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back to one-word summaries for today.

or so I tried.

(sry about the really stupid title.)

Polyphonica Episode 11-12 — Great.

To be more specific — the ending was not epic in any way, but it gave the series a so-so conclusion without anything big. The plot of this anime never really went anywhere, so I am extremely disappointed in that respect (they could have done so much with the set-up, characters, and unique creative setting!). Also, Coatie is overpowered, but I don’t mind that.

I heard Polyphonica Crimson S was a prequel, but either way, I will be eagerly looking forward to watching the second season. The first season was some of the best character/setting build-up I’ve ever seen… but the build-up went nowhere. Nothing happened, but the animation studio somehow still made the ending somewhat satisfying, so I respect them for that.

BakaTest Episode 05-06 — Interesting.

Pretty funny. Ep 05 was the standard pool episode, funny but nothing really unique. I liked Ep 06: firstly, Yuuji+Shouko is cute. Also, the setting and how the characters were trying not to be recognized was interesting and hilarious. They also managed to make the end of the episode slightly touching, while still maintaining the tone of the series. This is what I call a well-planned, well-executed anime.

Durarara!! Episode 07 — I like how every character’s side story is being explored. Also, this seems to be building up to something epic.

Railgun Episode 20 — RSPK Syndrome.

The To Aru series has some of the best techy-thing names ever… “Imagine Breaker” coming to mind first. This looks like it might become a better arc than Level Upper. More characters = more awesomeness. Where have I heard Haruue-san’s voice before… mmmm…

[spoiler]I looked it up, she’s voiced by Kana Hanazawa, and she voiced Kagome (Asu no Yoichi), Sengoku Nadeko (Bakemonogatari), Anri (Durarara!!), Kobato (Kobato.), and Mikan (ToLOVEる).[/spoiler]

Omamori Himari Episode 07 — Child-whatsherface is actually cute.

Yea, this anime isn’t important enough for me to remember the main characters’ names. I watch this because turning off my brain for 30 minutes is relaxing in a way. I hope the brain damage isn’t permanent.

Fairy Tail Episode 19 — This made me laugh more than average. Especially the Erza-Happy switch.

Ookamikakushi Episode 07 — Peach-Pit collaborated on this? Huh, how surprising. You’d think it would be more like Shugo Chara or Rozen Maiden than all Higurashi everybody dying ten times… this isn’t Peach-Pit style at all.

Shugo Chara! Party! Episode 03Shugo Chara sucks really really bad, buuuut… UTAU SHOWS UP IN THIS EP!!! That cancels all else out.

Ikuto’s harem… *sigh*… and I see love blossoming between Hiiragi and our little Easter President. The song wasn’t as great as Meikyuu Butterfly or BLACK DIAMOND. Sigh.

Railgun Episode 21 — Recurring characters for the win.

Omamori Himari Episode 08 — I think I’m getting to hate this anime. Except the catchy OP, I can’t get myself to hate that. How many times have I headdeskked.

Next week: Yuuto’s harem +1?

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  1. Pocky says:

    Seems there aren’t much comments so mind as well say something since I read the whole thing, right? I pretty much watch action anime among much manga but I disagree with Shugo Chara sucking, yes the anime sucked (AGREED) but the manga was much better and the enging didn’t suck so bad there. 

  2. Benji says:

    Lol, anime posts are almost always just me ranting to myself about anime, so yeah, comments are rare.

    I’ve heard about the manga being better (it seems to be a general trend among manga-adapted anime). I thought it was still ongoing, but meh, I guess manga end abruptly.

    Thanks for taking time to comment, I guess. And it’s not like you’re going to read my reply, so hehe…

  3. Pocky says:

    Ha ha! i read your comment, and your welcome, it seems i saved this site as a favorite and i’m deleting some now. But now i doubt you’ll read my comment. Oh well, I’ll manage.

  4. Benji says:

    Oh I read every comment, hehe.

    And wow, I was in somebody’s favorite list? I feel awesome. Thanks!

