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Somehow, Today Was a Bad Day

February 22nd, 2011

It just was, despite the fact that most of the things that happened today were good. On another note, today I was marvelously thoughtful. Meaning, I thought about a lot of random, irrelevant things today during school. Of course, as do the contents of a dream, the contents of those self-conversations escape me. But it was simply entertaining to hear myself think such interesting thinks (as Dr. Seuss would say). I think I thinked an especially brilliant think during Orchestra today, but I can’t remember it for the love of God.

I had an unproductive weekend. It was unproductive compared to, say, the weekend before, when I read 10 chapters of E&M in two days, basically a semester of material. And then (not implying that this was a direct consequence) I caught the bug, and was laid up in bed (read: watching anime) for three days. That was a pretty horrible experience.


Oh, I also have to relate something that kind of perturbed me on Thursday. The day before was Bay Math League, and I have nothing fun to say about that particular event. I was sick that day, and came after school specifically for the contest. Dealing with Hank was particularly strenuous. But again, during fourth period (that’s Jenglish) I got a interesting yellow call slip (I seem to be getting those very, very often these days). “Come to the assistant principal’s office,” innocuously beckoned the note. “Come now!”

So there I was, face to face with Mr. Finn in his office. It was a really nice office, being in the new administration building and all. And getting there was a simple trip down the stairs from the top floor. Of course, I was bundled in about five layers of insulation, being that I was still affected by the cold (every now and then pausing to sneeze or perform the unseemly chore of squeezing some mucus out of my nose), and my face probably wasn’t quite as handsome as I would quite like to imagine.

“What’s your name?”

He flips through a stack of carbonless-copy forms. The white-yellow-pink pattern flashes across his thumbs. His eye catches my name. He pulls it out of the stack, and pushes it firmly onto the desk.

“Do you realize you were absent on January 28th?”

Yes, I probably was. I happen to be absent a lot, after all. I probably was absent on that day. I mean, it’s not like I keep track of when I decide not to come.

“You’re supposed to turn in a note when you’re absent.”

I always do. In fact, I type them myself. I have a Word template for them. I can print one in less than two seconds.

“You didn’t turn in a note.”

Before I could cut in, he continued.

“You were truant, and have been assigned Saturday School.”

Again, I tried to open my mouth.

“Are you listening to me? Can you understand me?”

Completely surprised, I replied with the affirmative, after a short pause.

“What ELD are you in?”

This line cracked me up. It didn’t crack me up at the time, but now, thinking back, it cracks me up. I’ll always remember the assistant principal calling me a “D”-student fob who speaks no English, ditches class, and smokes in the bathroom. The perfect reply would have been, “No, I’m in AP English!”

Unfortunately I’m not. Damn. I regret dropping AP English now. Just so I could say that to him.

After hearing my reply in fine, perfect, melodious English with no accent, I’m sure he may have been stunned. But he continued shortly thereafter.

“You’ll have to sign here, and report at 8 am this Saturday. Bring the signed form with you, and report to the counseling desk in the administration building.”

Hold it. I’m not truant. I’m never truant. I just get sick a lot, and happen to have a lot of orthodontic appointments scheduled during school hours. It’s true, I swear.

“Bring work to do for four hours.”

Oh. That’s not so bad then. I thought Saturday School would involve some combination of torture, writing “I will never ditch school again.” on the board continuously, and maybe some good ol’ coloring worksheets a la Dr. Pal thrown in for good measure. If we get to bring our own work to do, this Saturday School thing could work out to my benefit: I’d get work done. After all, if I didn’t have Saturday School, I’d either oversleep until 2pm or watch anime all day. Or both. Likely both.

So, walking back up the stairs into Jenglish, I weighed my options. I’m sure there must have been some sort of error, because I’m very punctual with my absence notes, and there’s no way I would be truant. Actually, I think my thoughts were bordering more on “Life Sucks (TM)” and such, but we’ll glorify my character for this moment. Oh, but that’s right. Don’t they give you a readmit slip when you turn in an absence note? I always keep those. I have a stack of them that’s thicker than my thumb.

Unzippering my front pocket and unpaperclipping the four paperclips holding the stack together, I thumb through and find it. January 28th. Ben Li. Ill. See?

