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This will be a post of random things.


I was browsing through this online Japanese bookstore when I came upon an interesting picture book for sale:

Breasts (Children’s Picture Book) By Genichiro Yagyu

The cover makes it even more “dot dot dot”… and yes, it’s a children’s picture book…


A cut here for no reason. And lol, I never bothered changing the title.


Top Ten Innovative Uses for the Wiimote

8. Hentai game: Come on. It’s Japan. We’ve already got a game where you screw around with peoples’ bellies and intestines. How long do you think it’ll be before someone out there comes up with a game where you strap the Wiimote to your crotch and belly thrust at your TV?


6. Taser: It’s already got TV remotes that look like it. What better way to conceal a Taser than to put it in a shell that resembles the Wiimote?

Agree. In fact, why not conceal a real gun inside a Wiimote? Real-life GTA or whatever, guys.

1.PS3 fanboy spanking game: This is my dream game for the Wii. All it involves is you spanking eBay PS3 bidders, bent over, displaying their bare naked asses. Hairy PS3 fanboy butts, VERY good use of the remote speaker and rumble, and enormously satisfying gameplay. What more could you want?


Remind me again why I visit these websites.

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