Re: Five Reasons Why You (yes you) Should Drop AP English

December 17th, 2010 by Justin Leave a reply »

…or possibly not.

Risk: Get put into Bishop…

1. Time Wasting. You are stuck listening to your teacher talk about something completely useless or waiting for your teacher to figure out a student’s name.

2. Uneducational. You are in the class learning nothing about English, just watching an out of place movie or writing “smart-sounding” Rhetorical Precis(es?).

3. Boredom. Half the time, your teacher is randomly absent from school, so you have to sit and do packets that over half the class doesn’t do anyway. (And if you’re Hanning or Ben, you have completed your math homework already.

4. Desruptive/Annoying. You are stuck in an nearly dead classroom, as half the class is screaming random crap because they think they’re cool.

5. Being Unaware. Your teacher will randomly tell you that you hav a test/in-class/project/packet assigned/due at the very last moment, when you have absolutely no time to prepare for it.


Also, responding to this from Animation. Easy class is too easy.

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