Do I bring the readmit down and demand my freedom, justice, and liberty? Or do I sit there and take on this punishment, and get some real work done while I’m at it? It was a hard decision, I’m sure. I bolted back down the stairs.

It felt kind of awkward passing by the same people again. Other people were getting call slips to come in for their Saturday School notices too, and watching them unknowingly ask directions to the assistant principal’s office from the same people I asked was unwitting. They all knew what the children were being sent to Mr. Finn for, but when the girl in front of me asked what she had been called for, I felt a knowing smirk flash across the desk attendant’s face before she gave an ambiguous, innocent reply.

This same attendant was very helpful though. I showed her my readmit, and she directed me to Attendance. The attendance lady totally should have given me an “oh, it’s YOU again” glare, but she didn’t, and never does. I respect her for that, and her general kindness. I should learn her name. She probably knows mine.

The attendance office actually keeps every absence note in a manila folder. I’d imagine that would be a lot of notes in a lot of folders. It took a while, but she found my note for the 28th, and cleared my truancy. All set! See, Ben, aren’t you glad you stood up for yourself instead of quietly attending the punishment camp for delinquents and other assorted losers?

To conclude, guess what I did on Saturday? That’s right, I slept until 2pm and watched anime the rest of the day.


So, that was all last Thursday. That’s like, a week ago. Why am I blogging about things a week after they happen? That’s not right. I need to post more. So what was this post intended to be about?

Right. So today, a lot of good things happened to me, yet for some reason I was unhappy during school today. Well, I’m not allowed to be unhappy in period 6 as per Galloway’s class rules or something, so make that just one through five.

I got depressed by a lot of random, not-really-pertinent things. People always tell me I’m too thin-skinned. Onion-skinned. I get offended and hurt very easily, they say. Example: Mr. Lee. If anyone has any bright ideas on how to cure this flaw of mine, please do speak up.

So tomorrow I’m commuting to San Marino to take the AMC B contest at (wtf r u srs) 6 in the morning (crazy San Marino people… but I’m grateful for the testing spot!). I asked Ms. King in what was probably a very rude and incoherent manner to “not mark me absent tomorrow” because “I’m taking the AMC B tomorrow”. It probably sounded very stupid and offensive. So for some reason I was really offended by her saying “no”. Maybe it’s just that I’m too used to teachers all liking me that I get queasy when a teacher is annoyed at me. Such a spoiled child am I.

In Orchestra (besides thinking lots of interesting thinks), I hadn’t memorized any of the songs, so that was rather depressing too. Jenglish is always rather morbid. Having dropped from AP is awkward at best, and my clumsiness in social interactions probably exacerbated that awkwardness to a large extent. It was extra-awkward because the other day I was making up a test in Jeng at lunch, and I always seem to stutter and annoy people.

In Chem, we did a lab (spectrophotometry… it sounds cool enough). I got negative values for absorbance (optical density, if you prefer), and I never decided to ask Mrs. Young. After I took a look at it, negative absorbance is totally impossible, and now I don’t know how I’m going to do my lab. I’ll ask to copy Hank’s data I guess. And in history, we watched atomic bomb explosions. Yeah, seriously. It was fun. We had to use Google Video though. Youtube is blocked.

The bad things didn’t just end with school. It turns out that CSF applications were due on Friday. But the CSF forms weren’t out until like the last day… I checked the ASB website practically daily for them. That wasn’t fair. I’d complain more, but I just realized that I saved five dollars by not turning it in.

Also, the semifinalist results came out today. My mom (!) called me afterschool to tell me about them. So three people from Arcadia got into semifinals (out of like 300 nationwide, that’s pretty impressive!), and I decided to send out an email to the people who got in. The third person was “Yi Li”, and I thought that was this was one girl in Physics Team whose last name is Li, so I included her in my “Congratulations!” email. It turns out that “Yi Li” was Vincent’s Chinese name. I think I must have hurt her feelings, I mean, she seems to have tried really hard for this competition, and here I am emailing her about her NOT making it, and even saying “congratulations” as if I were mocking her. See, this is why I’m single (and not looking for a partner).


Of course, good crap happens, but nobody cares about good crap happening. You never see newspapers headlining good crap. Damn, this last section was stupid. Why didn’t I end it with my Saturday School story?

