I feel misplaced.

February 11th, 2010 by ben Leave a reply »

I just wanted to post today. So this post is just out of wanting to post.

So like, I got like 85.5 on the AMC12A, and like, that’s not going to get me into AIME. So like… like yeah.

I feel misplaced.

In the non-math-competition and non-anime-manga related parts of my life, I am also failing gracefully. I haven’t done math homework in 3 days due to studying for the AMC (let’s not go back there), and I haven’t done any AP Physics homework in like a month, and I have a major test tomorrow in physics. So as you can see, I am very stressed. One week ago, at this time, I thought I would score a 120 on the AMC, laugh away not doing work for the previous half of the week, and live happily ever after. Well.

As for anime, I haven’t watched any in about 3 weeks. I’ve read manga (Negima! and various) a little, but my entertainment life has mostly been dead. I admit I have played a lot of Mabinogi, but I haven’t accomplished much in-game. Today’s the Generation 9 patch (and yes, Nexon has extended the maintenance 4 times already), so I guess I might be staying up all night playing a laggy game and wasting the best years of my life away. Just another day in the life of a a teenager without a light to follow.

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  1. k says:

    At least I stay up super late wasting my life playing a non-laggy game.

  2. Benji says:

    What, PS3?

    I don’t have any game consoles. Well, I do occasionally enjoy playing Wind Waker on my old GC.

  3. k says:

    Yeah, Madden 10 on PS3.

    So, how did you get out of that jail cell thing? It’s funny how things in video games that used to seem so hard when we were young are now so easy.

  4. Benji says:

    Yeah, I know huh?

    For the jail cell thing, you had to stand on the table in the middle, jump onto a bookshelf, and behind a vase on the bookshelf there was an escape hole.

    Clever, for back then, I guess. haha.

  5. k says:

    Lol, how unrealistic.

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