Excerpts from today’s Jenglish homework

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Excerpts from today’s Jenglish homework. I thought it would be a good way to talk about spring break again (since I really had only one short post about it). The assignment was to write about our spring break: a half page in active voice only, and a half page in passive voice only. Thus, please excuse the awkward sentences.

Click to show the parts I cut from the excerpts.

On the first few days of spring break, I watched movies. [spoiler] Mr. Briffit, the substitute teacher for Mrs. Galloway during her maternity leave, had assigned us an extra credit history movie project to do over the break. We had to watch a movie that depicted American history-related events after the 1920s, as previously Mrs. Galloway had given us a similar assignment on an American history-related movie before the 1920s. We had been talking about the Cold War in Honors US History, so I decided to do a movie called Dr. Strangelove which was an offbeat comedy about nuclear annihilation. I had read good reviews on the internet, which hailed the movie as one of the best ever, but I found it uninteresting and not too laugh-provoking. [/spoiler] My relatives from China also came over. [spoiler] It was the first time they had left the country. They were my uncle’s parents – I call him uncle, but he is my mother’s cousin so he would technically be my first cousin once removed. I visited them last year when I was in China, and I had a lot of fun with them, so I hope they enjoyed their time with us in the United States.

A lot of good food was eaten during spring break. So much was eaten by me that for two days a stomachache was had. A physics competition, the AAPT PhysicsBowl, was going to be taken by me on the Monday after spring break. Twenty years’ worth of previous exams were studied by me last year, but this year not much was prepared by me. However, my bed was slept on a lot, so hopefully sleep will not be lacked by me during the competition. A lot of spring break homework was given by my teachers as well, but fortunately none was given by Ms. Jeng. Instructions to finish The Great Gatsby were all that she left us with, and that book had already been finished by me. Three years worth of AP Chemistry free response questions were to be completed, and chapters on the Civil Rights movement and the Vietnam War were to be read. [/spoiler] The chapter on the Vietnam War was found particularly intriguing by me. Still shockingly held in society today were the corruptness of the political system and the lies told by the government. I was reminded of the Tiananmen Square Massacre by the National Guard put-down of the student protests with live ammunition resulting in multiple deaths. If Tiananmen is called a massacre by us, why aren’t the Vietnam university protests “massacres” as well?

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