  5. Pocky says:

    Your welcome, again. Tight, you read my comment. But I’m disappointed, I spelled ‘ending’ wrong in my first comment, hmm… Oh well, I’ll have to manage with that. Guess I’ll read your comment next time. 

  6. Benji says:

    You’re actually checking back every day for my replies? That’s… I don’t know what to say about that >_<

    I check comments every day (I used to have them automatically emailed to me, but I guess something broke) and post like every other week (as you can see my post frequency has gone WAY down… hopefully the quality has gone up though).

    And I don’t get a lot of comments (this being kind of my personal blog/diary after all). Not to imply that I actually write interesting posts that are worth commenting on, because generally (at least, my anime posts) they’re not.

    Also, the title of this post is just awkward. And it’s almost exactly one year old (Feb 28, 2010, and it’s Feb26 today).

  7. Pocky says:

    Yes, your title is weird that is the reason why I decided to read it, and as for checking your post, I figured you’d write back so mind as well see what it is you wrote, right? But I’ll stop checking if you want. I’m online almost everyday ’cause I get a lot of work to do online anyway.

  8. Benji says:

    No, I don’t mind at all… and your reply was beyond fast (18 minutes…).

    [latex]\displaystyle\lim_{\text{stupidity} \to +\infty} \alpha\eta \hat{\i} m_e[/latex]

  9. Pocky says:

    Cool, I guess it someone knew to talk to online.

  10. Benji says:

    Haha, although talking through comments is a bit odd. And on top of that, this is the randomest post to do it in.

  11. Pocky says:

    I agree, yet here we are having a conversation through comments. Hmmm… It’s not the weirdest conversation I’ve had though.

  12. Benji says:

    I tend to not pop up and talk to random strangers or post on random blogs/forums unless I absolutely HAVE to, so I don’t have a lot of random conversations/encounters.

    What’s the weirdest conversation you’ve ever had?

    (I imagine something like, say, in school, writing messages on your desk and somebody else in another period who sits in the same desk writing replies, and I can’t seem to think of any other examples xD)

  13. Pocky says:

    Weirdest conversation…Hmm…Well I’ve been known for being far to random, like I have played ten fingers. Trust me that game leads to both random and creppy conversations, but the one that had to disturb me the most is with my mom’s attempt to talk about “growing up” and how my body changes. That was disturbing because I am on no levels close to my mom, and I already knew far worst things than what she was telling me, I walked away from this conversation. Now a weird conversation with just any random person was with my uncle and his first time, man, that was gross, I ran out of the room. 

  14. Benji says:

    Played ten fingers? haha, it sounds weird enough without knowing what it is.

    I’ve never had any conversations with parents about growing up. Maybe because I’m male? I never use deodorant either, and I remember in fifth grade they kept teaching us about it.

    Yeah, for some reason all my conversations with my immediate family are normal. My uncles and aunts are all in China, so conversations with them are awkward at best (especially due to my incomplete mastery of the language), but not really awkward in subject, just awkward as in can’t-find-a-topic-in-common.

    In fact I don’t think I’ve ever had a conversation involving “gross things” ever. Only time I can think of was in like sixth grade, when two random guys came up to my table during lunch while I was eating and asked me, “Do you masturbate?” It wasn’t even a conversation, because they just left without waiting for an answer (middle schoolers like to prank and use big words?).

    I think meeting someone over, say, shortwave radio would be cool. It’s like, you just start ranting (about anime or something) over the airwaves, and somebody starts replying, and you have a conversation, meet up in real life, and become friends. That would be an awesome conversation.

  15. Pocky says:

    Lucky, my family is messed-up so we have those conversations just randomly. And asking a guy if he masturbates is lame ’cause over 99.9% do, it’s like 99.9 and 1/2 do. So what is the most random thing you’ve ever done?

  16. Benji says:

    Well this was in sixth grade so… asking an 10/11 year old? xD

    The randomest thing I’ve ever done… probably is me talking about pink bunny rabbits taking over the world in my 8th grade Student Council Election speech.

