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April 18th, 2010

Episode 01 — There’s no OP song! NOO! I watched this anime almost purely for the Nana Mizuki songs!

Anyways, the situation and set-up is pretty comedic, I can’t say I dislike any of it. However, I protest against instantly throwing our protagonist into love-polygon-world. Well, happens all the time in Japanese anime, but still.

Our female protagonist, Moka, 1000% channels Lala (ToLOVE-ru). Right down to the pink hair. Well, actually, I think Rosario came before TLR.

Wow, so many things happened in just one episode! Things are runnin’ fast in this anime! I like it!

First meeting? Check. School life together? Check, one day. Love confession, check.

And then throw in mahou-shoujo transformation scene and vampire beating up mean ugly ogre. And tie it up with a pleasant outro song. Not bad.


Episode 03 — Lol last episode the epic Nana Mizuki song caused me to forget everything I was going to write in my summary/review.

EH did I see GONZO somewhere in the opening credits? :OOO;;;

Her voice is cute, sounds like a mouse. Sendou Yukari. Where have I heard this :3

Our lead male protagonist gives out an extremely Tomoki (Sora no Otoshimono) vibe, minus Tomoki’s perverted tendencies. Well, he doesn’t give out a Tomoki vibe. He just…. actually he just looks like Tomoki and has some of the same facial expressions. Haha.

Wow, she’s a real mahou shoujo. .———–.

She just broke the fourth wall ~△~

If you’ve noticed, all the major characters introduced so far have the trait of being really lonely.

Oh, and I think I like evil!Moka better than normal!Moka. Oh, and Moka -> Mocha…

The narrator needs to shut up.

Tsukune’s Harem: +1.

I can’t wait until the character-introducing is over and we get into some of the conflict and ACTION!

Episode 04 — He needs some character development. As a human, he’s way too weak.

It’s probably going to turn out something like with Rito, just used as a gag plot and recurring joke.

“I will, one day, become strong enough to protect anyone.”


that was semi-serious.

Episode 05 — Lol, you expect the bus driver to pull an “I AM YOUR FATHER!” or something out of thin air or something soon. ;D

Great insert song. Eh, the chibi’s wasn’t that nice.

Moka should do what that-vampire-queen-from-Dance-in-the-Vampire-Bund does and use water-resistant lotion/sunscreen.

Episode 06 — New character, Gin-senpai. He’s like Iago… epic framing and manipulation. And, on top of all that… he has an Osaka accent! =D

So evil though. Wahaha. And Tsukune.. he really IS Tomoki, to a T. And can’t the narrator shut up during the transformation scene yet?

Episode 07 — Kurumu is kawaii x3

The loli witch kind of pisses me off. She’s not that cute, and her voice is annoying.

This is interesting. She’s not in love with Tsukune-kun… she’s in love with the newspaper articles he writes XD

Hm, interestingly there’s only really one (well two if you count vampire!Moka) character out of Tsukune’s harem of (so far) 4 that I like. Tehe.

Episode 08 — Erm… whaaa… o———–O

“Yeah, come to my room tonight. I’ll teach you lots of things.” <— yeah great way to invite a guy to a study session.

Was this episode supposed to encourage teens to study and love mathematics? If I saw this and was bad at math, I would be permanently scarred.

They don’t have photocopy machines in this school? And… wow… the math teacher… … … yes, I think I’m permanently scarred.

Yeah, mind-control innocent students and force them to memorize math formulas. That’s so totally evil. XD

Episode 09 – end

The witch/Ruby arc really sucked. I can’t believe Moka is actually that weak… she has no special attacks or anything? All she can do is kick people really hard? Wow…

Suddenly this anime isn’t so appealing anymore. They could have done so much more with the premise…

The final arc, with Newspaper Club vs Heianbu, had a really heart-rending set-up. The way they treated our poor main characters was really well-done. It didn’t make me cry, but then again, the only anime that made me cry was CLANNAD, as far as I can remember. I don’t think I cried for Kanon.

But yeah, the set-up for the climax was great… but the climax. SUCKED. What the heck with Moka being so weak? And everyone getting beat up? And the conclusion… what? o_O

I’d give this anime a good rating for the Nana Mizuki song, but it wasn’t really that great. I liked much less than half of the characters introduced. (Compare to, say, ToLOVE-ru, whose characters I almost all liked.) Even ignoring the characters, the plot was not worth watching. Maybe I’ll give it an A+ or so, simply because of Dance in the Velvet Moon. [6.5/10]

An Interesting Title

April 18th, 2010
Information: I am about 10 episodes behind on all the Winter 2010 animes I was following, and I still haven’t finished the Fall 2009 animes I was following. My first impressions on the new Spring 2010 animes will come in a later post (even though it’s about already the 2nd week of Spring 2010).

