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March 20th, 2010

I’ve only just realized it, but Omamori Himari is just like Tayutama, down to the weird spirit thing; Himari simply calls them “Ayakashi” instead of “Tayutai”.

Fairy Tail Episode 20 — How come childhood-friends-who-end-up-dying are always named Lisa? Also, the set of facial expressions that characters show are getting very old, along with the camera angles and tsukkomi moments. Everything is already “been done, seen that” in this anime now.

Durarara!! Episode 08 — I’ll summarize this with the title of this episode. Life is Transient.

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Episode 22 — Kiyama Harumi is back! And Gekota-sensei. And we’re getting back into the To Aru groove. The stupid “school life” thing that’s been going on with Railgun sucked so bad… but the new arc is YEAHH!

Baka to Test to Shokanjuu Episode 08 — I (still) worship this anime.

Omamori Himari Episode 09 — hmm… basically, if you remove 20% of this anime, it becomes 100% nude people and girls stripping.

~ Nano.

Public Safety Division 4. I like that name.

Durarara!! Episode 09 — The backstory of the Yagiri siblings, and everything about Yagiri Pharmacy is revealed. This ep has brought Durarara!! backĀ  into my good graces.

“Oh noes! My head is running away from me!!” <– seriously this is what is happening in this episode

Orihaya Izaya: “I love humans! I just love them! I’m in love with them!”

Durarara!! Episode 10 — “The fact that you had to explain the joke just shows how lame it was.”

Our introverted protagonist, at the end of this episode, suddenly pulls a Lelouch on us. I wonder what he has planned!

Fairy Tail Episode 21 — I’m not quite sure what to say about this sudden turn of events.

Actually, after finishing it, I can say for sure. AWESOME.

Baka to Test to Shokanjuu Episode 09 — Yoshii-kun’s nee-san returns! (My first reaction was: “hmm… hairstyle… speaking pace… huge chest… IKAROS!”) And then, if you look at her based purely on her hairstyle and hair color, she also looks a lot like Saki from -Saki-.

This is so hilarious.

BakaTest Episode 10 — Eh, this one wasn’t as awesome.

Railgun Episode 23 — You can just tell from that crooked smile on her face: “Look everybody, I’m going to do something bad later on in this episode!”

That face totally looked like Uiharu was going to say “Kiyama-sense! GROUP HUG!!”

Cliffhanger :p

Omamori Himari Episode 10 — Soooo serious. (That soooo wasn’t sarcastic.)

I’m cold. It’s 8 in the morning~ yaawn~. (see how interesting this anime is?)

Himari’s maid… or whatever she is, and whatever her name is, is cute. Hey, isn’t this insert song the, um, B-side to the OP?

Hidamari Sketch Episode 01 — It’s funny; I accidentally downloaded Russian subs.

I still enjoyed this episode, even though I had to watch it raw. I love the low-quality animation. Seriously. Hidamari Sketch makes low-budget cheap animation look good.

Magical Pokan Episode 01 — Yeah, I felt like starting some good new old animes. Erm… good ol’ old animes.

This one is more of the pantyflashing sort. However, this is another example of great low-budget cheapo animation. I love how serious the intro sequence is, and the humor is well-done for the most part. It’s not anything approaching Hayate or anything, but it’s pretty great.

Railgun Episode 24 FINAL — where’s mah touma (final episode… we get to see him for like 2secs)…

All-in-all, this anime was not all that satisfying. The characters are great, but the plot isn’t epic enough… and the fillers were quite painful. We needed more Touma. And more Index.

Omamori Himari Episode 11 — I love how huge the character count has become at this point. This anime is good for laughing at how stupid anime in general is. Except this is a bad representation of the Japanese art of animation.

The battle is so… lame… stupid… completely idiotic. Yuuto needs to do things… THE NANOHA WAY. Making friends… one Starlight Breaker at a time. =D

This is so completely, utterly stupid. Somebody shoot me.

Durarara!! Episode 11 — The climax of Duarara!! is beyond epic. The suspense is amazing (I hate where they ended this episode… mega cliffhanger), and the entire backstory is so clever and beyond expectations.

