2010 AMC12 A – Difficulties and Philosophy

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Philosophy is the usual side dish to any real post I make. (A “real” post will be defined as… one that does not pertain to anime. These make up only about 5% of my total post count.) Thus, I shall entertain my traditional post style with a quote from a fortune cookie I had yesterday.

“Striving for the best will bring you closer to the best.”

— Panda Express fortune cookie, 2/8/2010

One singular comment: Panda Express lies.

Some people out there are the giants among ants. Yet, us ants never take notice of these giants. We notice their footsteps in the sand, but are usually too dumb to form the connection between big footprint and big foot. It’s really amazing. Really goddamn amazing, how brilliant some people are.

It’s almost laughable– no, it is laughable — how none of these brilliant mathematical monsters are among any of the famous people in our modern society. In their stead, we have talentless, brainless, spineless bastard celebities being paid millions for… being paid millions. They’re paid millions because they’re celebrities, and they’re celebrities because they’re being paid millions.

The world just gets more and more logical as the days fly by.

These mathematical atomic bombs are the untouchable best. Did you think being perfect wasn’t possible? Well, you’re wrong, and here’s living proof. Some of them are born genius, and shall die genius. Some of them are in drastic situations — the imperfect die, and the only survivors are the fittest of the fit, and have no choice but to be perfect.

Striving for the best… what is trying your hardest? In a mathematical sense:

By induction, you can never try your hardest, because there is always a way you can try harder.

I can’t think of smart things to say anymore, so here’s the rest of this post.

Me says (4:59 PM):
back from failing the amc12a
soaked with rain and my mom forgot to pick me up
so I went home in hank’s mom’s car
and… yeah, I only answered 16 out of the 25 questions so
I can only get 1 wrong and still make AIME
Me says (5:00 PM):
so chances are I got 2 wrong
maybe I should blog about this

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