Maybe I’m too self-aware. Perhaps if I stopped caring about what other people think about me, people will think better of me. Or maybe it really doesn’t matter, and I really don’t need to care about what other people think of me. Ms. King, Ms. Young, that girl in Physics Team… maybe I shouldn’t care about what opinions they may form of me. That’s what they tell you. Be original. Be yourself. But I do need to care. I need to take care that Ms. King has a good opinion of me during officer elections, and when she writes my letter of rec. I need to care that my lab group is depending on me. I need to care about what girls think of me as a prospective partner. Well, I’m not so sure on that last one. I could care less. It’s my kind of lifestyle, or prospective lifestyle. I wouldn’t like some kind of less-interesting-than-me lady watching over my bank account, taking what she wants, and arguing with me every night. I think I’d be the kind of person who would be a professor at some university and study Superstring Theory for the rest of my life. Alone. Or maybe this particular view of myself has been forced upon me by my peers. Perhaps it’s just other peoples’ impressions of me rubbing off on me. So I do need to care what other people think about me, because it influences what I think about myself? That’s queer. That’s just… twisted.

Aaand my tangental stream-of-consciousness rant ends there. The first half of this post is far more advanced than the latter half. I really should have split this into multiple posts.


To conclude, I really like narrative storytelling. In fact, when I was in elementary school, my prospective occupation was probably “creative author” or “novelist”. It’s an interesting way to author a blog post. I haven’t reread my Saturday School account yet, but I felt that dialogue, description, and my internal commentary added flair to my writing.

Thoughts on any of the issues, events, topics discussed in this post? Narrative writing, what-do-I-care-what-others-think-of-me, my thin skinned and easily-moved-to-tears personality, my brief anecdote, or anything else? Remember, kids, always keep your readmits.

Thursday is my new favorite day of the week.

February 10th, 2011

Three of my Winter11 animes come out on Thursdays: Infinite Stratos, Madoka, and Yumekui Merry.

IS could have been so much better… I’m serious, the art and animation and OP piece is so superior, and the characters are all so appealing, so I seriously wish they had done IS in a more serious tone, instead of branding it as just another lame harem anime.

Madoka is the anime of the season, apparently, and everybody’s talking about it. Personally, anime-for-the-sake-of-art anime has always been a bit odd for me to watch (not to say that it isn’t enjoyable). Number one for me is Madoka‘s music, both instrumental and vocal; however, the Yuki Kajiura ominous music doesn’t quite fit. I like the normal art, including the randomness and liberal hand involved in animating scenes from unexpected angles, but the witches and their domains are completely out-of-whack with everything. It’s disgusting, which I suppose was the intention, but that doesn’t make it any less disgusting.

Merry is probably my favorite out of the three Thursday animes. I just like it; it’s uplifting after a stressful day at school.

Other anime I am watching in Winter11: Kore wa Zombie desu ka? on Mondays (favorite anime this season, wacky and fun), Index II on Fridays (I thought the Queen of the Adriatic arc was too short and too underdeveloped. Nothing happened. I expected so much more.), and Fairy Tail (it’s become one of those neverending shounen animes) on… Tuesdays I think.

Anyways, what I wanted to say: Every single anime I’ve started in Winter11 (admittedly I only start animes that appeal to me in the first place, but my judgment is VERY OFTEN wrong) has been very good. Generally only one anime every season reaches the awesomeness of any one of the Winter11 animes I’m watching. I’m very pleased with anime, and very unpleased with anime, because it’s detracting from my sleep and homework.

You Can Tell I Was Feeling Morbid While Doing This Homework Assignment Last Night

February 8th, 2011

2. Our generation is not at all a “lost generation”. One might describe the aimlessness of life as asserted by many of my peers as like that of “lost sheep”, as I personally would, but these sheep are certainly not a disillusioned generation of intellectuals. In fact, I would even go as far as to say the opposite: we are an overendowed, spoilt generation of nonintellectuals who bathe in the glory of the wealth and technology our parents have developed and worked for. We have certainly not yet reached an understanding of many of life’s truths, and are still missing many essential life lessons, much less experienced the killing fields and mass death and destruction involved in World War I. There is nothing to be disillusioned about in this generation of high schoolers. Anybody approaching you claiming to be disillusioned by society has most likely simply been surrounded with luxuries for most of their lives (even those in lower income brackets – we take a more liberal definition of “luxuries”) and only recently made contact with the cruel real world, or even if not, has definitely not been disillusioned by visages of death and war as defined by Gertrude Stein’s concept of the “lost generation” that Hemingway belonged to.

