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lol, actually, I started this midweek, and by the type I got to publishing it, it’s Friday.

Of course, look forward to the special weekend reviews with stuff like Blacksmith, Seitokai, Nyan Koi, and whatever.

こばと / Kobato Episode 04 – It was somewhere between interesting and uninteresting. Wasn’t particuarly funny this episode. Kobato is cute as always. Weird things start happening. What’s with the goddamn bunny.

She’s always so optimistic — it’s really refreshing after a long day of Arcadia-style torture. AA. [7/10]

うみねこのなくころに / Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 18

First half, this is what I typed:


I can’t even bear to give it a rating.

OMGWTFFFF after the first half, it totally changes

all that lame stuff… it’s actually ;xxx *spoiler*


Ushiromiya Ange finally appears too! XDDD Epicest episode ever!!

Okay just due to this ONE episode, Umineko just jumped ahead of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.


This episode was [11/10]. SSS.

Only Hayate no Gotoku gets those XD

11eyes ~罪と罰と購いの少女~ Episode 04— Last time we left off, Kakeru-kun was on the verge of death, and his older sister (who was supposed to have died seven years ago) saved him. Kakeru-kun was only able to catch a blurry glimpse of her, and is considering whether or not it was all a hallucination.

Yukiko is weird. What’s with the school nurse? That silver-haired guy is cool. He should be the main character. Ah, Takehisa is his name. Nice name. And of course they’re pissed off at each other. There are totally going to be yaoi doujinshis about him and Kakeru-kun for Winter Comiket ><.

Ok, Kakeru-kun fails at life, fighting, and everything else. And protecting girls. Of course, he has like three girls that like him already, and it’s only the fourth episode. And that’s not counting his onee-san ^^

The “coming of the Red Night” animation is extremely extremely cool.

Takahisa is a mental-ignition psychic – Pyrokineticist.

I love how they’re giving “English-ish scientific” sounding terms for this XD

Kusakabe-senpai’s seven legendary swords or whatever are really cool. In fact, the animation in this is epic. However, I STILL don’t understand the story (and this is ep 4…)

Yukiko totally changes when she takes her glasses off. Also, her attack reminds me of Final Hit. Totally. Complete with teleportation and all.


“Where did you acquire that superhuman combat capability and immense murderous intent?”

Kusakabe-senpai wants to know where she can buy some.

I don’t have any idea what to rate this anime because I have no idea what’s going on with the plot. For the animation it would get an S, I guess. It would be nice if we saw Kakeru’s onee-chan more. She’s really cute ^^

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