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I love how, when nobody is at home and only I have a day off from school, I can do whatever I want. Playing music out loud on my speakers is SO refreshing to listen to when you’re always listening on earbuds.

Unfortunately, my two kawaii little siblings are also at home, along with babysitter, so I’m not exactly alone. There’s also my grandpa (always), so lol.

Today I woke at 11am (which is surprisingly early), and, trying desperately to be productive, am now working on physics. I really should also get a USAMTS problem or two done. I really really should; deadline is in… 12 days, dammit.

Anime: Nothing much is out in the way of anime; I downloaded the first episode of Mahoromatic because the OVA was out yesterday, and it sounded like an interesting story. My own fault if I get obsessed with it like I did with Shugo Chara!.

Music: Of course, I haven’t been able to stop listening to Treasure. The day it came out (at about like 2am) I stayed up all night downloading it and then listening to it in bed.

The next day I failed all my tests, naturally.

There’s also Aya’s new character song for Nanael (from Queen’s Blade). Yes, I gave that anime an F-. The song is pretty horrible too. Aya did a good job voicing Nanael though, she’s so cute (the only cute character in the entire anime imo).

Also, One Way Ryou Omoi (outro to Kampfer) came out. It’s catchy, but otherwise not particularly of notice.

The latest song: Magic Number by *gasp* Maaya Sakamoto! This Kobato intro song is sung by her, because she likes singing songs for CLAMP animes I guess. It’s of the typical CLAMP anime song style, e.g. the perfect combination of cute and cool.

I felt like randomly uploading a song; tried encoding in 24k AAC and it turned out pretty awesome.

Naraku no Hana – Shimamiya Eiko

Unfortunately, WP-Audio doesn’t support M4A/AAC files, so you’ll have to deal with Quicktime.

Anyways, yes, this song is the opening to Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, so it is kinda creepy. Fortunately, you don’t understand the lyrics and won’t be creeped out by those. Actually they’re more “beautiful” than “creepy”, like Kai compared to the first season.

There goes my free time for the day… *sigh*

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