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So I finished 11eyes today.

11eyes Episode 10 — hmm. They make every statement Shiori utters seem so utterly important. Suddenly this turns into the problem of 6 high school kids into “omg, the whole world is going to be destroyed!!!”

And Yuuka… is so entertaining. Also, if you think about it now… Kakeru is now the only male character. Meaning… 1 male… 6 girls… hmmmm.

The plot behind the Witch of Babylon and the Eye of Aeon is quite cool, however. Kudos to the scriptwriters for this.

And the love… septagon? Hehe. Yuuka needs to go off into some obscure corner and asphyxiate herself. Kusakabe-senpai with Kakeru is better. Heck, any other girl (minus Yukiko) would be better than Yuuka.

So angsty… and the gore… thank you for censoring it. The epicness and dead character count… it’s painful ><; SS.

11eyes Episode 11 — YUUKA GOT WHAT SHE DESERVED! Woohoo!! She will go down in history as the “stupidest anime character that has ever existed”.

Wait, what? She didn’t die? NOOOO!

You know, for that epic battle with Witch VS Shiori+Onmyou swordswoman+big dragon… enter Nanoha or something, and one Starlight Breaker will take care of everything ^^

“What Kakeru and I can do right now…” I can just hear that voice in her head finishing that sentence. Ahem.

Wait… am I reading this right? “The only way we can save the world is if we… make babies together.”

God save the queen >____>

… THE HELL Yuuka is still alive… and now Misuzu-senpai is going to like suicide or something. Wahh. Oh, nevermind. I totally saw that coming.

……… okay. GREAT. Now everybody’s dead except for Misuzu. That’s awesome.

The ending of this episode made me speechless. SS+. [10.5/10]

11eyes Episode 12 FINAL — THAT. WAS. EPIC. All of the events of the last episode were part of Kakeru’s precognition, granted him by the Eye of Aeon. GOD that’s epic. So the world didn’t end. Well, of course it didn’t, but… ^_^

He kills himself… despite how obvious that was, it was still very surprising.

Kakeru’s past… is sad. Sorry for being Captain Obvious for a moment there, but… yeah.

God this is epic… and… wahhh, the Witch sounds like Yukari Tamura in Bernkastel-mode, ahahaha.

Okay, now suddenly we’re in Cheesy Protagonist Speech mode… and… within 10 seconds of “what the hell”, the Witch is somehow sealed and the anime ends.

… … …

What the hell is with the happy ending? Everybody is alive, and… … blah.

Great approach-to-climax, but very unsatisfying climax. S. [9/10]

The entire anime gets… an S+.

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