    Oh, and I won and became the Student Council President because of that speech. (Person with the most votes automatically becomes president.)

    How come all the cool things in my life happened in middle school…

  17. Pocky says:

    Cause it’s impossible to get embarassed in middle school. That’s cool, pink bunny rabbits helped you win and become Prez. Hmmm… Randomest thing I did was ,this year, sophomore year was a dare when I had to go around the school asking guys “Up and down or all around?” Lucky for me almost none answered. So how old are you? I’m fifteen.

  18. Benji says:

    Wow, I totally thought you were older than me. I’m 17, a junior in high school (11th grade). If you care to read about my life, read some of the non-anime posts (not all of them are by me though).

    “Up and down or all around?” That’s… really random. Really really random. I guess I lose at randomness to you then.

    Was it for a Statistics/AP Stats class? it’d be pretty fun/funny to collect responses to that question.

    And yeah, I guess you’re totally right that it’s impossible to get embarrassed in middle school: I’m so easily embarrassed now by the tiniest things. Back in middle/elementary school I said whatever was on my mind (which people sometimes found rude… I talked back to teachers and corrected their mistakes… aghh so embarrassing now)

    I guess when you’re a child you don’t need to care (e.g. you spill the milk, somebody else will clean it up for you).

    When I read things I’ve written in my childhood (anything from more than like a year ago is something I wrote “in my childhood”), sometimes I can’t bear to read it, but oftentimes it’s pure genius.

    High school makes you dumber.

    Hopefully cool things will happen to me in college. =_=

  19. Pocky says:

    Ahh… College, where I plan to do even crazier and randomer things. And once again agreed, high school does make you dumber, and I’m not just saying that, seriously some smart people have really gone down hill. So where do you live? (F.Y.I: I will be leaving a question everytime.)

  20. Benji says:

    I live in Arcadia, CA (a few miles east of Los Angeles). SoCal is a nice place to live :D

    and yeah, basically everyone I know well thinks (by now) high school makes you dumber. I, at least, was really enthusiastic about HS in 8th grade though.

    Sorry this is kinda short, I’m writing this in AP Comp Sci at school right now.

  21. Pocky says:

    I was never excited about high school, and now I know I was right about it not being a bid deal, but I am kinda excited about college. Now my question is… What’s your real name? Or is it really Benji?

  22. Benji says:

    Yeah, it’s Ben or Benjamin. Nobody really calls me Benji but you can if you’d like.

  23. Pocky says:

    I figured, I guessed right. But Benji does sound better, so yeah, I’m sticking with Benji. And the Question is… What’s your favorite song?

  24. Benji says:

    You’re asking me to pick one favorite song out of my iTunes library of 7258 songs? XD

    But it’s mostly anime/jpop music. I don’t listen to a lot of American music.

    Oh, and I like classical (Pandora is my best friend). In fact right now I’m leaving for my orchestra rehearsal =_=

  25. Pocky says:

    Wow, it took me a whole day to answer, but that was cause I had a fever. My immune system really suckz, so I get sick randomly. I kinda like classical music too, mostly violin, I want to learn to play the violin. Well, I really gotta go unless I want to be late for School. Later.

  26. Benji says:

    Mine sucks worse (lol horrible grammar), but it’s been getting better. I get sick a lot less this year for some reason. Maybe it’s cuz I’m less depressed, or more mature? meh.

    Violin is fun but there are too many people who are crazy good at it (at least at my school) so it’s hard to compete.

  27. Pocky says:

    I get sick a lot, a common cold can last up to a month for me, but it’s cool cause I get to skip school if I want. And I used to have clinical depression so I was really sick because of that, I ended up mostly passed out or I really can’t sleep, and threw up a lot of my food involuntary. It’s not as bad now, so my mom doesn’t worry as much, not like she worried before though. For now I’ve had a cough for over two months and my stomach is acting up again so sometimes I throw up, so I really hating throw up, even hearing someone throw up drives me crazy. What’s your favorite anime?

