Sadie’s Matrix of Fate

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Hanning and I are currently calculating approxmiate odds for people getting asked to the Sadie’s dance, which occurs in 12 days. Hanning will then plug the odds into a java program (because as you guys know, I can’t write code) and we will see what the results are.

For those of you that don’t know how horse racing style odds work, they’re in the form of x-y, where x and y are integers > 0. (Yay, math) So for every y dollars you bet, if you win, you would receive x dollars. So for something very unlikely to happen, such as Ralph Nadar winning the election over Bush and Gore, the odds would be about  500-1, meaning for every 1 dollar you bet on him winning, you would win 500. This is a high payout to lure people into betting on something that seems unlikely.

On the other hand, something with a high chance of occuring, such as Heath Ledger winning the Oscar for best supporting actor for The Dark Knight (because he had an excellent performance, and also died of an overdose, increasing voters chances of wanting to memorilize him) the odds were 1-50, meaning you would have to bet 50 dollars for a payout of 1, so that bookeepers wouldn’t lose much money on something so likely to happen.

So yeah, here are the odds…

Tim L: 5-1

Hanning: 7-1

Calvin: 8-1

Andy: 10-1

Alfred: 20-1

Hank: 25-1

Justin: 30-1

Tim C.: 40-1

Ben: 50-1

Dun: 60-1

Kevin: 65-1

Paul: 150-1

You guys are free to bet on this until Friday before the dance…and coming soon are going to be the predictions of Hanning’s java simulator thing. It will be run exactly once. Not zero times, not twice, 5 times is certainly out of the question. Once, to determine the future.

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