Anime sucks.


Shakugan no Shana S Episode 02 — One of the best things about watching an anime… when you come back to it again, it feels so fresh, so nostalgic, and so pleasant.

Is what I would like to say… but this episode was 99.975% pointless. A waste of half an hour.

Shakugan no Shanatan Dos — ehh not funny

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Special – Nekogoroshi-hen — Lol.

Durarara!! Episode 12 — It turns out this anime was actually 24 episodes, so this isn’t the climax. Wahahaha.

Fairy Tail Episode 24 — eh this is getting too typical and cliche. Like, nothing’s happening happening.

BakaTest Episode 11 — OMG I finally have time to catch up on BakaTest, the awesomest anime this season.

The Sacred Blacksmith Episode 11 — playing the catch-up game. Hmmm… horrible animation, horrible voice actiong, horrible plot, horrible dialogue, horrible everything x____x

The Sacred Blacksmith Episode 12 FINAL — so like why am I still watching this.

Her sword is sexy.

Is what I would say, but it sounds quite weird out of context.

Seiken no Blacksmith / The Sacred Blacksmith FINAL REVIEW

I’m back to simple final reviews. The balance of points is probably highly inaccurate, but too bad. Also, my ratings seem to have gotten harsher or something… I didn’t expect a D.

Characters 0/2 | Plot 0/2 | Setting 1/2 | Music 1/2 | Art 1/2

3/10 D

Durarara!! Episode 13 — Oh my god epic new intro song.

Anri’s voice is so touching. If only she didn’t wear glasses, then I’d like her. Anyways… this episode: Introducing, the Traffic Police Force! And… Shinra’s dad is crazy. OMG Russian!

That ending… was… wow. And the ending song :3 DRRR is still running strong~

Ookamikakushi Episode 08 — I heard this anime really sucked.

Fairy Tail Episode 25 — New OP song? really?

Elfman is cool. Touching moment is not touching. In Soviet Russia, moment touching YOU!! No wait, that’s not right…

Flying kitty crying is cute. Aye! Juvia is stupid, and her whole scene-thing is stupid, and everything is stupid. Gray is awesome, though. I think I like the new ED. Next episode looks like fun things will happen.

Omamori Himari Episode 12 FINAL

Why did I watch this anime all the way through. I want the 6 hours I wasted on this back.

Omamori Himari FINAL REVIEW

The final episode was so horrible…

Characters 1.5/2 | Plot 0/2 | Setting 0.5/2 | Music 2/2 | Art 1.5/2

5.5/10 B+

Spring 2010

April 18th, 2010

SPRING 2010 ANIME SEASON has started! Yes I understand I’m about four weeks late but hey, lots of things happened, okay? Here’s stuff I wrote in Canada, plus more.

(Tuesday, April 6, 2010)

Kaichou wa Maid-sama / The Student Council President is a Maid! Episode 01

The title made this anime sound really perverted and bad… but this anime wasn’t perverted at all; a real surprise.

The art style really reminded me of the Shugo Chara anime’s art style, and Misa does have many of Amu’s traits.

As this is a shoujo anime, the male protagonist is extremely handsome and unrealistically awesome; however I find that I don’t seem to mind, so I think I’ll keep watching this anime.

Random comments: OMG another cool imouto character!

ToLOVE-ru OVA 03

I’ve missed ToLOVE-ru so bad. It was my random destressing anime for a time, and the pervertedness is something you get used to. Once you get past that, the randomness, character depth, and general entertainment provided by ToLOVE-ru is epic.

This OVA had too much fanservice, and after not watching for a while, it took me time to get used to ignoring the fanservice.

WTF with the female-Rito shots… ><;;

Anyways, this wasn’t up-to-par, compared to what I remember of the ToLOVE-ru OVAs.

ToLOVE-ru OVA 04



and then they’re suddenly teleported into the Great Demon Lord’s castle and lame things happen… and suddenly Rito is making a “maybe” love confession.

funny how epicness goes downhill so fast.

AND LALA’S TWIN SISTERS APPEAR! For the first time. interestingly.


Nice episode.

