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聖剣の刀鍛冶 / Seiken no Blacksmith Episode 06

Beginning of episode: LAME RADAR IS GOING OFF LIKE CRAZY!!!

Cecily. FAILS. At everything. Ugh, I hate girls who are super-cute but can’t do anything right except maybe talk smooth. Well, actually, they can be cute too, but when they’re the MAIN CHARACTER you kind of expect them to NOT BE LAME.

Dammit, the OP is cool, Luke is cool, Aria is cool, dammit, LUCY is cooler than CECILY, and she’s like 5 years old or what.

They could maybe name a sword something other than “Claymore”?? Please… not only is it the name of a sword in the first place, it totally builds that connection to Mabi back up again.

Did I just hear “umu”?? IS THAT KUGUMIYA RIE? *matches Nagi’s hairstyle too*

ehh, it’s not that similar actually. Oooh, a princess. Yay, new characters. Wow, two new “demon swords”. Lame name actually. Eww, ugly.

Okay. Yay, now that Princess Charlotte has arrived on the scene, there is somebody less name than Cecily! *rejoices*

Wow, Aria pwns. Wow, dammit, ALL of their swords are “demon swords”. The random side character bodyguards are pretty.

Seriously, though, 3-on-1 isn’t quite fair. They’re totally bullying Cecily. I totally feel sorry for her.


Wow… Luke is so heroic… and what is this, the tenth time Luke has saved her?

And… guess what, at the end of the episode they all turn out to be good guys, and everybody makes friends.

Okay, so Cecily sucked, but this episode ended up really funny (I especially liked Luke’s evil smirk >.<), so it still gets an S. [9/10]

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