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hum, nice day today. math team team tryouts were today. nothing much else.

Fairy Tail Episode 05

Lame as usual, but it’s still interesting enough to keep watching.


I’m not even trying to understand the plot. Wait, what plot?

Guess what the Plot Device is named? “Lullaby”.

Well, there have been stupider names. See “Embryo” from Shugo Chara!, for the closest example I can think of.

Hm, well, new character. Nothing special, nothing cute, nothing epic, nothing awesome about this anime. Nothing horrible either, so it gets a B for this ep. [5/10]

Sora no Otoshimono Episode 06

This anime is getting TOO EPIC TO REVIEW.

(Actually more like I was just too lazy to screenshot and write analytical stuff about this episode.)

SS. [10/10]

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