can you hear my heart bell?

November 3rd, 2009 by ben Leave a reply »
  • only my railgun and Ring My Bell both came out~! They’re both so epic.
    Still waiting for Treasure, or whatever it was called, the Seitokai OP.
  • Hank is too Hank for his own good. Seriously.
  • Breakdown of my day:
    • English: We had a substitute… I’m saved from a possibly not-so-superb performance, but… idk, I even dressed up and all ><
      (my tie was so cute… ;-;)
      Oh, and today’s journal in English related a lot to yesterday’s post about Higurashi (being sinless is a sin in itself).
    • PE: I love how swimming’s over. Basketball is meh.
    • Orchestra 3: Meh.
    • Pre-Calculus: Meh. Substitute teacher today, I finished my English homework in class and then proceeded to finish all my math homework too. I love this class. I get a lot done.
      Of course, there’s also good ol’ Hank making irrelevant background noise.
    • Mandarin 4: I believe I was freaking out about this on MSN yesterday, and then freaking out about it even more during lunch today. Yeah, so I have a speech presentation to do. Basically, we talk for two minutes about anything we want, and the teacher grades us on how well we speak.
      • This is the only class where you not only get away with bragging talking about yourself  — it’s required! The class is even forced to pay attention!
      • Lol, j/k… I guess. I ended up talking about myself and my family. It was pretty good, I guess. Too bad I wasn’t able to do my discrete mathematics/generating functions/linear algebra huge math lecture ><
    • AP Physics: Meh.
      Physics Hero taught today’s lecture instead of Mr. Zhang. He’d make an awesome teacher; I look up to him as much as Bryan ^_^
  • I think this song is brainwashing me >.<
    ♪ i can hear my heart bell~ tomararenai yo! ♪
  • I can’t think of anything else for which blogging about would serve a particular purpose, so see you next time!

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  1. k says:

    Basketball is better than meh.

    And Physics Hero sounds like a super nerdy video game. Like Guitar Hero, but you press the buttons to solve different equations as they flash across the screen.

  2. Benji says:

    Basketball == meh.

    Especially with Justin on my team…

    Physics Hero = Jason Jong, he’s on like all the academic teams, and our whole AP Physics class worships him ^_^

    Mr. Zhang randomly gave him that name, and it totally stuck; our class calls him that now.

    That would actually be a cool game! HEY JUSTIN! CHANGE OF PLANS! Let’s make Physics Hero!

  3. k says:

    Well, I like basketball.

    Oh, Jason. in our AP Bio class, he is known as “AP Chem guy” or “Caltech guy”. I have him in my lab group, so I don’t have to focus very much. Only glance to see where Williams is so that we know when to stop insulting him.

    lol, what does Justin know about physics?

  4. Benji says:

    Why “Caltech guy”? >______< Justin? Nothing. XD

  5. k says:

    He’s applying to Caltech, and always goes over his application essay in class. Well, he sent in in now. But his college binder is super interesting. Have you seen it?

  6. Benji says:

    Nope, I wanna see it =~=

    Also, why Caltech? Lol, just curious.

  7. k says:

    Yeah, his college binder is super interesting. In the front is his college app essays. Then there’s some random advice sheets for writing essays. Then a huge collection of Arcadia alumni essays that got them into like, Standford and Yale. Then after that, he has all these tabs. Caltech tab, Stanford tab, MIT, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Carnegie Mellon, Harvey Mudd, Columbia. There’s not too much stuff in the tabs yet, but there will be, I think.

    And he has random books and stuff about college. This girl and I were stealing his “On Writing College Essays” book today.

    What do you mean, why Caltech? He wants to go to Caltech and major in physics.

  8. Benji says:

    WTF on that binder. If he sold copies of that, he’d be a millionaire!!

    And yeah, Caltech is nice. If I decide to go to Caltech, I don’t need to pay tuition (mom is a Caltech employee, lol).

  9. k says:

    Lol. Yeah. We always like to steal his stuff, because it’s so interesting.

    It depends on what your definition of nice is. You’ll get even less sleep than now. Like, 1 hour a day. And lots of HW.

    Wait, I thought she wokred at JPL. Ok, whatever. Well, tuition isn’t the main issue at Caltech. It’s whether you can get in, and if you do, whether you can stay somewhat sane.

    Oh yeah, Jason said he was considering joining the Caltech basketball team if he gets in. But that doesn’t mean anything to you, probably. But yeah, you should see the Caltech basketball documentary.

  10. Benji says:

    JPL is a NASA facility under CalTech management, so she counts as a CalTech employee, lol.

    Caltech basketball team? No, don’t know anything about it XD

    As for 1 hour of sleep… is it really that bad? x_____x

  11. k says:

    k, lol.

    Caltech basketball.

    Yes, it is that bad.

  12. Benji says:

    That would make a good movie ^^ (see msn)

  13. k says:

    I made a plot outline for it. (see msn)


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