considered this event, which is in the very basic range of possible mishaps that I could encounter. How can I call myself smart if I’m not even able to predict and account for misfortunes as simple and predictable as this?

Also, I seem to have lost my genius ability to fall asleep whenever convenient. I guess it’s because I’m sleeping too much. But when I’m sitting during the assembly, I feel like I’m wasting time. The only thing I hate more than wasting money is wasting time.

My APN interviewer apparently didn’t get my email. Jeng doesn’t even show us APN. My interview is tomorrow during fourth period, and I don’t even feel like showing up.

Jenglish has been the harshest class on me this entire year.

I don’t know what to say about it, since it’s pretty much the only non-honors or AP course I’m taking.


Okay, looks like I wasn’t able to finish this post on May 19th. It’s May 21st in College Park, Maryland, and you can look forward to semi-regular updates. Maybe.

I’ll probably follow up on this post later. There is a LOT of stuff I didn’t get to talk about. Like the actual Math Team Captain election.

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