3. Truest sentence:

Life is like a chocolate raisin: sweet on the outside and dry on the inside.

Assorted Conversations (12pc.)

February 7th, 2011

Assorted Conversations from Our Lovely Sophomore Year

K says (12:10 AM):
my post about how our school sucks
Me says (12:11 AM):
he’d probably actually find that totally intersting
and like link to it on his classlink
K says (12:11 AM):
except he thinks our school is good
or is contractually obligated to act like it

Hanning says (12:21 AM):
im gnna fin d some food
K says (12:22 AM):
“i don’t care that my enlighs teacher now thinks that i am a crazy high school nerd who has wierd ideas about love, i need food”

Hanning says (12:23 AM):
where does she go
Me says (12:23 AM):
baldwin stocker? idk
Hanning says (12:24 AM):
….how does she go there i mean
Me says (12:24 AM):
she carpools with another teacher?
Hanning says (12:24 AM):
i mean why does he take her to ahs..
Me says (12:24 AM):
because he can’t leave her at home?
Hanning says (12:24 AM):
Kevin says (12:24 AM):
to show her what she shouldn’t be when she grows up
Hanning says (12:24 AM):
nah that would be period 6
Kevin says (12:25 AM):
Hanning says (12:25 AM):

Kevin says (1:52 PM):
she’s so stupid in that scene
“hmm, arthur has a son with some unkown woman”
“morgaine has a son with some unknown man”
“morgaine knows arthur has a son, but why is she hiding it?”

Kevin says (1:53 PM):
“gasp! did arthur sleep with a priestess?”
“OMG! the slept with each other!”

Me says (3:09 PM):
finally finished High Queen
wtf at the scene at the end
Kevin says (3:09 PM):
Me says (3:09 PM):
… menage a trois with High King+High Queen+Captain of Horse…
yeah, reeaall professional, guys
Kevin says (3:10 PM):
moral of story: don’t get drunk and have your bisexual best friend and wife that is in love with said friend with you
Me says (3:10 PM):
Kevin says (3:10 PM):
because the last time you had sex without knowing what you were doing, it was with your sister. and your son/nephew will grow up to kill you

Me says (8:07 PM):
Microsoft says the Blue Screen of Death is a feature.
Me says (8:08 PM):
“Windows includes a feature that you can use to cause the system to stop responding”
>____________> that just made my day

Kevin says (11:08 PM):
3 more days of hell
and then junior year
which is worse
Me says (11:08 PM):
think of it this way
3 more days of paradise
Me says (11:09 PM):
and then junior year
which is hell
You says (11:09 PM):
You says (11:09 PM):
well its always darkest before it goes pitch black
Me says (11:09 PM):
XDDDDD I’m saving that quote

(10:01 PM) Kevin:
well, you probably should move to japan
(10:01 PM) Me:
but i hate japanese people
(10:01 PM) Kevin:
because there are more random idiots here
i’m presuming
(10:02 PM) Kevin:

you do?
(10:02 PM) Me:
(10:02 PM) Kevin:
then why do you watch anime?
wait, why do you hate japanese people/
(10:03 PM) Me:
1) Japanese women are UGLY. They smudge expensive creams on their faces to try and hide this, but it only makes them uglier.
(10:03 PM) Kevin:
(10:04 PM) Me:
2) Japanese companies are all about buddying up with your boss, even moreso than in America. Japanese are more prejudiced than Americans, and the same is probably true in Japanese schools.
(10:04 PM) Me:
you know what
(10:04 PM) Kevin:
(10:04 PM) Me:
i’ll write a blog post on this


8/26/2010  10:43:15 PM  Andy  The Life Sucks Group lets dress up for halloween senior year =D
8/26/2010  10:43:19 PM  Andy  The Life Sucks Group we can be like
8/26/2010  10:43:24 PM  Andy  The Life Sucks Group integrals or something


