Sense of Impending Doom

April 19th, 2011 by ben Leave a reply »

Things haven’t been going so well, and I’m just getting this horrible claustrophobic sense of loss and bad omens. First thing I saw after I got home today was an email from Vincent… apparently the USAPhO finalists had all received an email yesterday at noon… and I never got any email.

This is especially depressing when I consider that I was very confident, even thinking to myself that I had a perfect paper.

Next, Bank of America won’t give me back my money after a week of time wasted writing emails back and forth. I’m filled with hate for them at the moment, so let me catch my breath.

Oh yeah, I failed the AP Chem final, and the HUSH test yesterday, and nothing seems to be going my way recently.

And this… itchy mosquito bite. God is totally laughing at me up there.

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  1. k says:

    This is such a great post…

    Oh, and people were talking about you on facebook…

    Vincent Li

    Ben Li made it to the USPhysicsTeam! Arcadia’s Physics Rocks! Let’s keep the streak alive. Aubrey YangJason JongEddie Xue

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