Oh, I hear that Mayoi Neko Overrun (Spring 2010 anime) is by the same mangaka as ToLOVE-ru. If so… *wry smirk* AWESOME!!

Nana’s seiyuu = Kanae Itou [Amu@Shugo Chara, Mihoshi@Sora no Manimani, Saten@Railgun, will be Fumino Serizawa@Mayoi Neko Overrun!]

Momo’s seiyuu = Aki Toyosaki [Yoshino@Minami-ke, Su@Shugo Chara, Yui@K-On!, Lisa@Blacksmith, …, Uiharu@Railgun!]

Perfect pair.

Mayoi Neko Overrun! Episode 01

OMG ToLOVE-ru + Nyan Koi! combination! DO WANT!

(You get used to how generic it is and start getting excited about anime again about now. Deal with it.)

Actually, that guy reminds me of Tomoki. Really. He does. The voice, the personality and all.

I’m not sure yet if his sister/childhood friend/whoever it was that was banging on his head waking him up is as good as Sohara, though.

Ohhh, the sister is a different character. And that one was his childhood friend. Ah. I see. The stereotypes are always the same ^_^ anime is so predictable.

Did I just hear Rie Kugumiya? God.

OH HEY I just recognized Itou Kanae’s voice. That took a while.

But yeah, I’m just sitting here waiting for Rie Kugumiya to randomly spout “AYE!” ><;


Wow. This is deep. Also, no really perverted scenes, or at least nothing on the level of ToLOVE-ru or Omamori Himari or (god forbid…) Kampfer.

This is pretty good.

Hm, who does Otome-oneechan remind me of. :/

Mayoi Neko Overrun! Episode 02

This anime may consist entirely of overused anime stereotypes, but they are overused WELL.

I haven’t screenshotblogged an episode in a while. Huh.

The nekomimi shoujo is secretly Nagato Yuki in disguise or something… she can do everything perfectly, and is perfect in every way that Nagato was.

Why do the OP and ED songs SUCK so bad? o_O

B-gata H-kei Episode 01

There’s really nothing I can say about this anime. Its uniqueness is too much (OVER 9000!!!!).

The imouto character is cute. The lead female is… a new category of her own. And the person who seems to be our lead male is fat, plain, ugly, and stupid. Tehe.

B-gata H-kei Episode 02

Interesting, unique anime, like I said before. I can’t say I like any of the characters other than the imouto. Her best friend isn’t really likable, the guy is too stupid and ugly, and even the lead herself is much too oddball to be likable.

Even though the humor is interesting, I may end up dropping this anime for lack of character depth, or maybe like even lack of character design in the first place.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama Episode 02 — I’m loving this. Usui is the Ikuto (facial expressions and all), and Misa is the Amu. Totally. But wahh, this is a pretty good anime. It almost makes me laugh as much as BakaTest (to compare it to something recent). I hear there’s some other awesome comedy anime this season, though… what was it, B gata H kei or something. I heard it was kind of more adult-oriented, though. This anime (despite the name), is all-ages fun, like BakaTest.

ToLOVE-ru OVA 05


Angel Beats Episode 01

I can’t comment yet.

Current spring rankings:

  1. Mayoi Neko Overrun!
  2. Kaichou wa Maid-sama
  3. B-gata H-kei

Anime I am Currently Watching

April 18th, 2010

This comprehensive list includes all animes I have started and intend to finish… eventually.

  • Moetan
  • Air
  • D.C. ~Da Capo~
  • Kodomo no Jikan
  • Kyou no 5 no 2
  • Kami-chama Karin
  • Suzumiya Haruhi-chan no Yuutsu + Nyoro~n Churuya-san
  • Negima! ~Mou Hitotsu no Sekai~
  • Kanamemo
  • Bakemonogatari
  • Sora no Manimani
  • Kobato
  • Tegami Bachi
  • Sora no Woto
  • Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu S2
  • Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu 2 – Purezza
  • Shin Koihime Musou
  • Ookamikakushi
  • Hanamaru Kindergarten
  • Angel Beats (current)
  • Baka to Test to Shokanjuu (2 eps left)
  • Kaichou wa Maid-sama (current)
  • B-gata H-kei (current)
  • Durarara!! (current)
  • Omamori Himari (1 ep left)
  • ToLOVEる OVAs (1 ep left)
  • Fairy Tail (current)
  • Dance in the Vampire Bund
  • Hidamari Sketch
  • Magical Pokan
  • Tears to Tiara
  • Arakawa Under the Bridge (current)
  • xxxHoLiC (someday… maybe…)
  • xxxHoLiC Shunmuki
  • Mayoi Neko Overrun (current)
  • Code Geass R2
  • Mahoromatic S2
  • Pani Poni Dash (my “rainy day” anime)
  • Shugo Chara! Party! (kill me)
  • Inuyasha (AHAHAHAHAHAHA)
  • Minami-ke (Okawari? Or Okaeri. I forget where I am in Minami-ke.)