8/26/2010  10:29:18 PM  Hanning  The Life Sucks Group xD
8/26/2010  10:30:15 PM  Andy  The Life Sucks Group i kno i like how in EoE  
8/26/2010  10:30:17 PM  Andy  The Life Sucks Group its like  
8/26/2010  10:30:20 PM  Andy  The Life Sucks Group Aron and Abra
8/26/2010  10:30:23 PM  Andy  The Life Sucks Group like pokemon
8/26/2010  10:36:25 PM  Andy  The Life Sucks Group like as soon as i heard abra i was like
8/26/2010  10:36:27 PM  Andy  The Life Sucks Group teleport
8/26/2010  10:36:32 PM  k  The Life Sucks Group lol
8/26/2010  10:36:33 PM  k  The Life Sucks Group yeah
8/26/2010  10:36:41 PM  Hanning  The Life Sucks Group lol yea
8/26/2010  10:38:13 PM  k  The Life Sucks Group they aren’t in teh same egg group
8/26/2010  10:38:14 PM  k  The Life Sucks Group in pokemon
8/26/2010  10:38:21 PM  k  The Life Sucks Group so they were incompatible
8/26/2010  10:38:25 PM  You  The Life Sucks Group LOL
8/26/2010  10:38:26 PM  k  The Life Sucks Group which is why their relationship failed


(1:31 AM) Hanning: and sinc ewhen is justin good at music/rhythm
(1:31 AM) Kevin: just use some electronic ones
(1:31 AM) Hanning: lol ok
(1:31 AM) Kevin: and have justin operating the computer
(1:32 AM) Kevin: or we can use trash can lids
(1:32 AM) Hanning: Lol
(1:32 AM) Me: hahaha
(1:32 AM) Kevin: and tell him not to screw up
(1:32 AM) Me: hm I can’t find any mellow songs with sax in my itunes
(1:32 AM) Kevin: “pretend you’re playing starcraft 2, and you need to press these buttons at the right time to beat teh boss”
(1:32 AM) Me: LOOL
(1:32 AM) Hanning: hahahaha
(1:33 AM) Kevin: “except instead of pressing buttons, you’re hitting this trash lid and this vase with this stick”
(1:33 AM) Me: oh we could buy a pad for cheap
(1:33 AM) Hanning: or ur sniping and u need to shoot exactly at this moment to get a headshot when the person walks by >.>
(1:33 AM) Kevin: lol


8/20/2010  12:43:21 AM  k  The Life Sucks Group aren’t there pessimists in china?
8/20/2010  12:43:47 AM  Me  The Life Sucks Group the government probably kills them all
8/20/2010  12:43:48 AM  Me  The Life Sucks Group or, well
8/20/2010  12:43:52 AM  Me  The Life Sucks Group not in shanghai anyways
8/20/2010  12:43:53 AM  k  The Life Sucks Group lol
8/20/2010  12:43:59 AM  Me  The Life Sucks Group china needs to look good for the world expo

Final note: these go in chronological order (I believe), and I had these all collected and organized in like September (only bothered posting them now) so sorry if some of these are stupid or not really funny. Also, formatting these took forever. My bold button must have broke by now. Feel free to write your own “best quotes” post (or start collecting quotes now) x3

Sadie’s Matrix of Fate Results

February 1st, 2011


Direct from Hanning’s computer…the reveal of destiny… (Color coded for your convinience):

timL will not be asked
hanning will be asked
calvin will not be asked
andy will not be asked
alfred will not be asked
hank will not be asked
justin will not be asked
timC will not be asked
ben will not be asked
dun will not be asked
kevin will not be asked
paul will not be asked

Epic computer results FTW.

If anybody cares…here’s the code.

import static java.lang.System.*;
import java.util.Arrays;

