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hai, it’s summer.

Mayoi Neko Overrun Episode 08

Parodying -Saki-? Really. XD

Although I really love the super-high-quality animation, the storyline of this anime has gone down exponentially. However. Epic animation quality. Epic Yui Horie as announcer and peppy ponytail girl. Epic funny moments. Some of the time. I still like all of the characters, however (like Airantou and Tears to Tiara etc), so the lowest rating this will get is like an AA.

Wow, this episode was actually good.

Angel Beats Episode 11

This… is a pretty stupid story idea. Also, why is Tenshi so dumb. Actually. Why are all the characters so dumb.

This series goes like 3 episode of awesomeness, and 1 episode of epic fail. It’s better than Mayoi Neko I guess, which is like 2 awesome, 1 fail.

Mayoi Neko Overrun Episode 09

Aaand this is an example of a fail episode.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou Episode 10

Awesome anime!

Epic post title and above all. EPIC. CLIMAX.

ef -a tale of melodies- Episode 06

This is an anime about art and music. Naturally, the art of this anime is very modernist and unique. However, it gets in the way sometimes… actually, quite often. This episode’s overdrawn description of Yuuko’s story was annoying. Also, the plot requires a large measure of WSoD. As well as deep thinking to figure out the complex relationships and random timeskips, and especially (and most enjoyably) figuring out the artful metaphors and themes. The music is also horrible. This is an anime about music. I can’t believe the music isn’t mind-blowingly brilliant.

However… I believe I may have fallen in love with one of the main characters, Mizuki. Also, the story may not be that brilliant, but the themes it explores are so deeply entwined to familiar issues that I myself have. I suppose this may be the main reason I enjoy this anime. So, a poetic imperfect masterpiece-could-have-been. If I were to rate it right now, I’d say… AA.

One big thing is that this anime has failed to make me cry. Before I can let out any shred of compassion for the characters, some annoyingly “artful” piece of scriptwriting pisses me off.

ef -a tale of melodies- Episode 11

The music got a bit better, but the main violin piece that Kuze plays isn’t all that amazing or anything. I like how everything is against the norm in this anime. Also, the story ended up pretty good. Still didn’t make me cry. Yet. One ep left. Current rating is probably like an AAA+.

Wow, nevermind. Kuze’ song sung by Mizuki is pretty awesome.

The single most annoying thing about this anime is Yuuko’s hat. I HATE THAT HAT.

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