Vampire Bund 02 Disappointing; new rankings

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I don’t want to give ratings anymore. The notation takes too long to type.

Best song:

  • Toki no Mukou, Maboroshi no Sora (時の向こう 幻の空)” by FictionJunction and “月導 -Tsukishirube-” by Yuuka Nanri (Ookamikakushi)
  • “Hikari no Senritsu (光の旋律)” by Kalafina (Yuki Kajiura and co) – a very beautiful song (Sora no Woto)

Best anime:

  • Hanamaru Kindergarten
  • Sora no Woto

Because, obviously, an anime’s theme song is several orders of magnitude more important than anything else. ;)

Fairy Tail Episode 14 — Erza arrives. And hell, is she pissed.

“Please keep me fragging myself a secret, okay?” XD

Hm, it was kind of lame how easily Erza went “fine”. The hell with the random plot bombshell.

Dance in the Vampire Bund Episode 02 — In Full HD! the file is friggin 1.5gb…

The hell with subtitles, I’ll watch it raw in Japanese.

The OP animation is pretty nice. (Although, from the epic first episode, I expected more.)

Still, though, this video quality sucks. It’s in 1080p, and it’s still just unbearable.

Lead male is nice, handsome. A bit of a Touma-clone, but then again, aren’t they all nowadays.

So… like… how is the Queen of All Vampires, the richest and most powerful person in the world… this clumsy, loli blonde little girl again?

Still, the missiles flying around are cool. And everybody trying to kill Mina… yeah. Reminds me of… Eden? Idk.

Her voice 100% equals Rebecca Miyamoto. I’m sorry, I can’t think of anybody else. Rebecca = super genius blonde. Mina is the same. QED.

Blaahhhh naked loli sucking blood…

“I have no memories.” Again, channeling Touma, are we. As well as like every other male protagonist out there…

Shinjuku towers… they just love to use those buildings in anime, eh?

DUN DUN DUN! Hero is on the verge of death… and then Mysterious Superpower awakens! Hero-san pwns everything in sight! Gasp!

Okay, maybe this anime isn’t as good as I thought.

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