Campaign Statement

March 17th, 2010

Ben Li
ASB Academic Commissioner

I am running for the position of ASB Academic Commissioner because I strongly believe Arcadia needs to promote more activities for academically high-achieving students. As we all know, a large number of talented students attend AHS, and I think many of them would benefit from having more opportunities to interact with others that share their interests. If I am elected, I will introduce fun new events and activities for Apaches to challenge themselves. I will spread recognition of Arcadia’s brilliant academic teams, ensuring their competitions receive as much support and school spirit as our athletic contests. And, of course, I will do my best to ensure -all- students receive a well-rounded education here at one of the greatest high schools in California.

I am a proficient student who participates in a wide variety of extracurricular activities ranging from Orchestra to Japanese Pop Revolution. Along with being an active member of our Math Team, I am also competing in the national Physics Bowl competition next month. As the former President of First Avenue, I have ample leadership experience to serve on our high school’s Executive Council. With my years of Student Council experience backing me up, you can rest easy knowing I will accomplish great things if I am elected as your ASB Academic Commissioner.

The Search for True Strength

March 12th, 2010

True wisdom is the power to dream big.

True strength is the courage to build those dreams.

~ Ben Li

A lot has been going on in my life lately… it’s one of the most tumultuous periods I’ve ever been through. This is why I haven’t been posting, and this is also why this post, at a most important time in my life, has such an unimportant length. My social capabilities are being put to the test, and found completely unworthy, as I run for ASB Academic Commisioner. I see the other candidates: so talented, so popular, so cheerful. Perhaps there is much they would do for my intelligence, but there is much I would give up to know as many people, to be able to converse so naturally with everyone, to always come and go with a smile, be helpful, always pleasant…

I am the biggest dreamer I have ever known. You may not know this, but I am. Despite this, I am also the weakest coward I know. My dreams, my ideals, yes — but what good are goals, when you never strive to reach them? Their meanings become empty, simple excuses to let you say you tried, to convince yourself that you are making progress. My cowardice may cost me this election. It may cost me a life of joy and happiness.

But, then again, I would never know. After all, we live life but only once.

Ignorance is bliss.

Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S

March 7th, 2010

Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S

Vintage: Spring 2008

Episode 1-4 – They changed a few things. Firstly I will talk about the general animation quality: I’m watching this in HD (720p), and some of the linework in places such as the intro sequence seem very sloppy, and many scenes look like simple cardboard cutouts. Other than those complaints, the animation is generally better than the first, original season.

Onto the storyline: We begin with the original opening scene, redone: Coarticarte and Phoron’s fateful meeting. Pelse and Prine are introduced along with our main characters Phoron, as well as Rembart and Eufinley. The principal of the school is introduced, along with new characters, new villains. Many new side characters exist in Crimson S than in the original Polyphonica. The plotline is also much, much, much more substantial.

Episode 5 – We begin to see the movement of the antagonists… manipulations, fights, betrayals. The marks of a good anime. In the midst of this, our normal school-life comedy still plays a part, and the magic/fantasy portion of this genre combined with the sci-fi make the setting extremely worthwhile understanding.

Episode 6 – Prine’s secret gets its own episode. I’m glad they removed Prinesica’s love interest and made a slightly better arc. They’re totally overplaying Pelse’s reaction, though.

One thing I liked from the original season of Polyphonica is the original telephone designs, and the interesting musical notation. They changed it to real-life telephones and real-life music notation, which doesn’t affect anything, but I thought that was cool. The One Man Orchestras back from the original were cooler too (I don’t like the new “transformation scenes”).

I like the moral speech about there being white lies and stuff. Phoron is good at giving these speeches (although I must say, Saten/Railgun is better).

Episode 7 — OMG EPIC.

Episode 8 — Lol she blew up.

Coathicarte’s voice actor is one of the best I’ve ever heard… the way she does her emotions is so real… and during that scene, I almost cried just from her voice.

Episode 9-10 — It’s funny how it’s the end of the world, but nobody is doing anything about it.

Yeaa they have airplanes but not cell phones?

Really, it’s sad how it’s the end of the world, and nobody believes in it.

Episode 11 — SO EPIC…

Raika’s death… that was so win.

Episode 12 — Define “unsatisfying conclusion”.

Tendency-to-badmouth-anime-endings aside, this episode actually made me cry… ALMOST. Ahaha, an anime hasn’t made me cry since… um…