Assorted Conversations (12pc.)

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Assorted Conversations from Our Lovely Sophomore Year

K says (12:10 AM):
my post about how our school sucks
Me says (12:11 AM):
he’d probably actually find that totally intersting
and like link to it on his classlink
K says (12:11 AM):
except he thinks our school is good
or is contractually obligated to act like it

Hanning says (12:21 AM):
im gnna fin d some food
K says (12:22 AM):
“i don’t care that my enlighs teacher now thinks that i am a crazy high school nerd who has wierd ideas about love, i need food”

Hanning says (12:23 AM):
where does she go
Me says (12:23 AM):
baldwin stocker? idk
Hanning says (12:24 AM):
….how does she go there i mean
Me says (12:24 AM):
she carpools with another teacher?
Hanning says (12:24 AM):
i mean why does he take her to ahs..
Me says (12:24 AM):
because he can’t leave her at home?
Hanning says (12:24 AM):
Kevin says (12:24 AM):
to show her what she shouldn’t be when she grows up
Hanning says (12:24 AM):
nah that would be period 6
Kevin says (12:25 AM):
Hanning says (12:25 AM):

Kevin says (1:52 PM):
she’s so stupid in that scene
“hmm, arthur has a son with some unkown woman”
“morgaine has a son with some unknown man”
“morgaine knows arthur has a son, but why is she hiding it?”

Kevin says (1:53 PM):
“gasp! did arthur sleep with a priestess?”
“OMG! the slept with each other!”

Me says (3:09 PM):
finally finished High Queen
wtf at the scene at the end
Kevin says (3:09 PM):
Me says (3:09 PM):
… menage a trois with High King+High Queen+Captain of Horse…
yeah, reeaall professional, guys
Kevin says (3:10 PM):
moral of story: don’t get drunk and have your bisexual best friend and wife that is in love with said friend with you
Me says (3:10 PM):
Kevin says (3:10 PM):
because the last time you had sex without knowing what you were doing, it was with your sister. and your son/nephew will grow up to kill you

Me says (8:07 PM):
Microsoft says the Blue Screen of Death is a feature.
Me says (8:08 PM):
“Windows includes a feature that you can use to cause the system to stop responding”
>____________> that just made my day

Kevin says (11:08 PM):
3 more days of hell
and then junior year
which is worse
Me says (11:08 PM):
think of it this way
3 more days of paradise
Me says (11:09 PM):
and then junior year
which is hell
You says (11:09 PM):
You says (11:09 PM):
well its always darkest before it goes pitch black
Me says (11:09 PM):
XDDDDD I’m saving that quote

(10:01 PM) Kevin:
well, you probably should move to japan
(10:01 PM) Me:
but i hate japanese people
(10:01 PM) Kevin:
because there are more random idiots here
i’m presuming
(10:02 PM) Kevin:

you do?
(10:02 PM) Me:
(10:02 PM) Kevin:
then why do you watch anime?
wait, why do you hate japanese people/
(10:03 PM) Me:
1) Japanese women are UGLY. They smudge expensive creams on their faces to try and hide this, but it only makes them uglier.
(10:03 PM) Kevin:
(10:04 PM) Me:
2) Japanese companies are all about buddying up with your boss, even moreso than in America. Japanese are more prejudiced than Americans, and the same is probably true in Japanese schools.
(10:04 PM) Me:
you know what
(10:04 PM) Kevin:
(10:04 PM) Me:
i’ll write a blog post on this


8/26/2010  10:43:15 PM  Andy  The Life Sucks Group lets dress up for halloween senior year =D
8/26/2010  10:43:19 PM  Andy  The Life Sucks Group we can be like
8/26/2010  10:43:24 PM  Andy  The Life Sucks Group integrals or something


8/26/2010  10:29:18 PM  Hanning  The Life Sucks Group xD
8/26/2010  10:30:15 PM  Andy  The Life Sucks Group i kno i like how in EoE  
8/26/2010  10:30:17 PM  Andy  The Life Sucks Group its like  
8/26/2010  10:30:20 PM  Andy  The Life Sucks Group Aron and Abra
8/26/2010  10:30:23 PM  Andy  The Life Sucks Group like pokemon
8/26/2010  10:36:25 PM  Andy  The Life Sucks Group like as soon as i heard abra i was like
8/26/2010  10:36:27 PM  Andy  The Life Sucks Group teleport
8/26/2010  10:36:32 PM  k  The Life Sucks Group lol
8/26/2010  10:36:33 PM  k  The Life Sucks Group yeah
8/26/2010  10:36:41 PM  Hanning  The Life Sucks Group lol yea
8/26/2010  10:38:13 PM  k  The Life Sucks Group they aren’t in teh same egg group
8/26/2010  10:38:14 PM  k  The Life Sucks Group in pokemon
8/26/2010  10:38:21 PM  k  The Life Sucks Group so they were incompatible
8/26/2010  10:38:25 PM  You  The Life Sucks Group LOL
8/26/2010  10:38:26 PM  k  The Life Sucks Group which is why their relationship failed


(1:31 AM) Hanning: and sinc ewhen is justin good at music/rhythm
(1:31 AM) Kevin: just use some electronic ones
(1:31 AM) Hanning: lol ok
(1:31 AM) Kevin: and have justin operating the computer
(1:32 AM) Kevin: or we can use trash can lids
(1:32 AM) Hanning: Lol
(1:32 AM) Me: hahaha
(1:32 AM) Kevin: and tell him not to screw up
(1:32 AM) Me: hm I can’t find any mellow songs with sax in my itunes
(1:32 AM) Kevin: “pretend you’re playing starcraft 2, and you need to press these buttons at the right time to beat teh boss”
(1:32 AM) Me: LOOL
(1:32 AM) Hanning: hahahaha
(1:33 AM) Kevin: “except instead of pressing buttons, you’re hitting this trash lid and this vase with this stick”
(1:33 AM) Me: oh we could buy a pad for cheap
(1:33 AM) Hanning: or ur sniping and u need to shoot exactly at this moment to get a headshot when the person walks by >.>
(1:33 AM) Kevin: lol


8/20/2010  12:43:21 AM  k  The Life Sucks Group aren’t there pessimists in china?
8/20/2010  12:43:47 AM  Me  The Life Sucks Group the government probably kills them all
8/20/2010  12:43:48 AM  Me  The Life Sucks Group or, well
8/20/2010  12:43:52 AM  Me  The Life Sucks Group not in shanghai anyways
8/20/2010  12:43:53 AM  k  The Life Sucks Group lol
8/20/2010  12:43:59 AM  Me  The Life Sucks Group china needs to look good for the world expo

Final note: these go in chronological order (I believe), and I had these all collected and organized in like September (only bothered posting them now) so sorry if some of these are stupid or not really funny. Also, formatting these took forever. My bold button must have broke by now. Feel free to write your own “best quotes” post (or start collecting quotes now) x3

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