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I love Fridays. Have I mentioned that?

I’ve been continuously watching anime ever since I got home from school today, pretty much.


とある科学の超電磁砲 / To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Episode 05 — Watching elementary-school Kuroko pwning a buff adult robber is awesome, but I don’t like Kuroko or eps focused on her.

However, it was one of those really really touching episodes. Of course, the To Aru series is more action mixed with touching morals… well I guess we had a bit of action. Hmm.

If only real life elementary girls were this intelligent… no, if only real life HIGH SCHOOL students were this intelligent, this world would be more than anyone could ever wish for.

I wish the outro was better. S. [9/10]

真・恋姫無双 / Shin Koihime Musou Episode 04 — Lol, the three Chou sisters are cute. I think too much of the ep was focused on them though. Well, they are the focus of this ep, so w/e. This ep wasn’t particularly interesting or funny. AA. [7/10]

Kampfer Episode 05 — This is getting stupider each episode. What the hell is with the lesbian-ness? Only no-life hairy single hikikomori male Japanese failures at life would watch this anime, is the feeling I’m getting now XD

Did you even have any in the first place?

Did you even have any in the first place?

"... who overshadows Haruhi even when she isn't melancholic."

The girl-likes-girl-ness of it all is killing this anime.

That was kind of funny. It feels like the kind of line that would be in Seitokai. What the hell are “Entrails Animals”… who would want a stuffed animal with its intestines, stomach, and internal organs sticking out and visible and… touchable…

I’m glad at least this series has enough sense to laugh at itself for being so stupid. That’s always great, when a stupid anime laughs at how stupid it is.

My thoughts exactly.

My thoughts exactly.



Um, what the hell.

Ugh, I hate how there are so many girls. Usually, I like these kinds of harems (see CLANNAD), but… ugh… everybody is being so FORCEFUL and honest about their love… it’s basically five girls chasing Natsuru-san (who is also a girl) around asking her to marry them…

This is the only good part about this episode:



Of course, she only appears for 5 seconds at the very end of the episode…

And I don’t even remember her name…

とにかく, this ep deserves no more than an B. [5/10]


It’s Sunday now, and although Blacksmith is out, and I haven’t watched this week’s Nyan Koi, etc etc, I promised myself I wouldn’t watch any anime today. I have three essays due and another assignment, JUST for English!

Monday will be fun though, I’ll have two or three of my top Fall09 animes to watch in one day.

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