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I tried, but I didn’t do anything productive today.

11eyes Episode 06

The latest plot device is cool but it’s still lame. Also, Yuka fails at being jealous, or dealing with any romantic competition at all. Well I understand that she thinks Kakeru-kun slept with Kusakabe-senpai, but she’s just so dense. Forget her, you do have like six other girls who like you…

And then randomly… “Kiss me.” Please…

Also, the “Coming of the Red Night” animation is super fantastic cool, but it gets boring after a while.

You know, since time is stopped, the Red Night would be a good time to catch up on sleep and do homework.

The magical circles are lame.

“Your existence itself is a sin.”

“It’s as if you’re calling yourself an emissary of justice.”

“You all must disappear.

For the sake of the future.”


Wow, Kusakabe-senpai’s attacks are cool. WOW, Kukuri-san’s powerers are super-mega-amazing. Or, well, more “cheap” and… lol.

The names of the badguys… are lame. Everything is either lame or un-understandable.

Enjoyable OP and ED though, as usual. The Hungarian is cool; it must have cost them a bunch to hire a person who could speak Hungarian. B. [5/10]

Lol at how Yuka might have died. I hope she died. =_=

Kampfer Episode 07

UGH what is this… my eyes… it burns………..

the only good part in this episode: Mikoto randomly popping up.

UGH SAKURA IS SO ANNOYING! ALL THE CHARACTERS SUCK. except for Mikoto.What the hell does he find attractive in her? HER PERSONALITY IS SO DAMN STUPID.

This ep is an effing F.

Wait yay there is some action in this ep!

… yeah, a random 5 seconds of action before diving back into the stupidity.

For Mikoto and those 5 seconds of action… D-. I hate the president, I hate the stupid glasses-girl, I hate Sakura now, and Natsuru is being annoying and stupid too.

D-. [2.5/10]

And lol at the stupid Harry Potter joke at the end that I didn’t get anyways because I don’t rea it.

Nyan Koi Episode 07

Is it just me or is gg’s encoding deteriorating? Be back with more on this later or tomorrow.

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