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The title is completely, utterly irrelevant to this post.

This weekend I have no homework at all… yet it will be one of my busiest weekends yet. My schedule for this weekend is stuffed fuller than a Thanksgiving turkey, and speaking of food I’m hungry.

Oh, also, tonight I have to go watch the school play for extra credit in English. Almost forgot, haha.

I’ve suddenly lost interest in anime for today. Too bad it’s only temporary; it would be nice if I could forget about anime and focus on school, I guess. At the very least, my sleep would increase by about 5 hours per night.

Also, I haven’t checked Mabi in like three weeks. The thing is, I can’t get it to work anymore. It wasn’t launching, but then after like 2 hours of digging, I figured out UltraMon was causing an issue. However, even with UltraMon not running, Mabi/GameGuard still tells me “A hacking tool has been detected.” and blocks me from playing.

(*cough* well I am using mods… but… the thing is, they’re fixing NEXON’S BUGS which they never never bother fixing, so the fan community has to write mods that fix NEXON’S bugs… and then Nexon BLOCKS US from using these mods!?!? WTF?)

♫ Music: Listening to IKU’s debut and only album so far, Yuauea, released back in March 2009. Finding it was pain in the rear, but it does indeed contain the beauty imparted by IKU’s voice and songs. Every song on the 13-track album got five stars from me. It’s just too bad only 8 of these were original songs I hadn’t heard before.

Of course, I still have ring my bell stuck in my head and frequently on single-repeat. I just can’t get enough of this song, and I have no idea why.

Just in, this week’s Railgun is out, Kampfer and a couple other things will be out soon too, but maybe other than Railgun I don’t feel like watching anime.

As for math team: our first Bay Math League meet will be next next Wednesday. I’m not quite too sure we can beat Palos Verdes Peninsula and San Marino this year, but we’re totally guaranteed at least a third place, by my reckoning.

Team tryouts are this Tuesday. At least two underclassmen (freshmen/sophomores) are guaranteed a spot on the 10-person Arcadia A Team, so I don’t necessarily have to compete with people who have taken calculus, but I’m afraid of the freshmen and the new sophomores (since I don’t know their skills).

Hank… is going to forget to write his name or something, so I’m not really afraid of him.

James, I hope also makes the A Team. Jason is just going to fall asleep in the middle of the tryout, right?

This year, David Ke is a junior, so that frees up a spot that was guaranteed to him last year >_<

Also, I saw Jason Jong wearing a Southern California ARML t-shirt, so he must have been on the team at one point. Wonder why I haven’t seen him in an ARML meeting yet. In fact, I haven’t seen Jason or any of the freshmen at ARML either… you’d think they’d be trampling over each other to get into ARML. Arcadia only has 2 representatives in the Southern California team, I guess it’s kind of sad? Compared to, even, say, San Marino, right? ><

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