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It’s late, I have a cold, etc, but I still feel the need to recount my weekend. I’m sorry for all the low-quality posts I’ve been writing lately; the “good writing” portion of my brain has gone into power-saving mode.

On Saturday, I randomly woke at 6am for some odd reason. I spent the morning playing Neoquest II (don’t ask…), and had a dentist appointment at 9:30am. After that, we went to the mall, because I needed to buy The Merchant of Venice for a project in my English class. We had Mongolian noodles (I just love that place), and at 1pm I went to ARML. Surprisingly, Hank was at this month’s meeting too. That makes four representatives from Arcadia (although we are underrepresented so more people = good).

When I got home… I forgot what I did, haha. Oh, right, my dad wanted to install Ethernet cabling in my little brother’s room, so we were out drilling holes outside our house in the cold, freezing rain. Surprisingly, I got a cold after that. (Sarcasm intended.) Well, I guess my nose was already kind of running by the time I got back from ARML. I think I got it from the girl Hank likes, so by the transitive property, it’s Hank’s fault.

On Sunday, I woke up with a horrible cold — nose completely plugged, and once I got up (at like noon) the mucus immediately started flowing… ugh. I hate disease. Anyways, since my idea last time of keeping my nose warmed at all times didn’t quite work (or the virus infected me otherwise), I tried a new idea — SPICY FOOD. Viruses hate heat right? Well, if I eat a meal consisting of capsaicin in various forms, maybe it will be too spicy for the cold/flu virus to bear. So yeah, I had SUPER-spicy food for lunch and dinner, and let’s see if I’m still sick tomorrow. =D

Anime Corner:

As you would probably expect, I spent my entire Sunday resting (or trying to). I looked up the coming Winter 2010 animes, and not one of them especially appealed to me. That’s why I got curious for new old animes to watch (lol). I decided to check out Negima and Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo.

Negima is a very popular franchise by the creator of Love Hina, and the remake’s director/producer was in charge of Pani Poni Dash!, which explains the similarity. Basically, from what I’ve read on Wikipedia, Negima is Pani Poni with a male chibikko teacher replacing Becky, magical powers, a PLOT (gasp), and romance (gaspp!). It’s kind of really long and a major franchise, but from watching the first 10 minutes of the first episode, it looks okay. The intro song isn’t really good, and the animation is… unique (in a negative way). Also, apparently there are 31 girls with one guy (megaharem, anyone?), so this might turn out interesting.

As for Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo, it’s a really recent anime (Winter 2009, exactly a year ago). I still have magazines with articles and pinups on this. I didn’t expect much of it — from Wikipedia, etc, it sounded like another lame wannabe sci-fi flick. However, I decided to watch the first episode, because it seemed popular and high-budget. I was really amazed by the animation quality. The 3D in every scene is so detailed and well-done. The space vehicles, transportation, and general society of the space colony setting is wonderful in very aspect. It’s completely reminiscent of Macross, and I daresay they did steal some ideas from Macross. Well, it can’t be helped, as Macross was, like, the founder of the space-colony-scifi genre. I only hope they put in some good music (but don’t make it music-centric; if-i-sing-all-the-badguys-are-pacified like Macross). I can’t say anything about the plot yet, but the characters aren’t that great so far. The pink-haired-girl… forgot her name already… Akiha? Or something? Her art… no, all the character art in general in SoraKake seem deformed to me for some reason. Beautiful 3D art, but lacking in character art, along with music, character design/personalities, and plot. That’s what I see Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo as from episode 01.

So, that’s a wrap. *sniff* ugh my nose

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  1. Justin says:

    I’m assuming that the spicy food didn’t work.
    Good luck with your sickness. Don’t come to school partially sick, I’m already kind of sick, and I don’t want anything to complete that.

  2. k says:

    I don’t think the spicy food thing was well thought out…

  3. Benji says:

    As evidenced by my two-day absence from school… >_<

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