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I really shouldn’t stay up this late, but life, file transfer, my Lite-On external DVD-RW burner drive, macs, and Vista all hate me.

Seiken no Blacksmith Episode 07

This ep is really sweet. And… sad. Good ep; Charlotte and her bodyguards are getting along quite well with Cecily and all. The CecilyxLuke is overdone as usual… I mean, shouldn’t Luke realize he likes her after he saves her life like ten times? Anyways, AAA+. [8.5/10]

It’s sad that the Emperor (who I’m assuming is the bad guy now?) is… yeah… to Charlotte…

Nyan Koi Episode 07

Normally, suitcases don't meow.

Normally, suitcases don't meow.

This ep is also great. The gang (minus the twins… if they count as part of “the gang”) is out on a school trip to Kyoto. I wish we had school trips in AHS…

Anywho, more romantic tension between Kousaka-kun’s would-be lovers. More troubled cats are un-troubled, a phone call to the twins, and a coincidental meeting with Ichinose at the Ichinose Clan’s head house… which just happens to be located in Kyoto, and the Ichinose Clan just happens to be hosting their annual clan meeting.

Which, by the way, is a meeting held solely to choose Nagi-chan’s husband.

Oh, the mailwoman appeared too.

Kousaka Imouto. Her cat-like facial expressions are kawaii.

Kousaka Imouto. Her cat-like facial expressions are kawaii.

Every major and minor character appeared in this ep, so yay.

Nagi being herself.

Nagi being herself.

Great ep, AAA+. [8.5/10]

Haha, I gave the same rating to both eps I watched tonight. Well… ‘night.

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