  28. Benji says:

    Wow, that sounds really rough. I get colds a lot but I’ve never been in a hospital or anything. Well, I’m in a hospital every week, but that’s for a volunteer job; I’ve never been in a hospital as a patient. Clinical depression -> mostly passed out? Well I guess I like to sleep too when I’m depressed. You sound totally fine though; I’d never have guessed you were ever clinically depressed (and I don’t even know what that really means… ><).

    I like anime from various different genres, so I’ll give like one from each. Favorite comedy is probably Hayate no Gotoku! or something similar. I don’t really go for pure romance a lot, but I liked CLANNAD and other Key anime. I also like shounen anime, but I stay away from “popular” things like Naruto and Laundry Detergent, simply because of the fact that they’re popular. (I’m antisocial like that.) Randomness like Akiyuki Shinbo/SHAFT works is meh to me, because usually I find that the original works were better without the weirdness. Recently watched Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and liked it, though. When the occasional awesome serious, contemplative anime like Higurashi or Denpa Teki na Kanojo comes up, I’m left in awe at the wonders of Japanese animation.

    However I’ve watched over 200 animes (which is probably less than a lot of people but still), and that’s counting 200+ episode animes like Reborn! or Ranma 0.5 as one anime, so it’s hard to choose, and don’t quote me on those favorites. Sorry I can’t choose just one. (Apparently I can’t choose one single favorite for anything, haha.)

  29. Pocky says:

    I like Bleach, but if I have to pick a top from my list it’d be Pandora Hearts, it’s a gothic remake of Alice in Wonderland that happens to be my favorite story, film, and everything else. I love the Mad Hatter! And yes most people never know I have clinical depression which means that the chemicals in your brain don’t function as well, so your always gloomy instead of full emtion like happiness and so on, and I’m a sociopath, and vegan. I pretty much have it all, except for the really serious things like cancer but it runs in my family so there a chance I’ll get it. Hmm… I’m weird now that I look at it, but I mean I had a weird life like I fell off a three story balcony at age two, my mom caught me so I lived. Yay! I guess we wouldn’t be having this conversation if she hadn’t.  

  30. Benji says:

    Wow, you really have a strange life xD

    How come everybody I meet on the internet is interesting and everybody I know in real life is relatively normal. Our community must be too Asian and generic or something =_=

    it’s to the point where I’m the strangest (“most original”) person I know ^^”

  31. Pocky says:

    Well where I come from is originally Central LA and I was born in Hollywood but after 11years we moved to Mojave, CA which so far is really weird but I’m still top five weirdest person here. I mean who falls a balcony at age two? And at age three I was hanging outside a three-story builbing window, the same building but I managed to pull myself in but my front teeth went through my lower lip but no one can tell. And yet I love high places, like roofs.

  32. Benji says:

    No trauma of high places? You’d think that after falling/almost falling multiple times, you’d learn to stay away from them xD

  33. Pocky says:

    I love high places cause they are away from crowds, even if you always see me in a crowd I hate being in one. I think the reason most people online are more interesting than those you meet is because they live about their lives but I have all the scars to prove everything I say. Not that you can see them.

  34. Benji says:

    lie? yeah, a lot of that probably goes on in the internet. kind of creeps me out if I think about it.

    also maybe in real life, people don’t talk about the weird things that have happened to them or that they’ve done because they don’t want to be seen as “weird” by others and ostracized.

  35. Pocky says:

    If only they knew normal was an illusion, there is no such thing if you really think about it. But I’ll talk about the weird stuff I’ve done, cause it’s funny to see people’s reaction to it. Like when I pulled the fire alarm in third grade and never got caught, everyone has a weird reaction to that one since I look like I wouldn’t break any rules. But I can’t remember the day I wasn’t already breaking a rule. I’d hate to be normal. It’s sounds pretty lame.

  36. Benji says:

    I’m sure there are people who really are normal, so I’m not sure about calling it an illusion ><

    I do know people who seem weird on the outside, but are actually quite normal, interestingly. (That makes them weird. Because it’s weird to seem weird but actually be normal.)