public class Test
 public static void main(String[] args)
  /*Test1 test = new Test1();
  double data[] = new double[5];
  double timL = Math.random();
   out.println(“timL will be asked”);
  else out.println(“timL will not be asked”);
  double hanning = Math.random();
   out.println(“hanning will be asked”);
  else out.println(“hanning will not be asked”);
  double calvin = Math.random();
   out.println(“calvin will be asked”);
  else out.println(“calvin will not be asked”);
  double andy = Math.random();
   out.println(“andy will be asked”);
  else out.println(“andy will not be asked”);
  double alfred = Math.random();
   out.println(“alfred will be asked”);
  else out.println(“alfred will not be asked”);
  double hank = Math.random();
   out.println(“hank will be asked”);
  else out.println(“hank will not be asked”);
  double justin = Math.random();
   out.println(“justin will be asked”);
  else out.println(“justin will not be asked”);
  double timC = Math.random();
   out.println(“timC will be asked”);
  else out.println(“timC will not be asked”);
  double ben = Math.random();
   out.println(“ben will be asked”);
  else out.println(“ben will not be asked”);
  double dun = Math.random();
   out.println(“dun will be asked”);
  else out.println(“dun will not be asked”);
  double kevin = Math.random();
   out.println(“kevin will be asked”);
  else out.println(“kevin will not be asked”);
  double paul = Math.random();
   out.println(“paul will be asked”);
  else out.println(“paul will not be asked”);

If you notice any coding errors, well, too bad, fate compensates for java errors.

Ok, now that you guys know the result of fate, I ran it a few times on my computer. These are not what will happen, as destiny gave the results above. But yeah, here are the next 5 runs of it…

The Alternative Result

timL will not be asked
hanning will not be asked

calvin will be asked
andy will not be asked
alfred will not be asked
hank will not be asked
justin will not be asked
timC will not be asked
ben will not be asked
dun will not be asked
kevin will not be asked
paul will not be asked

The WTF Result

timL will not be asked
hanning will not be asked
calvin will not be asked
andy will not be asked
alfred will not be asked
hank will not be asked
justin will not be asked
timC will not be asked
ben will not be asked
dun will be asked
kevin will not be asked
paul will not be asked

The Logical Result

timL will be asked
hanning will not be asked
calvin will not be asked
andy will not be asked
alfred will not be asked
hank will not be asked
justin will not be asked
timC will not be asked
ben will not be asked
dun will not be asked
kevin will not be asked
paul will not be asked

The “I swear, we did not rig this” Result

timL will not be asked
hanning will be asked
calvin will not be asked
andy will not be asked
alfred will not be asked
hank will not be asked
justin will not be asked
timC will not be asked
ben will not be asked
dun will not be asked
kevin will be asked
paul will not be asked

The Realistic Result

timL will not be asked
hanning will not be asked
calvin will not be asked
andy will not be asked
alfred will not be asked
hank will not be asked
justin will not be asked
timC will not be asked
ben will not be asked
dun will not be asked
kevin will not be asked
paul will not be asked

[2:19:56 AM] Hanning: “can i get an extension for my packet because I was trying to code fate”
[2:20:00 AM] Hanning: lololol
[2:20:43 AM] kc32815: lol
[2:20:48 AM] kc32815: that’s the best exuse ever
[2:20:50 AM] kc32815: she has to accept it
[2:20:50 AM] Hanning: haha

Sadie’s Matrix of Fate

February 1st, 2011

Hanning and I are currently calculating approxmiate odds for people getting asked to the Sadie’s dance, which occurs in 12 days. Hanning will then plug the odds into a java program (because as you guys know, I can’t write code) and we will see what the results are.

For those of you that don’t know how horse racing style odds work, they’re in the form of x-y, where x and y are integers > 0. (Yay, math) So for every y dollars you bet, if you win, you would receive x dollars. So for something very unlikely to happen, such as Ralph Nadar winning the election over Bush and Gore, the odds would be about  500-1, meaning for every 1 dollar you bet on him winning, you would win 500. This is a high payout to lure people into betting on something that seems unlikely.

On the other hand, something with a high chance of occuring, such as Heath Ledger winning the Oscar for best supporting actor for The Dark Knight (because he had an excellent performance, and also died of an overdose, increasing voters chances of wanting to memorilize him) the odds were 1-50, meaning you would have to bet 50 dollars for a payout of 1, so that bookeepers wouldn’t lose much money on something so likely to happen.

So yeah, here are the odds…

Tim L: 5-1

Hanning: 7-1

Calvin: 8-1

Andy: 10-1

Alfred: 20-1

Hank: 25-1

Justin: 30-1

Tim C.: 40-1

Ben: 50-1

Dun: 60-1

Kevin: 65-1

Paul: 150-1

You guys are free to bet on this until Friday before the dance…and coming soon are going to be the predictions of Hanning’s java simulator thing. It will be run exactly once. Not zero times, not twice, 5 times is certainly out of the question. Once, to determine the future.