Stuff that I just dropped today:

  • Shion no Ou (was on ep 01)
  • They Are My Noble Masters (was on ep 01)

Stuff that I’ve been planning on starting forever:

  • Ookami to Koushinryou -Spice and Wolf-
  • Rosario to Vampire CAPU2
  • Rozen Maiden -traumend-
  • ef -a tale of melodies-

Spring Break

April 10th, 2010

After months of ignoring my precious blog, I randomly felt it was about time I posted. About what? Everything.

The last few weeks before spring break were quite challenging — although judging by some of the juniors, I was still pretty well-off. Our PSA project on self-esteem turned out pretty well. My Mandarin grades are somehow still staying afloat even though I never spend any time on it. Math homework is so teeth-grinding. It’s completely pointless, and it’s such a waste of our precious time.

Funny thing is, on Monday I have like a test in every class. Every teacher’s thought process went something like this: “Oh, no other teacher is going to give a test on Monday, the day right after everybody gets back from spring break, so I’ll give a test on Monday. They’ll only have this one test, no big deal.” So that’s why I have like five tests on Monday.

As for my spring break, my family flew to Seattle, drove up to Vancouver, and had a generally marvelous time up in Canada. I was able to have a lot of fun while still keeping up with my physics. I saw snow falling from the sky for the first time in my life up in Grouse Mountain, overlooking Vancouver. Unfortunately, the snow and fog prevented me from actually seeing Vancouver from tens of thousands of feet above, but I don’t mind. I loved how wonderfully cold, Canadian, and awesome Vancouver was. The awesome British-ish (Canadian?) accents, the Canadian dollars and coins and the French… which reminds me, Vancouver was not as fantastic as Montreal. Montreal was French. Really French. And it was cold. Really coold. Oh, and Toronto was cool too. CN Tower isn’t the highest building in the world anymore, though (sadly).

After returning to my smoggy hometown, I went with Hank and Jason to the movies at the mall on Friday. We watched How to Train Your Dragon and Clash of the Titans. As expected from Dreamworks, Dragon was brilliant and fully enjoyable. Clash was… uninteresting. The overusage of unintelligible action scenes makes no sense to me. Greek mythology isn’t interesting to me anymore, also, for some reason. I would’ve rather watched some horrible anime than Titans.

Oh, right, and Thursday… Orchestra Spring Tour. Busy busy. I bought a mute in Vancouver, one of those shiny metal ones because… um, it was shiny. I can’t figure out how to open it… I can’t even fit it onto a sheet of paper, so how will it slide onto my bridge? Sneaky Canadians…

As for math contests, I seem to have gotten a silver in the USAMTS, which… was expected, I suppose. I’m not going to have enough time to try for gold next year, with junior year and all. Oh, and today is… was… ARML Local, which I’m staying home from because the math tutoring industry suddenly is disgusting me. Don’t ask, because I don’t know myself.

Most importantly, the 2010 Physics Bowl competition is going to be held on Tuesday. Today I have an extra-credit Physics Bowl session with my physics teacher. Monday I have a Physics Bowl review/cumulative test. Monday afterschool the Physics Team is probably planning some sinister examination to torture us all into getting high scores. And… Tuesday is the competition. That leaves me with only… gasp, two days!! Oh no, I don’t have time to prepare! Back to watching anime.

Haha, seriously that’s what my life is like. “Oh no, I forgot to do my homework! Oh well, it can wait until I finish this episode.” Which brings me to speak about Spring 2010 animes, and my pile of unfinished Winter 2010 animes, and all the stuff I’ve been watching lately, and how awesome Ueki no Housoku / The Law of Ueki is, and how EPICx3 the To Aru Majutsu no Index novels are (especially compared to the not-really-epic-enough anime)…….

Yeah, so that’s why I’m unwilling to go off and on about anime.

Yesterday I stayed up the whole night playing a stupid MMO video game. Sometimes my lack of sanity astounds me.

After all, wouldn’t that all-nighter have been much better spent watching anime?