  37. Pocky says:

    Exactly, no such thing cause even the most normal looking or truely normal are weird in their own way, there really is no such thing. I’m bored, cause I have nothing to do today. But tomorrow I’ll be hanging out with friends their coming over, well, I know one is coming for sure the rest I don’t really know…Hmm, I wonder whose coming. So what’s up with you?

  38. Benji says:

    just had a long concert, and I’m really tired. long day today.

  39. Pocky says:

    Cool, I used to be in drum line but I quit, I like playing drums but like when your rocking out, not in a rhythm for school. I never preformed though, I was just there for practice. What’s the instrument you play?

  40. Benji says:

    lol no, an orchestra concert. i play violin xD

    i wish I was in a rock band though. I can play keyboard I guess.

    drums are really cool. my sense of rhythm sucks though hehe

  41. Pocky says:

    You play my dream instrument? Now I’m jealous. I’m not in a band though, I just used to be in drum line, I want to be in a band, my friend Nikki can sing, she’s right here in my house as I type this. She plans to make a band but I highly doubt it’ll happen, not any time soon anyways. And I doubt it’ll be a rock band, (sigh).

  42. Benji says:

    How come it’s like the dream of every high school student to start a band? I guess it’s just that awesome~

    And violin is a lot of work and not much fun (especially by yourself). My favorite instrument would have to be piano, as you can play amazing music and create vibrant textures all by yourself on one instrument.

  43. Pocky says:

    Hmm… I’ll take your word on that, Nikki says “Hi.” So I’ll talk to you later. Like in an hour or so, depending how soon you write back. And starting a band is just random.

  44. Benji says:

    it’s not random… it’s awesome.

    and hi.

  45. Pocky says:

    No, it can be both random and awesome. It depends on the band’s intentions. In my case it would be random, cause I just want to try and see if it’s really that cool. Nikki’s still here, and once again says “Hi.” Don’t bother responding to Nikki’s “hi”‘s, they can go on forever. I’m bored, even if Nikki is here.  

  46. k says:

    How come everybody I meet on the internet is interesting and everybody I know in real life is relatively normal. Our community must be too Asian and generic or something =_=”

    “also maybe in real life, people don’t talk about the weird things that have happened to them or that they’ve done because they don’t want to be seen as “weird” by others and ostracized.”

    Well yeah, nearly everyone tries to act normal in real life. Still, I see everyone around here as really wierd, lol. Maybe we’re not interesting, but we’re definetly not normal.

    And Ben, you are in a band. *cough*

    Ok, why the hell am I commenting on an anime post…

  47. Pocky says:

    Ha, someone else commented. And the only reason I write this is ’cause I want to be the odd number, basically, anyways, I’m bored again.

  48. Benji says:

    Well yeah, nearly everyone tries to act normal in real life. Still, I see everyone around here as really wierd, lol. Maybe we’re not interesting, but we’re definetly not normal.

    You guys aren’t really weird.

    Even if you were, it would only because our group of friends is weird (because weird people attract other weird people?). But we’re not weird. Nope.

    Ok, why the hell am I commenting on an anime post…

    @Pocky >__> yes really next time pick a less stupid post to comment on.

    and now that k is here, we can expect this to become a serious discussion of uniqueness vs. society, and how it has affected our world and our mindsets. and then we can write a book on it, or conduct a research project on it, to put on our college apps. to show that we’re unique. wahahaha~

    and hi.

  49. k says:

    I wasn’t just talking about us, there are plenty of wierd people at AHS. Well, maybe they aren’t that wierd, but probably a lot of random people you meet on the internet aren’t either.

    And this is still an anime post, so no serious discussions are going to be happening here…

  50. Benji says:

    Really? They’re all quite similar to me, in their own little stereotypical personality groups. There aren’t really any people who are truly unique in Arcadia High School. Want to name one?

    Although I guess there is an interesting difference between “weird” and unique. But it also completely depends on where you define “normal”.

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