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yesterday and today:

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Episode whatever… 08

read the subtitles.

read the subtitles.

S. [9/10] best anime this season

Koihime Musou Episode 07

I thought I had a clever screenshot for this; maybe not.

B. dunno. [5/10]

didn’t make me laugh real hard or anything. too many sick jokes.

Tegami Bachi Episode 03



AA. [7/10] improvement over prologue; sheds some light on the OVA happenings. great outro, just noticed (“hatenaki michi” was it?)

Full Metal Panic: THE SECOND RAID OVA: “A Relatively Leisurely Day in the Life of a Fleet Captain”

Tessa (drunk+sleepwalking).

Tessa (drunk+sleepwalking).

this deserves a totally long-as-hell review about how EPIC AWESOME CRAZY GOOD it was


and I only took one not-really-good screenshot too

… still tho: funnier than fumoffu. go read, um, some other person’s detailed review of it to fill the gap.

SS+. [10.5/10]

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