Five Reasons Why You (yes you) Should Drop AP English

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Sunsets are red, the sky is blue, and skylight is polarized (at least partially).

Giancoli Physics, Sixth Edition
  1. Stickers. When you do your (five minutes of) homework, instead of giving it a D, or perhaps no credit for having your name on the wrong side of the paper, or having your margin too large by one millimeter, your Normal English Teacher will show you her fantastic smile and reward you with a glittering sticker on your homework sheet. You feel good all the way through the rest of the school day.
  2. Background music. Instead of spending fifty-four dreary minutes wallowing in the silent cacophony of stumbling minds and fumbling pencils as you struggle to complete your in-class, why not indulge in popular music and rock along with the beat while chillin’ in Regular English?
  3. Candy. For answering a question correctly, or making a valiant effort at doing so, Regular English Teacher will reward you with a sweet treat. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth.
  4. Love. Your Regular English Teacher enjoys imbuing students with knowledge and the impulse to learn, and it shows in her day-to-day attitude. Her smile is contagious, and soon the whole classroom can’t help but become infected. It’ll stay on for the rest of the day.
  5. Victory. You feel like you have surpassed the losers who are still drowning in homework and suffocating from the high-pressure environment of a non-Regular English class. You can even fix their code in your free time.

Yes, I am writing this blog post instead of doing my Regular English homework. Yay me, I’m so fantastic.

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