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I’ve spent the entire day today obsessive-complusively obsessing-compulsing over anime. One thing that astounds me — the only things better than the art of Japanese anime and manga are the numerous communities, blogs, and people who enjoy, commentate, review, draw fan art of, arrange the music of, and simply love anime. It’s quite deep, unexpectedly, especially when compared to American television, which probably has a larger audience, but lacks this essential aspect.

Current Music: 太陽が似合うよ / Taiyou ga Niau yo水樹奈々 / Nana Mizuki

The song’s been on repeat since last night. I’d really like to listen to the Angel Beats! intro song, especially Yui’s version featured in episode 04, but that doesn’t seem to have come out yet. Quite evidently, I have spent the last few days (ever since watching episodes 02 to 05 of Angel Beats!) being obsessed with Angel Beats!. Seriously, I have not seen an anime as good as this in a long time (mostly because I’ve been watching crappy animes lately). After finishing episode 05, I really can’t wait until the next episode. Like, really. I’d pay to watch episode 06 right now.

Anyways, I’ve started two new old animes today (despite not having finished any anime today… although I finished Sora no Manimani recently and am working on Dance in the Vampire Bund despite its suckiness… and Shugo Chara! Party sucks so much I want to drop it. And– and… UGH I still have like 30 animes to finish…). One of them (despite being fanservice-harem) is Nagasarete Airantou. Don’t laugh if you read the summary. I actually enjoyed it (although it’s not going to win an SS+ or anything from me).

Other one is Kurenai. The summary and review from AnimeTake forums recommended this… I’ve only watched the first episode so far, and it’s really weird. If something awesome doesn’t happen soon, I’ll probably drop this.

Here are the other ones I was considering starting:





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  1. Benji says:

    Personally I don’t think Nana Mizuki is that attractive physically. This applies to nearly all seiyuus. In fact I can’t name one that has an attractive voice and an attractive face (there probably are some though).

    Also in that link is that Railgun playing on the TV? Tokiwadai uniform >_>

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